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1 - Alek says at 2006_11_03_15:04:12.395:
Allright, now that I have taken down my halloween decorations, it's time to start setting up the christmas lights ... so commenting is now re-enabled on the Christmas Blog.
halloween 2006 decorations

2 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-92-171.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_03_15:22:35.198:
Let me be the first to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

3 - "amber" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_04_07:36:22.221:
It's kinda srtange reading all of my comments from last year. My subconcious remembers making them but I don't. ALmost like deja vu, but not. Is it obvious that I'm still half asleep? I need coffee. Can't wait for the Christmas decorations!

4 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_11_04_10:08:08.872:
ahhhh this is gonna be great!

5 - "Luke from uk" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_04_19:21:09.383:
Hello Alek,Luke is not too well tonight and I promised to wish everyone a Happy Christmas on Christmas Blog for him. We have let our fireworks off to night for Bonfire Night,he managed to watch them.Best Wishs From Paul,Gill and Luke.xxx

6 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-86-110.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_05_16:04:52.666:
Hey Luke, hope you're feeling better soon. We don't like it when a nember of our crew isn't feeling well.

7 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_06_01:51:18.839:
hay guys wasup

8 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_06_01:52:21.269:
Alek, the MIDI music is causing a bit of a problem, when you view the guestbook it plays both at the same time and i cant visit the site due to the noise, can you not just have it on the christmas lights page?

9 - "Anonymous" from (ALille-153-1-55-58.w86-196.abo.wanadoo.fr) wrote at 2006_11_06_07:59:54.527:
I like the "stereo" music affect

10 - "WOW, so much stuff here, an excellent resource. Thanks guys!" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_06_12:11:53.806:
WOW, so much stuff here, an excellent resource. Thanks guys!

11 - "Anonymous" from (69-173-119-144.albyny.adelphia.net) wrote at 2006_11_06_13:39:50.268:
What you are doing for charity is great - $14,000 - WOOT!

12 - "Dave from Chesterfield UK" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_06_15:00:24.591:
That time is here again, only 49 days till christmas and it time to witness the spectacular Alexs christmas lights. My daughter has been pestering for the last 2 months to see them........

13 - "Anonymous" from (i222-150-214-181.s02.a014.ap.plala.or.jp) wrote at 2006_11_07_08:06:17.487:
You just missed Alexs halloween decorations Dave - they were spectacular.

14 - "Michael Madsen" from (tcvideo2.clnt.800hosting.net) wrote at 2006_11_07_08:26:28.374:

15 - Alek says at 2006_11_07_09:43:50.502:
Thank you for those words (and links) of wisdom Michael - Santa will be bringing you lots of nice coal for Christmas this year. On a lighter note, a new addition for Christmas this year will be ELMO!
christmas elmo

16 - "Michael Madsen" from (tcvideo2.clnt.800hosting.net) wrote at 2006_11_07_22_09_02.983:
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17 - Alek says at 2006_11_07_22:59:40.812:
Thank you again Michael for your profound thoughts on the Christmas Blog. Remember that Santa is always watching ... even if he is dressed up as Homer Simpson - D'OH! ;-)
homer santa

18 - Alek says at 2006_11_08_10:52:56.541:
Just installed a high-gain antenna for my 801.11g wireless network. Recall that last year I used a Pringles Can which requires accurate pointing. Initial tests indicate that half the neighborhood can now see my (security protected) wireless network! ;-)
high gain antenna

19 - "Anonymous" from (200-180-5-222.fnsce7006.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br) wrote at 2006_11_08_13:52:57.335:
Is cursor updated - Homer wasn't there before - D'OHHH!

20 - "Anonymous" from (cache-rtc-ab08.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_08_14:52:25.812:
Dear santa cluas i was whanering if i was on the good list. From: Mindy and Michelle Supernault To: Santa Cluas

21 - "Luke from uk" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_08_14:59:28.362:
Feeling better again now Alek.:-)

22 - "Anonymous" from (62-31-196-242.cable.ubr04.newy.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_11_08_23:12:22.310:
When do the lights go up - can't wait!

23 - Alek says at 2006_11_09_07:34:19.414:
Some of you may recall the "Stepping Santa" animated cursor from last year. ChrisS from the UK took it up a notch and added Homer Simpson - D'OH! Here's both of 'em "double-sized" - thanks a million Chris.
2005 santa             2006 santa homer

24 - "Chris S UK " from (host-84-9-198-87.bulldogdsl.com) wrote at 2006_11_09_13:01:24.252:
Hey The Icons Look good Alek ! Glad there all good for you now Homer looks Good too! D___oh!....down he goes again! when do i get to press that deflate button then?

25 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-45-26.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_09_15:32:32.661:
Three day weekend! Yahoooo!! Happy Veterans Day to you all.

26 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_11_09_16:44:15.898:
im all for 3 day weekends! whats up H?

27 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-45-26.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_09_18:31:22.413:
Hey Mr KY. Where ya been? You eat too much Halloween candy and get sick or you been out cruising for chicks in that fancy car of yours?

28 - "Chris K Canada" from (bas7-london14-1177945120.dsl.bell.ca) wrote at 2006_11_09_19:37:51.810:
My son can't wait for you to turn your Christmas lights on, now he wants to turn mine on via the computer, but I'm not sure my Commodore 64 is up to it.

29 - "xmaslightlover" from (adsl-69-108-12-220.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_09_20:07:31.081:
How much lights you got for this year?

30 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_10_09:50:36.140:
When are the Cams Coming oin Cant Wait!!

31 - "Nick Brown" from (darkcoders.net) wrote at 2006_11_10_15:29:58.495:
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32 - "JohnB" from (66-190-196-185.dhcp.rnrp.nc.charter.com) wrote at 2006_11_10_16:13:37.987:
HEY Nick the spammer - go bug someone else. You can't get much lower than spamming a family christmas website for charity.

33 - "John B" from (pool-141-152-49-88.rich.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_10_16:32:23.064:
Keep up the good work from another lighting nut.If you are like me you are already hard at work. Cant wait to see this year

34 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-181-208-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_11_09:28:04.315:
The boys are adorable! can't wait to let my boys use your christmas decorations! Does it drive your wife crazy how busy you are? I hope you all have a wounderful christmas!

35 - "Christian From Atlanta!" from (cache-dtc-ab02.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_12_08:26:37.944:
Hey Alek When are the Cams Coming Online I cant Wait Have you Started Seting up I bet you Have!!

36 - "Anonymous" from (70-41-201-126.cust.wildblue.net) wrote at 2006_11_12_08:40:16.824:
My family is looking forward to seeing your lights again this year. Great job on making a fun family friendly site.

37 - "Luke from uk" from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust97.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_12_14:09:30.422:
Hi Alek,Luke here.Been to get some Christmas lights today for our house,we are following your instructions from you last year to put more lights up this year.We got some really nice blue coloured LCD lights and some net lights for our garage roof,will send pics.Don't forget we all want to see you put yours up.Luke :-)

38 - "Marta" from (87-248-160-134.starnet.md) wrote at 2006_11_12_17:37:35.796:
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39 - Alek says at 2006_11_12_19:50:13.145:
As JohnB mentioned earlier, real shame that some people post inappropriate stuff to this family website - Santa is watching! ;-) On a ligher note, there were a few snow flurries today. And yes, rest assured that I will turn on the webcams for the christmas lights setup - expect that in about a week.
snow flurries

40 - "Kolbi" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_12_21:44:31.509:
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41 - "Inga" from (c950366a.bhz.virtua.com.br) wrote at 2006_11_12_23:18:26.036:
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42 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_13_07:05:38.306:
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43 - "Andy B" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_13_16:46:14.992:
Can't wait for the Christmas lights. How many are you planning on putting up this year? 30,000? 40,000?
Alek replies at 23:58 - I did 26,000 lights in 2005 which was a ton of work - probably will be less this year.

44 - Alek says at 2006_11_14_00:08:21.904:
I added a blue snowflakey background to the webcam and blog pages - let me know what you think of 'em!

45 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-72-130-124-111.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_14_07:19:20.247:
terri- This is my favorite time of year and I enjoy MANY lights on the house, but I cant ever get them to stick to my roof (regular composite) do you have any suggestions?

46 - "Peter" from (AC8E0B54.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_14_07:56:08.439:
hay alek it would be cool to see you puting xmas lights Up and seting Up

47 - "Matt" from (adsl-69-209-56-35.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_11_14_13:25:24.042:
Hey alek nice website. How can I see when the lights turn on and off and is that screensaver thing really real

48 - "Peter" from (ACBD9CBC.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_14_13:54:15.612:
Hay Alek i am glad that yo del___t all the Bad Links that people post to this Cool and Fun Web site and i love the new background

49 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-66-109.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_14_16:26:10.026:
The new background is very nice. Always something new around here to keep us entertained. We're all excited and ready to get into the Christmas spirit, so get off of your grass and get those lights up!!

50 - Alek says at 2006_11_15_07:53:17.175:
I have been pulling the Christmas Stuff from the basement crawl space. I had forgotten some of the things I got last year at the 50-75% off post holiday sales. Dirk-n-Kyle thought the Santa Plane was pretty cool! ;-)
santa plane

51 - "CHRISTMAS RULES" from (renf-cache-6.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_15_13:42:26.385:

52 - "Bill" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_15_14:43:59.369:
Hello nice site .

53 - "Anonymous" from (host81-132-18-217.range81-132.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_11_15_15:38:45.518:
heyy...when do you start putting up your christmas lights? ..i loved your halloween lights and got hooked to this site! :___ xx

54 - "spacey lee" from (71-14-109-070.dhcp.gnvl.sc.charter.com) wrote at 2006_11_16_08:33:49.635:
hi i just wanted to tell you that i had celiac when i was little i out grew it when i was 10 my prayers go to you and your family happy holidays

55 - "Anonymous" from (91-43.202-68.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_16_10:04:46.850:
I see your note about turning the webcams on tomorrow. Can't wait - Thanks Alex!!!

56 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust97.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_16_12:51:15.089:
Looking forward to webcams being switched on tomorrow.Luke :-)

57 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_16_20:07:56.072:
christmas lights..........christmas lights....................christmas lights..............................christmas lights............................CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!!!

58 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_16_20:09:50.685:

59 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust97.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_17_04:32:03.527:
Go for it Alek!

60 - "Becky" from (omaha22.omaro.hyatt.com) wrote at 2006_11_17_05:55:25.963:
Yippie for Christmas lights

61 - "Anonymous" from (12-219-189-118.client.mchsi.com) wrote at 2006_11_17_09:02:21.850:
We have live webcam video Houston - you are a GO for christmas lightss setup Komar!

62 - "Anonymous" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_17_09:07:15.133:
What time are you starting at Alek so I can pop back again.
Alek replies at 10:26 - No real set times - will be working on it off/on the next week

63 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-181-208-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_17_11:55:47.190:
hahaha just read about the 'hoax ' too funny!!!!!!some people just can't take a joke haha
Alek replies at 12:08 - Vast, vast majority of folks got a good chuckle out of it - read the whole writeup here and glad you enjoyed it too. While it was a simulation from 2002-2004, it's all 100% real from 2005 on. Ditto the over $14,000 raised for Celiac Disease.

64 - "Noah Mc" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_17_12:12:35.131:
Hey Alek! I have been popping in on your website from time to time, checking on the mischief that you are creating for the benefit of Celiac awareness and I gotta tell you, you are one of my personal hero's. My daughter has Celiac Disease also and she was diagnosed at 2 years old at Denver Children's Hospital. I won't go into the typical story of the family that struggled through doctor after doctor that misdiagnosed their kids but I will tell you that I appreciate everything that you are doing. Keep up what you're doing because it is helping so many people including my daughter and other kids like her.
Alek replies at 12:18 - Thanks for the great note Noah. Yea, I too unfortunately went through the the painful and frightening struggle to get a diagnosis of our child ... among other things, Dirk spent 4 days for "failure to thrive" at Children's. Awareness is one of the reasons I do the Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease. BTW, my wife is the real hero as she stays on top of the gluten-free food stuff for the kids while I futz around with Christmas Lights! ;-)

65 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-20-86-111.mem.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_11_17_12:41:47.305:
What are you doing with the tripod in webcam3?
Alek replies at 14:16 - I recently got a new tripod, so I figured I'd use it to take a picture of the webcam taking a picture of me taking a picture of with the camera ... and so on!

66 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-071-075-144-243.carolina.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_17_15:01:49.716:
I saw you mowing your lawn!

67 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-93-3.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_17_15:18:00.190:
Hey Mr Grassmas, looks like you got a haircut since Halloween, or did you just finally comb it? Lookin mighty spiffy!

68 - "bob" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_17_17:26:13.507:
On camera 2 there is a red light to the right.

69 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_17_19:15:51.397:
ahhhhh yesssss.

70 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_17_19:34:36.836:
many hands make light work.

71 - "Anonymous" from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust97.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_17_19:41:57.425:
You would not believe what time it is here in uk but I woke Luke up to see your webcams.Hi to you and your family.Gill(Lukes mum).

72 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_17_19:43:50.855:
2:45 in the morning there? Good morning.

73 - "Anonymous" from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust97.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_17_19:46:18.432:
Yes!Good morning to you.I have to say Alek, Luke loves your santa worlshop cam.Night everyone,sweet dreams.:-)

74 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_17_19:49:13.631:
night, night!!!

75 - Alek says at 2006_11_18_05:44:14.207:
So Dirk-n-Kyle said that the Santa Plane (see post #50) should be mounted on top of the house as if the Big Red Guy is coming in for a landing. This 110" long Christmas novelty is designed to be staked into the grass ... but after getting some expert assistance, it looks ready to go up on the roof. I'll put some pavers on top to reduce the chance of the wind sending 'em flying.
#66: Yes, that was the very last mow of the season. H1000: Good spot - yea, I did get a hair cut.

christmas santa plane assembly

76 - Alek says at 2006_11_18_07:49:59.178:
For those that missed the action last night, check out the first Christmas 2006 video. Santa's workshop Cam shows us bringing a LOT of "stuff" up from the basement and assembling the lighted train. Needless to say, "fighting" with the Candy Canes was the most fun ... ;-)
christmas setup
candy cane fight

77 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-73-255.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_18_11:31:06.874:
The videos are fun Mr Grassmas. I especially like the "Why do I do it" video. You ever think of taking up acting? You're a natural!!

78 - "Luke from uk" from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust97.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_18_20:10:21.384:
Hey alek.I dont know if my mum has sent you a message from me..but im off now.Cya! Luke

79 - "YOU ARE A TOOL" from (c-68-80-81-150.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_19_00:32:25.774:
You're a toolbag for harassing the radio station for money

80 - "Anonymous" from (210-86-112-7.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) wrote at 2006_11_19_06:55:42.785:
I see your newspapers on the driveway.

81 - "Anonymous" from (cache-mtc-ae01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_19_11:44:19.875:
My friend wants all of us to send a Christmas card to the ACLU at 125 Broad St, 18 Floor, NY NY 10004 this year. Be sure the words Merry Christmas are written somewhere on your card. I love it & think we should all send one! Two tons of mail should keep them busy and out of more mischief during our Christmas season. Leigh in Florida
Alek replies at 19:30 - HO, HO, HO ... that would be funny!

82 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust97.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_19_16:55:23.303:
Night Alek,going to bed,a bit late tonight.Luke.

83 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust371.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_20_12:32:18.892:
I see you Alek,putting your lights on the grass.Don't forget we all want to see you put lights on roof too!Luke:-)

84 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_20_14:04:48.476:
It Begins................... Dave UK

85 - Alek says at 2006_11_20_14:05:26.492:
I did a data dump of the geolocation data for the month of November and so far, 96 countries have surfed on by - see the christmas maps - WOW! ;-)

86 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_20_14:08:15.947:
Do you have a big switch on? Or do they come on as when they are setup? I like to decorate my house too but on a much smaller scale to yours. dave UK

87 - Alek says at 2006_11_20_15:37:57.885:
#86: No big switch - you'll just start to see more lights show up in the webcams as I put 'em out there.
With help from Kyle, I just finished re-doing the "HO HO HO ... had to angle it to fit all three of 'em, but I think this will look pretty good when it gets dark in a couple of hours.

ho ho ho setup

88 - "boo" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_20_15:45:39.519:
You all suck

89 - "Santa" from (cl-86-125-153-53.cablelink.mures.rdsnet.ro) wrote at 2006_11_20_16:01:05.801:
Nice Christmas Spirit "BOO" - scratched you off my list.

90 - "boo aka bob" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_20_16:12:18.539:
I was kiding santa. ha ha ha

91 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_20_16:40:06.353:
When does he turn on all his lights.

92 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_20_16:54:18.223:
what is up with the camera?
Alek replies at 17:47 - Taking some pictures of an awesome Colorado sunset - maybe next time I'll turn the webcam around for you guys! ;-)
webcam sunset

93 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_20_17:50:46.382:
nice, but the light was in the picture too.

94 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-98-197.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_20_17:58:28.605:
Wow, beautiful sunset! And also, my old eyes are getting kinda bad and I can't really make out what it says on your grass. Does it say HO HO HO or H1000?

95 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_20_18:01:34.246:
It says ho ho ho.

96 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_20_18:21:05.744:
Alek, the picture you show out the window looks like a painting. I grew up in Colorado Springs. This brings back lots of memories. The way the window is framed is just beautiful. THANKS.
Alek replies at 19:15 - Glad you enjoyed it - BTW, I'm about a 100 miles North of the Springs. Good spot nicholas on the light - I thought that added a neat touch versus the one I shot without it. Here's a picture of the front of the house - would have been better if I had waited another 5 minutes though.

97 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_20_19:24:50.679:
Thank you.

98 - Alek says at 2006_11_20_20:02:30.856:
As nicholas has noted in the Blog, the lights on the front yard do say "HO HO HO" - I've uploaded a time-lapse movie of it getting setup (with help from 5-year old Kyle) on the christmas videos page. In this pictures, I'm making some adjustments to Frosty.

99 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_20_21:12:47.751:

100 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-70-92-97-82.bak.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_20_23:34:50.665:
You're Not the Kind of Ho (That Santa Had in Mind) Dr. BLT: words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2006 LINK DELETED

101 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-70-92-97-82.bak.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_20_23:36:45.996:
You'll have to go to http double slash www dot drblt dot net slash music slash ho song dot mp3 to get to that Christmas song I just posted.

102 - Alek says at 2006_11_21_11:06:07.845:
I signed up for Wind Power several years ago for my electricity - figured I should do my part to be environmentally correct. And yes, people have asked where the windmills are on my property - there are none, it's a program through Xcel Energy. So I decided to take it to the next step and purchase a Carbon Offset for the electricity consumed (even though it already comes from a "clean" source). The last two years, my total electrical usage for the month of December was just over 2 MegaWatt-Hours. So even though I'll have less than 26,000 lights this year, I punched that number into the Carbon Counter and got 1.13 tons of CO2. And then I made a donation to CarbonFund.org (transaction #VSHJ0C6297A2-350607) to cover twice that. And while bazillions of people around the world would like to see my lights ON, if you are environmentally inclined, you can help out by turning them OFF! ;-)

103 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_13:06:16.202:
Cool, when are z10 controls going to be activated.

104 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_13:11:35.508:
Also in blog #65 you have a different pic.

105 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_13:23:37.320:
Alek does not like what he sees run away. P.s. Why are you doing weird hand signals.

106 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_21_13:57:42.430:
Lights are looking good already. Only another 26000 to go. Dave UK

107 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_21_14:19:10.184:
Is the Ho Ho Ho message made from just standard rope lights. If so how do you get them so straight as my rope lights always want to revert back to the curved state and end up twisting. Dave UK
Alek replies at 15:24 - Standard Rope Lights Dave. It is a bit of work to get 'em straight - my technique is to take 'em out of the box inside the house (where it is warm) and have two people pull with moderate force to semi-straighten them. I then use lawn stakes to anchor and then pull 'em on the ground into the desired shape. I pre-measured the HO HO HO which helps make it look semi-decent - watch the Christmas video of that.

108 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust371.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:12:43.064:
I love the sunset pictures Alek.Please don't put less lights up this year otherwise Clarke Griswold will be happy! Luke.

109 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust371.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:13:50.247:
By the way,I have been watching Christmas Vacation every morning before school,great film.Luke.

110 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:27:13.461:
anybody know where you can get x10 controls from.

111 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:38:25.066:
Thanks for that Alek. im not allowed to start putting the outside lights up until 1st December or the wife goes crazy. I think im gonna get them out this weekend and just check there all working. Dave UK

112 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust371.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:41:35.266:
Don't worry Dave,my mum/dad have put some lights up for me already,and Ive seen some lights tonight covering a house.Luke:-)

113 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:42:15.794:
Dave UK also you can buy rope light rolls and cut them to the size you want and they come with kits to attatch the wire and plug.

114 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:43:30.201:
I bet it looks really good to Luke. My wife is a bit of a scrooge but dont tell her i said that. Where I live in Derbyshire there is a whole street that puts up thousands of lights for charity. Dave UK

115 - "Anonymous" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust371.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:48:32.878:
You will have to send a picture to Alek of the lights display,it sounds great.We are in Derbyshire too.Luke

116 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:48:33.521:
I didnt know you could buy self assemble rope lights, But with my knowledge of electrics I would probably short circuit the whole street.

117 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:50:29.501:
The Street is called Northfields and is in Clowne Derbyshire. Looks absolutely amazing. The first time my 3 yr old daughter saw it her eyes were like saucers. Dave UK

118 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust371.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:53:21.243:
I will have to see if we can visit to have a look.Off to bed now,got school tomorrow.Bye everyone!Luke.

119 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:57:35.331:
Goodnight Luke. Only 33 days till xmas. dave UK

120 - "nicholas " from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_15:57:57.565:
Alek What do you use a applience module or a lamp module?
Alek replies at 16:44 - BOTH plus SR227 SuperSockets. I've blown out several of the later - needless to say, have 'em switching the power on & off a bazillion times is beyond their rated duty cycle! ;-)
P.S. The Derbyshire Christmas Lights for Charity ROCK!!!!

121 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_16:52:09.518:
Do they blow out often from the snow getting into them? Also did you get the Firecracker Home Automation Starter Kit. Also the light in the sunset kinda makes it look cooler.

122 - "lola queen of the desert" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_17:59:52.302:
so from the street, the lights read 'oh oh oh' hahaha!!!

123 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_18:01:20.855:
do you still use your farjers.com account

124 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_18:05:47.881:
we website is LINK DELETED Nothing cool on it now but thinking of getting x10 controls out of my own money and having you control them from my webgape.

125 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_18:32:23.968:
wave hi... Pick your nose like in the photo snapshot of you.

126 - "ringtones free" from (avquarantine.sec.kq.no) wrote at 2006_11_21_19:34:19.578:
LINK DELETED ringtones site. Free nokia ringtones here, Download ringtones FREE, Best free samsung ringtones. From website .

127 - "Christian R.Sandy Springs,Georgia" from (cache-rtc-ab08.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_21_20:42:19.871:
Some of the Lights Are "ON" Now Cool!! Cant Wait for The Rest! I also,got My Lights on already!

128 - "Anonymous" from (static-64-222-230-220.port.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_22:01:24.760:
Webcam1 is ONLINE - yippeee!
Alek replies at 20:21 - YEP ... although I'm going to turn it off for tonight. Expect more christmas "stuff" to show up in the next few days! ;-)

129 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_11_21_22:24:10.437:
hi Alek, working late again! o

130 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_04:24:00.878:
I love you all. Give me A big hug (by hugging your monitor).

131 - "emX" from (user-54438374.lns4-c8.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_11_22_06:58:38.663:
Hey Alek, good to see you back and the cams back online, can't wait to see it all lit up, look festive.

132 - Alek says at 2006_11_22_07:38:02.026:
I'd guess about 7,000 lights have been setup so far - probably about the halfway point of what we are going to do this year. Will be deploying the inflatables today in front of the garage sometime around 10'ish or so - webcam1 should provide a good view of Elmo, Santa, and Homer Simpson - D'OH! ;-)

133 - "peter" from (ACC8506A.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_22_08:02:58.822:
hay alek you haveing some building done

134 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-186-239-23.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_10:22:18.012:
Major action on webcam1 with kids. Plus boxes laying around - are those the pump-ups?

135 - "Anonymous" from (c-24-60-64-53.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_10:50:41.121:

136 - "Becky" from (71-215-49-246.omah.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_11:18:12.913:
Perfect weather for Christmas decorating.

137 - "The Wylie View!!" from (pool-71-252-181-75.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_14:04:26.820:
We think you ROCK!!!! Thanks for keeping us entertained!

138 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_15:32:50.281:
Are you going to turn on x10 controls tonight.

139 - "The Pheonix" from (pool-71-164-191-132.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_15:56:13.298:
I have a question for you Alek, when someone links to this site from a diffrent one, how do you know? I came here from a forum, and it welcomed me and commented on the post it was in. ...How did you do that?

140 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust371.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_22_15:56:16.958:
Hi Alek and Dave from uk.Off to bed now.The inflatables look great,I like Elmo best.Luke.

141 - "Anonymous" from (host86-143-62-149.range86-143.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_11_22_16:09:32.742:
hi this i s andy in northern ireland how r u all

142 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_16:13:51.632:
Good. Does anyone know if he is going to turn on x10 controls.

143 - Alek says at 2006_11_22_16:15:41.034:
I just turned 'em - still testing some stuff, but most everything is hooked up with more lights coming in the next few days.

144 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_16:23:21.784:
which one is the smaller santa on roof.

145 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-68-94.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_17:25:58.406:
Where the heck is Mr KY? Sure hope he isn't in jail again.

146 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_17:34:50.096:
How do i get to text message!

147 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-71-136-68-94.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_17:41:40.809:
the green box that says enter text

148 - Alek says at 2006_11_22_19:08:25.144:
Had some wierd problems with the X10 system where the commands didn't seem to be taking, especially on "far-away" modules. This is a known issue with X10 - I tried swapping out the Firecracker device and seems to be working better now. I'll probably shut things down early tonight at 8:00 as there are a couple of other things I need to tweek.

149 - Alek says at 2006_11_22_19:39:13.072:
A few funny pictures when my kids stopped by Santa's Workshop - should be self-explanatory - see the "Text Messages on webcam" in the background! ;-)

150 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-96-143-157.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_19:53:23.759:
hi Alek i like your lights i am 11 and fasinated with christmas lights

151 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_19:55:05.779:
good for you

152 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-96-143-157.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_19:58:31.365:
you are a good person for raiseng money for celiac disese

153 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-136-35.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_20:07:05.988:
Ihate you 11 year old.

154 - Alek says at 2006_11_22_20:07:11.749:
Appreciate the attaboy #152 and take it easy there nicholas - this is a friendly website for families. BTW, I forgot to upload the time-lapse christmas video from earlier today of setting up the giant inflatable Santa, Elmo, and Homer Simpson - D'OH!

155 - "marknjul - The Wylie View!" from (pool-71-164-178-193.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_22_22:26:20.319:
You Rock Alek, keep up the fantastic work!! Ho ho ho and Happy Thanksgiving!!

156 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_05:45:25.921:
Happy thankgsgiving y'all

157 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_06:18:07.243:
Happy thanksgiving y'all again

158 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_08:12:24.311:
When is webcam 2 going online? Sorry about that 11 year old kid:)

159 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_08:15:26.771:
thanks for turning cams on!! :) :)

160 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_08:20:08.023:
problem with xmas cam 1 & 2. It is showing up that it is offline then after a second it goes to a pic.
Alek replies at 08:34 - Your browser is caching the previous offline image on the initial load.

161 - "nicholas." from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_08:37:51.574:
Oh. Will thanks.

162 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_08:39:01.042:
Cleared my caching now working. Thanks.

163 - "Anonymous" from (c-69-254-156-254.hsd1.nm.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_08:43:43.513:
Looking good Alek!! Hope you and your family have a nice holiday!!!

164 - "Becky" from (omaha22.omaro.hyatt.com) wrote at 2006_11_23_08:50:16.360:
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

165 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-38-241.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_09:05:06.530:
MMMMMMMM!! Smells like turkey and pumpkin pie this morning. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all!!

166 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-38-241.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_10:12:45.868:
I just saw on the news where because drumsticks are everyone's Thanksgiving favorite, a farmer succeded in breeding a six legged turkey. They asked him how it tasted and he said, "I don't know, I can't catch the darn thing"!

167 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-229-171-25.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_12:37:17.979:
happy turky day

168 - "darren from uk" from (AC9F73BC.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_23_13:13:57.781:
happy thanks giving

169 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_23_13:51:26.952:
Hi Alex and Luke Uk. I had a drive down to clowne yesterday to see how this years lights are coming along. They have started putting them up so when there on i will e-mail you with some piccys. Yours is coming along niceley too. Happy Thanksgiving USA. Dave UK

170 - "luke" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust371.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_23_14:30:07.316:
Happy Thanksgiving USA and Alek.Clowne sounds good Dave.I like the joke about the Turkey with six legs.Luke:-)

171 - "Luke from uk" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust371.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_23_15:05:37.139:
What time does everyone have their Thanksgiving dinner?Luke.uk.It sounds yummy!

172 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_15:08:22.091:
white and nerdy that fits alek a little too well:)

173 - Alek says at 2006_11_23_15:27:23.151:
Going up on the roof to install the Plane and other misc.
UPDATE: Time-lapse video - I didn't fall! ;-)

174 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_15:46:39.606:
__________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________

175 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_15:57:47.566:
DOn't fall

176 - "Anonymous" from (S01060017318c7443.ed.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_16:31:22.952:
any fake snow coming?

177 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-229-171-25.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_16:40:25.450:

178 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-229-171-25.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_16:42:52.979:

179 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-229-171-25.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_16:43:57.978:
your lights are cool and i like the incredible hulk

180 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-229-171-25.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_16:45:40.668:
can you e mail me how you set up tis website E-Mail: Maxgarage189@mail.aol.com

181 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_16:53:16.504:
all you do is say imap instead of smtp. Imap is aol.com Smtp is aol.com

182 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-229-171-25.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_16:58:31.938:
TURN ON THE X CONTROLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

183 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-229-171-25.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_17:03:12.992:
YEAH YOU TURNED IT ON finaly you put up the hulk

184 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-229-171-25.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_17:11:43.962:
i want to control the lights

185 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-229-171-25.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_17:12:53.525:
undissable the x10 controler

186 - "Janet in Alabama" from (71-12-101-211.dhcp.mtgm.al.charter.com) wrote at 2006_11_23_17:45:58.067:
This is great... just happen to be decorating myself......

187 - "Andrew" from (adsl-67-65-238-248.dsl.lbcktx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_19:17:36.155:
Alek whos the oldest of your boys? -Drew

188 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_19:52:23.255:
It's dirk bub

189 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_20:12:47.261:
JUst relized sorry drew

190 - "xmaslightlover" from (adsl-69-226-74-254.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_21:35:21.536:
You need to get live streaming video up here, instead of jpg's

191 - "Walt" from (pool-72-74-114-161.bstnma.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_23_22:35:19.958:
I'm new at hanging chrstmas lights - we just bought our first home. A lot of lights state that you can only connect 3 together at a time. Does that mean that I need to run 3 or 4 extension cords to my roof in or to power icicle lights around entire house? Or is there an easier way? Please help!

192 - Alek says at 2006_11_24_06:29:08.477:
People either love or hate the Santa-Homer Cursor. So I added an option to remove it, make it bigger, or even make it HULK-size! ;-) And yes, I know there is some anti-aliasing on the animated GIF (white stuff around Homer) - anyone want to fix this for me?

193 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_07:03:39.098:
I will try to remove the white stuff.

194 - "nicholas." from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_08:58:47.823:
Walt you can do more than 3. Thats what we do. WE had n o problems eithier.

