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The Blog play-by-play when my Stamped Concrete Patio was done


1 - ( wrote at 2005_08_28_22:22:13.813:
FIRST POST - Hey Alek - have you figured out that mod_perl problem yet?

2 - ( wrote at 2005_08_28_22:42:51.126:
I just saw you pick your nose!

3 - Alek Says at 2005_08_28_23:01:20.427:
Hey guys - keep is clean allright

4 - ( wrote at 2005_08_28_23:34:21.164:
So are you going to stay on that computer all night?

5 - ( wrote at 2005_08_28_23:51:13.335:
Nice job going legit Alek!

6 - Alek Says at 2005_08_28_23:55:20.406:
Yea, bummer is even though the Dlink webcam is darn nice, and cost a bundle, its image quality still suffers ...especially in low light - too bad someone doesn't sell a webcam with HUGE CCD sensors and low refresh rate as this would be ideal for my Holiday lights.

7 - ( wrote at 2005_08_29_00:26:28.971:
I think Axis makes some good Web cams but they are even more expensive. I think they should sponsor you.

8 - ( wrote at 2005_08_29_05:25:35.814:
everyone loves concrete!

9 - ( wrote at 2005_08_29_10:06:22.008:
I heard that this was going to be a housewife cam - what gives?

10 - ( wrote at 2005_08_29_11:52:46.069:
why is Tony the Tiger out the front and not the HULK?

11 - ( wrote at 2005_08_29_11:57:31.447:
Umm - I like the concreate cam - but I do need more action to keep me coming back. Tony the Tiger sure is cute.. -Nova Scotia

12 - Alek Says at 2005_08_29_12:02:10.526:
I would LOVE some more action - contractors were supposed to show up at 11:00 this morning - an hour ago - have not seen or heard from them - Tony the Tiger says "that's ggrreeaatt ... NOT!" and I don't want to put the HULK out because he might get angry! ;-)

13 - Alek Says at 2005_08_29_12:34:06.300:
I gave 'em a holler and they said they were running late from another job with an ETA of around 2'ish ...

14 - Alek Says at 2005_08_29_14:25:45.729:
OK ... they now say they'll be here around 3:30

15 - ( wrote at 2005_08_29_14:56:25.548:
Sounds like your concrete guys are typical contractors - always running late.

16 - Alek Says at 2005_08_29_16:29:04.630:
Today ended up being a strike-out, but the contractor assures me they'll be out first thing Tuesday morning to do the touch-up work and we might even do some pouring in the afternoon.

17 - ( wrote at 2005_08_29_19:03:02.318:
Hi Alek - I got here from EHOWA. Tell Kurt that Bryce from Dallas says HI!

18 - Alek Says at 2005_08_29_20:40:33.212:
I'm playing around with ImageMagick to see if I can auto-generate some MPEG's from a buncha JPEG's - i.e. a movie of the action! ;-)

19 - ( wrote at 2005_08_29_20:41:06.332:
Look Out Behind You! He's got a knife

20 - ( wrote at 2005_08_29_20:49:07.786:
Have a Good Pee ?

21 - Alek Says at 2005_08_29_20:52:09.785:
Was actually just saying goodnight to my kids. BTW, ImageMagick is kinda slow for JPEG to MPEG conversion, but it's pretty easy to generate movies - this will be cool.

22 - Alek Says at 2005_08_29_21:31:40.744:
Ummmm ... ImageMagick is REALLY slow when you feed it a lot of images ... and I have a lot. I'm using this quick-n-dirty approach - it's an oldie but goodie. Anyone got a better solution? Needs to run on RedHat Linux without a buncha dependancies/modules, and ideally I do something like "PROG --frame-rate=somenum/sec --file_of_jpegs=somefilename output.mpg" - note that I'd prefer to pull the JPEG's from an external file since otherwise I run into command line length issues. Blog with your answer here if any suggestions - thanx!

23 - ( wrote at 2005_08_29_22:07:53.333:
Are you still up Alek? It's Tuesday morning here in Australia - we're ready to see the concrete pouring!

