Halloween Pictures - 2007

Here are a few snapshots from the halloween decorations webcam - see the complete play-by-play on the halloween blog and instant message log. Also watch the halloween movies while listening to halloween music. And there is also a collection of christmas pictures showing my outa-control christmas lights! ;-)

Webcam1 shows Hulks, Frankenstein, and Homer Simpson - D'OH!

halloween decorations

Webcam2 shows the Front Yard - turn stuff ON & OFF!

halloween front yard

Webcam3 is the Halloween Haunted Office - spooky!

halloween haunted office

The Incredible Hulk's long-lost twin brother showed up this year!

halloween hulks

Dirk and Kyle help me get the Halloween stuff outa the basement crawlspace

halloween crawl space 1

Got Skeleton heads at 75% off last year - pretty scary kids!

halloween crawl space 2

Full Moon sets over the Colorado Rockies behind the Mummy

halloween mummy

Alek on webcam checking the wireless range/coverage

halloween wireless

One hazard of putting up lights - wasps like peaches too!

halloween wasps

They even like hanging out on the X10 appliances

halloween wasps x10

Someone sent me this monster pumpin picture

monster halloween pumpkin

The Skull's Fan Motor died, so Elmo donated his!

halloween skull elmo

Wonder what the school bus driver thinks of all of this?!? ;-)

halloween school bus

Kyle holds up a October 15th addition to the Haunted Office

halloween skull

And he drew a picture of the Halloween House for school

halloween skull

Frankenstein and Homer "the morning after" a long night of inflate/deflate ...

halloween frankenstein homer

Neighborhood Stalkers Kids who come by just about every day!

halloween stalkers

Zakary plays with the X10 Remote Control while riding with older brother Jakob

halloween kids

Frankenstein - he needed some minor touchup per that link


First snow in Colorado shows up on October 21st

halloween first snow

SpongeBob SquarePants - a BIG hit with the little ones!

halloween sponge bob

Good Luck Baseballs for the Colorado Rockies in the World Series

halloween rockies balls

But they got swept 4-0 by the Red Sox which was "deflating" :-(

Pumpkin and Skull in the Front Yard

halloween pumpkin skull

Closeup of the Skull

halloween skull

Pumpkins by the garage (rotates!) and front yard

halloween pumpkins

Dirk-n-Kyle after carving "Happy Hal"

halloween long exposure

Alek has "special treats" for the big kids who come by on Halloween

halloween toast

Long exposure shot at O-Dark-30 with NO lights - the 10 mega-pixel original! ;-)

halloween long exposure

What the trick-or-treaters see as they walk up the driveway - D'OH! ;-)

halloween whole house

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