195 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_11_24_09:29:28.154:
stick with the three string rule or you will have some burned wire and maybe a fire.

196 - "Walt" from (pool-72-74-114-161.bstnma.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_12:56:26.878:
Do they sell something that I can connect in between each set of 3? I'm just afraid that during the day you'll be able to see these unattractive extension cords running up and down my house. Any ideas?

197 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_13:04:57.562:
Walt we just did ours jookes up to 8 TOgether works fine:-)

198 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_13:07:41.559:
Hooked Not joked.

199 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_13:34:26.204:
Alek How much did x10 cost?

200 - "Hotdogge" from (22-209-dsl.kielnet.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_14:16:46.401:
Really good website!

201 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-226-115-38.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_18:25:57.630:
LOVE HULK'IN !!!!!!!!!

202 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-226-115-38.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_18:27:37.051:
BIG'S ok.:___

203 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_18:30:54.924:
Hulk'in rocks

204 - "nicholas (male)" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_18:34:06.901:
ALek your kids are cute.

205 - Alek says at 2006_11_24_21:50:14.217:
Appreciate all the compliments and glad you guys are enjoying the site. Dave over at redhotradio.co.uk are running a banner rotation about this charity site that I thought was pretty cool.

206 - "xmaslightlover" from (adsl-69-226-74-254.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_24_22:42:14.369:
Walt, i usually don't go over 4 for the icicle lights. The strands of 100 i do 5, and the C9's i do 3

207 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_03:59:49.124:
Why is cam 2 offline

208 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_07:39:02.119:
because he felt like it

209 - Alek says at 2006_11_25_08:22:05.497:
Once the thousands of Christmas Lights go off, the house is pretty dark. So rather than show that boring picture, I toss up the "offline" image which shows it lit up.

210 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_09:37:52.961:
SO that's the train

211 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_09:45:34.989:
wowie! you really get started on this fast!

212 - "Nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_09:50:54.399:
You have a lot more people than usual properly the radio station.

213 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_09:51:40.771:
Well alek, you don't usually turn the WGG cam off which is the same cam, maybe you forgot wgg uses the same current.jpg ___)

214 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_09:53:55.109:

215 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-68-251-69-177.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_10:37:19.245:
Pleae get rid of the sant and homer cursor.

216 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_10:39:41.053:
you can yourself by clicking remove

217 - Alek says at 2006_11_25_11:23:05.090:
Last year, my mother made a "Santa Hat" for the ... HULK! I finally found it buried under the bottom of all my Christmas stuff ... so now the Big Green Guy is ready for the Christmas Season! ;-)
hulk santa hat

218 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_25_13:29:27.373:
Hi Alek did u have a good Thanksgiving dinner?. The Hulk still looks scary even with the Santa Hat on. Hi to Luke UK has your mum and dad finished putting up your lights yet. Dave UK

219 - "i have no name" from (pool-71-164-191-132.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_13:30:28.298:
Yay! The Hulk is up!

220 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_13:32:51.664:
it has been up "i have no name"

221 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-91-77.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_15:56:21.098:
Man oh man Mr Grassmas, everytime I look, there are more decorations up! Are you about done decking the halls?

222 - "Amber" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_16:48:14.990:
i see you dancing w/ Santa, Alek, maybe he'll bring you some nice dancing shoes!

223 - "Anonymous" from (csdu-29154.communicomm.com) wrote at 2006_11_25_16:49:48.456:
Great site!!!

224 - "Anonymous" from (csdu-29154.communicomm.com) wrote at 2006_11_25_16:53:44.204:
Great site!!

225 - "Anonymous" from (csdu-29154.communicomm.com) wrote at 2006_11_25_17:00:43.434:
55 of us watching this!
Alek replies at 17:01 - And now 55 of of you are turning the lights on & off! ;-)

226 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_17:07:28.425:
now 95 people are turning the lights on and off.

227 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_17:11:33.984:
100 peps are turning lights on and off

228 - "Anonymous" from (bas7-london14-1177945762.dsl.bell.ca) wrote at 2006_11_25_17:21:23.479:
Thats the best display yet!

229 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_17:25:41.469:

230 - "dc" from (cpe-24-167-8-53.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_25_18:16:13.558:
hey, good luck w/ the fund raising & merry Christmas

231 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust371.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_25_19:43:07.014:
hi Alek/Dave Luke's mum.Not finished lights yet,been raining today,might get them done tomorrow.

232 - Alek says at 2006_11_25_19:50:53.773:
Thought I'd take a snapshot of what webcam1 looks like - note that the D-Link overexposes the image a bit. Things still to do in that view are move the swag over, add column lights, lower window decorations, add nets to junipers, and try to get a better spot on Hulk's face.
webcam1 snapshot

233 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-226-115-38.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_25_20:54:42.737:
what's this tempe biz??? I live in Mesa. It's always said that before.

234 - "Jennifer Robb" from (242669hfc161.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_25_21:04:34.231:
WOW!!! My best friend's little girl has Celiac and I think what you are doing is just great! It was hard for her at first, but He only gives us what we can handle! Thanks for doing this. E-mail me for another fundraising option for Celiac Research. My business has wonderful fundraising opportunities! God Bless and Merry Chirstmas!!!

235 - "Jennifer Robb" from (242669hfc161.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_25_21:07:56.552:
Sorry, I put my web address for my e-mail, feel free to contact me for fundraising at FamilyLifeTravel@aol.com

236 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_26_00:19:42.717:
WOW. House looks spectacular Alek. A Job Well done and still some more to come. You are truly Mr Griswold, Alex's mum I hope that it stops raining for you so you can finish yours. I know you live in Derbyshire do you listen to Peak FM. There is a House in Calow that is covered from top to bottom in lights and is being switched on by Santa dont know when though. Dave UK

237 - Alek says at 2006_11_26_08:00:36.913:
I wake up this morning and there are a 1,000+ folks viewing "Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease" - turns out this is on the front page of DIGG - YIKES! So I enabled the X10 controls (inflatables only - you hardly see the lights during the day) so people can have fun.

238 - "Anonymous" from (nc-71-1-31-108.dyn.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_08:23:30.918:
Hey World...Nice Christmas Cam, great idea to have running on my classroom computer...opps too much adult content, oh well, welcome to Web 2.0!

239 - "emX" from (user-514f83b1.l1.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_11_26_08:25:20.233:
Hey Alek, good to see so many people loggin in to your site but its a real shame some of them are lowering the tone on a nice family website in support of Celiac disease with their foul IM comments. The house and lights looks amazing and you've done such a good job, keep it up, your kids are so lucky to have wonderful parents :) who make this a special time for them. Take Care
Alek replies at 08:51 - Yea, a shame the IM chatter gets out of hand. Thanks for the nice words from you.

240 - "Nick" from (user-544779c7.wfd89a.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_11_26_08:59:31.642:
I think your site is awsome! im sure it will help the future reasurch. Keep up the good work :P

241 - "Tincho" from (201-213-47-44.net.prima.net.ar) wrote at 2006_11_26_08:59:33.164:
Hey Alek, i want to tell you that your site is amazing, i___m from Argentina. There isn___t any way to filter the ip adrees of the people who can___t control what they said?

242 - "d.MAN" from (adsl-156-33-7.asm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_09:06:28.240:

243 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-071-076-195-027.triad.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_26_09:08:31.866:
Nice work and good cause. Donation in progress. BTW don't hold your breath on the Entercom donation or any help from them. I worked for them and they are one big evil company. They only raise money for animals cause they feel guilty not liking humans. They forced us to donate when they gave very litle. Bunch of media crooks. Since they do worship the devil it's no wonder they will not donate to anything around Christmas time.

244 - "Agimat" from ( wrote at 2006_11_26_10:10:47.350:
Fantastic work! Loved it.

245 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-74-70-37-83.nycap.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_26_10:27:02.322:
This is so cool! I'm amazed your server can handle all this traffic.
Alek replies at 10:34 - This has been pretty popular over the years, so it is load-balanced across four 100 Mbps dedicated servers runnning this. One for the main site, and one for each webcam. All running Linux/Apache with mod_perl. Load factor is up, but running smoothly. Perl code has a few locking issues due to the heavy load (using Perl Cookbook 7.11 - Locking a file) but the retry limit I wrap around that hasn't been reached yet.

246 - "Amber" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_10:42:06.051:
It looked like it snowed last night on your camera to the outside. Was it my imagination or did it really snow?

247 - "hagaki" from (c-68-60-107-115.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_11:24:21.208:

248 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-91-77.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_11:41:54.750:
Dang, I go to bed last night and there are about seventy people watching. This morning, almost eight hundred. Talk about your overnight sensation!!

249 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_26_11:44:33.878:
strong bad rock

250 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_26_11:46:41.304:
strong bad rock

251 - "Anonymous" from (cpc2-lich4-0-0-cust998.sol2.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_26_11:51:25.843:
Hi Americans!

252 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-91-77.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_11:51:34.060:
And yes Mr Hagaki, this is America, we like anything with SUGAR in it, that's why we're all so pleasingly plump.

253 - "eric" from (82-46-143-87.cable.ubr02.harb.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_11_26_12:00:46.630:
Alek... we can seeee you... coooeee from cold dark UK

254 - "Anonymous" from (resnet71-99.resnet.buffalo.edu) wrote at 2006_11_26_12:16:31.352:
does the neighborhood get annoyed with the lights constantly dimming?

255 - "lo" from (82-44-24-135.cable.ubr02.craw.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_11_26_12:19:22.873:

256 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-68-251-69-177.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_12:43:14.603:
How Much for the clock on the wall?

257 - "amber" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_26_12:50:40.897:
Is it just me, or are the cams refreshing more quickly than before?

258 - "YTMND" from (adsl-074-236-243-053.sip.bgk.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_12:53:54.434:
Alek replies at 13:01 - If you donate at least a $100 to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, I'll put a shoe on my head. Email me the receipt you get from here.

259 - "YTMND!" from (adsl-074-236-243-053.sip.bgk.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_13:26:00.454:
LINK DELETED can we just go for a goal?

260 - "YTMND!" from (adsl-074-236-243-053.sip.bgk.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_13:27:14.563:
alekshoeonheaddonation.ytmnd.com/ can we just go for a goal

261 - "Urda" from (nosoup.bluegrass.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_13:46:13.146:
Hello from InternationalAnarchy.com! -Urda

262 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-76-168-64-28.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_26_14:10:34.642:
any way to donate via paypal?
Alek replies at 14:19 - Unfortunately, the University of Maryland doesn't take Paypal - yes, I have suggested it several times. I really prefer folks use their online credit card form to donate directly to them, but if PayPal is your only option, you can send it to me and I'll foward it to 'em using my credit card.

263 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_14:22:28.657:
ALEK WOW THIS IS AMAZING NEARLY 500 PEOPLE WATCHING oh well, we knew you before all this, have a nice sunday.

264 - "Dave" from (cpe-76-168-64-28.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_26_14:42:25.317:
I just sent you 10 bucks via paypal. Good luck!
Alek replies at 14:46 - Payment received and I'll put that in the "for Celiac Charity" category - thanks! BTW, those of you with businesses may be interested in being listed on the main christmas webcam page - here's how you can do that by making a donation to charity.

265 - "Jake's View" from (cpe-066-057-248-119.nc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_26_15:01:47.687:
Great job with the setup!

266 - Alek says at 2006_11_26_16:17:10.400:
Elmo and Homer pig-piling on each other ...
elmo homer

267 - "Anonymous" from (66-190-74-105.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com) wrote at 2006_11_26_19:26:11.093:
This is awesome and I like Alice so yeah

268 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_26_19:37:36.226:
turn evey thing off

269 - "Concerned Parent" from (66-190-74-105.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com) wrote at 2006_11_26_19:41:39.728:
The webcam is becoming a billboard and a pottymouth junction. shut it off

270 - "Concerned Parent" from (66-190-74-105.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com) wrote at 2006_11_26_19:42:41.816:
The webcam is becoming a billboard and a pottymouth junction. shut it off

271 - "Joshua" from (c-67-162-145-51.hsd1.co.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_20:01:50.303:
Hello from Fort Collins CO

272 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-65-28-152-155.bak.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_26_20:56:15.171:
Just have to say Thank You for getting the message out on Celiac! I too have a daughter(24)that was diagnosed when she was 2. It has been a long journey but she is incontroll after a laps of will power in her late teens!! Have a joyous HOLIDAY!

273 - "homer4k" from (r74-193-87-125.parscmta01.parstx.tl.dh.suddenlink.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_21:11:03.060:
hello from Paris, TX - this is such an awesome site, Alek - waaay too much fun!! ___)

274 - "Sasha" from (dyn-nat-gw.dp.virtualspectrum.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_22:00:33.892:
Alek, as usual, the lights are looking great! Have you considered a completely solid-state networked control system for your lights? You might be able to find a commercially available device sold as a light show controller. However, even if not, given the variety of smart power electronics and network-aware microcontroller development kits on the market these days, it should not be all that hard to roll your own. Outside of increased switching device lifespans, you should be able to attain nearly 100___ reliable control, and latencies within the 25ms range or so (possibly shorter with an aggressive design).
Alek replies at 22:22 - Excellent question . the main issue is that my christmas lights are plugged into outlets all over the house ... so I would have to run control wiring to each location. My hope is their will eventually be a "solid" home automation standard (possibly wireless) that will negate this show-stopper for me.
Concerned Parent: There is quite a bit of anti-pottymouth code/algorithm's in place to (at least try to) slow that stuff down. Unfortunately, anything that allows free speech (something I believe in) is often abused as you are seeing here - rest assured you are NOT seeing most of it.

275 - "Sasha" from (dyn-nat-gw.dp.virtualspectrum.net) wrote at 2006_11_26_22:42:11.443:
There are certainly bidirectional wireless automation platforms (e.g., Lutron RadioRA) on the market, although my guess is that it will be a while until there is a clear standard for this type of system. And, such standardization is nearly a prerequisite for a high-performance switching module. That said, embedded Wi-Fi modules are certainly on the market that could readily accomodate your objective without waiting for a standard and without wiring for Ethernet everywhere.

276 - "runCIE" from (tm.net.my) wrote at 2006_11_27_00:36:08.146:
hi hi hi !!! greetings from malaysia ... - awesome page , dude !!

277 - Alek says at 2006_11_27_09:49:12.957:
Dave at RedHotRadio in the UK made this hilarious advert about "Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease" - be sure to listen to the end - thanks guys! ;-)

278 - Alek says at 2006_11_27_11:03:17.799:
Generated some christmas lights videos of the extra "action" yesterday from being on the front page of DIGG. I have great neighbors who are used to this stuff - most people would wonder what the heck is going on! ;-) And yes, I still have a few more lights to put up!
christmas lights 1
christmas lights 2
christmas lights 3

279 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_27_13:51:45.711:
why do you have two computers

280 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_27_14:42:47.467:
TRy using VideoLan

281 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_27_14:49:33.890:
p.s. what are we supposed to do after christmas?

282 - "Concerned parent at work" from (adsl-68-94-197-54.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_27_16:51:20.510:
Do you not let your kids in the office so they don't see the bad words?

283 - "Anonymous" from (66-190-74-105.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com) wrote at 2006_11_27_17:26:56.856:
Hey again! Why is santa down today?

284 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-217-120-101.asm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_11_27_17:32:10.424:
Hi Tanner & Colby

285 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-86-61.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_27_17:40:02.417:
Hey Mr Grassmas, the place looks outasight! Time for you to crack a Pabst and relax yet or is there more going up?

286 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_27_17:53:25.150:

287 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-226-115-38.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_27_18:28:12.234:
Hey Alek, stay humble. OK? You know we love you and you'r family. Enjoy the success!!!!

288 - "Amber" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_11_27_18:40:38.959:
watched your 'why i did it video' (thought it was oj simpson prank w/ the title though...lol)

289 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-52-204-71.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_27_20:18:06.116:
OJ SIMPSON IS GAY in a good way

290 - Alek says at 2006_11_27_21:49:09.605:
After putting the kids to sleep, I walk back in the office, take a look at the laptop ... OK, sure, I'll try doing that for the webcam! ;-)

291 - "Mr Anonymous" from (116.Red-83-50-196.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) wrote at 2006_11_28_01:52:17.182:
Have you thought about making a Christmas desktop wallpaper? It would be better if it snows in the next few days! ___-)

292 - Alek says at 2006_11_28_08:43:00.347:
Even though I've used Xcel's Wind Power program for several years for my electricity - a "clean" source - I made a carbon offset donation for the electricity used by my Christmas Lights. The CarbonFund.Org guys just sent me a thank you certificate - cool!
carbon fund

293 - "Mr Z" from ( wrote at 2006_11_28_09:21:31.138:
cool webpagee!!!!! Orlando, FL

294 - "Laura Philip Baby Libby xxxx" from (82-38-213-93.cable.ubr01.wake.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_11_28_12:24:03.647:
Hello from Laura , Phil and baby Libby we are in West Yorkshire UK visited this site last year were back again. peace and love your doing a great thing. xxxxxxxxxx Merry christmas xxx yeeeyy

295 - "Anonymous" from (host81-132-101-200.range81-132.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_11_28_12:33:30.539:
Great site you have here Alek. I have to say the music is wearing a bit thin now. Do you think you could have an option to turn the music on when you first open the page instead of an option to turn it off.
Alek replies at 13:31 - OK - I set it up so the music doesn't auto-start when you fire up the blog - still auto-starts on the main webcam page as I kinda like that. I'm kinda reluctant to add an option since it's just another thing to clutter up the screen and I have to keep track of.

296 - "Anonymous" from (host81-158-33-20.range81-158.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_11_28_12:57:13.450:
I am a good girl

297 - "Anonymous" from (host81-132-101-200.range81-132.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_11_28_14:02:36.471:
Thanks alot of sorting out the music Alek. The site is now perfect once again. ___)

298 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_28_15:22:18.835:
For some reason music does not work in firefox.

299 - "Amber" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_11_28_15:52:37.676:
those look like snow clouds coming in!

300 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-88-177.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_28_17:18:21.712:
It's great to be in one place, all races, religions and nations, united here together, wacthing Alek's Christmas Decorations.

301 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_28_17:34:28.534:
what an amazing display! I think it is wonderful.. Happy Holidays! The Varneys- from CT!

302 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_11_28_18:35:14.283:
any bats this time of year Alek?

303 - "Anonymous" from (ool-18bc980b.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2006_11_28_18:48:46.220:
Merry Christmas EMME

304 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_11_28_19:13:05.986:
will camera be up so we can watch you shovel in the morning? haha!
Alek replies at 19:16 - YES - although can't promise I'll generate time-lapse footage of me shoveling snow ... ;-)

305 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_11_28_19:54:56.238:
any chance of building a snow man w/ lights wrapped inside to turn on and off?

306 - "Mark" from (DHCP-74-128-115-142.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_11_28_22:25:15.961:
I just ran across your sight lookin for something else. Awesome! I will bookmark for next quarters charity donations.

307 - "KW" from (cpe-72-224-91-148.nycap.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_28_23:08:00.760:
Awsome website, nice thing you are doing here to support research for curing celiac disease. I see you have some snow there. In upstate ny we havent got any snow yet! hopefully its enough to get the snowblower out!
Alek replies at 23:16 - Thanks for the nice words. Cold front moved in, but looks like we'll only get a few inches. It does "light up" the display a bit. Dirk was nice enough to pose for this shot that I thought was kinda neat due to the flash on the falling snow
dirk snow

308 - "Dave" from (cpe-76-168-64-28.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_28_23:51:46.844:
I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about your streaming camera setup. Are you using the Dlink camera to upload via FTP to your server and setting JS to auto refresh for your visitors? Also what type of delay do you see in the video. I'm working on a little web project that is similar to yours in the technical aspects and would love to share information with you.
Alek replies at 00:15 - Those questions (and a lot more) are answered in the Christmas FAQ.

309 - "Luke's mum-UK" from (cpc2-derb3-0-0-cust769.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_11_29_04:30:59.740:
Hi Everyone, just look at the snow,I want to build a snowman!(Luke's mum)

310 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_29_06:32:53.290:
HO HO Ho hoho hoooooooooo

311 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-60-230-47-32.vic.bigpond.net.au) wrote at 2006_11_29_07:49:36.784:
Lotta snow there - you gonna shovel it hand?

312 - "Paul" from (adsl-65-68-142-157.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_08:16:21.733:
Nice Job. Love it. I have a computer controlled light display on my house. Nothing compared to this. Merry Xmas..

313 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_29_08:23:34.751:
Do you know why Santa uses the chimney It soots him

314 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_29_08:29:19.788:
What does Mrs. Claus sing to Santy on his birthday? "Freeze a jolly good fellow

315 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_29_08:30:41.180:
An honest politician, a kind lawyer and Santa Claus were walking down the street and saw a ___20 bill. Which one picked it up?? Santa! The other two don't exist

316 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_08:42:59.739:
that's a good one. thanks!!!

317 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_09:00:53.620:
time to shovel Alek, get moving!

318 - Alek says at 2006_11_29_09:02:46.550:
I'm going to be about 5 minutes late ...

319 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_09:27:24.031:
Merry Christmas and God Bless You. You are doing this wonderful thing for us the public and helping your cute sons too. We love the lights and fun at Christmas and Halloween. Thank you again.From Kansas City, Kansas.

320 - "Bernard Hayden, Dublin, Ireland" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_29_09:36:56.786:
Hey Alex great to see you got your lights up really reminds ya christmas is on its way and the heavy snow you guys got really adds to the atmosphere hope you & your family are doing well Bernard.

321 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-116-36-252.eriepa.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_11:13:21.016:
Why does Santa like to work in his garden? Because he likes to hoe, hoe, hoe

322 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-116-36-252.eriepa.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_11:17:09.938:
Did you hear about the two blondes who froze to death in a drive-in movie? They went to see "Closed for the Winter

323 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-116-36-252.eriepa.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_11:23:57.798:
A lady walks into a drug store and tells the pharmacist she needs some cyanide. The pharmacist said, "Why in the world do you need cyanide?" The lady then explained she needed it to poison her husband. The pharmacist's eyes got big and he said, "Lord have mercy, I can't give you cyanide to kill your husband! That's against the law! I'll lose my license, they'll throw both of us in jail and all kinds of bad things will happen! Absolutely not, you can NOT have any cyanide!" Then the lady reached into her purse and pulled out a picture of her husband in bed with the pharmacist's wife. The pharmacist looked at the picture and replied, "Well now, you didn't tell me you had a prescription."

324 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-116-36-252.eriepa.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_11:30:58.527:
Do you know why there are so many Smith's in the Phone Book.... They all have Phones

325 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-116-36-252.eriepa.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_11:32:30.573:
Alek smile at the camera

326 - Alek says at 2006_11_29_11:36:04.983:
I smiled. BTW, I like a good funny joke like the next guy, but lets not overwhelm the Christmas Blog with too many please. BTW, should have the snow shoveling video ready shortly.

327 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_11_29_11:46:41.684:
errr u shold clean Cam 1 it's li ke it was snowing now:P

328 - "Koncita" from (89-212-53-232.dynamic.dsl.t-2.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_12:21:49.287:
I'm glad you bought snow at me. See, it's white as we had agreed :)

329 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_11_29_12:36:38.212:
nice snowing again:):):)

330 - Alek says at 2006_11_29_13:26:42.528:
For those that missed it this morning, some incredibly exciting time-lapse footage of me shoveling the snow (about 4") is now available on the christmas videos page ... ;-)
shovel snow

331 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_29_15:04:27.623:
The snow just makes the perfect shot with that of your son and the xmas lights behind. A real christmas feeling. I know christmas must be here now as I have just seen the new Coca Cola add for xmas on tv...Holidays are coming...holidays are coming......

332 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-69-231-115-228.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_15:21:12.249:
Very Cool! Love Homer

333 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-70-233.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_17:23:02.592:
Bunch of jokers around here today. Enough having fun, get back to work deflating stuff.

334 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_18:15:06.058:
hey alek did you receive my donation.
Alek replies at 18:34 - I got an Email about a donation from a JohnW - assuming that is you, thank you very much!

335 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_29_18:37:09.837:
yep your welcome.

336 - Alek says at 2006_11_29_18:42:22.733:
I happened to be walking into my office and saw this request on the IM on webcam ... so with help from Kyle - peace ... and goodwill on Earth! ;-)

337 - "Jim Werner, CEO ConArg " from (71-87-119-107.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com) wrote at 2006_11_29_18:47:34.832:
Let me mention this at my meeting tomorrow, maybe we can do a donation match from my employees.

338 - "Kina" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_29_20:19:10.406:
Merry Christmas to Kyle, Alex and the whole family. God Bless from Kansas.

339 - "Harry Markcum" from (c-68-51-69-31.hsd1.in.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_30_07:53:32.755:
My daughter passed away 2 years ago christmas day from a heart problem. I hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas and thank you for a little piece of happyness

340 - "THOMAS" from (cache3.swoca.net) wrote at 2006_11_30_07:58:05.652:

341 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_11_30_09:41:00.397:
you can see the geek bio of alek in heare LINK DELETED http:// wwwdotkomardotorg/bio/bio-alekdothtml

342 - "Chele" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_30_12:00:45.690:
Love your spirit! I can't wait to show my children! Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine. Enjoying your site from Pennsylvania. (_______)

343 - "Anonymous" from (232.Red-88-15-5.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) wrote at 2006_11_30_12:47:10.910:
aleks, inflate the frosty, santa, homer ..!!! pleasee

344 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_30_13:39:41.675:
If you would like to direct your gift to a Red Cross effort not listed, please contact 1-800 HELP NOW or mail your donation to American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013
Alek replies at 13:53 - According to the Red Cross site, the correct phone number is 1-800-REDCROSS. Another worthy cause - although I don't think that person needed to try to post the same thing a dozen times ...

345 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_30_13:56:29.243:
Not shoveling snow today then alex. Must be nice to get snow at christmas time. At the moment we have the warmest autumn on record so no prospect of snow yet :0(. Dave UK

346 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_30_13:57:58.806:
we are supposed to get snow tonight :)

347 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_30_13:59:40.283:
where do u live nicholas?

348 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_30_14:02:39.466:
Alex I know that you put up the lights to raise money for your childrens conditions charity, but do you like christmas lighs and would you do it just for the fun of it or do you like christmas time

349 - "Anonymous" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_11_30_14:13:08.702:
derek of robinroyd-xmas-lights.co.uk says alek is the main man of xmas lights he could live on our avenue any time

350 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_30_14:13:50.605:
Just listened to the Red hot radio clip...Fantastic yes,yes ,yesss oh yes ....dont you jsut love us crazy Brits....dude...Dave Uk

351 - "Anonymous" from (webwarper.net) wrote at 2006_11_30_14:15:14.367:
If you would like to direct your gift to a Red Cross effort not listed, please contact 1-800 HELP NOW or mail your donation to American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013 ___ ___Posted by via LINK DELETED This is added while posting a message to avoid misuse. Try: LINK DELETED Example of viewing: LINK DELETED ___

352 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_30_14:21:07.387:
Is the rumar that after you donate you get a fourth hidden webcam picture.

353 - "Anonymous" from (router.proxyweb.net) wrote at 2006_11_30_14:22:34.617:
If you would like to direct your gift to a Red Cross effort not listed, please contact 1-800 HELP NOW or mail your donation to American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013

354 - Alek says at 2006_11_30_14:31:28.312:
The person who really, really wants to post "their" phone number for the Red Cross is now using various proxy servers - please see my comments in blog entry #344.
Nicholas: There is no fourth webcam.
Thomas: I'm a computer jock, not an electrician.
#348: See Question A-1 in the Christmas FAQ - answer is:
I will say that seeing the joy in people's faces (especially the younger kids and older generation) makes all the work worthwhile. I've also appreciated all the Emails from folks from around the world who have said I really made their day. So consider it my way of spreading the Holiday Cheer! ;-) I also consider the technological aspects of the "Internet'ization" a challenge (kinda like a puzzle) which is just "fun" for me.

355 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_30_14:38:48.059:
Well im gonna call you Mr christmas from now on as you really make mine and my daughters year with your lights. My daughter is young but im not old so ill start my own category of mature. Dave UK

356 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_30_14:41:05.400:
I have got one question for you... on webcam 2 there is something hanging on the lights that looks like a giant beetle.....what is it? dave UK
Alek replies at 21:28 - Good deduction - it's actually is a metal beatle hanging in the wires.

357 - "Nekio" from (232.Red-88-15-5.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) wrote at 2006_11_30_15:03:52.402:
aleks, inflate the frosty, santa, homer ..!!! pleaseeee!! pleaseee!! made in SPAIN!!

358 - "Anonymous" from (pool-72-70-185-186.hrbgpa.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_11_30_15:09:21.677:
78 degrees? and there's snow on the ground? Get your thermometer fixed.....:o)
Alek replies at 22:44 - Actually, we often have very warm sunny days after snow, although 78°F would be a stretch - we never got over 50°F today. The method of obtaining weather data was messed up - fixed now!

359 - "Christan = )" from (00508d56c13f.click-network.com) wrote at 2006_11_30_16:32:56.616:
I put a link up at my blog for others to view. Great job spreading the word about celiac and great Christmas cheer!! I also sent it to all my online yahoo groups as we are all connected through allergies and celiac. Keep up the good work!!

360 - "mark" from (CPE00045ae68152-CM001225009904.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2006_11_30_19:56:12.681:
nice site, however can you you change the midi to something other than jingle bell rock?

361 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_30_21:41:23.971:
hey alex it is great to see your lights!!! i am 14 and have been putting lights up for years!!! i put up 15,000-20,000 lights up each year. This year is the most i have done in a long time!! Next year me and my neighbor are putting them to music just like carson williams did using light-o-rama. I really like looking at your lights. I also have a website and i will out that on later when i get more pics. on there. because im in school its hard to fond time to do all of this but i really enjoy this as much as you do!! anyway well peace

362 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_12_01_00:54:19.738:
Alek, where's elmo?

363 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_01_02:55:37.401:
Greetings from Norway! gotta say this site is weird but i love it... You lucky bastards have snow, we dont for some stupid reason:(

364 - "Anonymous" from (article143.com) wrote at 2006_12_01_04:59:49.566:
In times of crisis, people increasingly use the Internet to contribute money quickly to aid organizations such as Red Cross/Red Crescent, Mercy Corps, UNICEF, and many others that provide relief to victims worldwide. Unfortunately, while it has made donating easier, the Web has also led to an increase in online donation scams that play on our conscience. In our effort to lend aid quickly, many of us set aside our cynicism and become more susceptible to these false solicitations. In addition to conning givers out of their money, donation fraud also takes its toll on legitimate groups, denying them funds. Beware
Alek replies at 06:02 - Good points - see my blog entry #344 and #354 below where I comment on someone (repeatably) posting Red Cross info on the blog.

365 - "Rachael" from (88-108-26-221.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_01_05:58:33.767:
Coolest use of x10 yet. I'll come back (in the middle of the night uk time !) when the control go online. Way cool, made me laugh out loud. Thanks for putting this online.

366 - "Thomas" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_01_07:24:14.956:
Hey, What age did u start putting up lights, and what made u get involved with the X-10 controls?

367 - "Julie" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_01_09:39:56.390:
Thanks for putting on yet another wonderful display. I hope you and your family have a great Chrismas.

368 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_12_01_10:39:00.980:

369 - "Trojans " from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_12_01_11:49:56.557:
So when are you getting the xmas tree Alek? Awesome job by the way! How about putting that corn cub pipe to use again?? :)

370 - Alek says at 2006_12_01_14:50:09.994:
Rachel: Thanks for the compliment. Thomas: I've had X10 for years, so it was natural to put the Christmas Lights on 'em - no manual timers! #368: I just realized there is a "volume" option for the embed tag - the music is now more of a background for 'ya! ;-)Trojans: Haven't gotten a tree yet - maybe this weekend.