24 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_07:02:19.252:
NOW it's morning here ... and I have the webcam showing the Colorado mountains lit up by the morning sun. ImageMagick is still doggy slow but I just took a frame per minute (rather than all frames) and generated a 4 second movie that shows 2 hours of work - kinda funny to watch - lets hope they can work that fast when they come out - supposed to be here by 9:00.

25 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_08:58:58.400:
Some grasshoppers came by to check out the concrete cam also ...

26 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_10:25:02.548:
Great design! What an addition... Way to go Deck Company! Way to go Rick!

27 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_10:48:44.068:
There has been one person working since 0830 this morning, and I've been assured that a full crew will be out here around 1'ish with the hope that we'll do some pouring a few hours after that - stay tuned.

28 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_10:56:38.684:
Hmm.. do they know youre watching them?

29 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_11:01:22.536:
Hmm.. do they know youre watching them?

30 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_11:01:48.950:
who copied my comment...

31 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_11:02:48.174:
oh i did. stupid internet

32 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_11:20:02.317:
Yea, the contractor is aware of the webcam - in fact, comment #28 was almost certainly left by Rick's wife since he was chatting to her on the phone about it while standing in front of the webcam.

33 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_12:06:39.323:
Hello Alek it's Rick, I just wanted to say to you how much I have enjoyed working with a customer like you and also wanted to express my dissapointment in how long this project is taking

34 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_12:09:22.524:
I know that when this project is completed you will be very happy with the results, I am not used to doing this ay large projects in a row - 4 over 1000 sq ft and this one with all of the extra stuff going on - and all in all over 100 patios to date this year - Rick the Concrete Contractor

35 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_13:08:26.762:
I'm not sure I want to get into a public discussion on this Rick, but while it's taken a little bit longer than expected, these things happen and bottom line I'm confident you'll deliver an outstanding finished product in a few days.

36 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_13:09:24.280:
Just had 3 extra workers show up, so the pace should pick up a bit - still hoping to do the initial pour of the 3 flowerpots, firepit, and BBQ triangle table this afternoon. Note that the temperature - over 90 degrees - these guys are tough!

37 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_13:17:15.364:
Is that guy just watering your patio or does he have to really go?

38 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_08_30_13:23:09.407:

39 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_13:26:06.008:
What a nice thing to say ...

40 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_13:26:06.388:
Arent you the same guy who faked the christmas lights last year?

41 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_13:28:57.668:
Yep - there's a link to the christmas lights story on the main concrete cam page that provides a lotta details about this. So it this another simulation ... or is it real this time?!? ;-)

42 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_13:38:07.607:

43 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_13:38:51.759:
is that guy digging a hole to China?

44 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_14:02:18.927:
Who is the shady guy??? Maybe Jaime

45 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_14:06:41.868:
I just added an MPEG movie of the last hour of work - they are cranking now!

46 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_14:13:00.925:
Bring in the truck already!

47 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_14:14:42.974:
No truck yet - "We will not pour until it is time!"
BTW, the cool guys over at MajorGeeks.Com just linked to me - I highly recommend their styling T-shirts! ;-)

48 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_14:23:53.068:
Fark'ers are looking at the concrete cam - it will get REAL crazy if Drew puts it on the front page of Fark.Com - Linux/Apache Web server is hanging in there ... so far!

49 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_15:07:12.478:
Estimated ETA for the concrete truck is around 4:00. We will only be pouring the "structures" - i.e. the three flowerpots, firepit, and BBQ triangular table .. and hope to pour the rest tomorrow.

50 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_15:21:14.091:
HEY - what's with the closeup of the guys foot?

51 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_15:33:56.685:
I normally don't zoom the webcam in too close, but for grins, I did zero in on that guy's foot ... ;-)

52 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_15:44:01.727:
That's not what made me grin :D

53 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_15:56:44.893:
I don't know what it is about this site, but there's something addictive about it. Pete

54 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_16:21:06.444:
Where's the concrete truck?????????

