Hawaiian BBQ Salmon

This Hawaiian BBQ Salmon recipe is courtesy of Tina Plumb in Ventura, CA. She found the barbeque grill information on my web site useful, and therefore sent me this very easy to make dish. My wife made it for her book club and it was a huge hit, even though she did it in the oven - using the BBQ would probably be better. We are having company over in a week and plan to make it it for them - thanx Tina!

Update #1: We tossed in some chopped onions and mushrooms which added some "heft" so give that a shot if you want. As can be seen in the picture below, it got a big thumbs up!

Update #2: Tina Email'ed her Tequila Shrimp Recipe - highly recommended too!

   1 can of unsweetened coconut milk 
   1 cup Lawrey's Hawaiian marinade (Alek says Caribeen Jerk marinade works too)
   1-2 pounds of thick juicy salmon (thawed out) 
Alek recommends adding:
   2-3 chopped onions
   2 packs mushrooms

   Mix coconut milk and marinade (marimilk) in a 9x13 baking dish.
   Add optional onions and mushrooms
   Add salmon let sit for 2 hours covered 
   Throw on grill (wrapped in tin foil- optional) and baste with marimilk
   Open a cold bottle of beer or mix your favorite drink such as a
      watermelon margarita and enjoy the hawaiian salmon!!! 

   Can optionally be cooked in oven.

"Goldie" is glad it's Hawaiian Salmon instead of him being served

hawaiian salmon 0

Alek loads up his plate with Barbeque salmon

hawaiian salmon 1

Vince gives bbq salmon a thumbs-up with chilled Chardonnay

hawaiian salmon 2

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