371 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_12_01_14:54:57.798:
Alek, Thankyou very much! I will now visit this page a lot more now.

372 - "Andy" from (adsl-154-72-37.aby.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_01_14:55:21.660:
I have a suggestion to stop most of the spammers. You could have a picture with characters on it so that users will have to type in what's in the picture. Other than that, Merry Christmas to everybody.

373 - "The Price family frorm the UK" from (host81-132-154-208.range81-132.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_12_01_15:28:11.729:
Great idea, love the site, will come back and visit often. Peace and goodwill to all across the world at this special time!

374 - "Anonymous" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_01_16:18:44.057:
hi alek just got in from final planing for sunday (pub) lol weather forcast better now hello to everybody in the usa regards derek

375 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-48-156.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_01_16:38:53.252:
I agree with comment 364, you do need to be careful on the internet. I remember a few years back there was some guy who claimed you could control his Christmas lights, and it turned out to be a big hoax. So indeed, beware!
Alek replies at 21:46 - Yea, imagine that, the media writing stories that went worldwide about some guy who had controllable Christmas lights that you could view via a webcam and make 'em blink ... when in actual fact, they didn't blink. Rest assured that since 2005, mine actually do blink like crazy ... ;-)

376 - "Anonymous" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_12_01_16:48:56.236:
But this is real. Its been staing many times and i highly doubt that Alek is lying. Come on guys.

377 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_01_16:51:45.397:
Alek's lights rule

378 - "Anonymous" from (proxy4.guardster.com) wrote at 2006_12_01_16:57:31.642:
yeah he sure does

379 - "Anonymous" from (c-24-6-220-192.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_01_18:19:04.441:
Thanks and Merry Christmas from a fellow celiac. Keep up the good work!

380 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-074-244-029-060.sip.asm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_01_18:49:46.252:
Arriving home from dinner tonight, I attempted to pull into the garage and heard a big CRUNCH. I thought it was a toy or something, and my sister got out to check. She saw nothing on the ground and told me to go ahead and move forward, whereupon the CRUNCH resumed, only louder. All of a sudden she looks up and points to the top of the car, looking at me like I should know what it is, saying something I can't hear. I back out and open the door to hear her, and she says, "The tree!" Yeah, we had all forgotten the tree was attached to the top of the car, and the iron tree stand that was screwed in at the tree farm had dented the house right above the garage. The tree is now crooked.

381 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_01_21:36:48.017:

382 - "Gege" from (ip68-103-240-254.ks.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_01_21:52:48.738:
God is reality everything else is less than nothing! Merry CHRISTmas,,,Jesus Rocks.

383 - "snow fairy" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_02_09:47:17.482:
Let it snow!!!!!!!!!!!!

384 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-67-13.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_02_10:32:22.996:
If you don't do anything else, could you please replace bulb #1243 before turning on the controls tonight. It was very distracting last night. Other than that, everything looks perfect.
Alek replies at 10:39 - Unfortunately, Bulk #1243 is under a couple of inches of snow, so I won't be able to fix - sorry it mars the otherwise perfect display ... ;-)
Funny story #380 and thanks #379, #377, and others.

385 - "nicholas" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_02_11:41:29.590:
What is bulb 1243???

386 - "tincho - Argentina -" from (200-122-72-39.cab.prima.net.ar) wrote at 2006_12_02_12:45:16.037:
What is bulb #1243 ???

387 - "LW" from (82-38-165-30.cable.ubr03.roth.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_02_14:48:21.375:
It's zany. It's fun! Its gluten-free!

388 - "Anonymous" from (slly-02-13.dialup.netins.net) wrote at 2006_12_02_15:08:39.571:
Jesus is the Reason for the Season

389 - "Fredgecko" from (c-67-169-169-72.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_02_15:23:25.362:
YEY CRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAZZA!!!!!!!!!!!

390 - "matt" from (ool-18be7ea1.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2006_12_02_15:47:18.700:
Yo wats up ur lights are the coolest ever im a kind of light display freak to.And the whole controlling the lights thing thats wicked cool.I have a question whats up with the first cam its been going offline? What u are doing for people with Celiac is very heart warm.Have a good christmas.Matt from middle isalnd NY
Alek replies at 16:03 - Glad you enjoy controlling the display Matt - yea, there's an issue with webcam1 that I'm trying to resolve right now - fortunately, there are two other webcams! ;-)
17:08 Update: I moved Homer next to Frosty so he is visible in webcam2.
17:22 Update: Webcam1 back UP ... but I'm going to leave Homer next to Frosty to keep him company tonight.

frosty homer

391 - "Patrick Murphy" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_02_15:59:30.014:
Hi Merry Christmas, Cool Site, its a great thing you are doing Alek. Pat from Ireland

392 - "matt" from (ool-18be7ea1.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2006_12_02_16:09:12.387:
cool hope its nothing to serious

393 - "Jane from the UK" from (host81-132-154-208.range81-132.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_12_02_16:26:02.742:
Looked in yesterday but could not wait up to see the lights come on (we are 7 hours ahead of you in the UK and I have to stay up later than usual if UI want to catch them). Hoping to see them tonight but will the technical problems be fixed soon?

394 - "Anonymous" from (ip-209-172-44-78.reverse.privatedns.com) wrote at 2006_12_02_17:15:11.657:
Online giving can be a quick and convenient way to make year-end donations to your favorite charities. However, as online giving grows in popularity, so do online donation scams. Online donation scams typically appear Like this WEB PAGE Beware Donation scams not only work to steal your money, they also keep it from reaching legitimate charity and relief groups, and those in need of your financial support.
Alek replies at 17:24 - Yep - there are tons of scams out there - that's why I have people to donate directly to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research. Also see my comments in blog post #364 below.
You are a bit harsh Anonymous - by chance were you one of the small minority of people who didn't think my fun little christmas hoax of 2004 was very funny? The Washington Post had a followup story in 2005 that you might read - "From Web Hoaxer to Helper."

395 - "Anonymous" from (cache-los-ab02.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_02_17:18:00.375:
i think it would be really nice if the website more decorative and colour coordinated. lol just suggesting :P btw i think the lights are great!
Alek replies at 17:28 - The concept of viewing and controlling someone's christmas lights is over-the-top ... so the web site design is too! ;-)

396 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-59-52-246.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_02_17:33:58.372:
Hi from the Beach. sun & fun. Panama City Beah, Florida. & All the HAM Radio operators. Have a safe Holiday. Alan

397 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_02_17:41:33.327:
If you would like to direct your gift to a Red Cross effort not listed, please contact 1-800-REDCROSS, or mail your donation to American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013. Please indicate how you wish your gift to be used. The best way to help victims of disasters across the country each year is to donate to the Disaster Relief Fund, which enables the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need. Your local Red Cross chapter is committed to meeting the humanitarian needs of the people in your area, be it in disaster preparedness, disaster response, first aid and CPR training, or disease prevention. You can help support your local chapter programs and services by a gift to Your Local Red Cross Chapter. The gift will be sent to your local area chapter based on zip code

398 - "Bob" from (c-24-61-101-183.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_02_17:50:19.083:
Hey Mr. Red Cross Guy (and Mr. Scrooge in 394) - we've heard your story enough times - once was enough - quit posting here and go raise some money yourself for charity.

399 - "Anonymous" from (hidemyass.com) wrote at 2006_12_02_18:53:19.285:
Hey Alek, In reference to post 398.. Trying to help the Red Cross out in troubled times is not a bad thing. The Red Cross is such a worthy cause. Just because your kids cannot eat pizza crust. That to me seems like a pretty petty reason to take money from kind naive people. You should not take it out on Mr. Red Cross Guy, or insult The Red Cross.Oh, I just read post 394 and I don___t see any reason that you should call that person Scrooge Unless that post fits your site. Happy Holidays
Alek replies at 21:58 - So I'm gone most of the evening at a friend's house and come back to this lovely post. First, the Red Cross is a great organization. Second, you have posted about them dozens of times (people haven't seen the other because the anti-spam filter has filtered them) ... and as noted in blog post #354 & #344, you posted what appears to be an incorrect number. Finally, you keep posting from proxies to try to get around that anti-spam filter - in this case, you posted from "hidemyass.com" - I think that says it all! ;-)

400 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_02_20:14:27.850:
ok first, BOB is right about the posting of the red cross! yes it is a great organization but lets not use this site (that is supposed to be about christmas lights) as a way to raise money for your cause. This site rasie's money for celiac disease. So STOP posting about the red cross, we have read your blurb a # of times. ONCE IS ENOUGH. And when your were posting earlier the number to call the Red Cross wasn't even right!! So STOP POSTING ON HERE! make your own site to promote the Red Cross if you so choose, but stop using Alex's site as a tool for you. This is for christmas lights. THANKS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

401 - "Anonymous" from (216-67-7-33-cdsl-rb1.fai.acsalaska.net) wrote at 2006_12_02_22:19:45.310:
Your Christmas lights are great Alex and appreciate what you are doing for Celiac Disease. Don't let the Scooge's get you down.

402 - "MATT" from (ool-18be7ea1.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2006_12_03_00:30:24.490:
I was up all night playing around with lights i havent had that much fun i a while.

403 - "emX" from (user-514f8a69.l1.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_03_04:25:17.758:
Alek, do you suffer with insomnia or something, bit early isnt it?
Alek replies at 04:31 - Not really insomnia, but had a nice time with neighbors last time, and after a bit of drinking from the night before, I sometimes wake up early.

404 - "Gary" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_12_03_05:37:50.553:
Hi Alek Were I live exterior lighting has become very very popluar and many people use it to rasie money for local charities. Not like this thou. They place a box at the bottom of the driveway and they raise a few thousand dollars bt the end of it all. I thought it would be a good idea for you. You can never raise to much money haha

405 - "christmasp" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_03_06:49:42.417:
Hi people I do not know what to give for Christmas of the to friends, advise something ....

406 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-63-136.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_03_13:16:23.023:
Wow, looks like things were are little tense around here, I hope that Mr Red Cross realizes that using tactics like his make some people choose NOT to donate. He could be hurting, rather than helping his cause. I fully trust you Mr Grassmas and am behind you all the way. I think what you are doing here is wonderful.

407 - "Scotty" from (cpe-24-166-247-113.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_03_13:37:40.469:
H1000 is totally right. Too much posting WOULD hurt your chances of getting donations. My friend and I have our own website about our Chrismas lights. it's not quite complete, but we will keep adding as the season goes on. the site is LINK DELETED We would really appreciate it if some people would post comments and suggestions about our lights. Also remember to sign the guestbook, and keep looking back to see more updates. THANKS!

408 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-166-247-113.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_03_13:41:43.140:

409 - "Allison Mallory" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_03_15:52:38.616:
Great site! Stupid question but what do you do when an inflatable doesn't inflate completely - even when it is dry, no snow etc? You probably don't have extra time but hey - thought I'd ask. Merry Christmas!

410 - "Anonymous" from (24-176-246-113.dhcp.crcy.nv.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_03_16:08:27.024:

411 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_03_16:33:12.038:
Hi Alek and Dave UK,just off to bed now.Got Hot Chocolate and biscuits.Mum and Dad let me stay up late,only 2 weeks,2days,then I break up from school.Hey Alek,have you got your tree yet?we put ours up yesterday.Luke:-)

412 - Alek says at 2006_12_03_19:14:57.230:
Our neighborhood has an annual Christmas gathering, complete with Santa and a horse drawn sleigh for trips around the neighborhood. Way over a 100 folks showed up for pizza, cookies (none for our boys, since they can't eat gluten), hot cider & chocolate. Note to self - bring a flask of pepperment schnapps next time! While a bit hard to see, here's what the sleigh looked like - this was the first of many trips around the neighborhood with about two dozen of us piled in there singing Christmas Carols - fun stuff!

413 - "Daniel" from (66-110-224-10-pppoe-d.northstate.net) wrote at 2006_12_03_19:15:08.769:
Man i love this site I get on her every night and sneak on it at school. But I was wondering what state this is in because its a 2 hour delay from where i live in NC and what type of software are you using to do this its crazy AWESOME ttyl-Dan

414 - "Daniel" from (66-110-224-10-pppoe-d.northstate.net) wrote at 2006_12_03_19:16:48.257:
Ha HA nice sleigh remeber u have to belive to get off the ground

415 - "Anonymous" from (d235-163-30.home1.cgocable.net) wrote at 2006_12_03_23:05:28.061:
hey santa. are you there.
Santa replies at 23:09 - I'm always watching to see if you have been naughty or nice - HO HO HO! ;-)

416 - "Anonymous" from (vw5hdtq0.emirates.net.ae) wrote at 2006_12_04_00:04:17.210:
Hi there... how are u doing today?? Shami from Dubai

417 - "musicliket" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_04_01:06:23.844:
Hello. Good day Who listens to what music? I Love songs Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton

418 - "Rebecca Rohnert Park, Ca" from (adsl-68-126-220-149.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_09:17:35.649:
This is wonderful !!!! I saw it last year and I loved it !!! Keep up all the good work. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

419 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_04_09:33:14.736:
Alek You look tired, maybe you need to take a nap.

420 - "Anonymous" from (host.filtercloak.com) wrote at 2006_12_04_09:34:59.913:
But, who would mind the workshop

421 - "Anonymous" from (c2.2c.5746.static.theplanet.com) wrote at 2006_12_04_09:52:33.118:
If you need waste processing equipment, Komar is the natural source for all of your shredding, compacting, continuous feed and material handling needs

422 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-71-133-121-67.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_10:47:21.960:
Snow appears to be melting - Frosty probably not happy about that, but don't make the HULK angry.

423 - "Elyse" from (c-67-163-154-168.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_11:03:13.543:
My four year old LOVED watching and playing with the Halloween display...we're going to look and play this evening(Monday 12/4/06)! He can't wait. His name is Zackary.

424 - "-" from (client-86-31-29-60.nott.adsl.virgin.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_11:30:11.642:
Even though you say this control thing is real I still don't fully believe it is?

425 - "Baschalove" from (adsl-234-47-105.jax.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_12:11:06.873:
Hi Alek!! Baschalove here for another year! Hopefully Fark will put up another link this year! Nice to see you in your usual chair. Throw up a hello to me (If you would)so I can show the buddies. We're watching from Florida this year! Cheers to you and yours!

426 - "Anonymous" from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_12_04_12:11:20.100:
Hey Alek can you post a picture of your christmas tree!!!

427 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_04_12:38:38.995:
Hi Alex and Luke UK, i have finally put up the lights and there looking good only about 600 though nowere near the 26000 of alexs maybe next year ___0). I cannot inflate my santa though as its blowing a gale and he would end up down the road. I see it still snowing there...Hey Luke Uk went to clowne there lights on the street are looking pretty sweet this year. i am gonna e-mail Alex with some pictures I took. Dave UK

428 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_04_12:44:30.443:
Hi Alek/Dave,I would like to see your Christmas tree Alek.Dave, I hope Alek puts one of your pictures on here of the lights in Clowne,they sound kool!Me got Christmas tree up,net lights didnt fit garage roof but got icicles up on house.Luke:-)

429 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_04_12:51:30.447:
that sounds cool luke UK. My picture is a bit blurred as it was windy. Its has been really windy here i was expecting the lights to be on next doors garden on Sunday morning..lol Dave UK

430 - "Anonymous" from (hosting.kwm.ru) wrote at 2006_12_04_13:10:27.551:
Hey Luke.. how ya doing

431 - "Anonymous" from (hosting.kwm.ru) wrote at 2006_12_04_13:12:18.943:
Where did you get your tree is it real

432 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_13:12:59.286:
Alex has some compition

433 - "Anonymous" from (hosting.kwm.ru) wrote at 2006_12_04_13:13:35.220:
Or is it a fake

434 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_04_13:20:45.979:
I,m fine thanks,to the person asking. How are you?Luke.

435 - "Anonymous" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_04_13:34:57.896:
hi alek,we had our switch on last night over 800 hundred people came the weather was awfull but santa managed to appear on the roof blew the crowd away updating website tomorrow i see the snow is melting there now regards derek
Alek replies at 15:01 - Some great lights over in the UK raising money for charity.

436 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_14:39:15.721:
turn x10 controls on early plz.

437 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_14:57:06.344:
p.s. how bout you try videolan again this year.
Alek replies at 15:03 - If someone wants to write up a detailed description of how to interface VideoLan to a D-Link DCS-6620G webcam, I'd love to see it ...

438 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_15:15:55.042:
Alek replies at 15:27 - Does not answer my previous question of how you get the MPEG4 stream from the wireless attached D-Link DCS-6620G webcam. And I only have one IP address assigned at my house, so solution to work around that (using NAT and/or different ports) would be needed. Appreciate the advice (I get a number of these) but I'm still waiting for someone to send directions and/or an example of how they actually do this with a similar setup - I don't think it is that easy.

439 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_15:33:13.198:
jw would the webcam be a capture device

440 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_15:39:49.748:
I think i figured it out. But can't do without being there.

441 - "Baschalovr" from (adsl-234-47-105.jax.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_15:51:24.586:
I just submitted it to Fark!! Cross your fingers! Or is it there already?
Alek replies at 15:54 - Only seeing traffic from TotalFark ... so far. Would be hilarious if Drew Greenlights it to the front page - HO HO HO! ;-)

442 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_15:52:52.049:
submitted what

443 - "Baschalove" from (adsl-234-47-105.jax.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_15:56:37.687:
Alek, cross your fingers! Alek is back with even more inflatable goodness! (I don't get TotalFark any more...)

444 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-71-158-205-47.dsl.wchtks.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_15:59:18.478:
This is totally awesome!!! My teachers does this and he showed us today is class!! IT IS AMAZING HOW YOU DO THAT!!!!!!!!

445 - "Anonymous" from (S01060011d8de950d.wp.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_16:09:08.600:
cool christmas pictures

446 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-234-47-105.jax.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_17:19:23.262:
OK, maybe I'm slow, but how do you enter text for the Workshop cam?

447 - "Baschalove" from (adsl-234-47-105.jax.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_17:27:13.922:
Alek: Bad news, so far, Fark didn't greenlight it, but we can work on it! I'll try again tomorrow!

448 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_18:05:20.885:
try digg

449 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_18:49:07.394:
simpsonstrivia.com.ar/simpsons-photos/wallpapers/homer-hulk.gif i found a crossbred of homer and hulk
Alek replies at 19:18 - Hulk'in Homer SMASH!!!

450 - "xddd" from (72-48-66-144.dyn.grandenetworks.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_19:22:57.430:
hello like what you do

451 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-67-119-207-146.steuer.com) wrote at 2006_12_04_20:31:39.614:
Hello Cassidy!!!!!

452 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-67-119-207-146.steuer.com) wrote at 2006_12_04_20:35:49.205:
Happy Holidays from Portola Valley, California

453 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_21:37:30.367:
LOVE HULKIN HOMER!!! Gives you Ideas for next year, Alek?!?!

454 - "Anonymous" from (nwblwibas08-pool28-a73.nwblwi.tds.net) wrote at 2006_12_04_22:57:49.872:
Happy Holidays from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Like your display. I'm starting my "Olsen 595" project for 2007. Starting with 12 channels, will expand in future. Going to use the "Vixen" software. BURRRRR.... its going down to 4 degrees here tonight!

455 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_05_04:51:52.494:
INdigestable hulk hulklibrary.com/hulk/images/corner/homer-simpson-as-hulk.jpg

456 - "Anonymous" from (sampep.kick-ass.net) wrote at 2006_12_05_04:56:53.830:
You keep posting Hulk links and you will make Alek mad!!!

457 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_05_05:01:18.388:
ME know

458 - "Anonymous" from (sampep.kick-ass.net) wrote at 2006_12_05_05:04:19.940:
Alek is funny when he is angry

459 - "jim" from (sechttp626.sec.nifty.com) wrote at 2006_12_05_08:12:38.983:
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460 - "Anonymous" from (ip-208-109-83-27.ip.secureserver.net) wrote at 2006_12_05_08:27:58.018:
Hey Mr.Xenical Guy - we___'ve heard your fat story enough times - quit posting here and go exercise

461 - "Anonymous" from (vm7.myvpshost.com) wrote at 2006_12_05_11:14:05.088:
Merry Christmas Alek, Will it focus when you zoom?

462 - "Anonymous" from (vm7.myvpshost.com) wrote at 2006_12_05_11:33:34.123:
Open Iris up on camera two. Try and match Cam.1 Looks like two different worlds

463 - "Anonymous" from (vm7.myvpshost.com) wrote at 2006_12_05_11:36:35.816:
Can you white balance the cameras

464 - "Anonymous" from (vm7.myvpshost.com) wrote at 2006_12_05_11:48:44.742:
That___'s a little better on 2

465 - "Anonymous" from (vm7.myvpshost.com) wrote at 2006_12_05_11:49:51.568:
I think zoom is to tight on 2

466 - Alek says at 2006_12_05_12:15:27.137:
The Christmas Lights are actually a pretty tough imaging application, since it is in low light with bright contrasty colored points ... plus I leave 'em online during the day. And yes, having snow on the front yard ends up looking a bit grey'ish, especially on a cloudy day. While I'm generally happy with the D-Link DCS-660G wireless webcams I'm using, there's a couple of annoying things that they could fix in firmware that would benefit me and other users. Read more (with pictures) about the D-Link Webcam Issues.

467 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-75-19-109-110.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_12_05_15:33:25.070:
now this is a blog that's been needed! How do you generate funds with the lights? Is it a charged entry? By the way.. I just knocked out my Christmas Shopping in about an hour! Check out these sites that helped me: LINK DELETED and LINK DELETED I hope that helps!

468 - "loan" from (0cyijs5d.emirates.net.ae) wrote at 2006_12_05_15:47:08.666:
Buerta concosto per magnitum lambda.

469 - "Anonymous" from (bas1-guelph22-1177619994.dsl.bell.ca) wrote at 2006_12_05_15:53:35.793:

470 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_05_15:53:42.244:
alek I think i fugured out how videolan works. Can help you set it up.

471 - "Ben" from (65-182-57-193.biltmorecommunications.net) wrote at 2006_12_05_16:54:39.535:
Love the Christmas lights!

472 - "Anonymous" from (vm7.myvpshost.com) wrote at 2006_12_05_17:01:49.449:
Cameras are spot on. Good job Alek!!

473 - "tincho" from (200-122-72-39.cab.prima.net.ar) wrote at 2006_12_05_18:00:30.452:
hi alek I wonder why i'm not at google's christmas map. Can you put me there

474 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2006_12_06_02:48:44.234:
Alek you are the Guru of Christmas. Keep up the Wonderful Work!!!

475 - "JP" from (slushy-1.rev.altweb.net) wrote at 2006_12_06_07:04:31.418:
Twas the night before Christmas and Santa he found the weather was terrible he could not see the ground. Now Rudolph with his nose so bright was like high beams on a foggy foggy night. Now Santa he strained and looked thru the night for a landmark or any familiar site. Now Santa he knew just what to do, I will control the lights thanks to Alek the Christmas Guru. So Santa with his magic you see was able to use the correct IP. Now Rudolph was the first to see Santa inflating Frostee. Now Alek was waving and pointing the way. Santa yelled out you saved Christmas Day
Alek replies at 07:09 - That was cute ... ;-)

476 - "Anonymous" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_06_10:31:55.741:
hi alek just got in from work you sat there still are you stuck to the chair ? lol regards derek

477 - "Homer Clause" from (64-129-116-30.static.twtelecom.net) wrote at 2006_12_06_12:45:21.053:
Looks like you have a lot of fun with your Xmas lights! Nice work. My neighbor said my approx.1500 lights were too much. What a grinch. I also use two PAR38 spotlights to illuminate a large beech tree as it is too tall (over 100ft) to cover properly. I am going to try to deflate Homer later, your set-up is first rate, but isn't it a little unnerving to have people flashing the lights constantly? Thanks for the great site and Merry Christmas! (or X-mas)lol

478 - "Jim" from (124-168-17-136.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_12_06_14:42:21.795:
Greetings from Australia!!

479 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-27-180-124.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_06_15:23:07.563:

480 - "A good 'ol hunk o' junk" from (c-71-192-171-227.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_06_16:50:06.122:
I love this website, it completely rocks. Thanks so much!!

481 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-74-70-108-246.nycap.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_06_17:08:03.623:
Merry Christmas from the Skogsbergs

482 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-92-102.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_06_17:17:02.219:
Ahhhhh! Just got home from a mini vacation to Disneyland! The Christmas decorations there are really beautiful. But Walt won't let us turn them on and off!! Did I miss anything?

483 - Alek says at 2006_12_06_18:10:14.733:
I re-arranged Santa's workshop a bit and added a few things - what'ya think?

484 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-50-106-168.hsd1.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_06_19:04:37.256:
Workshop looks great. Just hope light up does mean Smoke em if you got em. If that is a hydrometer 80 percent is out of control. Think it___s great that Santa, bless his heart, doubles as a fire fighter that or he has given up on the reindeer and sleigh for gift delivery.

485 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-92-102.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_06_19:20:39.305:
Workshops lookin mighty festive!!

486 - "Anonymous" from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_12_06_19:39:28.837:
Workshop looks great!!!!

487 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-153-227-100.mia.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_06_20:44:53.931:
How about a webcam shot of your electric meter too... 8-)

488 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-75-27-226-231.dsl.wchtks.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_12_06_21:43:30.587:
I found this site accidently, Thank you for doing this! I am a forty year old single man and will most likely spend christmas alone,I hadn't planned on even getting a tree this year but you've inspired me! Brought tears to my eyes. You've given me the best gift of all, the christmas spirit! Bless you and yours this season!!! yougotjames@msn.com

489 - "Ockert, Julie and Jessica!" from (71-219-6-218.slkc.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_12_06_21:44:41.599:
Merry Christmas from the van Vuurens in Utah. May God bless you all - and keep up the good work! Looks great!

490 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-68-94-13-3.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_06_22:43:07.976:
I found your site today and showed it to my class of nine Austic Boys or I should say young men ages 12-17 Some liked the Hulk and some didn't. Just wish I had them at night so they could really see the lights and play with them. We will be looking in the morning and everyday until we are out for Christmas. Thanks for a GREAT SITE TEXAS

491 - Alek says at 2006_12_06_22:53:14.746:
Thanks for the compliments. Yes, #487, the electric meter does spin pretty darn fast, but with the lights only on in the evening (plus web surfers turning 'em on/off), it works out to about $3/day of electricity - no typo there - three! Attached is another picture of the updated Santa's workshop (some of the christmas messages are hilarious!) and see the christmas videos page for a time-lapse.
santa's workshop

492 - "Anonymous" from (client-86-29-40-216.leed.adsl.tesco.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_04:34:21.994:
Hiya Have you thought of renewable energy, big wind turbine, Hey the lights you could get on that and tinsel.this has made my day, Merry Christmas to all. Doug (uk)
Alek replies at 08:01 - Per C-1 in the christmas FAQ, wind power is used for the electricity, plus I even did a carbon offset - Al Gore would be proud! ;-)

493 - "Aimee in Malibu -- Go Buffs! (Class of '97)" from (adsl-75-17-7-93.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_10:28:01.876:
This is a riot....how on EARTH do you have time for this....must be the Rocky Hountain Air high, eh? I miss Boulder -- Merry Christmas.

494 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_13:03:20.742:
HE has no job

495 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_07_13:07:52.426:
Hi - I am back again this year to enjoy the lights. Trust you've had a great 2006.

496 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_13:09:06.036:
Streaming to internet much better

497 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_13:23:09.657:
alek you got mail

498 - "on old hag" from (c-71-192-171-227.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_14:15:51.711:
You rock alek!

499 - "an old hag" from (c-71-192-171-227.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_14:18:22.605:
You rock alek!

500 - Alek says at 2006_12_07_14:53:41.482:
For those of you into the holiday spirit, but want to decorate safely, read this hilarious column from Matt Wixon at the Dallas Morning News - he even talked about Homer Simpson - D'OH! ;-)

501 - "Anonymous" from (belbrocnas02-3521277704.dial.bell.ca) wrote at 2006_12_07_14:56:55.878:
Hey Merry Christmas- I hope I didn't offend anyone- did you know Jesus was Jewish(?) Now Alek you took away my gift....where are your links?????? to those OTHER CRAZY sites???????????

502 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-92-30.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_15:30:57.489:
Poor guy. He's over there just trying to do his job. He has no clue that the world is watching him!

503 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-231-21-104.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_16:01:46.688:
Quite unfortunate there are morons who are trying to coopt this display to show their ignorance to the world...

504 - "Anonymous" from (client-86-29-35-70.leed.adsl.tesco.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_16:04:54.801:
My reindeer song Ruolph the reindeer burger, had a really funny taste, I never read the wrapper, microwaved him in haste. All of the other reindeer, sitting round my Christmas spread, tucked into poor old Rudolph, not even knowing he was dead. Then one snowy boxing day, reindeer meat of course, I jumped up quick and ran to the store Id forgot the tomatoe sauce. so when I cooked the reindeer, I didnt let poor rudolph burn, cant wait until nextChristmas when it will be Dashers turn. Doug

505 - "Luke's mum-UK" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_07_16:16:04.693:
Hi Alek,The text idea is quite good,but I have to say there is quite a bit of bad language and people being quite nasty.This is a family site and those people do kind of spoil it. Luke's mum.

506 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-51-69-31.hsd1.in.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_16:16:49.859:
Het there Alek, There are a bunch of people who are trying to ruin this good thing foe everyone by using foul and exploiting sites on your screen.

507 - "Anonymous" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_07_17:00:33.048:
night to you all of to bed midnight here looks good derek uk

508 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-92-30.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_17:33:39.122:
Hey, no fair Mr Grassmas. You got the 500th comment. I'm supposed to get all the milestones around here. And I'll probably be sleeping when #519 gets posted and breaks last years record. Darn it!!

509 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_18:48:15.289:
watching the shuttle launch, ALEK?

510 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_07_19:37:45.269:
sorry, Discovery. maybe next time.

511 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-76-174-65-152.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_08_09:08:27.348:
You need to take a class in website design. A: You site wouldnt be such a turn off. B: less bandwidth/load, if done right. C: Get with the times dude

512 - "Katerina" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_08_09:44:40.592:
How much time do you spend on preparation, supplies, coordinating and set-up. This is truly remarkable that you're able to do this. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

513 - "Playerkiller" from (tpasmb01dc1-164-66.dynamic.mts.net) wrote at 2006_12_08_10:29:14.587:
it is ridiculios that some people would want try use something good like this site for malicious intents only the simple ingnorant and infidels would do something like that and im a pretty mean fella

514 - "Dave (UK)" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_08_12:40:05.862:
Hi Alek, A Very Happy Xmas to you & your family & all of the viewers & the few morons.You certainly brighten up a few zillion lives.More power to your bulbs.Szcz______liwego Nowego Roku

515 - "Anonymous" from (r74-192-251-236.tyrdcmta02.tylrtx.tl.dh.suddenlink.net) wrote at 2006_12_08_13:24:56.884:
merry christmas to all

516 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_08_13:53:05.302:
what happened to x10 webcam

517 - "Alison" from (user209.res136.jtibs.net) wrote at 2006_12_08_15:12:21.306:
Hi Only just discovered your page and display this year. Just love what you've done with the web controls. We'd tried to broadcast our display and failed miserably, so kudos to you, your efforts are awesome. Were surfing in from Jersey in the United Kingdom, just in case you wondered. Anyway keep up the good work :)

518 - Alek says at 2006_12_08_15:13:05.829:
As always, appreciate all the compliments - and yes, it is a bit of work to make it all work. Unfortunately, we do have an occasional troll/potty-mouth show up on the IM on webcam, but if we ignore 'em, they'll go away to bug someone else. #511: the concept of letting people worldwide view & control youchristmas lights via the Internet is a bit over-the-top ... so the website design is also that way - Email me for a full refund if you aren't satisfied with the user experience. Finally, for those of you that chime in on the christmas instant messages, guess what the #1 request is?!? ;-)
christmas wave

519 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-69-206.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_08_16:10:14.893:
COMMENT #519!! How kind of you all to save it for me! Last years record is broken and Christmas is still two weeks away. Think we can make it to 1000?