55 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_17:04:47.108:
Looks like no concrete pouring today - we were ready, but something with the concrete supplier itself - first pouring scheduled for 10:00 Wednesday.

56 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_17:37:00.773:
Lotta work done today - check out the movie of this afternoon's work ... and the last frame shot was pretty funny. We should have some good "concrete cam" action on Wednesday.

57 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_19:55:49.492:
Have you set up a way for us to control the concrete truck flue to move it around?

58 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_20:37:46.991:
So,do the guys know they are being watched? Their manager must enjoy seeing his employees keeping

59 - ( wrote at 2005_08_30_20:45:15.413:
So,do the guys know they are being watched? Their manager must enjoy seeing his employees keeping

60 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_21:09:55.866:
As mentioned on the main page and also in comment #34, yes, they know the webcam is out there and they'll occasionally wave to it. We even joke about it.

61 - Alek Says at 2005_08_30_21:26:49.474:
WRT remote control concrete trucks: I have NOT implemented that feature ... maybe the next time I do a concrete pour at my house! ;-) But I really do plan to implement Internet controls (I already use X10 in my house for this) on my Holidays lights - be sure to come back at Halloween/Christmas.

62 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_07:22:14.100:
The *grass growing* webcam shot is nice, but WE WANT CONCRETE!

63 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_07:57:10.179:
So how many yards or tons of concrete is being poured Alek?

64 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_08:20:32.621:
The contractor should be here in about an hour or so. He mentioned yesterday that probably about 5 tons for the first pour of the "structures" - they plan to use a concrete pumper hose (not a boom) to get it up from street level. Other option would be wheelbarrow - but that's a LOTTA work.

65 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_08:51:40.114:
I wish they'd hurry up, ive got to go to work in an hour.... Next time how about an earlier pour for us english that work the nighshift? Great website BTW.

66 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_09:02:32.211:
UPDATE: The whole crew is supposed to be out here shortly - we'll do it all as one pour - stay tuned.

67 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_09:14:21.827:
BTW, for grins, I went through the Apache web server logs and the main concrete page has had 29,135 hits in the last week, with 335,997 views of the webcam from 26,259 unique IP addresses. Maximum number of people viewing at the same time was 112 - so far, the 3.2 GHz Pentium Linux/Apache Web server (using mod_perl) is holding out just fine.

68 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_09:47:35.770:
First group of three just showed up ... we're ready to rock-n-roll! ;-)

69 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_10:00:29.181:
We're now up to six workers ... job-site foreman Alex (who has been doing nice work) should be showing up shortly.

70 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_10:10:50.505:
Alex just showed up with 2 more workers - we are up to 9 ... with more to come.

71 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_10:11:55.859:
You are going to have an ARMY out there!

72 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_11:02:27.470:
I saw someone carrying what looked like long pieces or rods of metal - are you putting rebar in Alek?

73 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_11:03:40.177:
I'm watching on dial-up and it's killing me. You should make sure the guy pose for a 'team' photo for the cam.

74 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_11:17:29.588:
I see a guy hosing things down with water - when does the concrete show up?

75 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_11:24:11.538:
Someone just took a picture. Anyone else see that, it was in just 3 frames.

76 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_11:44:14.234:
Concrete truck has arrived and the pouring has started. It's a total of 15 yards of concrete ... and the pumper didn't make it ... so it's going to be wheel-barrowed!

77 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_11:45:46.189:
#74: Yea, that's rebar that has been placed in there.
#77: That was probably me shooting pictures ...

78 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_12:19:47.574:
15 yards of concrete is about 20 tons ... those guys are doing it all with wheelbarrows - I see 'em on the webcam - WOW!

79 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_12:42:12.465:
Second concrete truch showed up about 10 minutes ago ... and we just drained the first one. It's going very fast ...

