Alek's bio (short-n-sweet)

Alek Komarnitsky has been involved with (and has a knack for) computers for ... well, a long time! ;-)

He spent over a decade as "Chief Technologist" for a large IS Consulting/Outsourcing firm and helps manage a network of thousands of workstations (and other assorted stuff) scattered from coast-to-coast supporting (literally!) rocket scientists. The previous 6 years he was the Network/Systems Manager for two Boulder County software start-ups where he built the computing infrastructures from scratch. And he spent his first 4 years out of college as an Air Force Officer doing weapons research ("it done blowed up real good!"). His educational background includes an Aero/Astro Engineering undergraduate degree from the University of Washington and an MBA (heaven forbid!) from CU-Boulder. He "retired early" to help out more with his family and other misc.

He has 3 brothers and 1 sister and enjoys living in Boulder, Colorado (free satellite picture) with his lovely wife Wendy, two sons Dirk & Kyle the Hulk, a BIG BBQ Grill, mongo stamped concrete patio, and bazillions of halloween decorations & christmas lights which have raised tens of thousands of dollars for Celiac Disease. He also wrote extensively about his experience with Cataract Surgery after which he can now see Ultra-violet light! ;-)