520 - "Alison" from (user209.res136.jtibs.net) wrote at 2006_12_08_16:18:54.785:
How long does it take for you to setup and do you have any help. It takes us a month with plenty of help.

521 - "From Daddy Dohna" from (c-71-234-56-74.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_08_17:35:58.918:
Merry Christmas To All

522 - "The Dohna's" from (c-71-234-56-74.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_08_17:41:14.122:
God Bless your children

523 - "tincho from Argentina" from (200-122-82-41.cab.prima.net.ar) wrote at 2006_12_08_18:45:49.887:
hi alek!!! why did you put on christmas maps a christamas tree over Buenos aires, Argentina.

524 - "Anonymous" from (d141-215-95.home.cgocable.net) wrote at 2006_12_08_19:36:19.280:
Greetings from Oakville, Canada

525 - "Luke's mum-UK" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_08_20:00:12.675:
Hi Alek,Just thought I'd say hi!going to bed now,Luke very tired from school but doing well.Luke is ready for his holiday now.Take care to you and your family.Gill(Luke's mum).

526 - "Bravebaby3" from (elltel-dsl-p1052.elltel.net) wrote at 2006_12_08_20:24:21.448:
Hey Alex!! Washington State here!! Love te display!! Keep it up, and Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Alek replies at 20:59 - I hung out with the Coppertone Girl when I went to the University of Washington 20+ years ago - Go Huskies! ;-)

527 - Alek says at 2006_12_08_21:07:19.705:
Earlier tonight, the X10 controls were disabled while I took some family pictures. Web Surfers commented in the IM log that they saw the camera flashes in webcam2 - watch the video. And while it's a challenge to get the right exposure/etc., the final result wasn't too shabby IMHO.
christmas family

528 - "Trojans" from (71-92-215-196.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_08_21:41:00.074:
Hey Alek, you still follow the huskies? Not enough school pride on your page!! Fight On!!

529 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_09_06:10:07.892:
major power outage last night from 5:30 to 8:30

530 - "Scott" from (71-37-121-77.slkc.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_12_09_08:08:28.561:
To the Hulk, Superman and G.I. Joe, Love the robot. Merry Christmas.
Alek replies at 09:40 - Superman Kyle asked to play with the Robosapien - watch the robot video ... and those clock hands spin! ;-)

531 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_09_08:50:17.198:
Alex, you are amazing and thanks so much for all the cool Christmas Lights. From KCK

532 - "Tony E. White Jr" from (24-116-23-80.cpe.cableone.net) wrote at 2006_12_09_10:36:32.436:
Really love the site, I think my kids will really love it as much as I do. Thanks :)

533 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-89-168.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_09_16:22:01.297:
Stargazers will get a rare triple planetary treat this weekend with Jupiter, Mercury and Mars appearing to nestle together in the predawn skies. About 45 minutes before dawn on Sunday those three planets will be so close that the average person's thumb can obscure all three from view.

534 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-89-168.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_09_17:22:12.112:
BTW Mr Grassmas, I enjoyed your response to the Boulder Daily Camera letter. Hope they all have as good of a sense of humor as you.

535 - "I-CONTROL-YOUR-LIGHTS" from (udp024155uds.hawaiiantel.net) wrote at 2006_12_09_20:06:42.695:

536 - "Vampirescu" from (S010600e018552698.ed.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_12_09_20:34:25.141:
Oh i think i broke it, i hit a button and everythign went dark

537 - Alek says at 2006_12_09_20:41:05.764:
For reasons unknown, my home Comcast connection (since about 20:11) has been running less than a 1/10 of its rated speed. I've tried resetting the router - so far, it hasn't improved things, so probably something upstream at Comcast is causing the problem. Web Servers are doing fine, but webcam images aren't getting uploaded as they should be.
21:03 Update: And just like that, things are fixed - guess they did something! ;-)

538 - "Anonymous" from (c-71-197-147-239.hsd1.or.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_09_20:47:14.549:
Darn that pesky Comcast!

539 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_09_22:42:23.633:
when it is dark out and the x-10 controls have been turned off, on camera 2 there are two bright lights that what looks to be coming from the neighbors yard!! what are those to bright lights that are in camera 2 at night after the controls are turned off????
Alek replies at 22:53 - Neighbor has two christmas snowman-like decorations on front lawn. Since I enable the low-lux mood after my lights go off, they are much more visible even though they aren't directly viewable - nice spot/analysis! ;-)

540 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_09_23:08:11.334:

541 - Alek says at 2006_12_10_07:33:12.752:
JanetK sent this link that morphs a person into an elf - cute ...

542 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_11:41:22.683:
Sent to our Tucson, AZ support group this morning: Good morning(ish)! It is amazing what you can find on the Internet these days! The following link belong to the webpage of a man whose children have Celiac Disease. He has a seasonal lights display that he has several webcams showing live views of. YOU are able to control his display via the Internet. His site also accepts donations for Celiac Disease research.. He has raised a nice amount of money. ___this website was listed here___ Love, Diana Children's Dietary & Health Play/Support Group LINK DELETED

543 - "Gary" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_13:43:32.886:
Hi alek I like the new pictures on the homepage. Keep up the good work. Gary
Alek replies at 13:46 - Boy, you noticed that quick - just switched it - hadn't updated since 2004, so was overdue for an update.
family 2006   family2004

544 - "Gary" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_13:51:58.387:
HaHaHa. This is my homepage Alek.

545 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_10_15:24:02.346:
hey alex! what are some basic ways to hook lights up to a computer to be able to control them, that is cheap, besides 1-10 controls. I want to be able to hook them up and control them using my comp. with using some basic items. Do you have any ideas...or anybody for that matter, thanks

546 - "Kevin Bowling" from (82-45-107-208.stb.ubr03.gray.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_10_15:48:38.138:
I love this.I can only wish you the best of luck,im afraid that I cant help financially as I have just been made redundant,but I will make sure that I tell as many people as possible of your site.Merry christmas.

547 - "Jon" from (host-39-236-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_16:12:21.225:
I love digg

548 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_10_16:17:38.893:
Wow, what a great cause this is for. I wish we all could be as altruistic as you!

549 - "Anonymous" from (c-24-10-186-240.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_16:39:19.183:
420: holiday toke and smoke!!!

550 - "Anonymous" from (lns-bzn-50f-81-56-193-224.adsl.proxad.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_16:41:58.642:

551 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_10_16:43:53.910:
fiend lover

552 - Alek says at 2006_12_10_16:50:06.684:
Lotta action tonight on the Christmas Webcam - variety of sites and a bit of DIGG traffic (thousands of christmas messages tonight) - happened to catch a screenshot of 999 users - but have not gone over a 1,000 ... yet! ;-)
999 users

553 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-4-94-80.oc.oc.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_18:06:18.185:
I love men and my name is ryan blakley i live in san clemente cali

554 - "Anonymous" from (pool-151-196-178-181.balt.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_18:23:53.155:
Great job Alex with the xmas lights and charity.

555 - "Anonymous" from (1Cust3363.an4.den10.da.uu.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_18:34:09.191:
Happy Holidays from Lawrence, Tanja and Michael. I have sent the link to my family in Germany, they'll get a kick out of it.

556 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_10_18:36:10.860:

557 - "Homer4k" from (r74-193-87-125.parscmta01.parstx.tl.dh.suddenlink.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_18:36:29.899:
alek, you use Firefox! You rock like Homer - woo hoo!!

558 - "jojo" from (p54AB4116.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) wrote at 2006_12_10_18:53:41.750:
hey alek!! i love your site, i did a link on my blog LINK DELETED as you can see, i am from germany so i have to wait if its late in the night before i can toggle your awesome stuff xmas greetz from germany jOjo

559 - "Anonymous" from (nc-71-52-141-52.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_19:33:47.048:
Hi Alex...This is way cool

560 - "Anonymous" from (nc-71-52-141-52.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_19:38:08.819:
I don't know how to get my message on the instant message, but it's so sad that people just won't grow up. There is no reason to say vulgar things on there.

561 - "Kina" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_10_19:41:15.780:
Ditto. Can you all grow up and act like responsible adults. This is a family that lives her with small children.

562 - Alek says at 2006_12_10_19:42:28.897:
There is a text entry box just under the X10 controls. Yea, unfortunately, a small number of trolls feel the need to be potty-mouthed on the IM on webcam ... even though it is a family christmas website for charity - sheesh ... :-(

563 - "Anonymous" from (nc-71-52-141-52.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_19:46:43.298:
He works hard to put up all the lights and music for all to enjoy, its my favorite time of the year and to have some people to write things like that is just disgraceful. I wish they would all go and play somewhere else. I know its not really any of my business, but I still wished they would stop. Like you said this is a family with kids.

564 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_10_20:00:30.624:
Thanks Alek, Trolls is perfect. LOL LOL LOL

565 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_10_20:20:23.391:
alek what happened to santa?

566 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_10_20:22:22.560:
Hey cool website...original too.

567 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_10_20:26:16.027:
Have a nice christmas!!!

568 - "Baschalove" from (adsl-218-254-11.jax.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_21:18:52.439:
Any Fark links yet? I saw Digg made the move! Good deal!
Alek replies at 21:20 - Drew@Fark.com has not greenlighted to Fark - drop him a note and suggest it - would be good hilariety. #565: Santa should be fixed now - he is so darn big that he was "choking" the fan on the playwood panel he is mounted on - I cut a hole for the fan to "breath" and he's inflating better now

569 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_10_21:30:31.087:
hey alex do u work at home or when do u work??ur allways at ur comp. no matter what time of day it is all day everyday?? just curious

570 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_10_22:28:21.674:
this is really sad to see!!! a man that takes time out of his life to put lights up and make it fun for FAMILY'S to enjoy, is made a VULGAR site becasue of trolls out there that cant keep a family oriented web site alone. Out of all the places you can go and talk as dirty as you want , you choose this site to be your place. Dont any of you realize that alex has 2 young kids that are in his house and if they by some chance happen to walk in the room and there is something VULGAR on the screen, i dont think alex appreciates that much. We should all be here for one reason and that is to control his lights, if you came here for another reason then you should leave this site!! Because chances are you came to fill the christmas IM with dirty words. Hopefully some of you trolls out there will get the message LEAVE and find somewhere else to talk dirty......HOPEFULLY

571 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-180-127-246.no.no.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_22:34:34.971:
Merry Christmas, this is great. I can't believe how much fun this is. Thanks, Stephanie New Orleans, Louisiana

572 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-218-254-11.jax.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_10_23:32:40.815:
Alek: Will Do! I'll submit it under a new headline this time. They'll do it I'm sure! I'll post something in the Fark Forum. All the long running regulars and mods hang out there. I know it's not a Rotten cause, but I put the word out at DailyRotten.com as well. Don't let the name fool you. There's some good people in those forums. Your site won't get an article (As the site is truly Rotten) but the people in the forum want to anty up some donations.

573 - "Trojans" from (71-92-215-196.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_11_01:59:42.722:
Two weeks till Christmas!!! :) :)

574 - "Diana Knoepfle" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_11_08:15:20.757:
We enjoyed your display last night. Our daughter also has Celiac Disease (she is three years). We recommended this site to the support group I help run here. Good luck to you once again from Tucson, Az___ -Children's Dietary & Health Play/Support Group

575 - "Diana Knoepfle" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_11_08:45:58.436:
Do you ever wave at the camera?
Alek replies at 08:49 - Thanks for the nice words in post #574 Diana and good luck with your daughter. See post #518 below where I talk about "waving to the camera" ;-)

576 - "roseanne in san bernardino" from (pool-71-160-159-226.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_11_09:09:49.523:
Merry Christmas one & all.I am helping decorate rose parade floats! Watch the star wars float for my glued leaves.

577 - "Luke.UK. " from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_11_13:53:45.962:
Hi Alek,Not long now until the school holidays(19th December):-)Hello to Dave(UK),and to everyone on here,hope everyone is well and ready for Christmas.Your lights are looking great Alek,Luke.

578 - "Kina in KC " from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_11_14:09:20.928:
Hi Alek, thanks for the ELF Morph. I made my sons elves and emailed them to all their aunts, cousins, friends. I haven't heard from them yet but I bet I will. :)

579 - "chase galvin" from (71-167.35-65.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_11_16:33:29.768:
your site is the collest ever i love the work and the interaction espically when you can type and it shows up on the screen in the poffice place

580 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_11_16:35:24.512:
Merry Christmas Alek......... Are you related to Glen L Roberts?

581 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_11_17:46:27.909:
alek three things need fixing 1.update browser to 2.0. 2.stream video. 3wave more often
Alek replies at 20:11 - 1. I'll eventually upgrade to Firefox 2.x - doesn't make much difference on that simple text page on the laptop.
2. If you want to supply the webcams and bandwidth, I'm all for streaming video in christmas 2007! ;-)
3. Waving to the webcam is a popular request (see blog entry #518) - I need to have a robot arm wave on demand or something like that.

582 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-50-106-168.hsd1.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_11_18:38:08.733:
As everyone else is busy putting UP their Christmas trees___ I had to have my beautiful 75 ft Tulip popular taken DOWN today. I___m not a tree hugger but I loved that tree and all its memories. The good new is that your site ALEK has gotten me over the hump of sadness. Now the hump that remains in my back yard will take me some time to get over

583 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-024-163-094-221.nc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_11_19:48:21.645:
Hey Alek, get GF hamburger buns from Whole Foods :-)

584 - "Anonymous" from (olson-resnet-NAT-2.luther.edu) wrote at 2006_12_11_19:58:56.179:
Happy Holidays from the Midwest!

585 - "Anonymous" from (olson-resnet-NAT-2.luther.edu) wrote at 2006_12_11_20:02:16.038:
Alek's my hero

586 - Alek says at 2006_12_11_20:06:23.514:
Thanks again for the nice blog comments and since we live in the Republic of Boulder #583, we can get GF hamburger buns from Whole Foods nearby.
As people have noted in the christmas messages, I occasionally drink a beer - my wife buys the cheap variety microbrew pack at Costco, plus PBR and Bud/Coors Light. Since I have don't Celiac, I don't have to get a gluten-free one. While I'm more a Port type of guy (plus hulk lemon drop martini), for those beer drinkers out there, one nifty website I ran across a while ago is Hop-Talk.com - an excellent read IMHO.

587 - Alek says at 2006_12_11_21:12:22.046:
The #1 request on the IM on Webcam is that I wave to the webcam - see blog entry #518. So my wife pops in to say Hi and what pops up on the IM?!? ;-)
christmas wave

588 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_11_21:20:44.974:
i didn't see her wave, alek i saw a "here i am" but not a wave.

589 - "Kina in KC" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_11_21:44:20.295:
Hey Alek, that robot arm thing would be cool and funny. Good one. Try for 2007 and you could use it at Halloween too.

590 - "m@thelightaddict.com" from (cpe-76-169-20-44.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_11_21:57:12.888:
LINK DELETED says HELLO sand GOOD JOB!!! Thanks for the cheer!

591 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_11_22:10:08.015:
Alek just wanted to say thanks. I have a new wallpaper for my computer now with my IM message. Cool.
Alek replies at 22:15 - Cool - would be curious what it was - send me the timestamp.

592 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_11_22:28:07.623:
21:26.31 was the timestamp
Alek replies at 22:37 - Hulk stuff is pretty scary looking next to that cute message! ;-)
christmas kina dale

593 - "Kina in KC" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_09:16:48.353:
Thanks Alek. My kids love this picture.

594 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_09:54:42.622:
How do you get this to work? I would like to do this. Shaun from kansas city kansas.

595 - "Dave UK" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_12_12:07:13.930:
Hi Alex, What do you do once everything is working right, are you like santa and wait till next year or do you have a job? Hi Luke UK Have you been to see clowne lights yet........Happy Xmas everybody only 12 days to go....Dave UK

596 - "yuliet" from (adsl-76-215-29-80.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_12:59:12.604:
hi santa write back

597 - "Jim" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_12_13:03:23.498:
hey dan let's watch emmett otter!

598 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_13:04:33.755:
how is me supplying webcams and bandwith going to help.

599 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_13:42:55.328:
posted on digg already 3 dugg

600 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_13:57:55.615:
5 diggs now more diggs please

601 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_14:05:37.355:
alek did you digg my post
Alek replies at 14:12 - Here is the post ... looks like you linked to my home page rather than the webcam itself through (?)

602 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_14:17:07.248:
realized after posted

603 - "Anonymous" from (rrcs-67-53-30-42.west.biz.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_14:17:07.454:
Hello from Missouri

604 - "Anonymous" from (ACBDDD6A.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_14:44:10.179:
hello from devon england.

605 - Alek says at 2006_12_12_14:49:19.520:
Heads-up that it is going to be crazy tonight - I've been told the Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease will be green-lighted to the main page of Fark.com at 4:30PM MST ... less than 2 hours from now - YIKES!!!!

606 - "derek uk" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_12_15:06:23.019:
hi alek my kids say hello

607 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-35-25.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_15:34:38.528:
Looks like it could be a wild night. Better get my two cents in before it gets to crazy around here. PLEEEEEEZ keep things G rated tonight cuz there will be children on board.

608 - Alek says at 2006_12_12_16:08:56.762:
I even pulled out the PBR for the TotalFark'ers ...

609 - "Corey" from (cpe-24-95-51-216.columbus.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_16:29:31.007:
Howdy from Columbus, Ohio

610 - Alek says at 2006_12_12_16:47:59.765:
15 minutes after Front Page of Fark.com:
    $uptime - 16:47:13 - load average: 174.93, 121.79, 56.25
ssh is slow, but Web Server hanging in there.
Now on front page of DIGG!!!

611 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-35-25.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_16:59:33.121:
Over twelve hundred people watching!! You stressing yet Mr Grassmas?
Alek replies at 17:24 - The Number of Viewers counter broke shortly after hitting the front page of Fark and DIGG - the last recorded value was 1,238 and it was still climbing fast.
$uptime - 17:16:02 - load average: 199.70, 194.74, 165.20

612 - "Ryan Massey" from (pool-71-252-249-46.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:06:29.688:
Merry Christmas!

613 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:20:38.988:
bringing in another army slashdot

614 - "Kina in KC" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:21:31.939:
Can you tell how many viewers have shown up yet?

615 - "nec" from (port758.ds1-rd.adsl.cybercity.dk) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:26:25.389:
I saw this other years too, it's really awesome ! Seasons' greetings to you and your family, and best wishes for donations!

616 - "Aunite Ra" from (cache-rtc-ab08.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:28:16.005:
Santa's Camels now available on i-tunes! This delightful cross cultural holiday tale hs played at film fests around the world and is now downloadable for a mere ___1.99. LINK DELETED

617 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-67-67-88-27.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:29:57.512:
You've defeated the internet, nicely done.

618 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:31:13.016:
not yet tring to get slashdot in here next

619 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:32:19.010:
anyone want to help me bring slashdot in

620 - "Aj Collins" from (oh-205-240-39-203.sta.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:37:14.664:
I can't get a request in! It keeps giving me errors! Nicely done Digg and Fark! Oh and nice idea to who ever started this! (Submits to Slashdot)

621 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:37:35.081:
slashdot rejected twice any hints

622 - "Anonymous" from (doc-24-32-167-200.shin.wv.cebridge.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:46:11.513:
Merry Christmas! THis is a wonderful site you are hosting.

623 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_17:46:37.894:
did you submit to slashdot aj collins

624 - "Anonymous" from (slb-proxy-03.boeing.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:01:51.302:
Brilliant Idea. pun intended. Celiac disease needs to be no more. peace.

625 - "TG--Canada" from (S01060011953fb410.wp.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:06:51.444:
great Christmas spirit and a great cause...Merry Christmas!!!

626 - "Raider -- Power" from (ip68-1-225-205.dl.dl.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:09:01.881:
Cheers, and, good luck from Lubbock, Texas.

627 - "TFette Granolasteak" from (66-230-87-174-cdsl-rb1.fai.acsalaska.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:16:28.165:
What a great example for your kids! WTG, man. Merry Christmas from Alaska!

628 - "Wes" from (n220246164045.netvigator.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:16:56.812:
Merry Christmas from Hong Kong!

629 - "Pox" from (host-69-146-61-174.rvt-wy.client.bresnan.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:19:29.800:
Thank you so much, I have Celiac Disease and so might my son to be due Jan. 4th

630 - "Anonymous" from (66-230-87-174-cdsl-rb1.fai.acsalaska.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:24:32.074:
Merry Christmas!

631 - "Anonymous" from (c-71-193-219-86.hsd1.or.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:24:48.374:
I heard about your cause and site from Bob on KPAM. Nice job with it!

632 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-163-236-72.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:26:13.919:
Have your neighbors complained yet?

633 - "Aj Collins" from (oh-205-240-39-203.sta.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:27:30.794:
Heads up! GTAForums, GTAPortable, and Facepunch forums are coming your way!

634 - Alek says at 2006_12_12_18:28:41.614:
Number of Viewers counter has recovered - as noted below, was timing out when things were totally crazy - currently showing 2,947 people viewing the lights - that is a lotta DIGG'ers and FARK'ers! If you enjoy the show/craziness, please consider donating at least a few bucks to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research.

635 - "Anonymous" from (65-43-2-98.ded.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:29:08.544:
xmas xmas xmas

636 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-166-91-252.hsd1.or.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:32:08.678:
Merry Christmas Keldi

637 - "Ya Ya" from (pool-70-21-182-234.nwrk.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:36:08.729:
Zook.. ZONK!

638 - "wes" from (65-43-2-98.ded.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:37:48.166:
Signal Learning

639 - "Anonymous" from (c-71-56-121-188.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:39:38.066:
Hello notflame!

640 - "Anonymous" from (host86-131-250-204.range86-131.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:42:02.792:
Got here from Glasgow, Scotland, GB.. via Fark.. great work, worthy cause. Crappy graphics.

641 - "Zoe's Dad" from (pool-72-78-115-16.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:45:51.274:
Succeeded in turning Elmo on once after much clicking

642 - "arron from kentuc" from (DHCP-74-128-80-104.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:51:07.955:
what a wonderful thing you are doing!

643 - "Shiner" from (81-179-80-88.dsl.pipex.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_18:56:29.086:
LMAO - Nice one. Good Luck, hope you and your family have a great Christmas and Best Wishes for 2007. Shiner

644 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_12_19:06:42.533:
I would so give you money if paypal didnt take it away from me.

645 - "Anonymous" from (c-71-196-169-166.hsd1.co.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:10:54.674:
Hey Man, beautiful show. Always been a s***** for xmas lights. Sorry I couldn't give more.

646 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:13:33.944:
good job alek you survied the digg and fark effects

647 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-67-10-158-137.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:13:37.098:
Great idea with such a creative use of the Internet. texasrainmaker . com

648 - "Anonymous" from (pool-70-110-209-128.phil.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:18:33.801:
DEATH TO 12 ouns mouce

649 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-69-228-146-146.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:21:10.654:
hoe hoe hoe ftw

650 - "Scott" from (cpe-024-167-156-155.triad.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:22:13.248:
Great Site. good job.

651 - "HomerJ1965" from (12-201-65-185.client.mchsi.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:24:59.390:
Happy Agnostica!!!! Happy Festivus!!!!

652 - "Anonymous" from (doc-24-32-20-20.pilotpoint.tx.cebridge.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:25:01.997:
W00t! W00t! W00t! W00t!

653 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-164-190-17.hsd1.co.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:32:22.267:
Believing in imaginary things is for children. Please stop wasting electricity and donate the money to run these lights to your charity instead. Congrats on the fast site on a night where many people are trying to crush you.
Alek replies at 19:35 - Total raised so far for Celiac Disease: $14,000.
Cost of electricity to run the lights: $3/day. (no typo, t-h-r-e-e   b-u-c-k-s)
Source of Electricity: Wind Power plus Carbon Offsets.
You better believe that komar.org's Christmas Lights stay on ... until you turn 'em off! ;-) (read more here)
P.S. Let me know how much you donate to charity ... and Merry Christmas to you too sir.

654 - "Anonymous" from (208-59-160-16.c3-0.nmex-ubr1.lnh-nmex.md.cable.rcn.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:33:45.350:
I made Santa erect - ho ho ho

655 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-187-9-3.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:36:04.664:
Semper Fidelis!

656 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-187-9-3.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:37:04.350:
goodnight Chesty, wherever you are

657 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_12_19:41:19.109:
This is really great! I'm a poor college student and can't really donate but I'll spread the word for you :) Have a great Xmas

658 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-160-63-67.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:06:14.189:
LISTEN TO STFU ON orangeloungradio

659 - "Anonymous" from (pool-70-104-128-60.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:11:14.130:

660 - "Aj Collins" from (oh-205-240-39-203.sta.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:11:16.210:
How long are you going to do this? Is it just for tonight?

661 - "somedude" from (adsl-64-216-141-113.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:12:11.697:

662 - "Anonymous" from (c-24-62-210-69.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:13:45.797:
Sandra, will you marry me?

663 - Alek says at 2006_12_12_20:15:59.062:
Kyle says we have some real clowns controlling the lights tonight ...
christmas clown

664 - "Anonymous" from (c-24-62-210-69.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:16:20.494:
Sandra, will you marry me?

665 - "da big man" from (h193.49.255.206.cable.htsp.cablelynx.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:19:09.954:
Facepunch rocks, this too

666 - "Anonymous" from (d142-59-45-103.abhsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:21:18.603:
stop begging for money dips***.. grrr this is a common this celiac disease its not like you have AIDS

667 - "KrAzYmAn" from (rrcs-24-153-221-221.sw.biz.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:26:14.201:
Happy Haunukka

668 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-66-74-207-145.san.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:26:16.487:

669 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-66-74-207-145.san.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:28:26.612:

670 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-66-74-207-145.san.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:29:54.954:

671 - "TwoGigs.com Crew" from (cpe-72-184-132-142.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:48:33.920:
Good luck Alek, thanks! You're doing a great job. Visit TwoGigs.com. =)

672 - "Jason Garland" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:58:24.364:
LINK DELETED says hello

673 - "jasongarland.com" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_12_20:59:38.935:

674 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_12_21:18:38.689:
Look at the logs for tonight!

675 - "Twogigs.com" from (cpe-72-184-132-142.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_21:20:39.671:
Hooray Alek! :D Congrats! Looove, TwoGigs.com

676 - "IXI Jim IXI from Fark.com" from (ip70-181-32-168.ri.ri.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_21:23:13.693:
Good luck with the fundraising! Great cause, and quite a blast to watch. Now, if only I could get some d*** work done... ___)

677 - "Anonymous" from (nr27-66-161-250-74.fuse.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_21:23:43.832:
Hoe,Hoe,U Hoe

678 - "Jen" from (67-40-252-224.ptld.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_21:24:10.029:

679 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-66-27-111-47.san.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_21:25:51.200:

680 - "A Sillyak hubby" from (c-24-22-194-253.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_21:28:50.655:
Very cool! My wife has Celiacs disease as well!

681 - "Anonymous" from (24-155-80-130.ip.grandenetworks.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_21:38:19.753:
hello, my name is snoopy

682 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-76-208-2-66.dsl.sbndin.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_21:45:51.535:
Go Wolverines!

683 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-66-24-29-15.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_21:46:09.640:
Dippy Doh!

684 - "fragMasterFlash" from (c-67-183-2-79.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_21:57:52.325:
/3eer! /3eer! /3EER!11!

685 - "philonius" from (nwblwibas08-pool23-a176.nwblwi.tds.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_22:10:33.152:
Great site, lotsa fun. Best to your family and congrats on withstanding the FARK+DIGG effect.

686 - "Absalom from FARK" from (d39-159-179.home1.cgocable.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_22:30:04.372:
Merry Christmas, and Very Cool! I will most certainly be making a donation shortly. Thanks for the fun and diversion, and I hope your servers don't melt tonight!

687 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-071-077-044-000.nc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_22:48:59.397:

688 - "doozy" from (adsl-69-225-14-115.dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_23:07:06.264:
Merry Christmas Smile =)

689 - "Anonymous" from (prcn1-pool-217.grm.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_23:08:09.906:
Have A Cool Yule!

690 - "Anonymous" from (S0106000a95dc2a52.gv.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_23:20:38.734:
truth is in the paradox

691 - "hacker bob" from (ppp-207-193-29-58.snantx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_23:26:51.766:

692 - "Anonymous" from (12-214-36-35.client.mchsi.com) wrote at 2006_12_12_23:27:29.393:
Hello GLen

693 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_12_23:37:01.318:
phi phi for life giggdy giggdy ole right merry christmas

694 - "A random farker." from (d207-81-213-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_12_12_23:37:17.460:
You will be farked. You will not resist us.

695 - "Aj Collins" from (oh-205-240-39-203.sta.embarqhsd.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_00:04:46.201:
Good job today Alek! Turn off the servers and get some sleep!

696 - "Anonymous" from (125-237-30-123.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) wrote at 2006_12_13_00:12:36.183:
Greetings from New Zealand. I am watching in real time even though 18 hours ahead! LOL This is a fun site!

697 - Alek says at 2006_12_13_00:45:01.453:
A Hulk'in thanks to "Brian" who fiddled with the animated Santa-Homer cursor and cleaned up some of the white anti-aliasing.
christmas homer 1OLD ONE
christmas homer 2NEW ONE!

698 - "Baschalove" from (adsl-17-236-254.jax.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_01:02:51.612:
Alek: Glad to see Fark got 'er done! Congratulations on yet another successful year as so far! (I'm doing a little happy dance now! :) )

699 - "Santa Claus Lapland" from (dsl-roibrasgw1-fe8efb00-169.dhcp.inet.fi) wrote at 2006_12_13_02:42:09.876:
Merry Christmas to all from Rovaniemi, the home of Santa on the Arctic Circle in Lapland, Finland. Santa gets over a million visitors and letters every year, and the numbers are rising by 15 ___ annually! LINK DELETED

700 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_13_03:50:14.275:
Merry Christmas All___.. Hey Alek, Good Job keeping up with the Fark, and Digg bombardment!!! Digg or Fark alone is enough to deadlink a site, and they double teamed you. Hope this fires you up to go even bigger___. Maybe you should hold a fast auction, winner gets to control everything for 1 hour or less. Keep up the Good Work Happy Holidays______.JP

701 - "Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT" from (cpe-70-92-97-82.bak.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_13_05:48:10.918:
I just wanted to thank all of you here that may have contributed to this song of mine becoming such a big Christmas hit this year! Brand New Christmas Song Dr. BLT (c) 2006 LINK DELETED

702 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-70-92-97-82.bak.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_13_05:49:45.980:
To link to the free song, hit http, then www and those crazy symbols, then drblt dot net slash BNewXaSong dot mp3

703 - "Anonymous" from (61.17.22-204.ekm-dsl-dynamic.vsnl.net.in) wrote at 2006_12_13_06:58:27.098:
hai everybody Merry X-Mas

704 - "Anonymous" from (CPE000ea60f99b0-CM000f9f535096.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2006_12_13_07:04:31.593:
What a great idea. I was diagnosed July 04 Here is a song for you. LINK DELETED

705 - "Diana Knoepfle" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_09:28:54.439:
Greetings once again from Tucson, Az, land of zero snow!

706 - "Trojans" from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_12_13_10:28:23.143:
I agree with the other farker. You should auction 5 minutes agreement of control access! Oh and Fight On! Beat the Wolverines!

