Lemaire Channel - Antarctica

After two splendid landings earlier in the day at Danco Island & Neko Harbor, we went through the incredibly scenic Lemaire Channel that evening. While we had overcast weather that reduced the views, it was still pretty nifty making our way through this narrow passage ... especially when we passed the Orlova, another Antarctica cruise ship, coming the other way. And we renamed it the Lemaire Love Channel when we found out the wife of one of our guides (Brando) was a guide on the Orlova ... so he Zodiac'd over for a ... uhhhh ... quick visit! ;-)

Chief Officer is at the helm as we enter the Lemaire Channel

antarctica lemaire channel 7

Captain Alexey shows up to as we get closer

antarctica lemaire channel 1

The weather wasn't the most scenic, but it added to the surreal experience

antarctica lemaire channel 2

Captain Alexey takes over as we come across the Orlova - mouseover image to see it pass close by

king penguins

We actually circled the Orlova a few times

antarctica lemaire channel 5

Brando was quite excited to Zodiac over - he hasn't seen his wife in weeks! ;-)

antarctica lemaire channel 8

It was a quick visit - hope they got some private time ... ;-)

antarctica lemaire channel 9

Lemaire Channel on the Radar - click here to see close-up ... note 0.210 NM distance scale!

antarctica lemaire channel 6

After the surreal experience of cruising through the Lemaire Channel, we hit the sack for a good nights sleep before our last day in Antarctica and the Polar Plunge at Port Charcot.

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