Halloween Webcam - 2003 Screen Shot

Use the Halloweeb webcam to view live images of a buncha Halloween lights and also CONTROL them - i.e. turn them ON and OFF via your web browser. New this year is the webcam has PAN and ZOOM capability that you can also control. The webcam and webcontrol demo are ONLY operational between 1800 and 2400 Mountain Time. Each web surfer can only update the webcam 10 times, change the lights 3 times, and play with the pan/zoom 5 times, withen 5 minutes - this limits the load on my server/Internet connection and I'm concerned about this being (ab)used too much and the flickering lights bothering the neighbors! ;-)
2003_10_30 UPDATE: Big solar flare on 10/28 resulted in Auroral Borealis reaching far South (Hulk is at 40.017° North Latitude) and the webcam got some pictures of it. Plus there was a fire in Jamestown (about 20 miles W-NW of here) with strong winds blowing quite a bit of smoke Hulk's way. See these (and more) in the cool halloween webcam pictures page.

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Message for rrcs-central-24-92-143-39.biz.rr.com: Welcome to halloween_webcam at 2006 - webcam operational for another 3 hours, 54 minutes
Querying other X10 Sensors (read how these work) :
Temperature is 35.8°F           Got 0.13 inches of rain so far today           Humidity is 94%           Pressure is 30.48 inches Hg           Wind Direction is 302 and averaging 2.6 mph with gusts to 6.1 mph           Garage Sensor indicates garage is closed           Ground-Motion-Cam did not detect anyone walking around           Road-Cam did not detect any cars           Sky-Motion-Cams indicates possible airplane sighting in top right           Sky Sensor detected TONS of stars at 2000 - probably light clouds           Total house amperage load currently 25.3           Steady-State voltage is 118.65 Volts          
Real-time webcam picture ==>

Hitting the Update Webcam does not pan/zoom the camera, nor does it change the lights - it only asks the webcam to "reshoot" the picture. While the lights themselves won't change (unless someone else is playing with them at the same time - a REAL possibility by the way!), what you may see is an occasional car drive by, people stopping to gawk at the lights, our garage opening, etc.

Email me if you see anything "interesting" and I'll add to the webcam cool pictures page! ;-)
halloween lights webcam current
You can PAN the webcam - i.e. move it to the left/right and/or up/down. The bearing shows the (true) compass heading, so lower numbers slew to the left and higher slews to the right. The elevation is the verticle angle of the webcam - higher numbers are up. The webcam also has a ZOOM feature - i.e. take a closer look at something. Punch in what you want or use the arrows to slew the camera 5° in the selected direction or use the +/- buttons to zoom-in/out by 1X. Finally, here are some special buttons that will cause the camera to go right to the topic of interest - try HULK!

Control the Webcam - Pan & Zoom it!

Setting        CHANGE         Default       Range          
Bearing190.0175 - 205     
Elevation 10.00 - 20          
Zoom 1.01.0 - 5.0        

The current state of the X10 zones is shown to the right. Also look at the picture above and the light count/amperage table below. Then simply toggle a zone (or zones - you can do more than one) to whatever you want, and then hit Change Light Setting which will send X10 commands to change the lights, and then refresh the picture ... and hopefully not annoy my neighbors too much!

Control the Lights - turn 'em ON & OFF!

X10 ZONE                       Current         Change to
1ON  -          -
2 (ROCK) ON        
3 (PAPER) ON        
4 (SCISSORS)ON        

X10-Zone       Amps   Lights    Description - red means it is ON
   1            0.2        7    Driveway lights
   1            0.7        3    Lower RIP lights
   2            2.3      203    Garage backlight, Lower Ghost, Hulk Spotlight, Frank & Alien
   2            0.7        3    Upper RIP lights, Hulk lower light
   3            2.0      314    Bubble Lights, Boneyard, Poo Lights
   3            6.6    1,900    Pumpkin
   4            1.9      360    Large lawn BOO
   4            3.6      950    Upper Deck icicles and Upper Ghost
 TIMER          0.5       50    Downstairs Flying Bat
 TIMER          0.7      100    Upstairs Window Boo and Pumpkin
TOTALS         19.2    3,890

Questions/comments/whatever about this extravaganza - send Hulk an Email which I'll include in a public forum for all to see