Misc. "interesting/different" pictures shot by the 2003 Halloween Webcam

Like most webcam's (wanna see grass grow?!? ;-), the reality is most of the pictures shot by the halloween webcam are not THAT "interesting" ... unless of course you are really into pictures of halloween decorations. However, there are some that are more "interesting" than others, and the camera catches cars driving by the house, people gawking at the lights, me driving into the garage, kids playing in the yard, and other "interesting" things. Note that "interesting" continues to be quoted ... I'm not sure any of the above is truly interesting! ;-) Check out more cool pictures of Halloween and Christmas Stuff.

Here are a couple of "interesting" shots from the halloween webcam.
2003_10_variousAlien/Frank, Hulk, Pumpkin, etc.
2003_10_29_variousJamestown Colorado fire pictures - some aerial photos of that woulda been cool.
2003_10_29_and_30Boulder Colorado Aurora Borealis - Solar Storm pushes 'em way South - webcam got some cool shots of this!
2003_10_25_daytimeDirk dressed up as Dirk with Aliens & Frankenstein
2003_10_31_18:55:18Halloween Alek - used a flashlight for this shot
2003_10_31_variousKids Play on the Pumpkin
2003_10_31_variousKids play around Alien and Frankstein
2003_11_05_19:variousGarage Webcam!

If you notice a halloween webcam picture that is truly cool/neat, send me an Email with an exact as time as possible (plus what was cool about it) and I'll look in the archives to see if it merits putting up here. Be sure to also see the christmas lights pictures.