Rocky Mountain National Park Moose

Rocky Mountain National Park is located about an hour NW of the Republic of Boulder, Colorado. The weekend before July 4th, 2008, we drove through it to visit some friends in Grand Lake. There's lots of wildlife and it's almost impossible to drive through RMNP and NOT see Elk, but on the evening return trip, we got a bonus viewing of a Mom and Baby Moose.

I wasn't quite as close as the Canon 40D and 55-250 Telephoto Lens make it appear ... but was glad my friend's Yukon Denali was nearby so I could "take cover" behind it if the Moose made a move. They eventually got tired of people watching 'em and wondered across the street into some willows - amazing how fast these big animals "disappeared" in there.

Momma Moose keeps a close eye on the photographer - another picture of the Moose

mom baby moose 2

Momma Moose enjoys some tasty grass

mom moose

Closeup of Momma Moose

mom moose crop

Baby Moose samples some tasty leaves

baby moose 1

Closeup - was the baby Moose hamming it up for the camera?!? ;-)

baby moose 1 crop

Just hanging out eating some leaves - munch, munch, munch

baby moose 2

Pretty good looking Moose Teeth!

baby moose 2 crop

Baby Moose crosses the road - a bit later, we saw a Porcupine cross the road

baby moose road
Here's a few moose pictures taken outside of Rocky Mountain National Park from State Highway 125 just North of Grandby. These were shot with a Canon 7D and 70-200/2.8ISv2 lens (nicer gear) but I was farther away shooting across the water.
moose near grandby 1

There was actually two of 'em ... but they never both looked at the camera

moose near grandby 1

Misc. stop-action pictures of the Moose

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moose in motion

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