The Incredible Hulk Drop goes Jumping off the Roof!

At my 40th Birthday Party, I served variation of a Lemon Drop martini called the Hulk Drop. This was a big success, and then a brainstorm hit me. If I thought a Hulk Drop tasted good, then seeing a "Hulk Drop" would be even better. So I decided to have him jump off the roof of my house! ;-)

My brothers were in town, so it was pretty comical and fun to do this. Most of the time, there would be a slight rotating moment, so he would fall on his back ... but there were a couple where it was a clean drop and he landed on his feet, bounced up clean, and then leaned over. I didn't realize it at the time, but upon reviewing the video's, he makes quite a "thump" when he lands - Hulk weighs about 30 pounds. Note the wooden deck - we are replacing this with a stamped concrete patio which might be a bit harder on the big green guy!

You can read about some of the other stories that the the Incredible Hulk and I had allready, but this obviousely was a new level ... and a high one at that. - ©2003

Hulk stands tall on top of the house

Hulk just after taking his jump

the incredible hulk drop 10 the incredible hulk drop 11

Hulk has strong legs and gets a good leap

But even Hulk can't win against gravity

the incredible hulk drop 20 the incredible hulk drop 30

Hulk not too happy to land on back

Hulk take good bounce after drop

the incredible hulk drop 40 the incredible hulk drop 50