Ordering Prints of my Pictures

As a photography buff, I've taken wayyyy too many pictures over the years and have been posting 'em on www.komar.org since 1997. While I don't claim to be a professional photographer, I've gotten an increasing number of requests from folks who want to buy prints. Historically, I've usually just said no thanks ... although I've donated some stuff to help non-profits and even made $100 for Celiac charity with a picture of my cluttered basement! ;-) So I finally decided to put up a web page to answer these types of queries and actually offer folks who really like the pictures an opportunity to get prints. Plus when the occasional check show up, my wife doesn't bug me as much about all the time I put into photography and I can buy new toys gear for my hobby! ;-)

Pictures of mine have run in the Boulder Daily Camera, Rocky Mountain News, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Washington Post, USA Today, Costco Connection (7,000,000+ print run), City of Lafayette Rec Center Guide (not quite 7,000,000 copies!), Africa Geographic, OARS, Natural Habitat Adventures, Mensa, and even the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Safety Calendar ... along with countless web sites. A few examples below show some pictures of nature & wildlife, my family, and I even carry my (expensive and not-so-light) photography gear along on the ski slopes.

As noted, I just enjoy taking pictures ... and there are plenty of professional photographers who would be happy to take your money for their pictures. But if you really want one of mine, I'll sell them at the marketplace rates for prints which seems to be about:
    $50 - 8x10     $100 - 12x18     $200 - 20x30       (printed glossy borderless and includes US shipping - no framing)
Yep, that's not cheap ... but I don't want to undercut those folks who try to making a living with their pictures and I'm not really interested in dealing with the hassles of selling prints! Plus the equipment isn't cheap and I spend a ton of time taking pictures and then processing 'em with Photoshop, etc. Please contact me if you want one-time publication rights in traditional and/or online media. Some people have asked for the high-res originals, but photographers rarely release these unless it's major $$$. I'm also generally not interested in doing photo-shoots or being an event photographer. You are welcome to Email me an order or any questions and I always appreciate attaboys.

For those interested, I've shot these with Canon 7D, Canon 50D, or Canon 40D DSLR's. Lens include the 70-200/F2.8ISv2, 17-55/F2.8, 55-250IS , and the 10-22 lens for some cool ultra-wide angle shots. I also have a number of other lens and photography tools/gadgets that only gear-heads like myself would be interested in - in summary, it's pretty decent equipment and I've fiddled enough with it than I can usually get some good pictures. So unless heavily cropped, most of the images on www.komar.org will print very well at 8x10 ... and I've even done several 20x30's (see below) which look ... wellllll ... darn spectacular! ;-)

Four prints that I donated to my son's Elementary School - holders not included! ;-)

Baby Hummingbird Nest!

baby hummingbird nest

Recently hatched House Finches clamoring for food

baby house finches

Great Horned Owlets eyeball the photographer

great horned owlets

Cooper's Hawks nest in my neighborhood!

Cooper's hawk nest hawklets

cooper's hawk chick

Artistic Collage of a Dog Coyote Battle

One frame from the above sequence

A Colorado Red Tailed Hawk

20x30 prints of the above three images

Some other Colorado Birds after a late Spring Snowfall

colorado birds

Moonset over the Colorado Rocky Mountains

moonset colorado rockies

A pesky squirrel that likes peaches!

peach squirrel

Snow clings to some foilage as traffic roars by on Highway 7

colorado snow truck

The snow melted fairly quickly as it warmed up

colorado snow melt

A Peach Wasp taking a juicy bite

peach wasp

A rare double rainbow in my backyard

My brother Kris at Snowbird, Utah

My son Dirk catches some air sledding at Grand Lake, Colorado

Hanging out with the Elk in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park

rocky mountain national park elk

My wife Wendy and sons Dirk & Kyle at the Mission Wolf Sancuary

mission wolf 1

I was less than a foot away when I snapped this picture

mission wolf 2

I think this picture is so-so ... but several people have written in to say they really liked it

mission wolf 3

Long exposures are fun and challenging ... a red-eye airplane flys across the night sky

10-22 long exposure

The Stamped Concrete Deck finally finished

stamped concrete

Outa control Christmas Lights ... actually, web surfers can view and control 'em! ;-)

christmas lights

christmas lights dog

It's also kinda crazy at www.komar.org at Halloween! ;-)


An Hawaiian sunrise and my sons Dirk and Kyle

hawaii sunrise

The Boys with their Big Green Buddy - The Incredible Hulk!

incredible hulk

On top of Longs Peak Colorado with my Bro's on my 40th Birthday

longs peak colorado

1957 Oldsmobile at Cottonwood Pass, Colorado - I have a 1972 Olds Delta 88 Convertible

cottonwood pass

I play Ultimate Frisbee - click to see full-res example below

ultimate frisbee

Lots of wayyyyy cool pictures from a Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica cruise

antarctica cruise ocean nova

antarctica cruise south georgia

Hanging out with family in the Galapagos Islands

galapagos islands family

galapagos islands alek boobies

Alek with the Polar Bears in Churchill, Canada

churchill polar bears