Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is about an hour NW of our house in Boulder, Colorado. It has great scenery and climbing plus there is lots of wildlife - needless to say, it's a popular vacation/tourist spot. Elk are over-abundant and wolves may be re-introduced to control the population. Other animals include Moose, Deer, Coyotes, Sheep, Fox, Porcupine, Mountain Lions, and many smaller animals - even Hummingbird Moths. A few pictures are below with more at the links above.

My wife Wendy and sons Dirk & Kyle with a Rocky Mountain Elk!


Alek hiking the Alluvial Fan in 2011 with Kyle, Drew, Jeffrey, and Dirk

rmnp alluvial Fan

Jeffrey, Drew, Kyle, and Dirk at the trail to Mount Chapin in 2011

rmnp mount chapin

Boys climbing the Mount Chapin Trail - mouseover images to see wide-angle view

rmnp chapin mountain trail 1

rmnp chapin mountain trail 1

Jeffrey led most of the way ... with a big smile on his face! ;-)

rmnp chapin 1

Drew practicing his roping skills at the Holzwarth Historic Site

rmnp holzwarth histortic site roping

Boys doing the laundry at the Holzwarth Historic Site - Watch Video

rmnp holzwarth histortic site laundry

On top of nearby Longs Peak on my 40th birthday in 2003

longs peak colorado

Elk must have just eaten some tasty grass! ;-)

Elk Tongue

Momma and Baby Moose

Momma and Baby Moose

Closeup of Baby Moose

Baby Moose

Closeup of a porcupine about twelve feet up in a tree


One of the smaller furry creatures in Rocky Mountain National Park

rmnp squirrel

A non-furry dragonfly

rmnp dragonfly

Does this dragonfly want to be used for fishing?!? ;-)

rmnp dragonfly lure

Another small creature a lot of people don't see in RMNP - a hummingbird moth ;-)

rmnp hummingbird moth

1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88 on early morning drive over RMNP in 2013

rmnp oldsmobile delta 88 convertible

A "traffic jam" 26 minutes earlier while coming up in the fog from the Grand Lake side

rmnp deer oldsmobile