Halloween Trick or Treat - 2007

A variety of halloween pictures were shot before the big day - here's some of the trick or treaters that came by for Halloween/2007 from the halloween decorations webcam - see the complete play-by-play on the halloween blog and instant message log. There is also similar pictures from halloween 2006 trick-or-treat. Plus watch the halloween movies while listening to free halloween music.

X10 Controller that I can use to "battle" Internet Users for control of my own house!

halloween x10

Checking webcam1 just before sunset


Typical picture from webcam2 when one of the many "waves" of people showed up

halloween crowd

Lotsa kids just liked to "clown" around in front of the webcam

halloween clown

Or try to be very ghoulish

halloween ghoul

And a few were downright "catty"

halloween cat

One "witch" took video of the webcam itself

halloween camera

And she thought the Port was quite tasty

halloween witch

Alek "blesses" the webcam with a Magic Wand

halloween wand

But then takes a swing at the Halloween Candy with a sword

halloween sword

Followed by a Battle Axe

halloween axe

The Grim Reaper rides a scooter! ;-)

halloween scooter

Some very well done scary outfits

halloween teeth

With great attention to detail, even in the hands!

halloween hand

One of my neighbors, who is very hip, taking a picture of the webcam

halloween hip dude 1

Like I said, he is a very, very cool dude!

halloween hip dude 2

Almost gave away my last eyeball candy

halloween eyeball

And Dirk brough home some HULK Candy - how cool is that!

halloween hulk candy

Some of the "big kids" took a look at the candy bucket ...

halloween good candy

... but they usually opted for the dixie-cup shots of Port or Baileys I provided

halloween drink up

Last pour from the third bottle of Bailey's - quite popular with the "big kids"

halloween baileys 1

I finally get a sip of the Caramel inside the Haunted Office

halloween baileys 2

Meanwhile, trick-or-treaters were still watching the Halloween Decorations

halloween watchers

Many web surfers expressed their appreciation of the zany online experience

halloween thanks

And the Christmas Lights should be just as much fun

halloween christmas

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