Alek's 2003 Xmas & Christmas Lights - Burnt Out!

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    What was new for 2003 - explains the "burnt out!" reason for LESS xmas lights (not even 4,000! ;-) than previous years
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2003 Christmas Lights Static Sunset Picture

3,588 xmas christmas lights

A pretty nifty 30 second exposure picture shot in the middle of the night

Here is the breakdown of how the christmas lights are deployed with amperage measured from a multi-meter:

X10#    WEB      Outlet         GFCI             Fuse           Amps   Lights    Description
 1      NO       Garage         NO GFCI          Garage          0.2        7    Driveway Lights
 1      NO       Front Switch   NO GFCI          Front Lights    0.7      200    Lower Red Bells

 2      TRY IT!  Garage         NO GFCI          Garage          2.6      600    Garage Blue lights and Mailbox
 2      TRY IT!  Panel-2        Panel-2          Panel-2         0.3        6    Santa Bubble Lights by Front Door

 3      TRY IT!  Panel-3        Panel-3          Panel-3         5.5    1,300    Baby Tree & Burnt Out!
 3      TRY IT!  Upper Deck     Master Bedroom   M-B Lights      0.2       25    Candy Canes

 4      TRY IT!  Panel-1        Panel-1          Panel-1         1.5      450    Chimney
 4      TRY IT!  Panel-4        Panel-4          Panel-4         3.3      950    Upper Deck icicles and Stars

TIMER   NO       Scary Room     NO GFCI          Living/Dining   1.0      200    Downstairs novelties

TOTALS                                                          14.7    3,588 (approximate ;-)
So the total current draw is just under 15 amps - a LOT less than last year when we were pulling 80 amps - you shoulda see the electric meter spin then!

Photo Notes: The xmas lights 2003 sunset picture was shot with a 4 mega-pixel Canon G3 Digital Camera which was a leading-edge pro-consumer digicam about a year ago, but still shoots darn fine pictures (and argueably is less noisy and a bit quicker than the follow-on 5-megapixel G5). Camera settings were F4.0, 1.0 second shutter speed, ISO 50, and manual focus just short of infinite. The picture above is a composite of two seperate shots - Email me if you can tell me where the line is that joins the two pictures! ;-)

P.S. Several people asked where is the join line ... with DanniR making the most eloquent request/plea:
"Hello Santa, I can't bear staring at the 2003 Christmas light pic any longer. Will you please tell me where the line is????"
So if you REALLY want to see the line, then type this URL into your browser - - and you'll see an equalized picture showing both original images and clearly shows where the line is.

2003 Christmas Lights - "Burnt Out"

Burnt Out!