707 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_11:51:55.402:
Auction on EBay would be wonderful for Celiac research...

708 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_12:51:45.649:
take down digg and fark signs so yesterday

709 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-70-235-87-87.dsl.mrdnct.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_13:22:53.977:
This site is awesome!!!

710 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_13:29:50.304:
Alek I know how to setup video lan PLease respond.

711 - "Nick" from (c-24-2-156-231.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_13:56:11.346:
Yo Yo Yo Ho Ho Ho

712 - "Anonymous" from (h122.114.29.71.ip.alltel.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_15:39:20.358:
what versions/distro of linux are you running? just wondering cause i really like your setup and was wondering how intricate of a setup you have, minus the apache and perl(sp)

713 - "Anonymous" from (REV-4.ezy.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_15:59:30.130:
Wing wang wing want

714 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-75-37.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_16:59:22.529:
I've been over relaxing at Watching Grass Grow. Have things calmed down around here yet? Is it safe to come back?

715 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_17:13:44.682:
hey alek since the home constrution site is done can you add the cam to sit looking at your christams tree

716 - "Anonymous" from (machine77.Level3.com) wrote at 2006_12_13_17:32:46.507:
Great site. Here's to slacking off at work.

717 - "Anonymous" from (cache1.solarix.net.nz) wrote at 2006_12_13_18:49:00.317:
Fantastic from Palmerston North New Zealand

718 - "amber" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_13_18:53:44.369:
Are you going to have an indoor cam to watch for Santa again this year?

719 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_18:57:59.934:
alek sent mail to you describing how to stream hope helps sorry for run-on sentences
Alek replies at 19:34 - Got your note - but trust me, it is not that simple to rebroadcast video to tons of people around the world. I appreciate the dozen+ folks that have all sent their "easy/simple" solution ... but probably best to hold off on those unless you have actually done something like this. And as always, thanks for all the nice words from various folks below ... and I'm thinking about setting up the Santa Tracker again Amber.

720 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-209-15-136.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_13_20:14:01.205:
Just love your site...but how in the world do you tolerate all the RUDE comments made? Keep up the good work..I for one love it!!

721 - "=D" from (adsl-68-127-83-153.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_20:46:14.460:
I love this!! so much effort put in to raise money..i love one comment that keeps blairing up that says "loser you morAn" haha...very nice job though!! hope you have a nice christmas!!

722 - "Anonymous" from (d207-81-213-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_21:59:34.540:
About time you got back to your computer. I like watching you..... Rawr

723 - "Anonymous" from (d207-81-213-37.bchsia.telus.net) wrote at 2006_12_13_22:01:28.671:
Do the robot!!!

724 - "amber" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_14_00:38:14.271:
Well, since you're still up, you should look to the skies. Meteor shower tonight! I found out by accident. I just saw two, and one was bigger and brighter thatn all of those I've seen before. So I checked the news and there it was. Tonight is the peak of the shower. It's nature's own Christmas lights! Afterwards, get some sleep!

725 - "Diana Knoepfle" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_07:59:19.221:
Good morning from Tucson, land of no snow. Do you drink regular or decaf? I read that you have now raised ___15,000 for Celiac research. It is exciting to read___ all of us thank you.

726 - "Anonymous" from (71-92-215-196.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_14_08:58:01.648:
Someone's walking their white dog on cam 2!!

727 - Alek says at 2006_12_14_09:45:50.950:
The Rocky Mountain News publishes their top-10 favorite Christmas Displays - you can cast a vote for this one at the bottom of their page.

728 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_13:06:36.976:
ask d-link if they could send you a how to stream for videolan who kmows they may know.
Alek replies at 13:18 - Been there, done that - several times ...

729 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_13:21:17.475:
ask the company that actualy manufactured it they probely know more than d-link

730 - "Anonymous" from (82-45-79-209.stb.ubr04.basi.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_14_13:36:52.869:
FYI: Your monitor appears to be 1024x768 - Webcams looks best on at least 1280x1024 - BUY A NEW ONE! lol very nice

731 - "derek uk xmas lights" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_14_14:17:46.283:
hi main man kids are here they say hello

732 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_14_14:51:10.875:
Wow -- Great site. I live about 4 miles from you, and never even knew about this. Keep up the great work. How do you put up with all the people and their rude comments though?
Alek replies at 15:00 - Yea, unfortunately, there are a small minority of trolls with potty-mouths ... but attaboys like yours make it easier to ignore 'em - thanks and Merry Christmas to 'ya!

733 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_15:44:03.570:
maybe you should give the filter a little update and or block the potty mouths

734 - "The London Chalk Family" from (host86-143-84-180.range86-143.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_12_14_16:44:40.558:
What a great looking site! All the best from London - UK!!! Merry Christmas

735 - "Anonymous" from (173.reserved.callplus.net.nz) wrote at 2006_12_14_16:45:23.650:

736 - "Kina in KCK" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_14_18:43:03.501:
I am totally amazed at the folks that check out your lights from all the other countries. VERY EXTREMELY COOL. You are my hero Alek.

737 - "Anonymous" from (c-71-231-108-106.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_19:43:35.351:
It is ENTERCOM not ENTEROM as you posted on the 2005 radio station updates. Are there any for this year of 2006? Better get crackin' on updates!
Alek replies at 20:25 - I've fixed the typo on the Entercom Alice 105.9 page - thanks!

738 - "mrdjs7 (from Alien-Earth.org and Godlikeproductions.com)" from (c-71-231-108-106.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_19:45:40.928:
My last comment was number 737. I BUILD 737 Jets at The BOEING COMPANY in Everett, Washington! Woo Hoo! Keep up the great work for the kids dad!

739 - "Anonymous" from (c-71-237-145-180.hsd1.or.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_20:06:31.629:
The Playhouse Rules!!!

740 - "jeff hagemann" from (80-124.60-67-cpe.cableone.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_20:09:59.559:

741 - "Anonymous" from (c-69-141-105-230.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_20:14:06.169:
Awesome idea. Your neighbors must want to kill you!
Alek replies at 20:30 - Actually, as noted several times, the neighbors think it is a riot (one of the webcams is at their house even) ... and needless to say, the kids love it! ;-)

742 - "mrdjs7 From GODLIKEPRODUCTIONS.COM and ALIEN-EARTH.ORG" from (c-71-231-108-106.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_20:46:46.088:
You're a great dad. You're kids are lucky to have you. Keep up the great work that you are doing. Keep on those guys at the Radio Station too! If you could get Bank Of America to set up a fund for you, I would be able to donate a few bucks as they are local. Have a great one!

743 - "Anonymous" from (207-118-207-34.dyn.centurytel.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_22:22:28.571:
Ho.Awesome webpage and the lights are incredible.The snowman appeared to inflate o.k. for me just before 10 p.m. What a huge amount of work this must be How old are your kids. Praying that someone with money and heart will favor your cause and reward your hard work. AMEN.

744 - "George-Illinois" from (c-67-175-254-13.hsd1.il.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_14_23:13:48.415:
Hi. Its very awesome what you are doing i support it all the way. I hope all goes well for you and your family :). I think i saw 1700 people at one time!! wow! I wonder if you've hit 2000+ people at one time! That would be so cool. Must be so much fun to annoy the neighbors. its funny to see homer and Santa deflate and inflate. I found it funny on how many times the system was overloaded :P. he he. Sigh to the trolls. Anyways keep up the good work and have a great holiday :-) ___('.'___) giggle mittens.

745 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_15_05:04:06.735:
Alek e-mailed radio station quite some time ago no reply.

746 - "Anonymous" from (ool-4574604b.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2006_12_15_05:59:42.230:
santa is true.

747 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-76-188-21-76.neo.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_15_07:58:13.046:
Owen & Noah owen & noah wiish you a merry christmas from mentor,oh!! thanks for the lights! kimmiarbaugh@hotmail.com

748 - "Diana" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_15_08:17:58.757:
Good morning once again from Tucson, AZ, the land of no snow. Your snow is melting___ I sure hope we're not influencing you!

749 - "Anonymous" from (71-92-215-196.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_15_09:02:56.241:
Alek! It's time to use that Christmas magic. Why don't you conjure up some snow!! Happy Holidays
Alek replies at 10:50 - Supposed to hit 60°F today ... so expect a lotta melting. Cold front comes in this weekend with possible snow on Sunday.

750 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_15_09:26:25.486:
Top 10 Christmas Riddles Top 10 Christmas Carols Lyrics Ultimate Christmas Guide LINK DELETED What do elves learn in school? The elf-abet What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Frosted Flakes What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite What is the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet? The Christmas alphabet has No L (Noel) What Christmas Carol is a favorite of parents? Silent Night Why was Santa's little helper depressed? He had low elf esteem Top 100 Most Popular Sites. Visit ___ LINK DELETED

751 - "samantha" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_15_13:26:07.281:
samantha is so cool

752 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_15_13:29:19.362:
to celebrate the weekend I am putting you on digg - or at least trying

753 - Alek says at 2006_12_15_14:42:05.474:
Laurene Wells enjoys the controllable Christmas Lights and sent me this heartwarming story along with some yummy celiac disease recipes - great read - thanks!

754 - "Anonymous" from (c-69-143-44-107.hsd1.va.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_15_15:28:07.644:
LINK DELETED Similar...Controlable piano with christmas tunes...

755 - "Anonymous" from (c-69-143-44-107.hsd1.va.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_15_15:29:18.432:
soltys.org/christmas Similar...Controlable piano with christmas tunes...

756 - "Diana" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_15_15:48:24.238:
The green grass is so wrong! Kudos to Laurene Wells!

757 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_15_17:03:05.916:
I really hope we get some good snow this weekend. Your lights look really good with snow. I just hope its not as cold as it was a couple weeks ago here in good ol CO.

758 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-69-210-248-25.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_12_15_18:46:34.525:
ho ho ho! merry christmas! great lights! i love those lights!

759 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-51-66.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_15_19:56:05.816:
"Please wave"

760 - "Cali surfer" from (adsl-69-231-225-239.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_15_20:01:48.467:
Made me smile -- thanks! :-)

761 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_15_22:02:31.889:
what happened to webcame 1?? it just suddenly went offline!!???
Alek replies at 23:10 - Webcam goes offline at 10:00PM because the picture is pretty boring after that since no lights are on - goes back online at 6:00AM.

762 - "Anonymous" from (c-24-7-154-217.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_16_02:10:31.115:
Beautiful, I love it.

763 - Alek says at 2006_12_16_07:49:56.137:
My wife's book club had their annual Christmas Party last night that was a lotta fun. While I don't do it too often, I even put on a tie to look extra spiffy as surfers pointed out last night.

764 - "Kina in KC" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_16_08:18:54.381:
Very Spiffy Alek. I bet Wendy is saying to do it more often, HA! HA! I wish I could get my hubby to wear a tie, but he's cute anyway.

765 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_16_09:48:34.184:
Do you know Tom Nachman?

766 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-70-204.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_16_10:54:42.650:
Wow Mr Grassmas, a tie and come hair gel. You clean up nicely! Brad, Tom and George got nothing on you!

767 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-70-204.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_16_10:58:10.388:
Looks like your little commando could use some gel himself this morning. He has pillow hair bad!

768 - "Dustin" from (16-157-90-80.pool1.bn-online.net) wrote at 2006_12_16_14:17:50.751:
Love this site.. to bad im in bed when the controls come on. Maybe you can set it so people from different parts of the world can use the controls.

769 - "derek xmas lights uk" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_16_14:43:49.936:
hi alek kids say hello

770 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-160-152-154.hsd1.or.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_16_18:38:15.786:
Hey! Merry Christmas, be sure to sprinkle reindeer food out for Santa's reindeers, so they have plenty of energy for Santa's big trip!!

771 - "Anonymous" from (user-12l21n2.cable.mindspring.com) wrote at 2006_12_16_19:53:54.618:
fix homer please

772 - "Anonymous" from (user-12l21n2.cable.mindspring.com) wrote at 2006_12_16_20:14:57.785:
thanks homer works

773 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_16_20:37:33.555:
hey, does it like NEVER rain there. The past like month that the webcams have been online i haven't seen a rain drop! It must NEVER rain!!

774 - "Anonymous" from (pool-68-238-117-193.atl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_16_20:43:57.919:
Merry Christmas from North Carolina!

775 - "Dueck" from (197.216-123-200-0.interbaun.com) wrote at 2006_12_16_20:50:07.491:
Hi Elves! Check out this blog post showing online search statistics about Christmas 2006! LINK DELETED Merry Christmas!

776 - Alek says at 2006_12_16_23:07:44.646:
We hung our stockings on the mantle tonight - Kyle got a bit carried away (like his father) putting everything he could find up there - note the Hulk stuff ... ;-)
christmas stockings

777 - "Anonymous" from (server50262.uk2net.com) wrote at 2006_12_17_02:29:15.783:
An honest politician, a kind lawyer and Santa Claus were walking down the street and saw a ___20 bill. Which one picked it up?? Santa! The other two don___'t exist! What do you do if Santa Claus gets stuck in your chimney? Pour Santa flush on him! What do the elves call it when P___re No___l claps his hands at the end of a play? Santapplause! Why does Santa like to work in his garden? Because he likes to hoe, hoe, hoe!

778 - "Anonymous" from (server50262.uk2net.com) wrote at 2006_12_17_02:37:18.097:

779 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-181-16-241.ri.ri.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_17_04:59:48.601:
Alex You are my kid of NUT ! Merry Christmas from Conn,

780 - Alek says at 2006_12_17_08:32:58.952:
People often ask about the technology aspects of the Controllable Christmas Lights and there there is an extensive Christmas FAQ that describes some of the behind-the-scene "magic" and more. The video that describes "How it Works" was recently uploaded to Lulu by RL, one of Santa's Elves - check it out!

781 - "Diana" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_17_12:35:18.399:
Good news from Tucson,Az Alek___ the storm is here and headed up your way!

782 - "c varrier" from (cache-los-ab02.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_17_13:42:30.024:
merry christmas everyone

783 - "Anonymous" from (ool-182dc596.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2006_12_17_14:58:27.261:
This is a wonderful idea, Merry Christmas!

784 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_17_16:08:49.249:
1.don't think icicles in cam 2 work. Get snow bubble with santa in it.

785 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_17_17:05:47.813:
Good evening from Tucson, Az.

786 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_17_17:16:29.635:

787 - "Bibbs" from (user-514ff27a.l4.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_17_17:43:17.984:
They say little things please little minds but this is great, Wishing you all a very merry xmas from London UK

788 - Alek says at 2006_12_17_18:41:00.445:
Some folks pointed out that the internal lights on Frosty the Snowman have burnt out - I'll fix it tomorrow. Kyle was hanging out in my office and appreciated the person who "said" this to him on the webcam.

789 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_17_22:09:37.345:
is there anyway you can put a light out so we can see the snow!??
Alek replies at 22:12 - I've turned on the low-lux mood which does image amplification - snowing lightly (only 1-3" predicted) but looks like it is starting to stick.

790 - "Anonymous" from (ip72-198-44-209.ok.ok.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_17_22:30:34.872:
Good evening from moore,oklahoma

791 - "Anonymous Programmer" from (c-68-54-85-50.hsd1.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_17_22:32:44.978:
Greetings from Elkridge, MD where we should've gotten snow by now but haven't. Alek, you're lucky to get snow.

792 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_17_23:07:31.277:
are u going to be shoveling the snow tmrw mourning___!? like you did last time___! and if you are what time??

793 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_18_00:28:29.518:
how much snow do u have si far??

794 - "Diana" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_18_08:07:48.553:
Congratulations on your snow. I told you we were sending it your way! GRIN

795 - "LINK DELETED" from (user-514f04a1.l1.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_18_09:29:44.754:
Greetings From United Kingdom !

796 - "thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_18_11:18:30.310:
it looks to be that all of your snow is melting!! So if you get more in the next few days you will have to start fresh, there wont be any snow to buld off of! OhWell

797 - "Tucson, AZ" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_18_12:41:14.231:
I'm dreaming of a rainy Christmas, Just like the ones I've always known...

798 - "Anonymous" from (ip-81-1-116-163.cust.homechoice.net) wrote at 2006_12_18_16:19:12.924:
Good luck with your fund raising. Keep up the great work.

799 - "Anonymous" from (d58-106-72-75.meb4.vic.optusnet.com.au) wrote at 2006_12_18_16:30:20.455:
God bless you all

800 - "Ericka - Phoenix AZ" from (VDSL-151-118-172-172.DNVR.QWEST.NET) wrote at 2006_12_18_16:51:54.111:
What a wonderful idea! I wish you and yours a happy, healthy new year!

801 - Alek says at 2006_12_18_17:21:13.024:
With the three webcams snapping images every 3 seconds, I'm sure there are tons of "funny" pictures I miss ... but I just happened to see this one. Internet surfers somehow timed it so Santa & Elmo are doing a synchronized inflation as the last glimmer of sunlight fades away ... ;-)
christmas rise

802 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_18_18:04:59.442:
controllable tv

803 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_12_18_18:08:36.687:
Alek, what a nice family you have :) Your wife and sons must be very proud of you!! Merry Christmas, And thankyou.

804 - "Anonymous" from (166-82-118-197.quickclick.ctc.net) wrote at 2006_12_18_18:13:25.824:

805 - "Karen in Texas" from (cache-dtc-ab02.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_18_19:21:55.557:
What a wonderful gift to the world (being so many countries visit here). We can not thank you enough for the enjoyment you bring us all. What a wonderful family you have & how smart you are!! Hats off to ya Alek!

806 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-54-85-50.hsd1.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_18_20:47:16.742:
Your kid was cute when he was acting like Frankenstein and attacking the webcam!
Alek replies at 20:51 - It was even funnier here in Santa's Workshop.
P.S. Several really nice comments - thanks for the "Hats Off! ;-)"

christmas hulk 0
christmas hulk

807 - "Reply from that Anonymous Programmer" from (c-68-54-85-50.hsd1.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_18_21:00:07.860:
Just keep up the good work! I will have friends donate!

808 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_18_21:06:47.931:
Thanks for fixing Frosty too. He was lonely out there without a light. :)

809 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-70-122-90-21.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_18_21:39:03.567:
Enjoyed the controls. Have you considered live streaming video on website?

810 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_18_22:05:45.451:
Good night and good luck..

811 - "Katie from New Mexico" from (mail.firenet.org) wrote at 2006_12_19_00:42:18.403:
This has got to be the craziest thing anyone has ever come up with. I mean, what could your electricity bill be like? Anyways, I'm looking forward to when the controls are on! And...what do the neighbors think?
Alek replies at 07:06 - Most of the lights are mini's, so electric bill is about $3/day extra (yes, T-H-R-E-E). Less if Internet surfers keep turning 'em off! ;-) Also read how Wind Power is used plus more info in the christmas FAQ. Neighbors think it is a riot (heck, webcam1 is in one of their houses) and needless to say, the kids just love it!

812 - "derek xmas lightd uk" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_19_09:48:45.651:
hi alek our lights are now on people coming to c them already regards derek

813 - "chadmchris" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_19_12:01:36.081:
I just saw you smile on the webcam. Merry Christmas!

814 - "chadmchris" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_19_12:06:44.563:
Since I saw you smile were you testing me to see if I would see you pick your nose? Just kidding. Merry Christmas! By the way, I have an article still kept from the Deseret Morning News from Christmas of 2004 about your lights.

815 - Alek says at 2006_12_19_13:26:07.734:
When taking long-exposure pictures of Christmas Lights, a steady hand is essential. I wasn't so steady here ... but the effect is kinda neat.
christmas swirl

816 - "Anonymous" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_13:31:54.751:
Wow its making my eyes go all funny. Sweeeeeeeeeet

817 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_13:41:37.610:
HEy alek does videolan find your webcams check by clicking open capturing device. Cool pic makes me dizzy.

818 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_13:56:13.878:
looks like big tornado comin out of camera if you look by soldier person you see blue line almost like water

819 - "Anonymous" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_14:01:32.820:
Like at frosty and that area in general.

820 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_14:04:29.138:
put you on wiigg.

821 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_14:16:14.515:
Hello Alek. How is your day going so far?

822 - "Kina in KC" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_14:17:24.979:
By the way, VERY COOL PHOTO. Love that swirly affect.

823 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_14:22:00.018:
WHAT wrong with stepping santa we all miss using it to annoy you.

824 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_14:45:02.846:
HEy hulk do you like the cold snowy nights

825 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_14:56:32.320:
Uhhhh alek i'm not getting any pics from webcams 1-3

826 - "Diana - Tucson, AZ" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_15:02:16.936:
Alek, the latest photo on the blog would make an awesome Christmas card!

827 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_15:03:56.312:
now got 3 but 1 and 2 out for me.

828 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_15:08:44.965:
not only missing 2

829 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_15:11:08.522:
all working

830 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_15:21:32.478:
can you please turn on laptop i will stop commenting on here if you do.

831 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_19_15:42:10.204:
nice picture but next time kepp ur hand still, what did u have to much to drink?

832 - "noel" from (catv-50637abc.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_12_19_15:43:43.266:
what's that white bag lookalike next to the spiral xmas tree? did you shoot a snowman? looks kinda scary

833 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_19_15:46:03.231:
yes he shoot the snowman, man that was such a sad moment for frosty.

834 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_19_15:47:35.301:
and elmo and sant and homer he shoot them all.

835 - "Anonymous" from (catv-50637abc.catv.broadband.hu) wrote at 2006_12_19_15:51:06.404:
oh my god! elmo?!

836 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_16:06:08.999:
hey Alek, stuff is looking great. Sorry i havent been active, been busy, but ill be on more when its closer to christmas

837 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_16:12:51.021:
I like this view. In case you care.

838 - "Shelby" from (authorized_proxy1.cogeco.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_17:26:50.425:
I checked out this wonderfule site last year and its great that you are back and hard at work....Merry Christmas to all and to all a Wonderful Night

839 - "Anonymous" from (72-160-166-84.dyn.centurytel.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_18:13:01.397:
This is an awesome website! Merry Christmas and God Bless your kids!

840 - "Ray from Owens Corning HOMExperts" from (71-212-130-83.hlrn.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_19:24:09.654:
Great site, hope our dumpster is not in the way. Happy Holidays and the very best to your children.

841 - "Anonymous" from (pool-72-75-70-164.washdc.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_19:29:41.236:
Pull my finger

842 - "Anonymous" from (70-101-178-37.dsl2.mon.ny.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_19:35:55.238:

843 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_19_19:39:41.780:
Someone let the 3 year old near the computer again. Check out the last entry.

844 - "Anonymous" from (71-208-201-52.hlrn.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_21:11:34.113:
Your neighbor Nowell is weird.

845 - "Anonymous" from (71-37-8-110.tukw.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_21:13:18.224:
THIS GUY IS A FAKE. I am dissapointed. please go to museum of hoaxes (no spaces) then dot com, type: Christmas Lights Webcam Hoax . I am disapointed.
Alek replies at 21:18 - Welllll ... I talk about the great Christmas Lights Hoax of 2004 in numerous places on the site. In a nutshell, it was a 100% simulated then and the media got a ... bit carried away. Has been a 100% real since 2005 - ditto the over $15,000 raised for the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research. Vast majority of people got a good chuckle out of the fun in 2004, but I guess this person didn't think it was too funny - oh well. And oh yeah, here's the link to the MuseumofHoaxes about my Christmas lights.
P.S. Appreciate all the "awesome, great, wonderful" comments below.

846 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_19_21:36:55.481:
I BELIEVE!!!!! Thanks' Alek.

847 - "Anonymous" from (71-92-215-196.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_19_23:22:42.413:
Can you plug in the ladder climbing santa. I miss that guy ___)

848 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_00:09:09.525:
goodnight alek, yea plug the ladder climbing santa in! does he not work anymore??

849 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_00:17:30.817:
alek, are u expected to have around 10-25 inches of snow? and are u under a winter storm warning for tmrw??

850 - "Paxil" from (68-92-192-179.mhmraharris.org) wrote at 2006_12_20_02:17:45.896:
Thank you for a very good site!! My - ___URL=LINK DELETED online.

851 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_20_05:10:15.970:
What do you do if Santa Claus gets stuck in your chimney? Pour Santa flush on him What do you call Santa when he has no money? Saint ___"Nickel___"-less

852 - "Anonymous" from (68-249-143-2.evart.k12.mi.us) wrote at 2006_12_20_07:25:48.481:
how do you make babies are you expecting

853 - "Anonymous" from (68-249-143-2.evart.k12.mi.us) wrote at 2006_12_20_07:27:33.050:
im just kidding sorry santa and all the kids that read this

854 - "K-Tx" from (cache-mtc-ae01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_08:54:14.624:
It's beginning to look like Christmas......oh my gosh, it snowed! It is soooo very pretty! We envy you here in TX (but don't envy all the shoveling) Merry Christmas Everyone!!

855 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_08:57:03.730:
Oh there's snow place like home for the holidays...

856 - "ALYSON" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_09:13:30.632:

857 - "ALYSON" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_09:20:25.580:

858 - "Diana - Tucson, AZ" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_10:16:01.249:
A lot of us in the southwestern United States are just sitting here, watching the snow come down there. It's the closest we've been to a white Christmas in a real long time. You have to be able to remember the mid 1980s for my city's last white Christmas.

859 - "K/Tx" from (cache-mtc-ae01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_10:30:42.469:
I've been watching the cool snow all morning...now I'm worried we will not get to play with the lites tonight, well, as long as you & your family are bunkered down & have all the necessiities to endure until it lets up...we'll gladly forego the lites if need be.
Alek replies at 10:38 - Rest assured the lights will be on and controllable tonight - in fact, I'll turn 'em on early this evening. The main concern is the wind - if it keeps howling, I may keep the inflatables off, especially the 12' monster Santa.

860 - "Free Slots" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_20_10:48:12.267:
Very good site!! ___URL=LINK DELETED Slots___/URL___.

861 - Alek says at 2006_12_20_10:56:58.969:
As noted on the main page, the newspaper headline this morning is Huge Winter Storm with perhaps as much as a foot of snow. The wind is howling, so webcam1 (which is mounted outside) bounces around a bit. Nothing in the front yard has toppled over yet - guess my stakes are holding strong ... so far.

862 - "Diana - Tucson, AZ" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_11:01:05.775:
Can you wave a good long wave to my three year old? She asked to see "dat man" again...

863 - "Diana - Tucson, AZ" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_11:03:37.213:
Thank you! She was waving back! Thank you!

864 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_11:04:42.951:
Alek replies at 11:10 - OK - I did that one ... but I can't wave to everyone ... so here's a wave for all other christmas lights fan.

865 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_11:08:30.078:
Merry Christmas!

866 - "Anonymous" from (doc-24-32-2-33.terrell.tx.cebridge.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_11:12:47.302:
so where exactly do yall live? like what city, state... here in texas its 70 degrees and we have what 4 days till chirstmas... its kinda bad..

867 - "Anonymous" from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_11:14:58.285:
You should go outside and taste some of the falling snow. I heard January snow flakes taste better though =)

868 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_11:16:15.570:

869 - "Anonymous" from (doc-24-32-2-33.terrell.tx.cebridge.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_11:17:07.445:
??where bouts.. i wish it would snow in texas but i guess its not going to .. its perfect swimming weather though even though its raining..

870 - "Kina in KC" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_12:40:16.369:
WOW! Check out that snow. If it's all the same to you, would you keep it. We don't want it that bad here in Kansas City. I feel for ya though. WOW!

871 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_12:59:04.834:
I hope you all drive safely there in Denver.

872 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_13:27:50.311:
Hi Alek,I am now on holiday here in uk,my dad starts his holiday Friday.The snow and wind looks bad,hope none of you have to go out today.Can't wait until santy comes.Hello to Dave too! Luke.

873 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_13:31:48.887:
Put you on digg luky it snows there not here.

874 - "K" from (cache-mtc-ae01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_13:38:12.194:
wow, must have a a gust of wind...cam on the front yard (cam 1) looked like it went straight up so all we saw was the sky (above Aleks roof)...hope y'all are ok Alek

875 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_13:46:03.290:
put you on digg LINK DELETED

876 - "Luke UK" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_13:49:09.610:
It's getting darker out there.Whoooooooooo!

877 - "Sascha hof" from (dslb-084-059-014-221.pools.arcor-ip.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_14:03:17.669:
hello im 17 jears old i live in germany countryname near frankfurt. we have not snow chry i will go to colorad

878 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_14:08:20.682:
well HOMER seems to be having a hard time staying up straight. and so is frosty!! winds must be pretty strong!!

879 - "Anonymous" from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_14:24:48.642:
Was the car in front of your house completly buried? Its gone!

880 - Alek says at 2006_12_20_14:37:49.865:
WOW - this ia a major, major storm - 10" so far and still coming down strong. #879: That car left, so it was not buried. However, Frosty BROKE LOOSE from his plywood base, so I have brought him inside to make repairs.

881 - "Anonymous" from (cache-mtc-ae01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_14:59:00.644:
LOL, was worried about that car...glad that was cleared up (no pun intended)

882 - "sascha hof" from (dslb-084-059-014-221.pools.arcor-ip.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_15:11:31.236:
hello we have not snow in germany chry

883 - Alek says at 2006_12_20_15:14:05.782:
I put a bowl of snow in webcam3 - how long do you think it will take to melt?
P.S. Frosty should be repaired shortly.

884 - "Anonymous" from (user-5443ad44.lns5-c8.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_20_15:17:39.753:
Is that bowl big enough to contain all the water once that snow melts???

885 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_16:23:39.148:
hey alek the HO HO HO and the STAR, you cant see them under the heavy snow!! how much longer is it supposed to snow? What will the total amount be you think??

886 - "Anonymous" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_16:35:39.544:
Hi again Alek,I have a question.Do you leave any lights up in your garden or on the house for summer?.Sometimes people have them for when they have BBQS. Luke.uk

887 - "K" from (cache-mtc-ae01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_16:38:28.220:
Alek, you are like the US postal (only BETTER) rain sleet or snow and you are still in business with the lights. ELECT ALEK FOR PRESIDENT!!!

888 - Alek says at 2006_12_20_16:43:09.793:
Here are some pictures of the snow - I'd estimate about 15" with bigger drifts.

Santa's workshop - note webcam3 in foreground and giant snow drift on roof

christmas office

Back Yard is buried in snow

christmas deck 1

Not eating outside tonight!

christmas deck 2

Front Door - not going anywhere today!

christmas front door

889 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_20_16:45:36.912:
Twas the night before Christmas and Santa he found the weather was terrible he could not see the ground. Now Rudolph with his nose so bright was like high beams on a foggy foggy night. Santa he strained and looked thru the night for a landmark or any familiar site. Santa he knew just what to do, I will control the lights thanks to Alek the Christmas Guru. So Santa with his magic you see was able to use the correct IP. Now Rudolph was the first to see Santa inflating Frostee. Now Alek was waving and pointing the way. Santa yelled out you saved Christmas Day

890 - "Anonymous" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_16:46:56.473:
Well,no sign of snow here in uk but it has going to be about -2c/28F? Very cold but no snow.:-( Luke

891 - "Luke from uk" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_16:50:40.848:
I love the night before christmas that someone wrote.Not long until christmas eve

892 - "fff" from (72-48-66-144.dyn.grandenetworks.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_16:56:06.791:

893 - "Anonymous" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_16:59:54.308:
Oh dear, cam gone funny

894 - "Anonymous" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:01:37.971:
wow! go Wendy.Luke

895 - "Anonymous" from (No-RDNS-Record) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:01:50.028:
This is great with the car and all

896 - "Anonymous" from (No-RDNS-Record) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:03:37.603:
Your Wife is going to skin you for not clearing the drive

897 - "Alek" from (66-190-74-105.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:07:16.425:
it was muh neigbor

898 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:10:55.401:

899 - Alek says at 2006_12_20_17:11:40.388:
Here's a few pictures of the snow in the fading light. Coming up next - pictures and video of my neighbor "clearing the driveway" with her 4WD station wagon! ;-)
christmas sunset 1
christmas sunset 2

900 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:17:06.445:
Going to bed now Alek,12.15am here.Night everyone.Luke.

