Seward Jackpot Halibut Derby - a MONSTER

My brother Kurt (aka Captain Crudd) and his wife Mary participated in the Seward Jackpot Halibut Derby ... and Mary won first place on Day 19 hauling in a 130.2 pound monster. That's a lotta good fishing eating - here are some halibut recipes.

Jones, Mary, and Kurt with Seward Alaska Halibut

seward halibut

Mary with Monster Derby Halibut

mary halibut

Day 19 Winner!

seward silver salmon derby

Halibut can be dangerous when brought on the boat ... so you shoot 'em!

shoot halibut shoot halibut 2

Kurt says "FISH ON" and it feels like a HOG!!!

kurt halibut

Mary's Halibut was bigger!

kurt halibut caught

In 2009, Steve, Steph, Micheal, and Kris went fishing again in very rough weather
They were blowing chunks as they were reeling in the fish! ;-)

seward 2009 halibut