80 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_12:59:52.361:
You can't beat watching others work :)

81 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_08_31_13:16:37.844:
That's some nice concrete you got there. :) -PK

82 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_13:19:25.862:
FYI: I just changed the update interval on the webcam from an image every 5 seconds to one every 2 seconds ... DSL should be able to keep up with this - it's about a 50KByte image - and Cable should have no problem. But yeah, dial-up just won't cut it! ;-)

83 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_08_31_13:20:33.426:
That's some nice concrete you got there. :) -PK

84 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_08_31_13:26:07.651:
That's some nice concrete you got there. :) -PK

85 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_13:41:37.393:
anyone else sometimes getting a timeout error when connection to

86 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_14:00:37.805:
I haven't seen any timeout errors on my end, and I'm pulling the same page as everyone else - please blog here if you see this again and maybe I can crank the refresh interval back up to 5 seconds.

87 - ( wrote at 2005_08_31_14:03:43.133:
na its ok its only happened about 3 times and no one else seems to be experiencing this problem when watching, so the problem proberly is with my conection thanks anyway :D

88 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_14:24:53.834:
No problem - thanx for update on the timeout issue - web server is handling the load just fine - load factor of 0.1

89 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_14:27:33.895:
As you can see, they are pulling the wood forms off of the structures - one had a bit of leakage, but all are looking GOOD! Those are the stamps you see in the grass foregraound - be doing that in a bit.

90 - Alek Says at 2005_08_31_16:02:51.745:
DONE for today. I'm not sure if they are all smiling for the webcam or because I bought 'em all beer ... ;-)

91 - ( wrote at 2005_09_01_10:03:12.255:
Love the video - man, 20 tons of concrete poured in 17 seconds - WOW!

92 - Alek Says at 2005_09_01_12:45:27.670:
Welllllll ... looks like the guys won't make it up here for the finish work today ... although I've been assured they will make it to power wash the patio late today. So probably no webcam today as no concrete work be done.

93 - Alek Says at 2005_09_01_14:38:48.670:
Just was informed that they are on their way to pressure wash the release from the deck - I expect this to make a pretty dramatic difference in color.

94 - ( wrote at 2005_09_01_14:46:16.733:
I was wondering about that red color - did not seem to go well with your house - what is the final result going to be?

95 - Alek Says at 2005_09_01_15:15:31.308:
I just did a closeup of the BBQ triangular table so you could get some idea ... and looks like the boss just showed up ...

96 - ( wrote at 2005_09_01_15:49:00.803:
That is a big change in color - looking good

97 - ( wrote at 2005_09_01_15:56:38.272:
this might sound like a stupid question but did they lay the concrete at a slight angle so the rain will run off into the grass insted of into your house?

98 - Alek Says at 2005_09_01_16:11:00.140:
That's a good question - the answer is YES - 1/8 inch drop per foot is the slope.

99 - ( wrote at 2005_09_01_16:43:02.569:
That will not blow away in a hurricane! Dave

100 - Alek Says at 2005_09_01_17:29:35.176:
Hurricane's aren't an issue in Colorado ... but if we did have one, yea, the house could get demolished, but I doubt the 20 tons of concrete patio is going anywhere ... ;-)
In all seriousness, the situation in New Orleans is bad, bad, bad and my heart is out to those folks. BTW, there is a major data center in New Orleans that is blogging and doing live webcam coverage - check it out here!

101 - Alek Says at 2005_09_01_17:40:08.076:
Should have the finishing team back here Friday morning - touch up the concrete in some spots, brush on some release as needed, and put some vertical stamping three inches down on the vertical wall. Final step is putting a gloss finish down. There is also a goof in the "mow strip" along the south straight edge - it's "pinched" where the curve starts, and then raises several inches above ground level as it moves to the East. Woulda have been fixable in 10 minutes "pre-pour" - will be a lot more work now to make right - darn shame. We'll see how far we get along with all that on Friday. I hope to have Alan the (awesome) handyman out here on Saturday to pull the electrical wire, setup irrigation, and install the gas firepit.

102 - Alek Says at 2005_09_02_08:53:22.051:
Remember that 5 ton pile of rocks in my front driveway? Turns out we only used about a 1/2 ton for the French Drain ... so I have a LOT more left that I anticipated to fill in bare spots. I had hoped the contractors would bring their BobCat, but since they didn't, I'll be wheel barrowing it around, so you might see me in the webcam.

