Digital Cameras and Bazillions of Christmas lights!

Shooting pictures of bazillions of xmas and/or christmas lights is a challenge for any camera. Perhaps even more so for digital cameras, since it is a high contrast situation - lotsa dark with bazillions of colored xmas and/or christmas lights sprinkled throughout. But I've had some fun trying to shoot these ... and have been fortunate enough to borrow various gear from folks ... so here are some misc. comparisions. I just don't have time to do more shootouts (too busy with stuff like my deck designs for a stamped concrete patio) , but have shot the lights with a Canon G5, Sony F828, Canon 10D, and Canon 20D. The good news it that digicams are getting better ... but it doesn't seem to get easier as I tend to be more nit-picky about the pictures! ;-)

In 2006, I took the DSLR plunge ... and for 2007, I may have a shootout between a Canon 40D and Rebel Xti ... and maybe I'll update these satellite photos.

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