2004 Halloween Decorations & Halloween Lights

The 2004 Halloween Decorations & Lights are over:

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2004 Halloween Decorations & Lights - closeups of Halloween Hulk's

halloween decorations lights

Hour after sunset w/Canon 20D - 30sec, F4.5, ISO100 - the Boo Ghost

halloween decorations lights 30 seconds

Hulk get snowed on Halloween night - closeup

hulk snow

2004_09_01 Update: Check back in a few weeks - you won't be disappointed! ;-)
While you are waiting, consider using your PC's idle CPU cycles to help Stanford's medical research - click here for details

2004_09_23 - Have started putting out my halloween decorations and have activated the environmental sensors (check out the local Colorado weather) on the halloween webcam - come back in a week or so and we might have some pictures for 'ya. Hopefully, I won't have any more wasps slowing me when I'm on the ladder hanging the bones and here's a real closeup - I think they like my barbeque grill recipes ... and for a change of pace, check out Kyle with a scary head.

2004_09_26 - Kids helped me a lot this weekend and with the good weather, I made a lotta progress - might be able to have everything ready by next weekend. The HULK is going to have his buddies Alien and Frank next to him this year. pink flamingo's right behind the Pooh lights - neighbors, my wife, and both sons (age 6 and 3) did NOT want the Flamingo's put up ("they aren't scary Daddy") ... so at least they all have good taste, whereas I'm Mr. Tacky! ;-)

2004_09_29 - Finally got a chance to toss the Hulk up on the balcony - check out this animated GIF of the 2003 and 2004 Halloween Hulk and let me know which you think is better. Clouds/rain came in the early evening, so wasn't able to get a nice sunset shot, but I'll reshoot it in the next week or so ... although I kinda like this picture because Dirk is on the driveway, Kyle is next to the ghost, and I caught the couple walking their dog in the 1/4 secod exposure. Too bad I don't have any aerial photos of this whole setup. I'm working on this halloween webcam that will allow you to view and control the lights - check back this weekend ...

2004_10_02 - The halloween webcam is now operational - I have warned my neighbors!

2004_10_10 - The HULK has entered the presidental race - if the Terminator can become the "govener" of California, what's stopping Hulk from becoming President - cast your votes and see the tally on the halloween webcam - needless to say, his running partner is Dr. Bruce Banner ... so you get Brains and Brawn on the same ticket!

2004_10_17 - After 35,000+ hits on the webcam, (it got FARK'ed) the HULK is currently leading in the presidential race with 1,640 votes, followed by Bush with 1,531, and then Kerry with 1,462. But there are still two weeks left to go before the election, so be sure to cast your vote!

2004_10_18 - Well tonight the webcam got Slashdott'ed ... which means we had over 50,000+ hits today on the webcam ... and while the webcam was only operational for a little over an hour (due to being overloaded), Kerry (2,004) fell behind a bit while Bush (2,144) is gaining on the Hulk (2,219)

2004_10_23 - I put up the official Hulk for President phone text. And the halloween webcam will be left operational until the polls close on November 2nd.

2004_10_27 - Check out these nifty lunar eclipse pictures where the Hulk takes a bite outa the moon! ;-)

2004_11_01 - Right on schedule, we get snow on Halloween; bummer for the kids trick-or-treating ... and the Hulk don't like snow as can also be seen in this closeup. Also, I took this picture a while ago, but here's a view of the Boo Ghost in the front lawn from a different angle. Two more days left for the webcam (staying open for the election - vote for HULK!) and then we call Halloween a wrap - gotta starting getting ready for Christmas! ;-)

2004_11_02_Midnight - Halloween 2004 is OVER - check back in a few days for a complete wrapup and summary - almost 150,000 visitors (based on unique IP's) hit the site over a million times! ;-)

2004_11_05 - Everything has been taken down and I'm ready to start work on my christmas lights