103 - Alek Says at 2005_09_02_14:20:31.524:
I've been out there for a bit talking about some issues that need addressing - nothing too major, except the mow strip wasn't poured quite right - I'm in the white Captain Crudd shirt that I wore when I went fishing in Seward Alaska.

104 - ( wrote at 2005_09_03_08:51:39.739:
Looking good alek - what is left to be done?

105 - ( wrote at 2005_09_03_11:23:39.313:
Holy mackeral - what is that guy going to do with that huge saw!

106 - Alek Says at 2005_09_03_11:44:19.085:
They were cutting concrete with that big-mama saw - putting in the relief cuts. Still lotta finishing work to do - don't know if we will get to the sealer to day. We might have a concrete blockage in one of the electrical PVC pipes - all the others have been pulled and looking good.

107 - Alek Says at 2005_09_03_13:22:13.462:
Yea, definately looks like a concrete blockage - it's about 20" down - we have a 17" masonery bit - I'm trying to track down an extender so if we are LUCKY, we can drill that out and then run the wire ...

108 - Alek Says at 2005_09_03_14:43:21.678:
I got an extender and we were making progress ... but (long story short) the allen threads on the extender are now stripped ... so we'll have to try later. Right now, the outdoor patio lights are being adjusted for levelness - about a 1/3 are off - musta moved while pouring and weren't checked before things set. Also, they were placed against the outside forms, but that must have moved also as many are not flush with the surface. So I'll have to get some longer screws for 'em - too bad, because the ones supplied were already painted for me.

109 - Alek Says at 2005_09_03_17:56:31.397:
All done for today - still a fair amount of finishing work to do - I'm assured they will be back on Wednesday - "you can count on it" - so check back then for more concrete cam action.

110 - Alek Says at 2005_09_04_15:12:43.800:
Here's "Alek Rambo" with the new drill bit extender. Also note the PVC pipe bundle on my shoulder - that is plan #2 if we are unsuccessful in clearing the blockage and finding the J connector ... which is probably what is going to happen. Fortunately, I ran a conduit outside of the patio on the NW end, so the PVC will start from there and be buried along almost the entire patio perimeter to the outlet in the SE corner - we'll put an extender box on that outlet and bring the PVC up. This approach avoids any trenching under the concrete, which is pretty undesireable for a number of reasons. In hindsight, if we had "completed the PVC pipe loop" - similar to a computer network fiber optic ring - this would have made us resistant to a "cut" anywhere in the line.

111 - ( wrote at 2005_09_05_08:42:31.716:
Looks like you are about to start work alek - good luck drilling out that blockage - otherwise, I guess you'll be digging.

112 - Alek Says at 2005_09_05_09:34:03.252:
As can be seen - we're digging!

113 - ( wrote at 2005_09_05_11:08:29.614:
Why are you digging out from the patio?

114 - Alek Says at 2005_09_05_16:00:14.813:
I figured since we had to trench about a bazillion feet around the patio (due to the PVC pipe blockage), what's another bazillion feet to provision power to the south side of the back yard! While it was a royal pain, there is now power at all places on the deck, so one of the major issues has been worked around. Stiil have to address the "pinching" and vertical rise of the mow strip on the straight edge which the contractor is coming out Wednesday to do among other things.

115 - Alek Says at 2005_09_07_11:20:50.142:
The mow strip pinched in from 6 to 5 inches just before the curve due to an improperly placed form. Would have been fixable in 5 minutes pre-pour ... oh well. Rather than apply a 1" thick grout'ed section for the several foot run, we decided to cut the mow strip down to try to match better with the curve, and ended up apply a 1/4" skinny patch line for less than a foot - hopefully that will work (i.e. won't crack) and will look OK. Fixing the improper vertical rise is going to require a LOT more work unfortunately.

116 - ( wrote at 2005_09_07_12:55:27.307:
After following this for a couple of weeks I'm not sure who worked harder you or the contractors... At least it is almost done.

