Town of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

After spending four nights on the Tundra Lodge, we returned early in the morning to the small town (population ~1,000) of Churchill before flying out that afternoon on our charter flight back to Winnipeg, Canada.

Looking NW down Kelsey Blvd, the main street of Churchill - mouseover image to see wide-angle

town of churchill

This is not an early version of the Polar Rover, but a "Bombardier" freight hauler built for snow

town of churchill a1

We enjoyed a nice lunch at Trader's Table

town of churchill a2

town of churchill a3

A quick stop at the Great White North Gift Shop

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Churchill Polar Bears ZZZ

Earlier, we stopped by the post office to have our passports stamped

churchill passport

Next stop was the Eskimo Museum which has historical, cultural, and wildlife exhibits

town of churchill a4

town of churchill a5

town of churchill a6

town of churchill a7

town of churchill a8

town of churchill a9

While I didn't see a Snowy Owl on our trip, here's a picture of a postcard of one! ;-)

town of churchill a0

Janet, Jill, Jeff, Paul, and Tami heading out from the Eskimo Museum

town of churchill b1

We then went to see the Inukshuk (a balanced rock formation) just outside of town

town of churchill inukshuk b2

town of churchill inukshuk b3

Alek takes a picture of Steve & Rinie taking a picture of Ellen

town of churchill inukshuk b4

There was a film crew there shooting footage of Churchill for the Winter Olympics

town of churchill inukshuk b5

But they weren't too keen on having their picture taken! ;-)

town of churchill inukshuk b6

A nearby sign warning us about Polar Bears

town of churchill inukshuk b7

town of churchill b8

This picture was taken 38 minutes later just West of where we were! ;-)

churchill polar bear jail
Other activities in town were Dog Sledding and Helicopter Tours. This was the last stop before heading home from an awesome Churchill Polar Bear trip.
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