901 - "K/Tx (bet your getting tired of me by now)" from (cache-mtc-ae01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:18:54.271:
Oh my gosh, those pics look like postcards! I confess, I scrapbook, so I copied a couple of them to mix in w/our Christmas pics with the heading of "what others were doing at Christmas time...blizzard of 06" Thanks for posting pics!!

902 - "Houston Texan" from (cpe-24-167-63-251.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:19:16.573:
Thank you Alek! Your site is tons of fun. I have forwarded you to everyone I know. Hope you get lots of donations! You deserve it!

903 - "fff" from (72-48-66-144.dyn.grandenetworks.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:19:19.676:

904 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:29:33.336:

905 - "Anonymous" from (66-7-193-187.static.dimenoc.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:34:38.274:
Blog 889 is good, Alek the Christmas Guru... LOL

906 - Alek says at 2006_12_20_17:40:58.169:
As several people noted, a neighbor did a plow job of my driveway with her 4WD wagon - some great comedy in the video as she almost takes out Homer - D'OH! ;-)
christmas plow

907 - "Alison" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:51:19.798:
HI Alex Just love the snow pictures, we vary rarely get snow here in the CHannel Islands UK. The pic of your front door made me feel very Christmassy.

908 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_17:57:57.396:
good neighbor.:):):)!!!!

909 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_18:23:57.249:
so whats the final count on the snow level?

910 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-69-231-127-58.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_18:32:37.789:
Wow, this is really a great Idea!

911 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_18:38:19.918:
kintera.org/AutoGen/Simple/Donor.asp?ievent=149682&en=jfJJKQMvE4LCIUMyH6JGI0MHIgJILZNDLjINLYOIJtE donate to aids. ONly one im posting!

912 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_19:02:45.260:
HEy alek got bored so took pic and made a somewhat joke about it.

913 - "Anonymous" from (72-161-87-59.dyn.centurytel.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_19:33:06.202:
hello 2003

914 - "Anonymous" from (CABLE-72-53-77-53.cia.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_19:36:49.768:
RFD hello29

915 - "Beau" from (12-227-195-205.client.bresnan.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_19:40:47.966:
You can send all of your snow to Iowa it is BROWN here I am sick of not having any snow!!! I am serious we need a good old BLIZZARD here in Iowa it is rain like Cats and Dogs to night It is December 20 and it isn't supposed to be raining in Iowa. I WANT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

916 - "Anonymous" from (71-82-90-118.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_20_20:17:35.862:
Hi from Holland, Michigan!

917 - "Anonymous" from (citspr.tyndall.af.mil) wrote at 2006_12_20_20:58:30.911:
I'm deployed this Christmas with the US Air Force! Thanks for the website- it makes me smile! Merry Christmas!
Alek replies at 21:03 - As a former blue-suiter, I salute the men and women in uniform - happy to make you smile ... and thank YOU for your efforts for our country.

918 - Alek says at 2006_12_20_21:02:20.751:
Elmo's Fan must be semi-frozen, since despite my efforts, it appears he is not putting out enough air to properly inflate him. Monster Santa is still down due to gusting winds ... but Frosty and Homer Simpson are hanging in there - D'OH!
P.S. Took a yardstick outside with me - pretty solid 22" layer in the front yard.

919 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_21:54:55.380:
are you ready to catch santa on his trek across the continent??? will be watching.

920 - "Anonymous" from (authorized_proxy2.cogeco.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_22:32:22.316:
Hello from Ontario, Canada

921 - "Anonymous" from (authorized_proxy1.cogeco.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_22:52:52.719:
Such a wonderful display...I love it!!!!

922 - "Dan, nick, ben Ziemba" from (c-67-184-171-211.hsd1.il.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_20_22:53:41.447:
My Kids and I loved your pictures of your decorations. We're sorry about the snowstorm and hope you have plenty of supplies to get you through the next couple of days. actually we are jealous since it is raining here. I am just north of Elgin, Illinois. Anyway we enjoyed the pictures and will return to see more in the near future. P.S. that was nice of your neighbor to "plow" your driveway.....

923 - Alek says at 2006_12_21_00:12:40.380:
Here's what 22" of snow looks like in the Front Yard - more was coming down. Kinda cool how Frosty "carved" out his own "spot" - the LED tree oscillates between green & red.

924 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_00:17:19.574:
thats a pretty cool picture!!! thats alot of snow. Hope you all have LOTS of fun in the snow!!

925 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-5-67-18.oc.oc.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_21_00:25:36.814:
cool website, came across it by accident while trying to find weather info on colorado. Its nice and warm here in california, but in two days I'm driving to denver, and am worried about road conditions, your website has got me more excited about this trip, love the spirit of christmas, and nothing says christmas like powder from heaven, cant wait. Merry Christmas from Cali.

926 - "Anonymous" from (ewhurst-gw.adsl.newnet.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_21_03:43:22.651:
GREETINGS FROM VENEZUELA Hi I just wanted to say I have never seen such a beautiful Xmas display. I came across your website looking for something else in the web, and you have so many interesting stuff here that I just can't leave your site. Have a happy Xmas!!! AND KEEP ON THE GREAT WORK!!

927 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_21_04:39:52.795:
your house looks sexy, and you are sexy

928 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_21_06:45:42.738:
youtube.com/watch?v=qo2gPZdNJGc video of alek. Got bored.

929 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_21_07:11:25.685:
what is that red light at timestamp 7:11:14

930 - "Anonymous" from (68-185-254-16.dhcp.leds.al.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_07:14:33.950:
it si wonderful to see such a huge christmas spirit keep up the good work

931 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_08:02:23.374:

932 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_08:03:47.366:

933 - Alek says at 2006_12_21_08:49:42.494:
Dirk-n-Kyle provide an official measurement of 25" of snow.
colorado snowstorm measure

934 - "derek xmas lights uk" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_21_09:00:13.827:
morning to you just abit of snow then its my birthday today damm take care derek

935 - "Anonymous" from (dstsys-a026.dstsystems.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_09:43:15.101:
Alek you are such a techno nerd! I'm am so ENVIOUS!! One of these years I hope to know half the stuff you know about putting this kind of thing together. Have a great holiday season!

936 - "Kina" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_10:28:18.684:
Ditto to #915 same here in Kansas City, Kansas. We had one tiny snow and it was nothing. WE NEED SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS. I believe in Global Warming, especially now.

937 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_11:08:18.644:
Sorry for the political "downer" blog. The lights and stuff held up fantastically in the weather. Good Job Alek :)

938 - "K" from (cache-rtc-ab08.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_11:15:03.475:
Good morning CO, I'm so glad to see y'all have faired through the snow. Looks like sun instead of the dark day that was yesterday. Your boys are just as precious as can be, thanks to them for posing w/the ruler!

939 - "colleen eskridge" from (ctb-cache8-vif1.saix.net) wrote at 2006_12_21_12:17:40.857:
Greetings from Sunny South Africa.Missed the lights due to the blizzard. We lived in Denver during the Blizzard of 83. It was a little more snow but looks like you all got hammered. Merry Christmas, Colleen Eskridge

940 - "colleen eskridge" from (ctb-cache8-vif1.saix.net) wrote at 2006_12_21_12:20:59.925:
Greetings from Sunny South Africa.Missed the lights due to the blizzard. We lived in Denver during the Blizzard of 83. It was a little more snow but looks like you all got hammered. Merry Christmas, Colleen Eskridge

941 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_12:26:17.074:
hello can u wave amy two girls.

942 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_12:27:38.929:

943 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_12:28:54.428:

944 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_12:55:31.805:
Looks like the entire entourage will be here tonight. Thanks Alek!!

945 - Alek says at 2006_12_21_15:12:48.909:
I figured a little exercise wouldn't hurt me, so I shoveled the snow off of the "HO HO HO" in the Front Lawn ... so it should be mostly visible tonight - watch video of the shovel job!
christmas ho ho ho

946 - "Anonymous" from (62-30-227-135.cable.ubr03.chap.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_21_15:22:06.920:
You have been working very hard for all our benefits thank you and merry Christmas we love the lights! Ben & Clair Bristol UK

947 - Alek says at 2006_12_21_16:18:30.917:
Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier writes Linux powers controllable Christmas lights for charity - an excellent story outlining the history of the controllable christmas lights with some detailed technical notes - highly recommended read.
christmas geek

948 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_21_16:38:00.605: which is me is blocked just wondering why. P.s. nice pic of you and santa,homer do'h,and elmo.

949 - "Anonymous" from (35-169-111-65.serverpronto.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_16:51:19.954:
what di he say wrong anyway

950 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-92-70.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_21_16:59:01.588:
Fifty comments to go. Please save it for me.

951 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_21_17:11:53.905:
thanks mr.grassmas

952 - "Anonymous" from (12-218-62-37.client.mchsi.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_17:14:52.407:
God Bless you all this christmas.From Okoboji ,Iowa

953 - "vapors1911" from (c-71-236-121-29.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_21_17:31:11.745:
Merrys XMAS!

954 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_17:44:39.219:
Hi all,Luke here.Never seen snow like that before,only lots of fog here in uk.:-(

955 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust628.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_17:57:40.000:
Well Alek,no sign of grass growing now. :-)Luke

956 - "Anonymous" from (c-71-224-26-71.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_21_20:28:18.608:
Nice Job - Thanks for making the holidays brighter MJO

957 - "Kina" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_21_20:31:24.181:
Hey to #952. My husband and I love Spirit Lake and the people there. From Kansas City, Kansas.

958 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-36-97-141.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_21_20:37:29.242:
send some snow to new jersey

959 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_06:28:44.650:
and michigan

960 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_06:58:33.283:
thanks alek for unblocking me. Are kids going ouy to play again. COuld you enable chating. IF not thank for holiday cheer

961 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_07:06:36.267:
oh dea r i think ur santa abit to much to drink his legs are in the air poor santa

962 - "Mike in MA" from (c-66-30-218-111.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_07:07:45.194:
Thanks for the lights and for the Celiac support. As a SillyYak myself, Merry Christmas to all the other SillyYaks.

963 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_07:19:17.935:
well tell kyle or dirk I sayed hi and play safe ok kids.

964 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust474.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_07:36:31.445:
Good morning,The snow is still there then.I see Santa is just hanging around.Luke.

965 - "K" from (cache-rtc-ab08.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_08:02:49.981:
There was only 518 blog comments in '05? Oh for sure you must break 1000 this year. So come on folks...let's get our Christmas Wishes in for Alek & his family & the good cause. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

966 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_08:05:22.845:
to 1,000 and andaway

967 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_08:17:31.598:
add him to digg and fark he will get 1,000 and more.

968 - "Blackhole" from (net142-246.mclink.it) wrote at 2006_12_22_08:37:02.992:
Best whishes for your cause from Italy and Marry Christmas.

969 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_08:50:07.060:
wow thats crazy. 22 inches of snow? That has to have set a record or something, here in South Dakota we dont even get snow anymore. Maybe you'd like to share some?

970 - "Anonymous" from (rrcs-24-242-157-214.sw.biz.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_09:10:02.457:
Merry Christmas from Houston, TX

971 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_09:35:32.345:
stop messing with lite-brite

972 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_09:40:54.568:
lets get 1,00 comments. Oh alek kiss again this year at 12:00 on new years day.

973 - "Darren from uk" from (ACCF7AA5.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_09:40:59.749:
merry christmas to you all

974 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_09:43:02.849:
3 more sleeps till christmas

975 - "Andy From Niagara Falls, NY" from (pool-129-44-136-160.buff.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_09:59:14.627:
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

976 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_09:59:30.124:
I just thought of something we can easily get 1,000 or more im's but blogs we are slow on.

977 - Alek says at 2006_12_22_10:02:33.539:
Yea, we'll probably pass 1,000 blog entries ... but as with most stuff, I prefer quality to quantity, so I hope people don't post here just for the sake of posting. Although positive attaboy comments are always welcome! ;-)

978 - "santa" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_10:05:36.225:
on that note i will stop posting nocense so i can say merry Christmas and Happy New year. Enjoy lights keep it up for next year. Oh Santa probely will give you that filter that you wanted.

979 - "santa" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_10:15:01.200:
merry Christmas Alek komarnisky have a happy new year. ho ho ho merry xmas

980 - "Anonymous" from (bbcache-113.singnet.com.sg) wrote at 2006_12_22_10:43:16.084:
greetings from Singapore, merry xmas

981 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_10:57:46.279:
hi superman kyle. Tell dirk I said hi also.

982 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:02:40.299:
Have fun skating boys don't get hurt:-) Have fun taking pics alek:-). You all rock out loud wish I could do this also. Hey comment 982 :)

983 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:06:34.926:
Positive. Attaboy!

984 - "Muddy" from (p548DDEF9.dip.t-dialin.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:13:01.004:
Greetings from Germany to all out there. Great light show. Go on!

985 - "destructo" from (35-169-111-65.serverpronto.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:20:37.015:
I will destroy tonight bwa hahahahahahahaha. just kidding.

986 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:24:53.130:
no youm won't destructo ALek will block you if he has too right alek.

987 - "destructo" from (35-169-111-65.serverpronto.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:28:58.437:
Ok I won't destoy your display.

988 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:30:10.227:
Merry Christmas Earthlings

989 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:35:43.586:
Seasons Greetings from Yale

990 - "Anonymous" from (ns3.febox.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:37:47.613:
Way to Go Alek, Merry Christmas

991 - "Anonymous" from (server.roamproxy.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:39:22.979:
It___'s beginning to look like Christmas!!!

992 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:41:00.952:
In before 1000 GET

993 - "Anonymous" from (b2.df.5546.static.theplanet.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:42:08.268:
Merry Christmas to all and have a happy New Year

994 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:46:26.051:
Alek can you take a picture of cam 1 from your driveway so we can see where it is located.

995 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_22_11:50:57.779:
Great Site..... Two Thumbs Up

996 - "Anonymous" from (billu.hackersproof.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_11:58:11.794:
Your website has gotten me into the Christmas mood. Merry Christmas All

997 - "Anonymous" from (ip-209-172-44-78.reverse.privatedns.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:01:36.553:
Peace on Earth Good Will To All

998 - "Anonymous" from (server.roamproxy.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:03:25.077:
Merry Christmas

999 - "Anonymous" from (undercity.jbmail.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:04:52.843:
Cool Site, Merry Christmas from PA.

1,000 - "Comment 1000" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:05:01.087:

1,001 - Alek says at 2006_12_22_12:05:45.278:
DARN - you got #1000 from me! ;-) BTW, I just uploaded time-lapse video of the Controllable Christmas Lights Battling the Colorado Blizzard - also the Colorado SnowStorm Pictures.
P.S. Yea, I know he "cheated" by using proxies - Santa is watching ... ;-)

1,002 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:06:41.381:
Comments 996, 997, 998, 999 were from the same person, using proxys.

1,003 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:07:26.564:
1,000 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

1,004 - "Anonymous" from (air682.startdedicated.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:07:44.206:
Blog 889 is the best- Twas the night before Christmas and Santa he found the weather was terrible he could not see the ground. Now Rudolph with his nose so bright was like high beams on a foggy foggy night. Santa he strained and looked thru the night for a landmark or any familiar site. Santa he knew just what to do, I will control the lights thanks to Alek the Christmas Guru. So Santa with his magic you see was able to use the correct IP. Now Rudolph was the first to see Santa inflating Frostee. Now Alek was waving and pointing the way. Santa yelled out you saved Christmas Day

1,005 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:11:02.093:
1,003 - Now you look stupid

1,006 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:12:14.217:
Alek your CSS is playing up, when i mouse over some of the guestbook entrys it highlights the entire page green.

1,007 - "Anonymous" from (pakistanihost.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:23:49.716:
Blog 1000 cheated he ran count up using proxys Bah Humbug what a Troll

1,008 - Alek says at 2006_12_22_12:28:52.481:
Minor fat-finger on the CSS - thanks #1006 and fixed. Yea, #1000 shouldn't have done that ... but cut 'em some slack - it's Christmas! ;-)

1,009 - "Anonymous" from (pakistanihost.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:30:32.594:
Done. Merry Christmas 1000

1,010 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:51:00.753:
still highlights it green for me.

1,011 - "Anonymous" from (pakistanihost.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:53:17.653:
Same here everything is a hyperlink

1,012 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:54:44.111:
SNow looks like a dog :)

1,013 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:56:37.735:
hyperlink goes from comment #947 to 1,001.

1,014 - Alek says at 2006_12_22_12:59:30.934:
Needless to say, all this snow makes for nice snow sledding - watch the sledding video
P.S. The CSS/HTML problem is now really fixed - sorry 'bout that.


1,015 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_12:59:45.879:
Ok ficed for me you

1,016 - "Anonymous" from (pakistanihost.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:01:25.803:
All that shoveling you had better ask Santa for a big bottle of Advil

1,017 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:05:20.812:
Alek add todays too please. P.s. Controllable Christmas Lights Battle Colorado Blizzard ( in videos does not work)

1,018 - "Anonymous" from (pakistanihost.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:05:24.734:
Is that yellow snow I see on Camera 2

1,019 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:13:26.797:
youtube.com/watch?v=xEIaPSojGFE cool video alek.

1,020 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:20:00.476:
Did you watch video if not do It is about a cool car ride.

1,021 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:39:36.738:
less scary video of you LINK DELETED

1,022 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:40:38.464:
link is youtube.com/watch?v=qo2gPZdNJGc

1,023 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:43:40.083:
I got rid of video of you I am done commenting for now

1,024 - Alek says at 2006_12_22_13:49:24.033:
Cute video of the "scary" car ... but lets try to keep the Christmas Blog focused on Christmas stuff. BTW, do you realize that you have made 134 posts (that's over 50 more than I have done ... and I provide onsite play-by-play) - please keep my blog post #977 in mind.

1,025 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:50:40.642:
wow. so much for a fair 1k comment race

1,026 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:52:08.746:
Sorry alek will keep it below 200

1,027 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:52:54.126:
lol. haha. thats actually pretty funny

1,028 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:54:00.994:
Excuse me, let me clear something up.. I was commenter number 1000 and I DID NOT use proxys the person who was making stupid fake comments with proxys was some idiot who obviously wasn't as quick as me. KTHXBYEE

1,029 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:55:23.557:
sure you did and i'm santa

1,030 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:57:33.323:
hey guys lets keep it nice. alright?

1,031 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_13:59:58.919: you are the one who has been doing these fake posts, you are the one who has over 100 posts here, trying to bump up the post count, just because i got comment #1000 you are having a big hissy about it, chill out. It's christmas. Go and troll somewhere else. This isn't the place.

1,032 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:01:35.770:
hey guys, cmon, lets keep this friendly and christmas related. No more arguements, 1k post is over.

1,033 - "Anonymous" from (seo-advance.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:01:42.728:
It appears blog 1000 is a liar and a cheater What a Troll

1,034 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:02:13.093:
ok proxy boy.

1,035 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:03:29.026:
both of you are at fault for being unwilling to let it go. This is a site blog, a rather pathetic thing to fight over, now knock it off

1,036 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:04:21.112:
Hmm, it appears 1,033 and 1,034 is the same person. OK THENN PROXY BOY.

1,037 - "Anonymous" from (seo-advance.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:04:37.896:
Blog 889 is the best- Twas the night before Christmas and Santa he found the weather was terrible he could not see the ground. Now Rudolph with his nose so bright was like high beams on a foggy foggy night. Santa he strained and looked thru the night for a landmark or any familiar site. Santa he knew just what to do, I will control the lights thanks to Alek the Christmas Guru. So Santa with his magic you see was able to use the correct IP. Now Rudolph was the first to see Santa inflating Frostee. Now Alek was waving and pointing the way. Santa yelled out you saved Christmas Day

1,038 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:04:54.239:
I'm done you too 018

1,039 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:06:59.501:
sorry wrong ip sorry comenter 1,000 you won it but someone proxified. I know now it is not you.

1,040 - "Anonymous" from (seo-advance.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:07:45.022:
Merry Christmas All!

1,041 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:08:02.987: - stop talking to your self, you are the cancer that is killing this site and the internet.

1,042 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:10:53.894:
i'm done gesh till tommorow.

1,043 - "Jeff" from (host143.earthcam.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:12:37.645:
Wow you guys got slammed pretty hard. :) I have a friend in Loveland and he said he got 24" or so (or more). That should keep the kids busy for a while. Have a happy holidays!

1,044 - Alek says at 2006_12_22_14:13:14.562:
Hey everyone, can we just DROP this whole discussion about who posted #1000 ... plus lets try to keep the signal-noise ratio decent - per post #977: "I prefer quality to quantity, so I hope people don't post here just for the sake of posting."

1,045 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:15:03.898:
You could ban all public proxys so then people like can't cause these things to happen.

1,046 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:16:17.299:
i did not proxify look it says comcast on every last one ok. PLus drop it.

1,047 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:20:15.127:
on a lighter note fleas navidad alek not sure if i spelled that right but you get point.

1,048 - "Anonymous" from (user-514d2334.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:21:39.156:
Alek, what is that under the "Ligh Up" sign? and what is it for?

1,049 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:24:15.990:
I think it is his lite brite but not sure.

1,050 - "Floyds" from (cpe-071-077-045-243.nc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:41:12.254:
I don't care so much about post 1000 but you, Alek, hogged post 0x400 ___-) Merry Christmas from NC

1,051 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_14:46:30.143:
me eihier anymore. Can't wait to control xmas lights. Yip**.

1,052 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_15:00:56.228:
HE shovling ho ho ho

1,053 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_15:14:31.636:
friday night fun night friday night control lights.

1,054 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_15:30:28.174:
snow in cam3 melting fast.

1,055 - Alek says at 2006_12_22_15:47:15.614:
Ummmm ... 7 of the last 9 blog comments are from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) - as noted several times, lets give some other people a chance to chime in ... and you don't need to "reply" to this message too ... ;-)
P.S. Cute and correct Floyds about post 0x400!

1,056 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-101-151.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_16:36:10.526:
Wow! Guess I missed the big battle over comment 1000. Whatever, we all know who the one and only original is. That's how I got my name!!

1,057 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-101-151.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_16:41:20.747:
And Hi to Mr KY. Where the heck have you been? We all missed you around here. Hope you have a great Christmas and Santa spoils you rotten!! And that goes for all the rest of the WGG Crew!

1,058 - Alek says at 2006_12_22_17:04:05.200:
Just a couple of nifty webcam images as it gets dark - notice how buried the lighted Soldier is next to the top of the driveway.
christmas webcam1
christmas webcam2

1,059 - "Anonymous" from (213-156-55-138.fastres.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_17:19:09.139:
very very cool!!!!! :) Marry Christmas from Milan, Italy!

1,060 - "k" from (cache-rtc-ab08.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_17:35:17.998:
After awhile on the three webcams shows up the Hulk saying puny ?? forgot rest...should we not be on the site long? Overloading it? I sure don't want to be a hog here, but Loooove watching the "lite show", snow (melted?) and all the funnies people write.
Alek replies at 17:37 - That's just a "check" to make sure you are watching and not a "Bot" and/or haven't fallen asleep. As Hulk points out, just click to keep on viewing. Given the weather forecast for the next week (sunny, but highs around 40°F), I bet that snow is still here a week from now - did you see the Colorado Snow Storm Pictures?

1,061 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_17:49:46.990:
well hullo H1000, long time no see, been busy! But you can expect me here more often now

1,062 - Alek says at 2006_12_22_18:06:21.686:
Some guys in ATV's came by last night to plow the sidewalks as you can below - was pretty comical as they struggled even with two of 'em - note the extra dude on the second ATV to add weight. Wish they had done my driveway - I was busy shoveling out the "HO-HO-HO that was bured under two feet of snow in the front yard - watch that video! ;-)
christmas snowplow

1,063 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_18:11:52.803:
can i blog again

1,064 - "C1000" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_18:58:23.120:
you could get a giant blow torch and melt it all.

1,065 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_19:12:38.475:
yo alek made screensaver out of yo site hope don't mind. P.s. webcams only.

1,066 - "Luke's mum-UK" from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust474.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_20:10:48.119:
Hey Alek,Remember 'Wizards In Winter'last year three boys in a video was dancing to this music.I have to say I also saw the house lights to this music.There has been an advert here in UK using this house display.Luke's mum.

1,067 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_20:25:43.624:
Hey alek xmas came fast man. Keep x10 controls on all xmas eve night.
Alek replies at 22:40 - Decent chance that might happen ...

1,068 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_22:33:59.210:
Love the lights, Love the snow, Love the videos and really really appreciate all the work put into this so that tons of people from around the world can enjoy it. Wish I could've given more. THANK YOU!

1,069 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_22_23:04:23.186:
whats goin on in the workshop?

1,070 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_23:06:07.668:
We're not in Kansas anymore Toto. :)

1,071 - "agent96" from (60-101.8-67.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_23:07:09.341:
cool view of the tree :)

1,072 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_22_23:26:47.536:
Now we can watch for Santa!
Alek replies at 00:57 - Yep - I'll be moving webcam3 downstairs to keep an eye on the tree and chimney - basically acting as a Santa Tracker to see if we can catch him again on webcam! ;-)
christmas santa

1,073 - "MAX" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_23_08:10:10.206:
HOOK UP THE TRAIN TO THE X10 !!!!!!!!!!!!

1,074 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_08:30:31.782:
I wan't to see into santa's worksjop again please make it happen.

1,075 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_09:48:20.522:
The train would be a cool idea on the X10.

1,076 - "klaus-peter" from (ACB61ED3.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_23_09:48:29.835:
Hallo aus Deutschland

1,077 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-58-223.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_11:18:59.229:
I don't see any presents under that tree Mr Grassmas. Have you been a bad boy again this year? Looks like your stocking over the fireplace has some coal stains on it.

1,078 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_11:19:06.145:
Can't what to control some lights. TOnight are the kids sleeding again today or taking break.

1,079 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_12:01:45.232:

1,080 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_13:00:09.778:
add train to x10 alek.

1,081 - "1780!!" from (66-190-74-105.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_23_13:04:34.627:
1780 posts whe=eeeee33333eeeethreethirtythree

1,082 - "Anonymous" from (c-71-227-83-95.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_13:17:07.667:
Merry Christmas from Michigan! Thanks for raising money for Celiac research.

1,083 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_13:18:12.744:
Double thanks for raising money. Also from michigan.

1,084 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_13:29:17.671:
nice hat hulk fist.
Alek replies at 13:41 - HEY, how did that Santa Hat get on top of the Hulk Hands?!? Let me go check the image archives ... ahh-hah, Superman Kyle snuck into my office and did it! ;-)
christmas hulk hands

1,085 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_23_13:59:11.000:

1,086 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_23_14:00:42.758:

1,087 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_14:08:27.471:
Ours is monday also.

1,088 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-254-55-157.atclnj.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_14:16:29.333:
hi everyone. merry christmas, hope everyone feels the love and light of the season. by now everything that can get done either has or won't time for a glass of wine and a hot bath. enjpy the season

1,089 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_14:17:35.624:
happy holidays from komar.org

1,090 - "Anonymous" from (ip-216-69-157-178.ip.secureserver.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_14:24:10.323:
Merry Christmas

1,091 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_14:25:39.860:
happy holidays from komar.org

1,092 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_14:31:03.594:
Santa's Tracker - watch for the Big Red Guy! Wait this is your office. isn't it?!?

1,093 - "Emma" from (host86-139-202-1.range86-139.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_12_23_15:04:32.236:
MerryChristmas!! :______ Been watching these lights for quite some time now! you got so much snow..in england we only got rain!! xx

1,094 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-72-177-166-8.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_23_15:04:34.192:
could you wave to my 3 girls here in Houston?

1,095 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-58-223.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_15:31:56.154:
While you're checking your image archives, look at yesterdays at 18:05. Superman was drinking your PBR!
Alek replies at 16:05 - Ahhhhh ... caught in the act ... I didn't even see it. Plus not only is Kyle (wayyy) underage, but that it not a gluten-free beer. Good thing it wasn't open - great catch H1000! ;-)
christmas beer

1,096 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_16:16:56.551:
hey alek can we watch kids open gifts plz.
Alek replies at 17:08 - As noted before and per the Santa Tracker page, there will be live coverage of the Christmas Tree & Chimney to see if we can catch the Big Red Guy on webcam again. But my family opening gifts is private time, so won't be showing that.

1,097 - "Anonymous" from (cpc2-asht1-0-0-cust680.manc.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_23_17:15:43.079:
hi alec i'm john from the uk.This is a very big project you have done and i think your a real good guy for making this a great site to view.

1,098 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_17:19:46.218:
Okay hope dirk and kyle get what they wanted for xmas.

1,099 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-67-10-156-151.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_23_17:34:45.052:
Merry Christmas from Humble, TX (near Houston)

1,100 - "1,100" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_17:48:22.711:
# 1,100 yip**

1,101 - "blogger" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_17:56:34.170:
Uh alek laptop having problems could you fix it up would be a big help thanks.

1,102 - "Anonymous" from (24-236-238-233.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_23_18:01:10.301:
I Love Kay

1,103 - "nick" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_18:23:29.310:
ALek you are bleesed to have two cute kids and a good wife happy holidays

1,104 - "Anonymous" from (216-190-240-137.nrp3.mon.ny.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_19:57:00.068:
heyy this is the collest thing ever to acually be able to control your lights! Your neighbors must get really p***ed off haha! Merry Christmas!

1,105 - "Karen/Houston" from (cache-mtc-ae01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_23_21:02:03.616:
I like the cam on the tree, which is pretty, so that hopefully it will capture some of Santa as he makes his rounds this year...BUT...it's a little early for it yet..because now, we don't get to watch you and the boys (when they come in periodically). You should talk your wife into coming in periodically too...all of us (well over a 100 every nite)have grown attached to the Komarnitsky family. In any event... thanks for a great Christmas season for a very worthy cause! Merry Christmas Komarnitsky's and a happy happy New Year...we'll be watching in 2007 for you. Until then, take care.

1,106 - "Wyatt" from (www.wrpn.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_21:33:51.230:
Once again you did a good job Alek. I like all your christmas lights. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

1,107 - Alek says at 2006_12_23_22:05:10.908:
Thanks for all of the nice compliments. #1,104: Neighbors think the whole think is a riot and kids love it. Karen/Houston (and others): webcam3 will go back to my office after Christmas - be sure to tune in tomorrow to see if Santa shows up ... ;-)

1,108 - "Nancy from PA" from (c-71-58-115-32.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_23_23:13:44.582:
Our family really appreciates all the work you've put into your site. We visit and write IM's almost every night (thank you for trying to block the inappropriate ones). The kids feel like celebrities when their messages are shown. Have a Happy Holiday! Maybe you should try this for Easter too...___) . Fourth of July?

1,109 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-176-134-68.hag.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_04:01:12.094:
It's Christmas Eve___ 6:00 am. I love Christmas but feel sad about all the war and strife in our world. I simply wish for Peace and harmony in our world, in families and in relationships. -- Allen (from MD in the USA)

1,110 - "Anonymous" from (ACB30232.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_04:48:52.205:
Marry christmas aus Deutschland an alle die das lesen.Leider kann unsere tochter heute nicht bei uns sein .SCHADE!!!! Bei uns gibt es dieses Jahr zu Weihnachten kein Schnee. Ich w___nsche euch alles gute und a happy new year Klaus - Peter und Fam.

1,111 - "Klaus-Peter Reinhardt" from (ACB30232.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_04:50:16.305:
Das war von mir!!!

