Deck Cleaning

Because the Colorado SouthWest exposure has pounded our deck, I've spent many years cleaning and staining the deck. No more, as I replaced it with stamped concrete! But there was one last deck cleaning that I had to do which was to get all the stuff off of it so they could do the deck demolition derby. So with assistance from my wife and photography from my 7-year old son Dirk, here's what it looked like as I "cleaned" my wood deck for the last time.

Deck ... before cleaning

Alek removes first chair

deck cleaning start deck cleaning startt

Alek strong - like HULK! ;-)

Recliners go next

alek cleaning 1 alek cleaning 2

Water ballast bladder for patio umbrellas

Kyle thought this was fun

deck water 1 deck water 2

Pulling the table from the deck

BBQ wasn't light even with two of us

table cleaning 1 table cleaning 2

BBQ is last thing to clean off of deck

Wendy had to leave, so Alek does solo

deck bbq 1 deck bbq 2

Wasn't easy!

Slowly but surely it comes off the deck

deck bbq 3 deck bbq 4

Cleaning your deck is hard work!

The shade tree will go

deck bbq 5 deck clean

Kids says deck cleaning is fun!

kids on deck