Alek's Christmas and Halloween Decorations SOLD!

For over a decade, Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights have been a festive online holiday tradition for millions of Internet users world-wide ... but in 2014, Alek Griswold "retired" and hung up the Santa Hat. So I then had to decide what to do about all my "Christmas Crap" ... and this being the "modern-era", I put an ad up on Craigslist! After getting the obligatory spammers faking interest (no, I don't want to ship Homer Simpson to Nigeria - D'OH! ;-), Aaron from Dizzy Fun Center in Longmont asked if he could stop by to check things out. Here's a few LAST pictures of the holiday decorations ... and for a trip down memory lane, here's how the Christmas and Halloween displays have evolved from 1999 to present.

Craigslist ad - mouseover image to see with Halloween image

christmas craigslist 1

So Aaron drives up with two empty SUV's for my Christmas stuff ... which we easily fill

christmas craigslist 2

Just some of the stuff leftover

christmas craigslist 3

I told him "you are gonna need a bigger boat" ... so he brings a trailer over the next day

christmas craigslist 4

We fill that plus a number of boxes go in the two SUV's

christmas craigslist 5

Santa Elmo says his final goodbye's ...

christmas craigslist 6

There's a LOT more room in my basement crawlspace (note I kept the HULK's)

christmas craigslist 8

christmas craigslist 7

I drove up to Dizzy Fun Center - check out this cool parade float they put together

christmas craigslist christmas 1

Alek with Santa Homer - D'OH! ;-)

christmas craigslist christmas 2

Nice to see my Christmas Stuff still providing entertainment for the kids

christmas craigslist christmas 3

christmas craigslist christmas 4

Santa visits in the afternoon - lots of familiar stuff here

christmas craigslist christmas 5

Does "little" Santa Homer like Cotton Candy, Fla-Vor-Ice ... or BEER?!? ;-)

christmas craigslist christmas 6

Here's the time-lapse videos of the Holiday "stuff" being taken away ... :-(

Some pics of the Halloween stuff

halloween craigslist 0

I stopped by to visit Homer, Frank, and Halloween crew at their new home

halloween craigslist 2

halloween craigslist 4

halloween craigslist 3

halloween craigslist 5

halloween craigslist 0

halloween craigslist 8

halloween craigslist 9

This year's Halloween display is pretty sparse - mouseover image to see the takedown - quick! ;-)

halloween craigslist 1

Christmas Display was pretty bare too

christmas 2015

Santa Elmo waves to the horse-drawn sleigh as it passes by