117 - ( wrote at 2005_09_07_14:42:09.720:
Yea, we saw you out there a lot the last week or so, but haven't seen you on the webcam today - are you around?

118 - Alek Says at 2005_09_07_16:54:35.760:
I'm a bit busier at work these days, so harder to make it outside. Yea, I did put in a lotta time on this project and would like it to be wrapped up. Only one guy showed up today (but he's good and working hard) ... so I'll be real surprised if he is able to finish up and apply the sealer today ... but we'll be in striking range for Thursday.

119 - Alek Says at 2005_09_07_19:11:27.664:
Made some good progress today - I feel there is a good chance the concrete sealer can be applied tomorrow. Still a decent amount of work left to do, but we're getting there.

120 - Alek Says at 2005_09_08_10:57:47.123:
Got two people working today, so I'm hopeful we'll be able to seal the patio today. They're struggling a bit with drilling the drain holes for the flowerpots - it's not easy drilling through 6" of concrete!

121 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_09_08_11:00:43.789:
Hey...just my two cents...I'm a concrete contractor in San Diego. I was reading your post and you mentioned that the seal should be applied today...the 8th...I would talk to your contractor about that. It looks like your concrete was just poured a little over a week ago. Concrete seal should not be applied until the concrete has had a chance to cure for AT LEAST three weeks, I like to go four weeks. Your job and your house, but again, just my two cents.

122 - Alek Says at 2005_09_08_11:33:30.876:
GREAT two cents San Diego Concrete Contractor - I also talked to the Edge Concrete guys in Northern Colorado who has done concrete for over a decade and he echo'd your comments - said they always wait 28 days. I've talked to the main guy doing ours and I'm mulling over delaying the seal - thanx a bunch!Any other concrete contractors want to chime in on this?

123 - Alek Says at 2005_09_09_09:10:51.842:
Alan the (awesome) handyman is due out today. Plan to install the lights (and try to straighten 'em out since they were knocked around by the pour), plug in the irrigation for the flowerpots (and drill the last hole that the contractors couldn't finish yesterday), install the fire pit, put the grate in place near the circuit break box, and any other misc. BTW, the seal will NOT be applied for at least a few weeks - thanx for the feedback from San Diego and others.

124 - Alek Says at 2005_09_09_19:01:23.171:
Alan the awesome Handyman rocked again today. Despite some adverse weather, we straightened out most of the crooked lights, got more of the firepit in, and a buncha other misc. Final wrapup should be tomorrow - looking good!

125 - ( wrote at 2005_09_10_16:35:22.892:
Alek..thanks for the recently helped my father-in-law pour a pad for his soon to arrive hot tub here in VT.Was interesting since I have never worked with it before. -Russ

126 - ( wrote at 2005_09_11_17:53:52.135:
Hey Alek, I see you live in Colorado - I live in Aurora and also want to do a stamped concrete patio. Who was your contractor and would you recommend them? Bob

127 - Alek Says at 2005_09_12_11:52:15.785:
Russ: Glad I helped inspire you to pour a pad - we're not big into hot tubs, but a nice addition.
Bob: I've also had several Email enquiries from Denver, Colorado folks (plus a handful from friends/neighbors) who have asked if I can recommend my contractor. Since the job is not done yet, I'm not ready to comment one way or the other. However, if you are looking for a Denver Handyman, I can strongly recommend Alan Holt at 720-203-5997 who has been GREAT on this project.

128 - Alek Says at 2005_09_12_17:05:56.568:
There is some misc. work left to do before the concrete sealing, with the two main issues being some landscaping to (try to) cover up the concrete edging that was poured too high on the East side and tidying up a patch (that still looks like a patch - grrrr) on the West concrete flowerpot. I appreciate any thoughts/suggestions on these.

129 - ( wrote at 2005_09_12_18:39:02.289:
That edging is a great idea. Was it hard to do?

130 - ( wrote at 2005_09_12_23:13:49.745:
Flowerpot look nice alex - ignoring the patch - but it don't appear to be level?

