AWD's 1999 Christmas lights and K-Krew

The K-Krew all converged on Colorado (AWD's house) for X-mas/1999 - a total of 13 people: Mom & Dad, Alek & Wendy & Dirk, Kris & katherine & Nick, Kurt & Mary, Steph & Steve, and Myke. First, we gotta have the obligatory X-mas lights. Here is what it looked like in 1999 ... more KiloWatts are used each year for the christmas decorations.


All gathered around the tree - note stockings
Kris, Nick, Dirk, and Aunt Stephanie with her two nephews
christmas christmas

Myke's girlfriend (?) the Sparky Nun

She really DOES shoot sparks! ;-)

christmas christmas

Steph and Steve (note Kurt/Froggy in the background)

Is that REALLY an engagement ring?!? ;-)

christmas christmas

Mom checking out the ring for authenticity

Steve also "catches" a fish (note all the baby toys)

christmas christmas

For the Fish (I mean my husband) in my life

Do we DARE eat the Colonel again?   click here!

christmas christmas

A boy (Dirk) and his trains - thanx to Grandpa Choo-Choo

Myke says bag the presents - lets go climbing!

christmas christmas

Myke coming down the Flatirons

Nice pants Kurt!

christmas christmas

Ping-Ping championships at the house

Myke wins with forehand & backhand

christmas christmas

Off to go bowling - Steph LIKES this!

The Alaskan Girl likes the Sun (Solar Value) even more!
2005 patio design replaced this wood deck stamped concrete.

christmas christmas

Pinbot tournament in progress

Kurt & Myke are enthralled (note scoresheet in background)

christmas christmas

Myke won the tourney - but Alek has all-time high score

Myke takes Dad for a spin on his motorcyle - FUN (?)

christmas christmas

Dad chips OVER a bank of snow

And he DID sink this from 50' out!

christmas christmas