Churchill Polar Rovers

After our charter flight from Winnipeg to Churchill, we "boarded" a giant Polar Rover to head out to the Tundra to see Polar Bears and other wildlife. These are BIG vehicles (originally used for airport crash rescue and modified by Don Walkoski at Great White Bear Tours) that carry up to 40 people and are built like tanks. Since Churchill is Polar Bear Country, safety and reliability are critical. We had 29 on our trip, but split into separate groups for the day trips, so there was always plenty of room. The viewing experience is phenomenal with the large sloping front windshield, side windows, and a rear deck area where you can actually have a Polar Bear breathe on your hand!

Polar Rover "stuck in traffic" on the Tundra! ;-)

churchill polar rover c8

Polar Bear says hi to our driver Devin from two different camera angles

churchill polar rover c9

Our School Bus pulls up next to the Polar Rover for an easy transfer

churchill polar rover a1

Cynthia and Gary about to board the Polar Rover

churchill polar rover a2

Polar Bear Guides Rinie and Leah with smaller Polar Rover - mouseover images to see in action

polar rover rinie leah 1

polar rover rinie leah 2

Devin did a great job driving the 4 days we used the Polar Rover - super guy

churchill polar rover a5

churchill polar rover a6

Beautiful landscape through the front windows of the Polar Rover

churchill polar rover a4

Hudson Bay behind the Polar Rover

churchill polar rover x0

Lots of room in the Polar Rover - mouseover image to see closeup

polar rover window

And when Polar Bears are on the left side, everyone just slides over!

churchill polar rover a7

So it's very easy to stick your big camera lens out the side windows of the Polar Rover

churchill polar rover a3

Devin, Rinie, and Leah served up a darn good lunch

churchill polar rover b1

Even while eating lunch, we were seeing and photographing Polar Bears

churchill polar rover b2

Jan says the cookies were especially good - mouseover image to see her taken another!

polar rover lunch

There is a restroom on board as you can't "go" outside where the Polar Bears are
Mouseover image to see Rinie "demonstrate" how it is used! ;-)

polar rover bathroom

Rinie was always on the lookout for Polar Bears

churchill polar bear guide rinie

Other Polar Rovers out on the Churchill Tundra

churchill polar rover b3

churchill polar rover b5

Devin transfers some trash in the middle of the Tundra

churchill polar rover b4

Russel and Bonnie taking pictures on the back deck of the Polar Rover in the late afternoon

churchill polar rover a9

churchill polar rover a8

Russel checking his Nikon DSLR - mouseover image to see him take a picture

polar rover russel picture

Lots of room on the back deck for Bonnie to join in with her Canon DSLR - mouseover image to see closeup

polar rover bonnie picture

Jan on the other side of the Polar Rover back deck

churchill polar rover a0

Polar Rover in action on the Tundra in Churchill, Canada

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Polar Rover in action

Russel silhouetted as the sun is about to set - mouseover image to see closeup

polar rover russel sunset picture

Bonnie captures the sunset from inside the Polar Rover - mouseover image to see closeup

polar rover russel sunset picture

Clive, Bonnie, Will, Jill and everyone had their cameras out for the glorious view

churchill polar rover b9
churchill polar rover b0

churchill polar rover c4

churchill polar rover c3

Jan and Cynthia take a break to pose for the camera

churchill polar rover c5

churchill polar rover c1

churchill polar rover c2

Approaching the Tundra Lodge (where I stayed for four nights) outside of Churchill
Mouseover image to see without Polar Rover brake lights

churchill tundra lodge night

Polar Bears are still active at night

churchill polar rover c6

churchill polar rover c7

The group split in half for day trips - Leah does some show-n-tell for us

churchill polar rover y2

churchill polar rover y3

Will was quite the character and with his white beard, even looked like a Polar Bear!

churchill polar rover y4

The Polar Bear Skull was pretty popular

churchill polar rover y5

Valerie thought the Polar Bear Stuffy was the Cat's Meow! ;-)

churchill polar rover y6

An old wooden lookout tower on the Tundra

churchill polar rover y8

A mirage on the snowy Tundra due to temperature inversion - mouseover image to see it change

churchill tundra mirage

Solitary Polar Bear - mouseover image to see 'em walk across the Tundra

churchill polar bear tracks 2

Mouseover image to see closeup of Polar Bear tracks

churchill polar bear tracks 1

Danielle took this wide-angle picture

churchill polar bear tracks danielle

Leah and Jill also taking pictures of the Polar Bear prints in the snow

churchill polar rover y9

churchill polar rover y0

Another Polar Rover stops for a Polar Bear ... they have the right-of-way! ;-)

churchill polar rover y7

This Polar Bear approached us from behind

churchill polar rover y1

It then passed us - Jan takes a picture - mouseover image for wide-angle view

polar rover bears up close

Jan has no worries about waiting for the Polar Bear - note 2nd one over her left shoulder

churchill polar rover z1

The next morning, Devin is ready to take the Polar Rover out before sunrise - mouseover image for landscape picture

polar rover sunrise devin

Janet "brings up" the sun as we board the Polar Rover

churchill polar rover sunrise janet

Departing from the Tundra Lodge (back right) as the sun comes up

churchill polar rover y0

churchill polar rover z4

Devin "checking traffic" as he backs up the Polar Rover

churchill polar rover d0

churchill polar rover d1

TRAFFIC JAM - Polar Bear in front of the Rover! ;-)

churchill polar rover d2

Polar Bear (and his buddy) get up to check out the Rover - mouseover image to see 'em finally get down

polar rover bears up close

Polar Bear says hi to our driver Devin
Mouseover image to see another camera angle

polar rover bears with devin

Paul taking pictures of the polar bear spectacle

churchill polar rover d4

Janet, Russel, Marjorie, Clive, Brent, and Bonnie were also photographing it

churchill polar rover crowd

Later that day, Paul says "hello" to a Polar Bear standing up to the back grate
The Polar Bears will even breath on your hand as seen in this video! ;-)

churchill polar rover grate 1

churchill polar rover grate danielle

Some fighting Polar Bears behind the Rover

churchill polar rover x3

Polar Bear researchers out on the Tundra

churchill polar rover x1

The Polar Rover's huge front windshield provides a nice view of Sunset on the Tundra

churchill polar rover z5

Jill taking pictures with every camera she has

churchill polar rover z8

churchill polar rover z9

Polar Bear Guide Rinie and Driver Devin

churchill polar rover z6

churchill polar rover z7

A rare picture of Devin without his hat on - mouseover image to see it back on while driving

polar rover bears devin

Devin stepped out to lock the hubs, so I grabbed the wheel! ;-)

churchill polar rover z0

Polar Rover after sunset from the Tundra Lodge with town lights of Churchill in the background

churchill polar rover x2

Polar Bear saying "hello" to the Polar Rover driver!
Mouseover image to see another camera angle

polar rover Devin driving

Tundra Lodge Staff Beverley, Ed (taking picture), and Jocelyn say goodbye as we depart on the Polar Rover

churchill polar rover depart 13 1

Everybody took pictures of them and also our Polar Bear Guides Leah & Rinie

churchill polar rover depart guides 3

churchill polar rover depart guides 2

Hi-Def Polar Rover Videos: driver - passengers - Polar Bear roadblock - at sunset - nighttime Polar Bear roadblock
We spent a lot of time on the Polar Rover and needless to say, it was pretty darn cool. Our other "home away from home" was the Tundra Lodge where we spent four night.
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