1,112 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_06:17:57.165:
yeah christmas eve again.

1,113 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_24_06:23:40.876:
ALAK,NEXT YEAR COULD U HOOK UP THE TRAIN THAT IS AROUND YOUR TREE TO X 10? THAT WOULD BE THE COOLEST THING EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1,114 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_06:36:09.023:
Uhhhhh Karen/Houston he will have cams up till January 1st

1,115 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_06:39:24.424:
waaaaaaaaaaa i'm going to miss you alek.

1,116 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_07:08:52.864:
Well I still am going to miss you but have a good January to October. Kyle better not drink anymore beer.

1,117 - "Anonymous" from (d235-161-88.home1.cgocable.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_07:51:34.892:
Dear Santa claus, Its me clayton spry I would really like a game boy for Christmas.

1,118 - "Anonymous" from (d235-161-88.home1.cgocable.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_07:57:41.482:
hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOB

1,119 - "santa" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_08:13:15.074:
Ho ho ho ok clayton game boy it is ho ho ho.

1,120 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_08:47:32.402:
bring robosapien back.

1,121 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-54-107.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_09:21:50.275:
When I was in the military, the absolute hardest thing to handle was being away from my loved ones at Christmas time. So when you all sit down around your festive Christmas table, please remember our troops in your prayers. Merry Christmas everyone!!
Alek replies at 09:36 - As a former blue-suiter, I echo that comment above and salute our men and women in uniform representing our country.

1,122 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_09:30:02.367:
why are we back in santa's workshop thought you said and i quote "webcam3 will go back to my office after Christmas"

1,123 - "Anonymous" from (ool-182ebf32.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_09:33:06.960:
hi santa it is john and pop we want you to tip toe and look for the camera and put it under the tree. thanks merry christmas.

1,124 - "santa" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_09:37:06.708:
Ok john and pop i will do that ho ho ho merry xmas. I am flying over the indian ocean.

1,125 - "Diana Knoepfle in Tucson, AZ" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_10:31:49.122:
We are very interested in knowing, when your display ends, what your total was for donation for Celiac Disease research. Merry Christmas to you Alek, and to all who ever read this!

1,126 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_10:33:34.763:
display end january 1st

1,127 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_10:35:58.934:
oh p.s. alek i am adding you to dig and fark for a xmas harah.

1,128 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_10:42:43.773:
digg story at digg.com/gadgets/Control_xmas_lights_on_this_fine_xmas_eve_and_look_for_snata

1,129 - "santa" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_10:49:30.839:
hey alek added you not only to digg but now fark merry xmas hope people come over from fark and digg. Ho ho ho.

1,130 - Alek says at 2006_12_24_10:54:15.271: Appreciate the DIGG/FARK'in, but they already came by for 2006 and once/year is typically enough for them.
Diana: Total raised so far for Celiac Disease is over $15,000 as noted on the main page, this blog, and the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research.

1,131 - "nick" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_11:29:40.438:
Got some ideas for next year possibly controlling robosapien or tv. You should add xmas hulk to icon.

1,132 - "Anonymous" from (pool-151-197-13-247.phil.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_11:39:20.168:
please turn on x10 on now its christmas

1,133 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_12:22:08.792:
Alek your garage is open... Homer,elmo,santa are doing grou sways hehe.

1,134 - "Taipala family" from (ppp-68-248-11-118.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_12:35:00.906:
Wish we had your snow in Michigan. It's too warm here today, we need Santa to land on a snowy roof. Happy Holidays

1,135 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_12:36:35.857:
I feel your pain too no snow poor santa is going to have problems this year.

1,136 - "The Taipala's of Michigan, Dan Linda Sean Ryan" from (ppp-68-248-11-118.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_12:57:59.219:
Hulk looks so festive this year. Grandma did a great job on the hat. Maybe next year a matching scarf. Ho Ho Ho
Alek replies at 13:53 - My mom did a great job - here's a closeup for 'ya.
christmas hulk

1,137 - "Tony from Fresno, CA" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_24_14:11:27.148:
It's my birthday today and I would like to wish myself a happy birthday. lol

1,138 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-75-59-245-7.dsl.hstntx.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_14:36:30.206:
Merry Christam from the Lonakers in Houston Texas

1,139 - Alek says at 2006_12_24_14:47:51.460:
We let Dirk-n-Kyle open a few presents early this morning - specifically the ones from Grandma who did the Hulk Hat. I think they were pretty happy with what they got ... ;-)
christmas presents 1
christmas presents 2

1,140 - "Anonymous" from (71-211-38-155.clsp.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_14:48:59.424:
Hi! Marry christmass!!J Ross

1,141 - "Dave UK" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_24_14:53:19.223:
Hi Alex, Hope you and your family have a great christmas and a prosperus 2007. Happy Christmas Dave UK P.s Luke Uk hope santa brings you everything you want.

1,142 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust474.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_15:15:32.273:
Hi Alek,am still not in bed yet.Thank you Dave uk,I am so excited,can't waist until tomorrow.Hope you and Alek and your family have a nice christmas too.Luke :-)

1,143 - "Anonymous" from (CPE00132043655b-CM0012c90fb22e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_15:24:19.132:
Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM CANADA From Matthew and Julianna

1,144 - "Dave UK" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_24_15:30:18.783:
1 hour and 30 mins until Mr Claus arrives here in the Uk. Wish we had a bit of snow...not as much as that though, all we have got is Thick fog and -3 temp. Luke UK you should be in bed by now if not Santa wont visit ___)

1,145 - "Anonymous" from (host86-139-198-190.range86-139.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_15:31:17.767:

1,146 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_24_15:35:27.584:
Peace On Earth Good Will To All

1,147 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_24_15:41:27.940:
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord

1,148 - "Anonymous" from (revelationdigital.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_15:49:13.476:
Come On Alek Turn The Lights On. What are you waiting For Christmas?

1,149 - "amber" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_16:20:00.879:
Look at that snow! I'm so jealous. It's 77 and sunny here in southern CA.

1,150 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-217-70-154.asm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_16:39:06.770:

1,151 - "Anonymous" from (c-75-68-188-182.hsd1.vt.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_16:52:11.561:
Hey simion!! haha

1,152 - Alek says at 2006_12_24_17:03:43.607:
Someone was pretty funny on the IM on laptop here ...
christmas kyle stuck

1,153 - "Anonymous" from (bas10-toronto12-1096758422.dsl.bell.ca) wrote at 2006_12_24_17:27:02.370:
Greetings from Brampton, Ontario, Canada

1,154 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_24_17:27:18.056:
To everyone who reads this - Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

1,155 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-72-177-166-8.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_17:39:58.640:
Merry Xmas from Madison and Amanda Coronado

1,156 - "Alison UK" from (user211.res148.jtibs.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_17:45:18.905:
Merry Xmas Alex and Family. Santa is on his way, he has visited us here in the UK, and currently in South America.

1,157 - "Anonymous" from (74-138-245-231.dhcp.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:06:09.178:
Merry christmas Ethan and Griffin! He just saw us here in rome!

1,158 - "Santa" from (74-138-245-231.dhcp.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:13:32.770:
Dear Ethan, I saw you wave at me! I know if you're naughty or nice! So be good!

1,159 - "Anonymous" from (74-138-245-231.dhcp.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:16:33.604:
Hi ethan! I saw you wave at me from outside. I see you!Cant wait for the cookies and milk!

1,160 - "Anonymous" from (74-138-245-231.dhcp.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:18:01.896:
Yes that is mean! But you're not on the bad list!

1,161 - "Anonymous" from (74-138-245-231.dhcp.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:20:02.953:
I know, i was on the computer! I have a PC on my slay! I do come down the chimney! Merry christmas to you too! Yes they were miy slay bells!

1,162 - "Anonymous" from (74-138-245-231.dhcp.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:22:11.309:
Griffin saw me in roodalhy! Im comeing to you're house soon! But you're grandmas house first! You saw me!! Im going to see you soon! Hope you like my presents! I have to go now. I need to hurry to KY!

1,163 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:23:45.833:
what about me?

1,164 - "Anonymous" from (74-138-245-231.dhcp.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:23:50.963:
That was my slay!

1,165 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:27:15.206:
News Flash......... Santa was sited headed for the United States.

1,166 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:41:12.141:
Three Cheers For Alek The Christmas Guru

1,167 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_24_18:45:01.730:
You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I___'m telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town

1,168 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_24_18:49:19.743:
Twas the night before Christmas and Santa he found the weather was terrible he could not see the ground. Now Rudolph with his nose so bright was like high beams on a foggy foggy night. Santa he strained and looked thru the night for a landmark or any familiar site. Santa he knew just what to do, I will control the lights thanks to Alek the Christmas Guru. So Santa with his magic you see was able to use the correct IP. Now Rudolph was the first to see Santa inflating Frostee. Now Alek was waving and pointing the way. Santa yelled out you saved Christmas Day

1,169 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:54:18.605:
1282 people viewing Xmas lights!!!!!!!!!!!!

1,170 - "Anonymous" from (ip72-195-133-198.ri.ri.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:56:39.844:
You are an hero!

1,171 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-36-97-141.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_18:58:17.497:
Alek cam 2 and three out several browsers and refresh not showing great show as usual thank you again

1,172 - Alek says at 2006_12_24_19:02:13.421:
Crazy night tonight - over 1,400 people currently viewing - web servers are breaking a sweat, but hanging in there. Latest report from NORAD is that Santa is crossing the Atlantic and NSA signal-analysis of his communications with the North Pole elves indicate his first stop in Colorado will be this house! And no, I am NOT Santa ... ;-)
alter ego

1,173 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-36-97-141.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_19:03:51.345:
Alek cameras back on thanks

1,174 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-219-157-107.asm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_19:15:44.522:
Such a cute site!! Glad I found it... Merry Christmas to your family and thanks for the entertainment!

1,175 - Alek says at 2006_12_24_19:19:23.186:
And I'm not Rudolph either ...

1,176 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-219-157-107.asm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_19:32:13.887:
How funny are you with your hat & nose! Are the kiddos in bed & waiting on Santa there?

1,177 - "Anonymous" from (74-138-245-231.dhcp.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_20:00:55.471:
Ethan, its ok to rember you're grandfather. He was a good man and i know he loves you, you two brothers, and you're mom and grandmouther. Its time for you to settle down and go to bed. So you need to try to sleep now

1,178 - "Anonymous" from (c-24-20-90-141.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_20:13:00.061:
Blogeois said... Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thanks for having a wonderful site to visit!

1,179 - "Anonymous" from (74-128-113-235.dhcp.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_20:19:04.382:
Merry Christmas from Louisville, Kentucky!!

1,180 - "Mathieu" from (74-128-113-235.dhcp.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_20:21:04.217:
Merry Christmas from Lousiville, Kentucky!

1,181 - Alek says at 2006_12_24_20:27:33.604:
EMERGENCY ALERT - Slashdot has this on their front page!
Scotty says "Control Circuits threatening to overload Captain!"

1,182 - "thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_20:41:24.259:
hey alek u need to ban this guy!!! he cant keep his mouth clean at all and he keeps impersonating you! GET RID OF HIM!! We all know that theres one person getting coal from sansta for christmas!!

1,183 - "Anonymous" from (74-128-113-235.dhcp.insightbb.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_20:46:30.755:
seriously he's ruining all our Christmas spirit..

1,184 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_20:52:17.265:
Merry Christmas!!! (Before you get slash dotted!)

1,185 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-155-153-105.bhm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_21:09:12.901:
merry christmas from alabama

1,186 - "Hypatia" from (n219079003134.netvigator.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_21:29:47.867:
Earth, ISS, Merry Christmas from Hong Kong

1,187 - "Mike" from (pool-71-126-1-132.bflony.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_21:37:55.306:
Great job with your equipment this year! one question though - Can you put some of the basics as to how you set up the message posting on the laptop screen? Some might want to play with that also :)

1,188 - "Anonymous" from (josh.nightstarproductions.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_21:47:49.772:
Wonderful Job, Got to Go Santa is at the door. Merry Christmas

1,189 - "april" from (12-227-151-79.client.mchsi.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_22:16:32.524:
merry christmas and god bless you and your family alek.thanks for a awesome website..:)

1,190 - "Anonymous" from (ottawa-hs-209-217-123-140.d-ip.magma.ca) wrote at 2006_12_24_22:33:20.875: BANNED

1,191 - "Anonymous" from (user-0ccsu9h.cable.mindspring.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_22:46:48.255:
Merry Christmas Puny Humans! - The Hulk

1,192 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_24_22:49:05.545:
Very cool!!! Merry Christmas!

1,193 - "God" from (user-0ccsu9h.cable.mindspring.com) wrote at 2006_12_24_22:49:56.239:
Go to bed! ___)

1,194 - "Anonymous" from (ottawa-hs-209-217-123-140.d-ip.magma.ca) wrote at 2006_12_24_22:53:00.178: BANNED

1,195 - "macdiamonds" from (bas1-montreal28-1168072178.dsl.bell.ca) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:09:33.733:
Merry X-10!

1,196 - "Anonymous" from (c58-107-146-36.rivrw8.nsw.optusnet.com.au) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:11:48.843:
Merry christmas from sydney australia

1,197 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-17-198-127.jax.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:12:44.895:
Merry Christmas From Florida.

1,198 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-160-71-139.hr.hr.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:13:55.734:
Merry Christmas from Virginia!

1,199 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-160-71-139.hr.hr.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:18:37.904:
All your lights are belong to us!

1,200 - "Anonymous" from (c-71-236-134-105.hsd1.or.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:19:19.889:
First post!

1,201 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-160-71-139.hr.hr.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:21:51.948:

1,202 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-144-132-62-60.vic.bigpond.net.au) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:23:29.695:
gl surviving digg+slashdot effect which should be back with a vengance

1,203 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-160-71-139.hr.hr.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:24:09.260:
Feels fake!

1,204 - "Anonymous" from (68-235-159-197.atlsfl.adelphia.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:26:29.238:
the whistles go wooo!

1,205 - "Anonymous" from (c211-28-196-124.thoms1.vic.optusnet.com.au) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:27:06.515:

1,206 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-160-71-139.hr.hr.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:27:11.750:
This isnt showing up in the webcam??

1,207 - "Bill Gates" from (pool-71-115-117-208.sangtx.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:35:52.231:
Merry Christmas YALL!

1,208 - "Anonymous" from (ool-457b8110.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:47:18.345:
Merry xmas, what a waste of energy ___p

1,209 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-176-88-110.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:47:47.620:
How many current viewers?

1,210 - Alek says at 2006_12_24_23:48:04.438:
Now on the front page of DIGG ... so what the heck - its Christmas - lets leave the lights on and controllable all night long! ;-)

1,211 - "Anonymous" from (ool-45753579.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:48:28.975:
Was good Home doggs. Have a nice christmas!

1,212 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-252-203-169.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_24_23:53:08.046:
3489 simultaneous visitors (Dec 24 23:43:19 MST)... amazing. Merry Christmas! (Alek I have a screenshot if you'd like it)

1,213 - "Jimmy" from (static-71-246-43-43.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_00:18:18.672:
Merry Xmas Yall!

1,214 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_25_00:25:57.029:
Merry Christmas from Korea!

1,215 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-71-146-4-216.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_00:26:04.084:
ho ho ho merry christmas!

1,216 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-224-226-191.lv.lv.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_00:38:33.781:
Merry Christmas from Las Vegas!! Hope Santa is good to everyone!!

1,217 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_01:27:35.859:
according to NORAD santa's crossing the ocean and leaving the US. So much for stoppin at this house first. Hes now gone and no longer in the U.S___
Santa replies at 01:29 - Have you looked under the Christmas Tree in webcam3 and did you notice the pile of presents? Perhaps you are one of the people I left coal for - HO HO HO! ;-)
christmas presents

1,218 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_01:46:22.128:
yea i see the presents but i didnt see sanat put them there and i didnt see his sleigh on the roof!!
Alek replies at 13:51 - Footage from last year on the Santa Tracker - Santa left me a note saying he turned off my webcams while he came by this year because he is camera shy.

1,219 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_01:54:50.575:
ok that makes sense if hes camera shy!! poor old sanata cant put up with alek's camera's!! to bad!! maybe next year he wont be so shy!!

1,220 - "johan" from (ip503c6587.speed.planet.nl) wrote at 2006_12_25_03:18:30.830:
Merry Christmas! Great idea, had a great time with the kids,thanks!

1,221 - "Anonymous" from (server50262.uk2net.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_04:11:37.430:
Good Morning Merry Christmas!

1,222 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_25_04:21:36.787:
It's Christmas!!!!!! Have a good one.

1,223 - "Anonymous" from (server50262.uk2net.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_04:27:44.680:
Peace On Earth Good Will To All

1,224 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_25_04:38:12.787:
wake up everybody

1,225 - "Anonymous" from (c-69-243-87-101.hsd1.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_06:05:32.088:

1,226 - "gareth,Cornwall,England,UK" from (host86-131-43-40.range86-131.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_06:06:33.422:
Happy christmas and a happy new year

1,227 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_06:10:05.542:
merry xmas every body.

1,228 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_06:15:26.329:
merry xmas to all and to all a good day.

1,229 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_06:17:49.966:
can't wait to go back in office bring us back home.

1,230 - "AJ" from (65-23-222-181.prtc.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_06:30:14.314:
Wow!! Super cool!!!! Merry xMas... I hope more people donate! :)

1,231 - "Mark" from (cpe-065-188-254-009.triad.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_06:48:07.948:
Great Show! I'm wondering what you use to run the X-10. Is it perhaps heyu? LINK DELETED

1,232 - "Anonymous" from (c-69-254-156-254.hsd1.nm.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_07:22:51.708:
Merry Christmas!! Hope you guys aren't too snowed in!!! Christie-NM

1,233 - Alek says at 2006_12_25_07:33:05.881:
A picture from this morning - HO HO HO! ___-)
christmas morning

1,234 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_07:44:33.391:
cool tv man woot. Hey what happened to pbr that was just in santa's workshop?

1,235 - "Hillz" from (c58-107-146-36.rivrw8.nsw.optusnet.com.au) wrote at 2006_12_25_07:59:24.380:
Merry Christmas from sydney australia ... well for me its boxing day (day after christmas) y do we call it that ... idk its weird ... neways Merry Christmas

1,236 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_08:23:56.648:
alek update laptop to linux plz windows sucks.

1,237 - "Anonymous" from (h-67-101-133-124.nycmny83.dynamic.covad.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_08:33:53.297:
Merry Christmas from New Jersey. Thanks for a great show!

1,238 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-68-248-11-118.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_09:06:26.157:
Merry Christmas from Detroit Michigan. We appreciate you all so much, out donations will be in before the New Year. God Bless you!

1,239 - "jon 169" from (cpc2-asht1-0-0-cust680.manc.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_09:10:26.525:
hi alec an kids and mrs. its jon n samantha 169 from uk. hope youve had a great mornig, we have just had xmas dinner in uk, it was hreat. have a good day.

1,240 - "Santa" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_09:19:41.439:
I'm off to the Bahamas for a month. MerryXmas!!

1,241 - "The Gannon Family" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_25_09:33:47.384:
Happy Christmas from Avoca Ireland!!

1,242 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_25_09:41:03.573:
Happy Christmas from Letterkenny, Co Donegal, Ireland!

1,243 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_10:08:11.878:
Merry Christmas from South Dakota

1,244 - "Anonymous" from (84-12-176-222.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_25_10:23:49.907:
Mery christmas from the cayman islands!

1,245 - Alek says at 2006_12_25_10:26:15.205:
One of Dirk's favotite presents was a watch. And per the pictures below, I think Kyle liked Rockem-Sockem Robots just a little bit more than ... socks!
christmas watch
christmas rockem sockem
christmas socks

1,246 - "Anonymous" from (revelationdigital.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_10:26:50.857:
Merry Christmas from Oil City, Pennsylvania

1,247 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-168-107-195.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_11:00:50.811:
Merry Christmas from rainy Seattle... Tom&Anja

1,248 - "derek xmas lights uk" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_25_11:11:58.796:
merry xmas to you all were ever you are in the world derek

1,249 - "Anonymous" from (ACBC4592.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_11:20:29.872:
More Photos Please

1,250 - "Anonymous" from (207-13-77-45.reverse.cablecolor.hn) wrote at 2006_12_25_12:01:08.635:
Merry Christmas from Tegucigalpa Honduras d*** Pache

1,251 - "Homer" from (r74-193-87-125.parscmta01.parstx.tl.dh.suddenlink.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_12:15:10.307:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Paris, Texas to everyone here, and especially Alek!

1,252 - "H1000" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_25_13:38:26.994:
Merry Christmas Mr Grassmas and family. Hope Santa spoiled you guys. Thanks for the great show this Holiday season.

1,253 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_25_13:52:07.773:
Merry Christmas.. Remember if you always do what interests you. Then at least one person is pleased

1,254 - "Anonymous" from (c220-237-83-249.kelvn1.qld.optusnet.com.au) wrote at 2006_12_25_16:03:22.098:
hi there my name is karen elliott , i am from australia. i just wanted to say keep up the great work and have a great christmas

1,255 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-66-75-210-122.bak.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_16:03:48.533:
Merry Christmas Bootise! and also Trudy, Mom, Alex, Jack and RJ !!! (dad)

1,256 - "Anonymous" from (c220-237-83-249.kelvn1.qld.optusnet.com.au) wrote at 2006_12_25_16:06:00.217:
this is karen from australia again i am watching your cam ,, r u really there right now?

1,257 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-187-189-189.oc.oc.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_16:49:11.461:
no karen i'mnothere

1,258 - "Anonymous" from (2a.6.1343.static.theplanet.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_17:07:20.095:
Merry Christmas from Oil City, Pennsylvania

1,259 - "Anonymous" from (h82.56.155.207.ip.alltel.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_17:35:00.772:
The christmas lights are too confusing! What is for what?!!

1,260 - "Anonymous" from (CPE000f6690e942-CM0011e6ee175a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2006_12_25_17:59:30.921:
Peace and love! :)

1,261 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_25_18:49:45.564:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from England.

1,262 - "Anonymous" from (219-90-230-133.ip.adam.com.au) wrote at 2006_12_25_18:51:04.585:
Merry Christmas from Australia

1,263 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-186-37-179.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_19:26:58.142:

1,264 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-7-60-110.sd.sd.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_20:10:14.547:
Sunny San Diego, Ca

1,265 - "Becky" from (71-215-49-246.omah.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_20:42:42.720:
Merry Christmas from Omaha, Ne

1,266 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_20:53:35.990:
Merry Christmas from Tucson, AZ everyone!!

1,267 - "Robert from sactown" from (adsl-75-45-109-66.dsl.scrm01.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_21:51:21.643:
Send the boys home .. get them the hell outa there!...

1,268 - "Santa" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_25_22:47:37.229:
Starting a two month vacation!

1,269 - "Anonymous" from (ip-209-172-44-78.reverse.privatedns.com) wrote at 2006_12_26_03:44:12.766:
Alek, The Christmas Guru... Have a Happy New Year

1,270 - "lizkwas" from ( wrote at 2006_12_26_08:36:17.779:
So sad, it's over till next year. Well, 364 days & counting!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!

1,271 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_26_09:57:43.894:
Alek, isn't it ironic that even at my age I can remember my sons liking Rockem-Sockem Robots 20 years ago. It is nice when some things DON'T CHANGE.:)

1,272 - "Kina" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_26_09:58:55.664:
Happy New Year to the entire family. Have a blessed year because you deserve it.

1,273 - "Dave UK" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_26_12:45:51.719:
Only 364 days till xmas, better start shopping Now. How many lights r u going for next year alek. 30,000 maybe.. better get buying them the sales have started. Happy New Year daveUK

1,274 - "Luke.UK." from (cpc3-derb3-0-0-cust474.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_26_14:26:47.938:
Hi Alek,I got a Nintendo WII for christmas and a Ipod.This was just what I asked for.My WII is great fun and good exercise.Hope santa left everything for Dirk and Kyle.Luke:-)

1,275 - "angry man" from (h69-131-122-97.69-131.unk.tds.net) wrote at 2006_12_26_16:42:19.758:
the people at the radio station are cheap!!!!!!!!!!!! the ___15,000 you raised was from people who gave freely

1,276 - "Anonymous" from (ool-4571810b.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2006_12_26_17:08:11.036:
Found you after the NPR radio report -- smashing! Thanks so much! --Karla.

1,277 - "Rick in Wisconsin" from (207-118-155-180.dyn.centurytel.net) wrote at 2006_12_26_17:20:14.746:
Heard you on NPR Marketplace today.
Alek replies at 17:28 - Thanks Rick and others for the URL - Check it out!

1,278 - Alek says at 2006_12_26_18:09:03.274:
Recall I left the lights on and controllable all night long Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day ... and there was a LOT of surfers who came by, plus a DoubleHeader ServerSlamFest of Digg & Slashdot. While there was not sign of Santa this year (he left a note saying he's camera shy), check out the christmas videos page for all the other action. First picture below is as the Sun sets on Christmas Eve - second one is as the Sun rises on Christmas Day.
christmas morning
christmas morning

1,279 - Alek says at 2006_12_26_18:22:11.374:
Happened to see a half moon rising over the Hulk tonight, so I shot a low angle picture to get this ...
christmas hulk

1,280 - "james" from (ip68-96-113-228.lu.dl.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_26_18:36:24.145:
nice site!! i love it

1,281 - "Anonymous" from (ip70-187-78-245.cl.ri.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_26_18:41:31.781:
What a great site. I look forward to viewing it every year. Thanks!

1,282 - Alek says at 2006_12_26_19:14:14.412:
I had the lights disabled and OFF for about 10-15 minutes while I took this picture - what'ya think?!? ___-)
long exposure HO HO HO

1,283 - "AgEnT96" from (60-101.8-67.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_26_19:45:29.268:
that picture is awesome your so ghostly lol . now i have some ideas ill have to try but fist have to get a new camera.. Happy holidays to you and yours

1,284 - "JazzCrazed.com" from (ip72-196-215-94.dc.dc.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_26_19:55:19.024:
Hey Alek... Thanks to you and your family for the wonderfully spirited gift!

1,285 - "Anonymous" from (71-92-215-196.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_12_26_20:40:12.979:
Thanks for taking the time to do all this Alek! Hope you keep doing it for years to come! Happy Holidays and hope you have a great new year! Can't wait till Halloween!!

1,286 - "Dylan" from (125-238-39-199.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz) wrote at 2006_12_27_00:19:37.628:
That picture looks brilliant! I love playing with long exposure times. This year's set up was AMAZING Alek! I'm hoping to do something like what you've done to spread awareness of the Uganda Crisis (Mainly to help out invisiblechildren.com) so I'm gonna start shopping up large for some online christmas lights, New Zealand stores don't have good selection and all lights are gone by the 24th.

1,287 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_27_04:44:37.846:
Happy New Year

1,288 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_27_04:48:22.364:
Tips for New Year Resolution Review your last year's resolution. Have you succeeded, if not, why did you fail. Examine it and if necessary keep the same resolution this year too. Set Your Goals Maintain a core focus. Be clear if you really want the change. Don't flow along with the trend. Don't let the cup spill over Do not create too many resolutions at a time. They may distract you. Go with one at a time. Let it be for a year not a day New year is the time to plan for the entire year. Let the resolution not be something for which you need just couple of days. Acknowledge the price, and decide to pay it Any worthwhile human achievement requires sacrifice, risk, effort and perseverance. Of course it does! This is how life works! And, you must pay the full price in advance! Be accountable to some one in case you don't follow your resolution seriously

1,289 - "Dave UK" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_27_12:34:10.159:
Hi Luke UK. I wanted a Wii for xmas but could not find one anywhere still waiting for stock to arrive :o(. Will just have to make do with my xbox 360.

1,290 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_27_13:10:58.787:
Luke you lucky dog, I will have to wait till the Ebay scabs figure its not worth their time to sell Wii___'s. Then Maybe some will show up in stores.

1,291 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_27_13:11:59.756:
Luke you lucky dog, I will have to wait till the Ebay scabs figure its not worth their time to sell Wii___'s. Then Maybe some will show up in stores.

1,292 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_27_17:17:19.225:
Nice minivan or is that a van... well anyway love your setup but the power shortage kinda stinks. Excpecting a awesome display for Halloween 07. Cool pics of hulk and outside. Best wishes for 07 and hope find cure for kids.

1,293 - "Anonymous" from (CPE00111135d188-CM000f9f7f160c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2006_12_27_20:54:18.913:
Great job and Merry Christmas to you and your family Dad ___)Takes lots of work to do what you did.No snow here at all in LOndon Ontario Canada...just north of Detroit and south of Toronto.Cheers till next year ___)

1,294 - "Coco Lorez GERMANY" from (pD9FF9152.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) wrote at 2006_12_28_07:50:29.022:
Hello, we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR

1,295 - Alek says at 2006_12_28_14:25:06.612:
After the monster Colorado Snow Storm on December 20th, another one is on the way. Light snow falling now, with another two feet predicted tonight and tomorrow - webcams will provide live coverage! ;-)

1,296 - "Anonymous" from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_12_28_14:25:08.122:
Happy New Year... For next year can you make a snowman? I've never made one and I've only been around snow for about 4 hours in my life. I've always wanted to make a snowman! Thanks!

1,297 - "Anonymous" from (host86-136-121-0.range86-136.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_12_28_15:08:13.006:
Alek are you going to have to wait untill the snow melts to take the lights down ? Great site btw.

1,298 - "Dawn" from (adsl-072-149-172-002.sip.tys.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_28_15:25:49.093:
A snowman would be a great idea !! Have the boys make a big snowman, looks like your going to have pleanty of snow for that!! Wonderful Site I check it daily!!

1,299 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-072-149-172-003.sip.tys.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_12_28_15:58:30.340:
Looks like Homer and Elmo are having Issues !!

1,300 - "Anonymous" from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_12_28_15:58:32.474:
Thanks Alek!! It looks awesome :). Thanks for going the extra mile!!! Your snowman is styling with those lights!! It really looks good, thanks for making my day! =) I owe you!

1,301 - Alek says at 2006_12_28_18:01:54.737:
So someone posted a bazillions times on the IM on webcam about their website NeedGod.com ... and I happened to see this image taken by webcam3 - maybe as I was turning the light on. So hey, maybe HE showed up!
P.S. Yea #1299, the inflatables struggle when it is snowing heavily.

christmas need god

1,302 - "Karen" from (cache-dtc-ab02.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_28_18:42:32.947:
WOW, that is a spooky pic caught by webcam 3. I heard CO was bracing for more snow so I thought I'd jump on here & check out your webcams. Y'all stay warm up there!!

1,303 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-248-17-26.bltmmd.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_28_21:39:43.856:
Lost power, eh, Alek? (All three webcams are offline)
Alek replies at 22:08 - So I go to pick up my Mother-in-Law who flew in tonight ... after getting turfed last week by the previous blizzard. Halfway home, my wife calls me - POWER OUT AT THE HOUSE. She says I won't be able to get into the garage - I'm thinking "Damn, webcams are down! About 5 miles from the house, everything is dark and no traffic signals. Currently using the UPS to power the cable modem & router and typing this on the laptop. BTW, the last webcam image was received at 20:54:37.
P.S. If power still out tomorrow, I may run extension cords to the two webcams that are inside the house - they only draw 5 Watts, plus I just need the cable modem and wireless router up to provide live coverage. While powering the Christmas Lights would be a challenge (anyone got a 6,000+ Watt Generator), I'm not going to let some puny Colorado Snow Storm and Power Outage take this site down! ;-)

1,304 - "Dylan" from (125-238-39-199.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz) wrote at 2006_12_28_22:09:34.205:
s**** about the power, Alek! Sure hope they're doing their best to get it back! Since it's after 10PM, do you think you'll leave them on if power comes back or leave them off?

