Seward Alaska Salmon Fishing Slayfest!

I don't know if the Silver Salmon from Seward Alaska are as common everywhere as they were for us at our fishing hole, but it was a major slayfest. We had a fishing derby to see who would catch the first fish ... but because Kurt lost his birthday fishing hat, he had a two minute penalty ... and it was all over in that amount of time. Mary pulled in the first Silver Salmon and they were hitting fast and furious after that.

We pulled in a few pink salmon (they liked to jump on the surface), but tossed those back ... ditto for a few dogfish we pulled up from the deeps. With six of us fishing (and often several people yelling FISH-ON at the same time), we caught our limit of 3 Alaska Salmon per person in about an hour - they were all about 10 pounders or so. Our charter boat captain Kevin had said earlier that it would be some great fishing ... and this lived up to that expectation - Seward Alaska rocked for salmon fishing! ;-)

Kurt says FISH-ON!

Alaskan Silver Salmon put a bend in the rod

kurt salmon fishing 1 kurt salmon fishing 2

Safety Glasses a good idea with flying hooks

Two against one ain't fair! ;-)

kurt fishing salmon bat

Mary nets Kurt's Seward Silver Salmon

Kurt releases a Pink Salmon

seward salmon net pink salmon

Kurt holds up a Silver Salmon

Fish are fiesty in Alaska

alaska silver salmon 1 alaska silver salmon 2

Kurt nets a Salmon for Kris

Fishing is a fun

salmon net fun fishing

Fishing in Seward Alaska is a LOT of fun! ;-)

fun alaska fishing

Steph takes a bite outa Alek's Silver Salmon

eat alaska salmon

We bagged our fishing limit of Silver Salmon

seward alaska salmon

Mary a month later with a King Salmon in Washington

Kurt says: "Went off the coast of Washington last weekend and Mary said 'the fishings not that good,' so I said 'go big or go home.' She went big with a 32 lb King Salmon." Mary points out: "And yes, the white t-shirt I'm wearing under my blue fleece IS an official Captain Crudd fishing shirt - courtesy of Betsy Komarnitsky!" I guess not all the big fish are in Alaska ...
king salmon

We thought these silver salmon were decent sized fish, but then went after some Alaska Halibut fishing and ended up with a bunch of 30+ pounders along with some Alaska Ling Cod and one yellow eye rockfish. See the entire slayfest of our Seward Alaska fishing charter