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Remember that all proceeds will be used to help find a cure for Celiac Disease. So thanks in advance for any donations you can make to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research.


52 - Alek says at 2006_06_14_10:47:34.062:
I'm turning off comments in the Hulk'in Limeade Stand blog for 2006, but swing by next year as we'll probably go it again in 2007. Fun stuff coming up next for is my halloween decorations and christmas lights.

51 - ( wrote at 2006_06_12_05:56:39.735:
Brilliant!! Love it...controlling your beer sign from downunder is bloody awesome. Two aussie thumbs up. Fair dinkum thats really cool.

50 - ( wrote at 2006_06_11_14:51:55.031:
Great Job! That's amazing! Greetings from Barcelona (Spain) Albert TM

49 - ( wrote at 2006_06_11_06:56:29.540:
Alek, well done on the fund raising. You and your family have another BIG achievement to be proud of. Hi to all you guys from The Netherlands, Europe - Mickel

48 - Alek says at 2006_06_11_00:24:44.915:
Complete time-lapse video of the day is available from: webcam1 - webcam2 - webcam3. Just over $400 was raised for Celiac Disease Research - thank you all that donated in person and online.

47 - Alek says at 2006_06_10_19:08:45.123:
Yes, Hulk'in Limeade Stand is over ... but I'll leave two of the webcams plus the X10 controls up for a few days. I'll also add some time-lapse video when I have a chance.

46 - ( ) wrote at 2006_06_10_17:42:36.070:
Lenonade Stand shutting down?

45 - Alek says at 2006_06_10_16:48:44.916:
They were both Biker Dudes and Power Rangers!

44 - Alek says at 2006_06_10_16:46:43.633:
The webcams sometimes drop out images ... hang in there as it usually catches up within 20-30 seconds.

43 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_16:39:50.537:
I can't seem to see Cam1 or Cam2 images. It's 23:40 in the UK and I'm currently on nightshift, so I'm enjoying seeing the sunshine in YOUR garden!

42 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_16:27:40.287:
Those aren't bikers, they are Power Rangers!!!!

41 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_16:25:31.734:
Oooh, bikers!

40 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_15:39:15.956:
I just checked out you lawn mowing. You're pretty fast with that mower. When are you coming over to do my lawn??? ___grins___ ... Oh wait... I just figured that I have an apartment with a balcony. Woops... I am out now. It's running midnight here. Have a great weekend! - Mickel.

39 - Alek says at 2006_06_10_15:27:59.191:
Sprinklers went on across the street, so we had to re-position webcam2 and lost power for a couple of minutes ...

38 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_15:21:26.109:
What happened to webcam number two?

37 - Alek says at 2006_06_10_15:13:16.688:
There's a "Metric" link above/right of the weather data - click on that to see in Metric Units - 87F is 30C ... warm!

36 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_15:07:26.882:
Good luck with the stand. What's 87F in Centigrade? Paz (from Seo-Guy)

35 - Alek says at 2006_06_10_14:49:27.051:
Yes, I have the images archived and will be putting togather some videos of the action today ... kinda like the one of me mowing the lawn or optionally watch growing grass or when I did my stamped concrete patio. And Robert, I asked the Hulk about being genetically engineered as part lime, and he said "Hulk Green, Hulk Strong, Hulk SMASH!"

34 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_14:43:14.880:
Are you collecting the screens shots so that you can assemble them into a movie later on?

33 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_14:39:12.898:
This brings up an interesting question. Is the Hulk genetically part lime? Hey Alek, it's Robert. :)

32 - Alek says at 2006_06_10_14:18:54.603:
I've been sampling the various batches, and it's sweet and tart. Dash of Tequila adds a nice punch ... and we've got plenty left for the Big Kids that stop by.

31 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_13:48:02.169:
Are you running low on Tequila yet - I've seen some BIG KIDS come by.

30 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_13:39:20.961:
Alek, awesome pictures coming from your cam! It felt like I was right there. Too bad I couldn't have a taste from that SMASHING Hulkin' Limeade. - Mickel

29 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_13:03:16.826:
Refreshingly sweet from here ...

28 - Alek says at 2006_06_10_12:50:20.770:
Hulk'in Limeade Stand is open for business!

27 - ( wrote at 2006_06_10_08:56:44.901:
Looks sunny on webcam3 alek - where is this bad weather you are saying might show up later today?

26 - Alek says at 2006_06_09_10:21:32.768:
Here's the video of me mowing the front lawn (snapshot) which spot did I miss?!? ;-)

25 - ( wrote at 2006_06_08_14:58:28.156:
Nice lawn mowing job ... but you missed a spot Alex!

24 - Alek says at 2006_06_08_14:01:24.079:
Thanh from Texas donated $101 and for his "YOU NAME IT!!!" requested a $100 glass of Limeade - you got it!