1,305 - "Dylan" from (125-238-39-199.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz) wrote at 2006_12_28_22:11:10.982:
Oops, sorry bout the word in that last blog, I'll retype it here so it stays off the mainpage. Sad about the power, Alek! Sure hope they're doing their best to get it back! Since it's after 10PM, do you think you'll leave them on if power comes back or leave them off?

1,306 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_28_22:11:16.203:
take it easy alek. no sweat! done a great job as we know. take care, enjoy family and know you touch many. thank you.

1,307 - "Anonymous" from (c-71-61-54-131.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_29_01:31:03.482:
You have power now, or outside source?

1,308 - "Anonymous" from (125-238-39-199.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz) wrote at 2006_12_29_02:00:32.374:
Cool to see the cameras back! Pulling an all nighter are we Alek? Looks like your car's getting quite buried, along with Hulk. Looks like he's knitting himself a nice poncho! Looks quite bright for 2AM!

1,309 - Alek says at 2006_12_29_02:15:09.498:
Yea, Power restored and back online! I had the UPS turned off in order to conserve power, but based on the time offset of the blinking alarms clocks, I must have woken up when the power came back on. Turn on the UPS, cable modem & router come up, webcams auto-connect, and first image at 01:15:10. Total outage time is 4 hours and 21 minutes. With low-lux mode enabled, the image brightens up a bit, especially with snow on the ground. Moderate snow is forecast the next two days - live coverage continues! ;-)

1,310 - "DylanJay" from (125-238-39-199.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz) wrote at 2006_12_29_03:00:54.655:
Wicked cool! Some say this sortof stuff is just cheap thrills for cheap minds, but I've had so much fun over the past 4 days (Perhaps too much, Been occupying my time I usually spend designing) flicking the switches, especially the webcamIM! I wouldn't regard myself as a cheap mind so you've done very well to amuse me (and many others) so! I'd love to contribute but I'm not allowed to use Paypal (no credit card). How about a free design for next years Halloween/Xmas controls site? I may be 14 but I have experience!

1,311 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_29_03:46:29.862:
hi um please tell me how u r going to get out off ur home the snow looks bad.hope u have food ect.

1,312 - "K" from (cache-dtc-ab02.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_29_06:54:25.388:
If the lights, webcams, Christmas spirit, amount of dedication to celiac research don't amaze someone then SURELY successfully maintaining webcam coverage when there is NO pwwr should! Said it before, will again...Alek for President!

1,313 - "EmX" from (user-5443ae0d.lns5-c8.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_29_07:10:24.064:
Alek, this years webcams have been nothing short of AMAZING! Truely outstanding snow storms too, thanks for all your hard work to keep the cams going during the crazy weather. I wish you and your family a wonderful new years and hope 2007 treats you all extremely well. Well done and i agree.. Komar for Prez!

1,314 - "Anonymous" from (ACBC57B0.ipt.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_29_07:25:13.318:
Lets See an measurement of the new snow photos

1,315 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_29_09:18:38.940:
yeah alek survied on heck of a blizzard. The power outage probely sucked but i was in bed sawing logs at the time. Alek we would like to know the total amount of snow so far. Maybe have kids make snowman out of snow for use viewers without snow.

1,316 - "jon169" from (cpc2-asht1-0-0-cust680.manc.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_29_10:04:39.189:
good work alec,

1,317 - "Anonymous" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_29_10:09:08.042:
hello how deep is the snow my children would like to know

1,318 - Alek says at 2006_12_29_10:14:54.027:
Still have snow piled up high all over the place from last week, and overnight snowfall was about another 10" ... so while I didn't do a measurement, I took some more pictures of the Colorado Snow Storm #2! The Hulk isn't too happy about that and note that moderate/heavy snowfall is forecasted through Sunday - yikes!
colorado snow storm inflatables
colorado snow storm hulk

1,319 - "Kina" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_29_10:23:59.222:

1,320 - "Dave UK" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_29_12:00:25.117:
Hi Alek, Do you get snow all year round? Luke UK I managed to get a Nintendo Wii but now I have got RSI in both arms.....

1,321 - "Diana - Tucson, AZ" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_29_12:41:53.991:
And we think it's cold here in Tucson...

1,322 - Alek says at 2006_12_29_16:12:59.961:
As expected, web traffic continues to diminish after Christmas. But a lot of web surfers worldwide (150+ countries) enjoyed viewing and controlling the lights. LoganT and DerikO both sent me screen shots of a fairly busy time on Christmas Eve when this site was on the front page of both Digg & Slashdot. Remember things shut down on January 1st and I'll turn the blog off a few days after that.
christmas eve digg slashdot

1,323 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_29_16:14:12.460:
Alek, do you take everything down now or wait till Fed. or March for all the snow to melt off?

1,324 - "Joaquina" from (adsl-66-136-128-65.dsl.kscymo.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_29_16:24:07.563:
I wanted to try and say thanks for all the fun this season with your lights, your family and you. My sons and I loved joining your family. I hope that the donation helps.

1,325 - "jon169" from (cpc2-asht1-0-0-cust680.manc.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_29_16:34:44.707:
hey ive been a reg on your site for a while, but i'm still not able to control anything. I down load the file, but when i try opening it, i'm told its a invalid win32application. can u help please, jon169

1,326 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-53-100.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_29_16:38:45.254:
Snowed in again eh Mr Grassmas. Well, don't think that you have a corner on the market of lousy weather. Here in San Diego today the temp actually dipped into the low 70's and we had our first cloud of the season. Thought maybe I was going to have to put on some long pants and long sleeved t shirt. Bout froze to death!

1,327 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-53-100.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_29_16:44:22.121:
WOW!!! How'd he do that?

1,328 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-53-100.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_29_16:47:28.379:
He's amazing!!! He can make things disappear from his magic box and I saw him make a PBR disappear one time.
Alek replies at 15:02 - Kyle was actually demonstrating his magic trick to his Grandparents a 1,000 miles away. And here is what H1000 is referring too - rest assued the PBR was not open ... but I gotta watch him closer in Santa's Workshop!
christmas PBR

1,329 - "Anonymous" from (pool-70-109-27-32.atl.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_29_17:23:51.857:
hello all

1,330 - "jon169" from (cpc2-asht1-0-0-cust680.manc.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_29_18:34:44.404:
an idea came up on tex. For all us komar.org junkies. How about AT HOME WITH KOMAR'S for 2007. That would be cool, far better than big brother. Reality TV for 2007.

1,331 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-50-113-162.hsd1.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_29_19:10:31.497:
Have a safe and happy New year!

1,332 - Alek says at 2006_12_29_19:19:39.591:
jon169/others: No plans to have "Home with the Komars in 2007" - I'll leave that up to trained professionals like the Osbournes - having the webcams on during the holiday season is enough for me. In response to #1323, I usually take stuff down on January 1st ... but if they are still bruied in snow, I'll have to wait. Once the Colorado Sun comes out, the snow will start melting fast ... but looks like that might be a while ... except for things like these Santa Bubble Lights that are re-surfacing already.
bubble lights
santa bubble lights 2 santa bubble lights 1

1,333 - "jon169" from (cpc2-asht1-0-0-cust680.manc.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_29_19:45:23.221:
Alek, thanks for the reply, and me and my family in Manchester UK,thought it would be a great idea. A well it has been great watching the site and will continue. jon n samantha .P.S if I win the lottery I would contact FOX with the idea.

1,334 - "Dylan Jay" from (125-238-39-199.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz) wrote at 2006_12_29_22:59:12.006:
Hey Alek! Do you think you might do an Easter light display? I'm not sure if I can hold out till Halloween 07! I'm trying my best to rake up the money to do my own display to promote the Unganda Crisis but I don't think that'll be able to happen until July.. Your lights make me happy! - Dylan

1,335 - "Jid" from (80-41-96-76.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_12_30_08:13:15.939:
Have a safe and happy year!

1,336 - "K" from (cache-mtc-ae01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_30_08:20:37.460:
Aaaah, did I miss the snowman in the dark last night or did y'all get up early this a.m. and make the little guy? In any event...he's very cute and us down here in the south appreciate him!!

1,337 - "Anonymous" from (ip-208-109-83-27.ip.secureserver.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_09:04:04.138:
Aaaah, did I miss the Mother in Law jokes

1,338 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_11:38:31.653:
hey alek what is in front of laptop is it snowing outside or is that just me... Thanx kids for making a snowman can't make snowman no snow :-(

1,339 - "derek xmas lights uk" from (user-544511e6.lns3-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_12_30_12:24:44.780:
hi alek the snow will never stop you keep up the good work happy new year to you and your family we have now raised over 3000 pounds this year ps kids ask can you wave regards derek

1,340 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_12:37:24.219:
what up with webcam 3?

1,341 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_12:39:38.241:
i think webcam 3 just burped at 12:37:24. Why is cam pointing outside?
Alek replies at 12:55 - Sun came out, so I thought I'd show the view from my office window of all of the snow.
christmas office view

1,342 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_13:00:33.706:
oh... Wekk the trees look cool with all the snow thanx for the answer.

1,343 - "alison - Jersey UK" from (user165.res133.jtibs.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_13:58:36.037:
Oh wow i am so envious, the view from cam 3 is just beautiful. I will miss tuning in after the first, and will definately pay a return visit next year. Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy 2007.

1,344 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-69-23-123-41.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_12_30_14:25:17.371:
Alek, I am jealous too. I have a nice view but not like that. Very Cool.

1,345 - "K" from (cache-dtc-ab02.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_30_14:48:26.688:
Santas workshop cam was on a window Dec. 20 pic (that are posted) thought for a long time "no way that is their yard" I swear to goodness looks like a painting! But in fact, it truly is a window and it is truly the yard. WHAT a view! May not be polictically correct now days...but here goes...y'all truly live in God's country!

1,346 - "Dave UK" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_30_15:19:58.695:
That view is just amazing. Waking up in a morning and seeing that view must make you feel good inside........ Happy New Year Dave UK

1,347 - "Anonymous" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust548.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_30_15:36:37.450:
Hey Alek,Hows you? Merry Xmas and a Happy new year! Thats to you aswell dave. From Luke,Uk. :D!

1,348 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_30_17:17:19.113:
Where is Alek

1,349 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_12_30_17:18:22.265:
I think Alek has the Mother in Law Blues

1,350 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_17:24:20.026:
nice alek Blue screen of death alek.

1,351 - Alek says at 2006_12_30_17:25:08.050:
Java is not required ... but lets work this tech support issue over in the IM area please - sounds like Jon has some sort of virus or something as I have never heard anyone report this problem and it doesn't make any sense.
Update: User said "never mind - restarted PC" so I deleted the dozen+ posts that rambled on about their problem.

1,352 - "jon169" from (cpc2-asht1-0-0-cust680.manc.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_30_19:08:07.994:
I'm now signing of.Thanks for the fun you have brought in to the jon169 UK household, and the nice ISP's I've been chatting to Alek. It would be great for us all to chat somewhere else in the new year. j_adderley@hotmail.com. Thanks again Alek and mrs and Beeroboy an dirk. HAPPYNEWYEAR.

1,353 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_19:14:12.438:
bye jon welcome on help are you coming on again tommorow

1,354 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_19:34:33.418:
last night controlling lihts will be on tommorow so till then goodnight y'all

1,355 - "Diana - Tucson, AZ" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_20:19:25.538:
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, and to all a good year. Take care!

1,356 - "Anonymous" from (c-24-118-159-214.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_21:32:32.103:
Puny human write text message! Grrrrr!!!

1,357 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_21:49:18.029:
THANKS, 1,355. Same to you and yours.

1,358 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_22:03:45.212:
WOW!!! what a bright light in cam 1!!!!

1,359 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_22:05:11.330:
will Hulk melt? or just snow?

1,360 - Alek says at 2006_12_30_22:07:56.177:
Hulk won't melt - he just gets stronger! The "bright light" you saw was when I enabled low-lux mode on the webcams which brightens up the image.

1,361 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-149-176.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_12_30_22:08:35.440:
OK night night!!!:)

1,362 - "Dylan Jay" from (125-238-39-199.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz) wrote at 2006_12_31_04:24:56.817:
Happy New Year from New Zealand! I hope everybody has a brilliant, safe night in or out and have a great '07!

1,363 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_08:25:58.292:
happy new year y'all. Alek what is your resolution. Are you going to kiss again this year at 12:00 your time?
Alek replies at 08:35 - The New Years' Eve party we are going to is across the street ... but can't promise we'll do a kiss for the webcam. In case we don't, here is the one from last year
New Years Eve Kiss

1,364 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_08:56:57.650:
well happy new year to you. So we get to see the sunrise now cool. Thanx but for pic but hopeing that we can see new pic. Good job handling bsod alek. You are realy a computer guru. I am good a computers too . Well hope your family a happy and safe new year from michigan.

1,365 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_09:18:55.119:
well happy new year to you. So we get to see the sunrise now cool. Thanx but for pic but hopeing that we can see new pic. Good job handling bsod alek. You are realy a computer guru. Redoing so some info stays off main site.

1,366 - "jon169" from (cpc2-asht1-0-0-cust680.manc.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_31_09:30:38.188:
hey my PC is now running well Thanks to 059 and the luck from Alec the PC guru, as 059 puts it. Happy new year, to all. jon169. PS yea the cam3 view is something to write home about

1,367 - "Nick059" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_09:33:22.937:
godd to hear that jon. glad i could be of a issistence hope next year you have more time controlliong lights and less time in the sidelines. happy new year jon169

1,368 - Alek says at 2006_12_31_12:50:16.635:
I was playing around with a stitching program ... so here is a panoramic of the backyard. Click on it to see a 3,000x500 image - the original was almost 5 times that size! ;-
click here to see larger size christmas panoramic

1,369 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_13:06:03.237:
What os a stiching program??? Is that your backyard but were is your supersized grill?

1,370 - "Alison uk" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_31_14:48:11.079:
Truly beautiful picture :-)

1,371 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-53-55.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_15:26:25.173:
A couple of months back a friend of mine got stopped for driving under the influence. Not only did he loose his license, but by the time he paid his lawyer, all his fines and for all the cla**** he had to take, it cost him over six thousand dollars! So, not only is it STUPID to drink and drive, it's expensive. Have fun tonight, but be smart. Happy New Year!!

1,372 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_15:31:41.494:
thnx h1000 for those words. COuld controls be activated early?

1,373 - "Karen" from (cache-rtc-ab08.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_12_31_15:32:48.603:
aaaah, (last years pic) that is so sweet...so as not to run the blog up to 2000, let me say from EVERYONE a BIG thank you to MRS. Komarnitsky for alowing Alek to devote so much time here (yes, a worthy cause, but he does do little things to make sure we all have pretty pics of snow etc). Behind every good man is a GREAT woman! Happy New Year

1,374 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_15:37:08.699:
yeah how cute alek and wendy i do believe kissing good luck next year with light display. Hopefully they finnaly find cure for celiac disease. Good luck komarnisky family. Keep kyle away from the beer :)

1,375 - "kyle" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_31_15:43:27.695:
I only drank the beer for a magic trick. good catch h1000 though on me drinking that pbr :)

1,376 - "Anonymous" from (118.Red-88-18-123.staticIP.rima-tde.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_16:19:07.503:
I'm now on 2007! Spain Happy new year!

1,377 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_16:20:50.116:
WE ARE STILL in the good year 06 bwa hahahaha

1,378 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_16:23:51.545:
it is raining and now thundering here in michigan happy new year to use.

1,379 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_16:28:22.238:
wait just looked at weather.com big heavy strom headed our way This stinks might now be abble to stay on for long i don't trust surge protection one bit. :(

1,380 - "Anonymous" from (server.authns.com) wrote at 2006_12_31_16:46:57.758:
Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

1,381 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_12_31_16:51:04.109:
10 minutes to New Year in the Uk so I'll say Happy New Year to you all now. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 to one and all.

1,382 - "Luke's mum-UK" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust548.lei3.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_12_31_18:13:12.861:
Well its now 2007 here in uk.Alek,Wendy,Dirk and Kyle,hope you have a good new year too!Lots of fireworks on webcams would be a lovely treat.Whats next Alek????????????Hope your fundraising has been good,please keep us entertained in 2007.Love and Best Wishes,Luke,Paul and Gill.xxx

1,383 - "Anonymous" from (ip-216-69-168-51.ip.secureserver.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_19:01:12.254:
Hey Alek, great job this year! The Halloween and Christmas Webcams + Webcontrol have been great! Can___'t wait to see what new things you are going to add to the halloween and christmas webcams Next year! I wish you and your family (and everyone else reading this Blog) a happy and healthy new year!!! JP

1,384 - "Anonymous Programmer" from (pool-151-196-115-17.balt.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_21:01:42.487:
Hey Alek... maybe you should mention the "new feature" for 2007! (that new application)

1,385 - "Anonymous" from (81-179-119-133.dsl.pipex.com) wrote at 2006_12_31_21:29:45.458:
Hey Alek, We wish you and your family a happy and fulfilled new year from everyone in the UK. Thanks for keeping us entertaineded with your webcams.

1,386 - "nick059" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_22:42:39.340:
happy new year in easten time zone.

1,387 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_12_31_22:45:02.864:
can't wait to watch take down of lights. woot.

1,388 - "Anonymous" from (71-92-215-196.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_00:06:44.649:
Happy New Year Alek!! Hope this year brings many treasures and special memories!

1,389 - "Zita" from (dsl51B6DE2C.pool.t-online.hu) wrote at 2007_01_01_04:34:54.217:
Happy New Year from Hungary! Boldog ___j ___vet a magyaroknak!

1,390 - "C1000" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_05:10:54.080:
Hey 1,388 still hanging around here? how many comments have you made here now?

1,391 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_01_01_06:03:53.256:
Hey C1000 you are a liar and a cheater. Proxy Boy! We would like it if you would not post here again. You Are Trouble. Everyone Knows you were Mr. Red Cross

1,392 - "Sue" from (cache-mtc-ae01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_06:37:59.907:
Hey Alek We wish you and your family a Happy New Year full of happiness and good health. The Lane Family from Camp Hill, Pa

1,393 - "Anonymous" from (server.gamingsitesnet.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_06:45:06.546:
We wish you and your family a Happy New Year chuck full of happiness and good health. The Barch Family from Control our Junk

1,394 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_08:45:29.222:
it's 07 time to take down some lights so go at em alek.

1,395 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_08:53:21.417:
no new pic of alek kissing at 12:00 in front of webcam.

1,396 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_09:07:48.332:
oh alek where is santa homer via blog #17

1,397 - "jon169" from (cpc2-asht1-0-0-cust680.manc.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_09:26:08.921:
happy new year Alek an family o an nick059.

1,398 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-024-074-046-004.carolina.res.rr.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_09:28:33.349:
Have enjoyed your work again Alek. Look forward to 2007's lights!

1,399 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_09:40:27.756:
yeah halloween is the next time we get to control some lights then after that he pretty much gets ready for xmas. hopefully alek is prepared for us next year. Don't give up one server alek.

1,400 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_09:50:13.620:
wow we are farther than the grass blog. Wooooooooooooot. hey are you taking down lights or what alek?

1,401 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_01_01_09:54:00.612:
Alek, many thanks, we have enjoyed your websitea lot. Good luck for 2007. We look forward to the halloween lights later in the year. It seems a long long time to wait though.

1,402 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_01_01_10:26:13.560:
Well you did a great job this year alek. Cant wait until Halloween. Hope 2007 is a great year for you and your family........See You this halloween Dave UK

1,403 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-46-130.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_10:28:45.764:
Happy New Year everyone!!! Welcome to 007, the Year of the Secret Agent!! Hope you all have the BEST year ever!! And many thanks to you Mr Grassmas for all your hard work keeping us entertained these past three months. Now everyone, meet us over at Watching Grass Grow for some truely mezmorizing entertainment.

1,404 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_10:41:20.211:
Happy New Year to everyone, may your resolution involve lots of grass watching!

1,405 - "Anonymous" from (1111-31-1.customhostingservers.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_12:20:29.965:
What___'s up? Where is Alek?

1,406 - "Anonymous" from (1111-31-1.customhostingservers.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_12:22:53.827:
Missed another fight, looks like C1000 is up to his same old tricks.

1,407 - "nick059" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_12:50:50.624:
yep c1000 is up to his old tricks like kyle and his dissapering beer trick. hehe

1,408 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_01_01_13:20:01.119:
If Child Welfare gets a hold of that picture they will pull the plug on Alek___'s Light Show

1,409 - "nick059" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_13:28:18.022:
i'm tired of watching snow melt can we watch santa's workshop.

1,410 - "Anonymous" from (server.roamproxy.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_13:47:54.033:
We can___'t see the workshop because Alek turned it into A bedroom for his Mother in Law. He calls her Jaws

1,411 - "Diana - Tucson, AZ" from (ip70-171-195-192.tc.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_14:49:05.349:
Please let us know the final donation tally when the site comes down for your break until October. Happy New Year!

1,412 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_01_01_14:54:17.938:
Paid cash for everything this year. No credit card payments this year. Gee I am glad it is over...!

1,413 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_01_01_14:58:23.190:
Is it just me or is this site Depressing

1,414 - "Anonymous" from (host86-136-72-143.range86-136.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_15:44:28.367:
It's just you.

1,415 - "Anonymous" from (user-5443ad44.lns5-c8.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2007_01_01_15:52:13.918:
There is a reflection of the web cam on the window. Looks pretty cool. Well that's Christmas over for another year. Looking forward to Christmas 2007 at komar.org :P

1,416 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_16:20:15.697:
hey alek saw robosapien at walgreen almost bought but did not.

1,417 - "Anonymous" from (2webhosting.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_16:28:31.361:
Pull the Plug Alek it___'s over... D___'OH! ___

1,418 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:32:59.257:
why arent the X-10 controls on? it's night time!! 9:00 is pretty late for them to come on! Turn them on, Please

1,419 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:35:24.390:
noooooooooooooooo. It can't be over.

1,420 - "Anonymous" from (ev1s-207-44-158-51.ev1servers.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:35:36.661:
It___'s Over Give It Up D OH

1,421 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:36:30.812:
Noooooooooooooo. I'm not believing you.

1,422 - "Anonymous" from (ev1s-207-44-158-51.ev1servers.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:37:26.449:
All good things must come to an end!

1,423 - "Anonymous" from (ev1s-207-44-158-51.ev1servers.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:38:31.177:
Pull the Plug Alek... It is Over

1,424 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:39:01.245:
i can see in santa's workshop via relfection off windows anyone at watching grass grow right now?

1,425 - "Anonymous" from (ev1s-207-44-158-51.ev1servers.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:40:14.814:
Get a Life This site is history

1,426 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:40:47.769:
Well alek mite as well turn all webcams offline.

1,427 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:42:02.651:
turn the webcams and lights on!!!

1,428 - "Anonymous" from (ns1.westernavenue.info) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:42:02.749:
That is Right, Goodnight Irene

1,429 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:42:28.812:
well lets all head over to "watching-grass-grow.com" for summer time alek does not want us on here anymore.

1,430 - "Anonymous" from (ns1.westernavenue.info) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:43:41.093:
The Fat Lady Has Sung

1,431 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:44:39.781:
well it is time for him to shutdown alek might as well kill all the webcams and put link to watching-grass-grow.com.

1,432 - "Anonymous" from (ns1.westernavenue.info) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:45:29.598:
His Mother in Law Makes Him Nervous

1,433 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:49:58.031:
Did you read Aleks Blog. He Calls her Jaws

1,434 - "Farewell see you on watching-grass-grow.com "nick059"" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:51:34.474:
he threw in the towel and shutdown come on "watching-grass-grow.com" is waiting for us to come over for the summer-time for more fun and entertainment. Like alek says all good things must come to a end. So this is the end and my last comment here before i goto "watching-grass-grows.com".

1,435 - "Anonymous" from (2webhosting.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:52:20.642:
Pull The Plug. This is now depressing me

1,436 - "Anonymous" from (seo-advance.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_17:54:17.644:
Stick a Fork in this site, it is done!!!

1,437 - Alek says at 2007_01_01_18:05:45.383:
Went skiing with my wonderful wife today ... so just got back. Am turning off the webcams and updating the site to say Christmas/2006 is over, but will leave the blog up for a few more days. Happy New Year to all and come back for Christmas/2007.

1,438 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:10:13.911:
SO we should head over to watching grass grow im guessing right alek?

1,439 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:12:20.317:
Why is cam2 still online thought you said turning off webcams thought that meant all 3!

1,440 - "Anonymous" from (ip-216-69-157-178.ip.secureserver.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:19:18.655:
Come On Alek One More Plug. Now Pull It.

1,441 - "Anonymous" from (ip-216-69-157-178.ip.secureserver.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:21:03.006:
Say Good Night Alek

1,442 - "Anonymous" from (ip-216-69-157-178.ip.secureserver.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:22:32.693:
Season is Over

1,443 - "Anonymous" from (ip-216-69-157-178.ip.secureserver.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:23:52.069:
Here Comes Peter Cottontail Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

1,444 - "Anonymous" from (revelationdigital.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:26:58.639:
Christmas Bah-Humbug

1,445 - "Anonymous" from (server.roamproxy.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:28:55.900:
Yea I Hate Being Nice To Everyone

1,446 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_01_01_18:31:27.833:
Did you know more people commit suicide this time of the year. Because of Christmas

1,447 - "Anonymous" from (1111-31-1.customhostingservers.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:35:02.092:
Christmas, Bah-Humbug

1,448 - "Anonymous" from (1111-31-1.customhostingservers.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:36:41.337:
The whole Christmas thing s****

1,449 - "Anonymous" from (wc04.inet.mesa1.secureserver.net) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:38:27.362:
Down goes the curtain

1,450 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_01_01_18:46:56.529:
My Wonderful Wife and I rode Mountainbikes today.

1,451 - "thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2007_01_01_19:15:46.698:
hey if anybody wants to watch the webcam 2 then go to watching-grass-grow.com and spend the year with that cam! i think it stays up all year round,but no positive

1,452 - Alek says at 2007_01_01_19:20:11.389:
Yea, the webcam2 image feed is visible at Watching Grass Grow - that is even more ... uhhh ... exciting in the Spring/Summer/Fall! ;-)

1,453 - "Mike" from (adsl-64-216-32-164.dsl.lbcktx.swbell.net) wrote at 2007_01_02_00:30:46.451:
Good job with the site Alek. I enjoyed watching the cameras during the holidays and kudos to you and your servers for surviving the Slashdot effect. Best of luck to you and your cause in 2007!

1,454 - "asd" from (cache-mex-roma-2.uninet.net.mx) wrote at 2007_01_02_02:25:21.409:
jkjgtjhgtrjjrhgjhtrj and more info D

1,455 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_01_02_03:50:41.332:
Alek, I had lots of fun on your site. I will miss the blogs and troublemakers. LOL Who can forget Mr. Red Cross, or Mr. Proxy C1000. Thanks Again Alek and be nice to your Mother In Law.

1,456 - "n" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_02_07:55:25.391:
Well you can always goto watching-grass-grow.com for more action/fun.

1,457 - "Becky" from (71-215-49-246.omah.qwest.net) wrote at 2007_01_02_17:42:02.238:
I had so much fun this year, Alek. I can't wait til next year. Hopefully next year is bigger and better. Happy New Year.

1,458 - "George" from (stjhnf0120w-142162222172.pppoe-dynamic.nl.aliant.net) wrote at 2007_01_02_18:59:23.404:
Season is over? Anyone ever hear of a song called "The 12 Days of Christmas"?

1,459 - "EmX (liverpool uk)" from (host86-139-17-45.range86-139.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2007_01_03_06:29:26.646:
HPPY NEW YEAR TO KOMAR.ORG i have only just come back from Finland so i missed the cams before they were switched off but i wanted to thank you for amazing coverage of the snow and lights, made xmas very special indeed. All the best for 2007 everyone and see you when the cams are back on.

1,460 - "thomas" from (cache3.swoca.net) wrote at 2007_01_03_08:21:13.910:
yes happy new year to everyone! see you all next year!

1,461 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_01_03_14:50:51.890:
Hi!Greetings from Sunny Portugal.I am Maria and I enjoyed very much to watch your Xmas lights during Christmas Season, I will return in 2007.Happy New Year to all of you.Greetings to Alek and family from this little country in the South of Europe.

1,462 - "nick059" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_03_17:18:57.238:
when does this blog close???

1,463 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-88-164.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2007_01_03_17:57:42.799:
Let me be the last to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

1,464 - "Thomas" from (cpe-24-166-247-96.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2007_01_03_18:37:52.922:
hey alek will you turn the cameras on when you take down the Christmas Lights so we can watch you? Or are they off till next year? Put them up so we can all see you take them down just as we did with you puting them up!

1,465 - Alek says at 2007_01_03_20:41:29.254:
Webcams are turned off and taken down and as the snow melts, I'm bringing the lights inside as they "surface" - I will leave the blog up for another couple of days. Dirk took this picture of me (wearing the "infamous" striped shirt) with the X10 gear used for the christmas display - pictured are the three blown SR227 SuperSockets, one wireless receiver, two wireless transmitters, six appliance modules, and ten lamp modules. Not pictured are two more wireless receivers, Firecracker transmitter, eight (still working) SR227 SuperSockets, and three appliance modules - the later are still buried under the snow! ;-)
x10 stuff

1,466 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-187-179-130.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_04_12:47:45.839:
Hope 2007 is good to your family. Thanks for doing this. I really find it interesting.

1,467 - "NICK059" from (c-68-61-173-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2007_01_04_13:03:27.210:
why is there green cord on transmitter?

1,468 - Alek says at 2007_01_04_15:58:29.700:
The green cords are the grounding wires from the blown SR227 SuperSockets - has nothing to do with the transmitter. For those interested in re-living things, check out the "Entire Christmas Season Videos" I just uploaded.

1,469 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-93-229.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2007_01_04_18:32:51.427:
Love the "Entire Christmas Videos" Mr Grassmas. Brings back great memories and makes me wish Christmas 2007 would hurry up and get here. It was fun hanging out with you all.

1,470 - "alyson_marshall@yahoo.co.uk" from (88-108-172-46.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2007_01_07_10:32:52.788:
hi my name alyson i live in england me and my two girls loved ur web site so much it was great hope to see u all next december , does ur web cam work for halloweengod bless u all thank you again alyson alisha and oliviasxx god bless ur wife and children to.

1,471 - "Mark" from (ool-44c2d05f.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2007_01_07_10:36:52.227:
Now that it is a day after "Little Christmas" on Jan 7, 07 I stumbled across your site! You are doing a wonderful job in raising money for a good cause. Considering the tremendous amount of power that is consumed by all of the lights I would suggest you try to start shifting over to LED lights and save 90-95___ of the energy consumed. You might be able to get supplier sponsorship since you have such widespread viewership! This way you can do 2 wonderful things- raising money for your cause AND setting a great example for conserving oil! Thanks for an enjoyable site.
Alek replies at 22:12 - LED's are still very, very expensive, especially when you are buying thousands of 'em. Read more on my wind power page, but in addition to using renewable energy (and doing a Carbon Offset), the electricity cost for the Christmas Lights in 2006 ended up being about $3/day - yes, three! So it's not really a "tremendous amount of power" and well worth it for all the joy they bring. But if a Christmas Lights LED manufacturer would like to sponsor and/or send samples, bring 'em on! ;-)

1,472 - Alek says at 2007_01_09_12:00:00.000:
A lot of Internet surfers worldwide (157 countries) enjoyed watching & controlling the Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease and the nice blog comments are very much appreciated. But all good things must some to an end ... and Christmas/2006 is over. Over $15,000 has been raised for Charity. Surf on back for Christmas 2007 and Merry Christmas from www.komar.org! ;-)
christmas family

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