Seward Alaska Ling Cod

Our first fishing was for Alaska silver salmon and we bagged our limit in about an hour. We then motored for a while to another spot where we went after some alaska halibut. These guys don't put up much of a fight - kinda like hauling a garage door up ... from 250 feet below the surface. But then I had a heavy fish that put up a bit of a fight at the end. We were all looking over the edge to see what the heck I was pulling up from the depths and as it became visible, Captain Crudd says "It's a Ling Cod ... and it's a HOG!"

Pretty nasty looking fish as can be seen below and you want to be careful due to sharp teeth and gills - very pre-historic looking. While there, we even caught a yellow eye rockfish just to add some color to our Alaska fish collection. BTW, if you like these pictures, check out the Rat Hunter.

An Alaska Ling Cod

Gnarly looking fish

seward alaska ling cod 1 seward alaska ling cod 2

Captain's Kevin & Crudd with Sis Stephanie

Bro's Alek and Myke with Ling Cod Crudd

cod crudd alek myke

Alek (armed with a bat) battles an Alaska Ling Cod

seward alaska ling cod

Our Ling Cod and Halibut at Seward Alaska

seward alaska salmon

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