Halloween 2006 Cool Pictures

Here are a few snapshots from the halloween decorations webcam - see the complete play-by-play on the halloween blog and instant message log. Also check out the first Colorado snow, see John the Pirate stop by and the slasher dude ... plus watch the halloween movies while listening to halloween music. NOTE: There is a whole page of pictures of the 200+ kids (big and small) who came by to trick or treat!

Hulk, Frankenstein, and Homer Simpson - D'OH!

halloween decorations

Hulk, Frankenstein, Homer, and "stuff" on Webcam1 - Video


Pumpkin, Ghost, Kids, and Minivan on Webcam2 - Video


Hulks, Robosapian, Pirate, and Alek on Webcam3 - Video


October 1st - getting setup for Halloween with my helpers

halloween helpers

Homer Simpson is new this year and should be a big hit - D'OH!!!!

homer simpson

Superman Kyle - note webcam3 in the background

superman kyle

D-Link DCS-6620G Wireless Webcam - garbage can makes a nice camera stand!

Dlink DCS-6620G wireless webcam

Kids hammed it up when I put the webcam there one afternoon during setup

kids ham it up

The Incredible Hulk is (of course) back for Halloween

hulk up

Alek stringing the lights on the 2nd story roof

hang lights

Don't fall of the roof Alek! - Video


Kyle commands Frank & Homer to take a bow ...


... and they do - Video


Kids enjoy D'OH'ing it up with Frank & Homer

kids with Homer

Homer Simpson down for the count in the rain

homer in rain

Kyle (aka the HULK) SMASHES on webcam3

kyle hulk

"The Hand" goes for the Scary Beers - PBR and Bud Light


Next day was a nice bottle of Red!


And Alek does a "toast" on webcam3 ... ;-)


The first real Colorado snow started on the 17th


Hulk doesn't care too much for the white stuff ...

hulk first snow

... but the Alligator and Flamingos didn't seem to mind

alligator/flamingo first snow

An "Instant Message via Webcam" feature was added on the 23rd - spontaneous picture BTW!


I get about a dozen requests for this each night ...


That's one scary looking pumpkin


Pumpkins are turned into mix as the claw showed up again on the 25th


The next night, it was a snowman with CornCob pipe ... and a pyromaniac! ;-)

snowman pipe fire

More snow had fallen as the pumpkin struggled to inflate - watch video

pumpkin inflate

Alek & Kyle with the "monster head" in the Haunted Office


Lava Lamp Witch was a post-Halloween addition


As was the giant inflatable skull for the front yard


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