Alek's Christmas Lights from 1999-2014

Have fun with the Christmas Decorations Webcams - not only watching, but also controlling thousands of christmas lights. And for those people that wonder "Why do you do this Alek?" - watch the christmas video that answers that question - also see Santa (and Rudolph) show up Christmas Eve on the Santa Tracker!

Click on the links above the pictures to read stories/pictures from previous years. The Christmas Webcam was introducted in 2002, I added Pan/Zoom capability in 2003, and after world-wide media attention in 2004, I disclosed to the Wall Street Journal that the webcam/webcontrol was a fun little hoax done via computer simulation. In 2005, it went real ... but you are justified in being skeptical! More info at the Christmas FAQ where I answer varioues questions and also check out/chime in on the Christmas Blog for some heart-warming and funny notes as I brought a lot of christmas cheer to bazillions of people. ©1999-2014 - Alek Komarnitsky

Christmas 2014 - the last year of the Controllable Christmas Lights

christmas santa workshop

Christmas 2013 - The Three Wise Men: Elmo, SpongeBob, and Homer Simpson - D'OH! ;-)

christmas house wide angle

Christmas 2012 - You can never have enough inflatables!

christmas 2012

Christmas 2011 - Santa Homer & Santa Skier picked up at garage sales and snow returns

christmas 2011

christmas 2011 front yard

Christmas 2010 - first year with no snow until New Years - sad! :-(

christmas 2010

Santa's Workshop gets into the holiday spirit

christmas 2010

Christmas 2009 - added the 15 foot Santa Balloon

christmas 2009

Christmas 2008 - win a $1,000 for Celiac Disease in Christmas KFC Contest

christmas 2008

Christmas 2007 - Snowman Family, giant lawn christmas tree, and more


Christmas 2006 - Elmo, Frosty, Hulk, Santa, and ... Homer Simpson - D'OH! ;-)


Christmas 2005 (Tree) - 26,000 lights, more than Clark Griswold!

christmas lights

Christmas 2004 (Ornament) - 17,000 lights

christmas lights

2004 Christmas Lights ... at Sunrise! ;-)

christmas sunrise

Christmas 2003 - 3,500 "Burnt Out" christmas lights with webcam/webcontrol version 2!

3,588 xmas christmas lights

Christmas 2002 (Snowman) - 22,000 christmas lights with webcam/webcontrol!

Christmas Lights 2002

Christmas 2001 (Tree) - 16,000 christmas lights

Christmas Lights 2001

Christmas 2000 (Star) - 12,000 christmas lights

Christmas Lights 2000

Christmas 1999 - 10,000 christmas lights

Christmas Lights 1999