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Here's a buncha legal blah-blah because I got tired of people snarfing my work. I.e. while it would be hard to copy 20 tons of stamped concrete, it's fairly easy to copy my patio designs. While you are welcome to use the later, I would like people to link to my HTML/pictures than than copy them for your own use.

I.e. for the vast majority of folks, all of this is a non-issue since you aren't doing something "bad" ... but for those folks that KNOW you are doing something "bad", this copyright notice is listed here. There is some related information on my ads/links/SEO page. Realistically, it's hard to say if it would truly hold up in a court of law (and be enforceable), but bottom line is that it is very uncool to steal someone else's work ... plus you don't want to be one of the rats that end up on my Hall of Shame SCUMBAGS page! ;-)

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