Taking a Helicopter tour in Churchill to see the Polar Bears - COOL!!!

While you see some pretty spectacular scenery on the flight into Churchill Canada, if you want to see the Polar Bears up close from the air, nothing beats taking a helicopter tour out to the Tundra. While not cheap (I wasn't able to go), it's a pretty unique experience that many people thought was a darn cool. You leave from in the town of Churchill and it's an hour long flight. In addition to seeing 'em from the air, you end up landing on the Tundra ... after making sure no Polar Bears are nearby! ;-)

Boarding the Astar 350 Helicopter in the town of Churchill

churchill helicopters a1

churchill helicopters a2

Paul is pretty excited to see the Polar Bears from the helicopter

churchill helicopters a3

Helicopter blades starting to rotate

churchill helicopters a7

Janet blows me a goodbye kiss just before liftoff

churchill helicopters a8

Astar 350 Helicopter takes off - mouseover image to see it climb

churchill helicopter tour liftoff

Jeff gives one final goodbye from up in the air as they fly off to see the Polar Bears

churchill helicopters a0

Brent also gives me a thumbs up from the smaller Bell 206 Helicopter

churchill helicopters a5

Getting ready to takeoff

churchill helicopters a4

Bell 206 Helicopter takes off - mouseover image to see it start to turn

churchill helicopter tour takeoff

Departing Churchill out to the Tundra to see some Polar Bears

churchill helicopters a6

A big thumbs-up from another group boarding a helicopter in Churchill

churchill helicopters b2

churchill helicopters b1

This lady was really excited and all smiles - love the pilot's Hula Gal on the dashboard

churchill helicopters b3

Helicopter taking off from Churchill to go see the Polar Bears

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Churchill Helicopter tour sequence

A helicopter relocating a Polar Bear from Polar Bear Jail

churchill polar bear jail helicopters
A pretty nifty/unique way to see polar bears in Churchill Canada! ;-)
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