Halloween Trick or Treat - 2006

A variety of halloween pictures were shot before the big day - here's some of the trick or treaters that came by for Halloween/2006 from the halloween decorations webcam - see the complete play-by-play on the halloween blog and instant message log. Separate pages for John the Pirate and the Slasher Dude. Plus watch the halloween movies while listening to free halloween music

Hulk, Pumpkin, Frankenstein, Skeleton, and ... Homer Simpson - D'OH!

stuff and Homer

Alek making misc. adjustments to the webcam setup

alek adjust

Trick or Treat to the webcam

hi to webcam

This trick or treaters has a bad case of acne!

acne face

One of the scariest looking trick or treaters

head monster 1

And some of the cutest trick or treaters

cute trick or treat

Homer looks on as Alek trick or treats to an Old Man ...

old man trick or treat

Old Man checks out the skeleton head candy jar

old man trick or treat 3

And then wanders over to the webcam

hat man 3

Darth Vadar says "Trick or Treat ... or off with your head!"

darth vadar

Spooky Masks say "Trick or Treat to skeleton head"

spooky mask trick or treat

Buncha Trick or Treaters mug for the webcam

trick or treat to the webcam

Hamming it up some more

trick or treat ham

Something scary coming from off camera?

trick or treat 14

Is that really a webcam?

trick or treat 31

OK - I'll put an evil hex on it!

trick or treat 32

Some older trick or treaters

trick or treat 21

Hat Man checks out the webcam

hat man 1

He kept a low profile the whole time

hat man 2

Small trick or treater highlighted in Homer - D'OH!

kids with homer

Crowd of Trick or Treaters check out Homer Simpson - D'OH! ;-)

homer crowd 1

Got my candy - off to the next house!

homer crowd 2

Waving goodbye to Homer - we'll be back next year!

homer crowd 3

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