Halloween Webcam Stats

The Xmas/2002 lights had over 100,000 hits (my neighbors did express some concern last year about the flickering lights ;-) but then again, it did get pounted with the slashdot effect which resulted in a TON of traffic. While the Halloween/2003 stats aren't as "impressive", they aren't too shabby as can be seen here. It will be interesting to see how Christmas2003 unfolds.

In addition to the raw Apache Web Logs, the halloween webcam CGI program has extensive logging that correllated well with the Apache logs. So there not only was an Analog Report based on the web server logs, but there was also data from the halloween webcam CGI script itself.

Here is a summary of the Analog data on ALL of the Halloween Decorations & Lights stuff:
     17.786  Total Halloween related Web hits from Apache Logs
    596,250  Kbytes of Halloween related text and images transferred
      2,675  Different Hostname/IP addresses that looked at Halloween stuff (??? unresolveable)
      1,092  Unique second-level domains
        979  Hits from *.attbi.com (most popular second-level domain)
        683  Hits from AOL'ers (slackers!   ;-)
	 95  Hits from *.colorado.edu (Most popular .edu domain)
	267  Hits from domains with proxy or cache in the name (probably represents more than one person)
      3,136  Hits on the halloween_webcam 
      2,269  Hits on the halloween decorations & lights main page
        363  Hits on the webcam cool pictures pages
	926  Referrals from Earthcam's Halloween Webcams at http://www.earthcam.com/events/halloween/2003/webcams.html

Here is the data from the Halloween Webcam itself:
      2,862  Total halloween webcam hits (some filtering applied) 
        737  Most webcam accesses in a single day - October 31st!  ;-)
                Sorted count by each day
        211  Most webcam accesses in a single hour - 1800-1900 on October 31st
                Sorted count by hour of each day
	 11  Most webcam accesses in a single minute - 1816 on October 31st
                Actual webcam logs of that traffic
         58  Number of time webcam was accessed within the 5 second throttle by more than one web surfer
      1,278  Different Hostname that accessed the webcam (318 unresolveable)
	 45  Non-proxy hostname that used the halloween_webcam the most - pD9E4E29F.dip.t-dialin.net (
	 52  Total different countries that accessed webcam - had very cool geolocation stuff working
      2,077  Total hits from United States
	120  Next Closest - Germany
                Complete list of countries where surfers came from

        249  Total "ACTION" requests to turn some/all lights ON/OFF
         45  Turn ALL lights OFF (most popular change)
         29  Turn ALL lights ON
	 44  HULK Closeup
                Complete list of requested webcam/lights actions
      1,000  Different/unique images served up by xmas_webcam (some images are cached/re-used)
		Yep, it was 1,000 images exactly - go figure!