Charter Boat returns to Steward Alaska

After boarding our charter boat that morning, we returned back to Seward Alaska with over 400 pounds of Alaska silver salmon, ling cod, Alaska halibut and even one yellow eye rockfish - it had been a major slayfest!

Captain Crudd was busy for a long time filleting all of these fish ... but the payback was down the road using his fish recipes to makes some tasty meals.

Charter Boat Captain Kevin

GPS is a nifty free satellite service

charter boat captain boat GPS

An Alaska Glacier in the distance

Worn out fisherperson

alaska glacier fish sleeping

Brokeback Fishermen (?)

No photos!

brokeback fishermen papperazi

Seward Alaska Fishing Marina

Fish Cleaning Dock

fishing docks fish fillet 1

Kris & Captain Crudd on the back right

Captain Crudd filleting away

fish fillet 2 fish fillet 3