☻ 2003 Halloween Decorations & Halloween Lights ☻

2003's Halloween Decorations & Halloween Lights are over - here are some links to more info: And if you liked the Halloween Decorations & Lights, be sure to check out the Christmas Lights!
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The 2003 Halloween Decorations & Lights at Sunset

halloween decorations lights
Here is the breakdown of how the lights are deployed with amperage measured from a multi-meter:
X10#    CONTROL    Outlet         GFCI             Fuse           Amps   Lights    Description
 1      NO         Garage         NO GFCI          Garage          0.2        7    Driveway Lights
 1      NO         Front Switch   NO GFCI          Front Lights    0.7        3    Lower RIP lights

 2      YES        Garage         NO GFCI          Garage          2.3      203    Garage backlight, Lower Ghost, Hulk Spotlight, Frank & Alien
 2      YES        Upper Deck     Master Bedroom   M-B lights      0.7        3    Upper RIP lights, Hulk lower light

 3      YES        Panel-1        Panel-1          Panel-1         2.0      314    Bubble Lights, Boneyard, Poo Lights
 3      YES        Panel-2        Panel-2          Panel-2         6.6    1,900    Pumpkin

 4      YES        Panel-3        Panel-3          Panel-3         1.9      360    Large lawn BOO
 4      YES        Panel-4        Panel-4          Panel-4         3.6      950    Upper deck icicles and ghost ball

TIMER   NO         Scary Room     NO GFCI          Living/Dining   0.5       50    Flying Bat
TIMER   NO         M-Bedroom      NO GFCI          M-Bedroom       0.7      100    BOO and pumpkin in upstairs windows

TOTALS                                                            18.2    3,890 (approximate ;-)

The Incredible Halloween Hulk

halloween hulk

Another Incredible Halloween Hulk - aka Dirk!

dirk hulk

A 5 second exposure ... 40 minutes after sunset! ;-)

halloween lights