131 - Alek Says at 2005_09_13_22:49:54.653:
The edging was fairly straightforward in that a concrete form was placed along the outside perimeter - just be sure the top of it is level with your ground before pouring. While this wasn't priced seperately, my guess is that it wouldn't add much cost - adds a nice effect and should be nice for mowing. Yea, the flowerpots aren't that level - we are planning to put flagstone on top, so that it should turn out OK ... I hope! ;-)

132 - Alek Says at 2005_09_13_22:52:01.151:
While the patio fire pit looks good, it has a whistling/whooshing noise at various settings - pls post here if you have any ideas on how to get rid of this - thanx!

133 - Alek Says at 2005_09_14_11:55:48.614:
Just placed the order for the brushed aluminum fencing behind the BBQ and next to the basement stairwell. Nobody caries fencing in stock, so I ordered the bronze Kingsford Baltimore Residential style over the Internet - hope it looks good.

134 - ( wrote at 2005_09_15_08:16:52.500:
can Google find any information about whistling fire pits for you?

135 - Alek Says at 2005_09_16_09:22:16.849:
I could not find much info using Google - ironically, my patio fire pit shows up on the 1st page - so I ended up calling the manufacturer and they suggested looking for a kink in the flexline in the basement. There doesn't appear to be one, but if I turn the main valve slightly down, it gets quieter (ditto if the BBQ is on), so maybe that will work, although it does reduce the flame a bit.

136 - Alek Says at 2005_09_16_13:12:20.074:
Just talked to the contractor - Rick assures me that when they come out to seal, they'll make the concrete flowerpot patch NOT look like a patch - "you can count on it"

137 - Alek Says at 2005_09_16_20:11:57.996:
Here's a nifty picture I just shot of the deck shortly after sunset. We'll use the fire pit for the first time tomorrow night to make S'mores - gluten free ones since my kids have celiac disease.

138 - ( wrote at 2005_09_16_20:50:19.373:
WTF is the point?

139 - ( wrote at 2005_09_16_21:39:05.329:
WTF pretty awesome looking deck - great picture alec

140 - ( wrote at 2005_09_17_13:09:13.709:
i realy like the way youve done the lights its prety cool did you ever other putting christmas lights in your back garden?

141 - Alek Says at 2005_09_18_07:03:00.176:
Thanx for the compliment. There's a cut that runs the length of the patio 3" below the top - I eventually plan to put rope light in there, but that's it for the backyard - I figure I already put enough outdoor christmas lights in the front yard! ;-)

142 - Alek Says at 2005_09_21_14:20:48.000:
The finishing guy came out today to wrap it up, but the rain moved in early today, and the concrete sealer needs to dry. But he'sjust about ready to toss the release on and seal the patio. Weather is slightly iffy for Thursday, so I've suggested Friday might be better - we'll see.

143 - Alek Says at 2005_09_22_17:15:22.232:
Finishing guy came out this morning, but there was ZERO blue sky with major grey - we got spat on a bit (rain gauge shows 0.09") ... so good we delayed. I'm hoping for Friday - it's all ready for the release application and sealer.

144 - Alek Says at 2005_09_23_09:59:09.819:
A glorious sunny day in Colorado - all blue sky ... versus all GREY sky at the same time yesterday. Finishing guy just showed up and will be applying release and then sealing.

145 - ( wrote at 2005_09_23_10:30:55.926:
No live webcam feed alek?

146 - Alek Says at 2005_09_23_12:49:33.625:
Yea, no more concrete cam - already have it setup across the street for the halloween display that I'll start putting out this weekend.

147 - Alek Says at 2005_09_23_14:06:45.954:
Halfway through the sealing process. In hindsight, I should have retrieved the concrete cam and put it in the back yard - this woulda look cool in a time-lapse video.

148 - Alek Says at 2005_09_23_16:54:21.939:
All done sealing - the wet look ROCKS. This completes the major part of the project. Left to do is some landscaping to hide the non-level mow strip, re-install/adjust the patio lights for straightness, replace lights on house, install safety fences, lay down flagstone on the vertical structures, and I'm sure a few other misc. things ... but we can finally reclaim our back deck.