Rocky Mountain National Park Elk

We are fortunate to live about an hour away from Rocky Mountain National Park which has great scenery and lots of wildlife - you are pretty much guaranteed to see some Elk. And with a Telephoto Lens, they look pretty darn close!
While not as common, you may also see Mountain Lions, Moose, Porcupine and other animals.

My wife Wendy and sons Dirk & Kyle

Wendy, Dirk, Kyle, and Elk

Elk must have just eaten some tasty grass! ;-)

Elk Tongue

The Elk is still chewing?

Elk chewing

Same Elk with Rocky Mountains in the background

Elk rocky mountains

Elk in grass on West side of Rocky Mountain National Park - note bird

Elk Bird

Father/Daughter Photographer Team taking pictures of a Bull Elk

Elk Bird

Same Bull Elk by the Rocky Mountain National Park Road

Elk Bird

Not sure if the Elk looks both ways before crossing the road ... ;-)

Elk Bird

Needless to say, the Elk had the attention of the driver!

Elk Bird

Elk looks back as he crosses the road

Elk Bird

Young Elk Silhouetted by the Setting Sun

Elk Bird

Closeup with blue sky reflected in the eyes

Elk Bird

Many people feel there is actually too many Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park with a primary reason being the extermination of the wolf. There is talk about re-introducing wolves to control the Elk population.

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