23 - ( wrote at 2006_06_07_14:57:19.678:
How many Limes have you bought and will Hulk be able to SMASH them all on Saturday?!? ___)

22 - Alek says at 2006_06_06_23:20:12.746:
Had to wash my wife's Toyota Sienna XLE MiniVan today ... so some funny footage from webcam3 as the boys ... uhhhhh .... "helped" me. Dirk was busy make soap while Kyle hosed down Dirk instead of the car. Here's video of the whole thing! ;-)

21 - Alek says at 2006_06_06_23:15:42.366:
Thanks for the SMASHING audio recording Jim - other can listen to it here. Hope to "see you" Saturday Jim ... or I guess technically the other way around when we have the webcams viewing our Hulk'in Limeade Stand! ;-) BTW, too bad I didn't have this up a few weeks earlier when Hazel Miller dropped by.

20 - ( wrote at 2006_06_06_17:10:45.047:
Hi Alek, I really like your giant Hulk family member. I have an MP3 called 'Nobody Loves the Hulk'. It was originally recorded in 1969 by a garage band called the Traits. It a typical 60's pop number that has some fun lyrics in it. If you like, I can send you it to use for a future project, or just to listen to & be inspired for your next Hulk adventure. Its about 2mb in size. I'm sure the kids will get a buzz out of it too :) Good luck on Saturday! Jim.

19 - Alek says at 2006_06_06_07:05:37.214:
Appreciate the hacking testing - glad to see that the filters worked. I also have a profanity filter - lemonade stands are family activity, so lets keep it clean ... or otherwise the HULK will SMASH you!

18 - ( wrote at 2006_06_06_04:18:49.706:
The Limeade blog is safe! Alek saved the day!

17 - ( wrote at 2006_06_06_04:18:22.019:
Forgive me Alek I'm just hackin your forum ___) ___tried to href="#" onmouseover="javascript:alert('boo')" style="font-size: 500___"___Hello world???

16 - ( wrote at 2006_06_06_04:16:46.537:
Can I do HTML injections here? ___div style="font-size: 300___"___ What about SQL injections? ' :)

15 - Alek says at 2006_06_05_22:49:31.521:
Dirk says we should also sell "Tony the Tiger" OJ. Yea, the sprinkler's were on - here's some condensed time-lapse video of the of the evening and I happened to notice a neighbor's dog really liked 'em - here's a snapshot. I also put together some footage from the basement lemonade stand webcam including a picture of me asking Internet surfers to turn on zone #2.

14 - ( wrote at 2006_06_05_19:28:34.104:
watering your lawn?

13 - ( wrote at 2006_06_05_14:03:35.772:
What's up with Tony the Tiger?

12 - ( wrote at 2006_06_05_06:53:20.079:
Nice sunrise on your front lawn and I just saw someone walking their dog.

11 - Alek says at 2006_06_04_21:56:47.258:
OK - I think I found a reasonable balance of lights. Ended up with 60 Watt Red/Green lights on the front lawn for the four zones. I then have a 40 Watt white bulb pointing close to vertical that is illuminating the Hulk'in Limeade sign ... and yes, it is in Hulk'in green paint. Here are all the lights on and here is just the sign light which stays on continously.

10 - Alek says at 2006_06_04_21:27:13.549:
Those lights didn't look so bright during the day, but yea, they are blinding now. I started with 85 Watt white spots. Have cycled down to 40 Watt whites and now have 60 Watt Red/Green in there. OOOOOPS - just realized I had Low-Lux amplification enabled on webcam3 - just turned that off and MUCH better - going outside to do some more testing.

9 - ( wrote at 2006_06_04_20:32:15.296:
Yeah, that would do it :p I've been watching you put up those lights - They're really bright!

8 - Alek says at 2006_06_04_20:29:52.387:
I do have a cron job that periodically does a "flippit ZONE ON" for zone-4 since otherwise the Lava Lamp cools down too much. From a "cold-start", it actually takes about an hour for it to start flowing/oozing. I've been using the manual X10 remote quite a bit today for testing purposes, so that can toggle zones without the counter incrementing. The numbers shown are actual changes by Internet folks.

7 - ( wrote at 2006_06_04_20:09:04.580:
Is it just me, or do the Lava Lamp and Beer Sign turn back on by themselves? I watched the control counter, and it didn't increase (after refresh).

6 - Alek says at 2006_06_04_19:49:54.315:
Yea, that is a (nearly empty) bottle of Jose Tequila ... here is a "clown-around" shot of me with it ... and I bet if you drank enough of this, you would turn green! I was adding some signage in the front yard along with a few lights. And yes, I added a "funky" HULK cursor - do people think that looks dumb or what?

5 - ( wrote at 2006_06_04_14:39:22.774:
What are you doing in the front yard? And what-up with the crazy HULK cursor?

4 - ( wrote at 2006_06_04_13:16:46.455:
Is that a bottle of Jose Tequila I see on the Lemonade Stand?

3 - ( wrote at 2006_06_04_07:45:07.103:
If I drink lemon or lime ade from the HULK, will I turn green?

2 - ( wrote at 2006_06_03_21:06:59.095:
Can't wait to try some green juice

1 - Alek says at 2006_06_03_14:31:09.883:
The Hulk'in Limeade Stand won't "open" until June 10th, but the Hulk'in Limeade Blog is open for comments now! ;-)

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