Colorado Vacation Road trip

For Summer/2007, our family went on a two week long Colorado Road Trip starting on Saturday, June 30th. We loaded up the Toyota Minivan and put 1,400 miles on it doing a loop round-trip of SouthWest Colorado with a dip into New Mexico. We fortunately had good weather (especially because we were camping) and saw all that we had planned ... plus a few bonus'es. That part of the country is beautiful and I'd highly recommend this trip. Pictures and stories coming soon Overall, it was a great time, although it had its moments as do all road trips. I kept joking about making a 4 hour detour to see the world's second big ball of string - aka Chevy Chase's Vacation - remember, I'm the Christmas Lights Dude. My wife is already planning our road trip for next year! ;-)

Another nifty vaction spot many people visit Colorado for is Rocky Mountain National Park ... which fortunately for us, is just an hour or so away.