Christmas Contact Info

Before asking Santa a question, please be sure to read the Christmas Lights Webcam FAQ which should answer most questions. And you can also read messages and responses from Santa from previous years. Finally, check out and/or chime in on the christmas blog and christmas instant messages.

You are encouraged to spread the word about the Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease and here is some suggested HTML link code for 'ya. Companies and folks who want to be listed on the christmas web site can do so by making a tax deductible donation for Celiac Disease Research directly to the University of Maryland.

Santa is pretty darn busy this time of year, but he does try to respond to Emails ... so click here to send Santa a public Email ...
And look for him on Christmas Eve on the Santa Tracker!

The Christmas Lights


Here is just a couple of the bazillions of messages people have sent about the Controllable Christmas Lights for Celaic Disease:
   The world could use more people like you. 
      People who still are "kids" at heart, and 
      have a positive outlook on life - you made me smile.
   My kids really liked playing with your lights.
   There is a small part in each and everyone of us that remains a child,
      and for you to let others do this is wonderful!!. 
      I may have a turn on/off myself later..he he he )
   I'm absolutely enchanted with your website and your nutziness;
      I wish I was one of your neighbors.
   My Dad passed away in July so it's been a little quite around here
      but you made me laugh out loud several times in the past hour.
   This is amazing! I'm having so much fun annoying your neighbors. 
   You put a big smile on my face :)
   I can't believe I'm almost 40 and this site excites me every year!!
   Alek, I spend Christmas alone, and your web site always brightens my holiday - Thank you! 
   Thank you for making the holidays that much more special for everyone.
   Can I have you as my dad?  It just keeps getting more awesome each year Alek!
   Keep up the good work with your displays. Your kids are lucky to have 
      you as a dad. You're making very special memories for them that they'll 
      cherish for the rest of their lives. It's always great to see parents 
      involved creatively with their kids - look forward to next year.
   I just wanted to thank you for putting your decorations on the web.
      My three year old son Noah has leukemia and as his immune system is
      compromised he cannot go outside.  We found your web site today and
      he played with it for a real long time.  He then told his mom...
      "Mommy, mommy, Daddy and I went out an looked at Christmas lights!"
      Thanks for the joy you gave my son!