Seward Alaska Halibut Fishing

After bagging our limit of Alaska silver salmon in about an hour that morning, we were pretty excited to go after some Alaska halibut. These can be "hogs" with several hundred pound monsters not unheard of. Captain Kevin motored to a great spot (GPS Lat/Long coordinates and satellite pictures NOT available!) and set an anchor in over 250 feet of water. For halibut fishing, you put some bait on the end of the hook along with a couple pounds of lead weight, and drop it down to the bottom, and then bring it up a few feet. We didn't have to wait long to get some action! ;-)

Reeling in a halibut is kinda like pulling a garage door up with with your fishing pole. There's not a lotta action there, but they are heavy, and you have a LOT of line out. Most of us opted to wear the "sissy belt" or "sissy socket" which provides a place for the pole while you are reeling it all in. Our fish were "only" 20-30 pounds; so I can only imagine what it would have been like to pull a couple hundred pound monster onboard. BTW, while Captain Kevin gaffed the halibut (they are all muscle, so can flop around dangerousely), he carries a gun to "shoot" the monster alaskan halibut before bringing them onboard.

After we pulled in a few halibut, I had a heavy fish that put up a bit of a fight at the end. We were all looking over the edge to see what the heck I was pulling up from 250+ feet and as it became visible, Kurt says "It's a Ling Cod ... and it's a HOG" Pretty nasty looking fish and you want to be careful due to sharp teeth and gills. We ended up limiting (one each) on the alaska ling cod - with help from the Captain Crudd good luck fishing shirts, the slayfest just continued!

Myke straining to pull up halibut

Was ~30 pounds - imagine a 300 pound halibut!

alaska halibut 1 alaska halibut 2

Kurt says no sissy belt for him

Changes his mind for the Seward halibut

kurt halibut fishing sissy halibut fishing

Alek & Steph with their Alaska halibuts

I think she likes fishing for Halibut!

alek halibut fishing steph halibut fishing

Myke pulling another halibut in

Mary fishing for halibut

myke halibut fishing ling cod

Our Ling Cod and Halibut at Seward Alaska

seward alaska salmon

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