Komarnitsky Travel Collection

Wendy has been to almost 100 countries and all 7 continents ... so she gets around a bit! ;-)
Alek has been ... to a lot of States ... ;-)
So this is obviousely only a sampling of the travels ... and I REALLY mean a sampling - one of these years I'll go back through all the pictures.

2014 - Family Rafting trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho - part of Wendy's 50th birthday.

2011 - Galapagos Islands

2011 - Dummy Downhill skiing at Mission Ridge, Washington

2010 - Family goes on Safari in Africa!

2009 Summer - Family Road trip including Zip Lining in Colorado and Rafting the Green River

2009 Spring Break - Dirk-n-Kyle go to Washington DC

2009 Winter - Alek goes Heli-Skiing in Utah and Antarctica Cruise

2008 Spring Break - South Dakota Road Trip - Kyle is flexible!

2007 Summer - Colorado Road Trip

2007 Spring - Hippo Attack on Wendy's African Safari!

2005 Fall - Alaska Railroad - Wendy is opening segment in PBS Dome Car special

2005 Summer - Seward Alaska fishing charter

2005 Summer - Colorado Hummingbirds

1999 Summer - African Safari Pictures

1997 Xmas - Chile, South America

Polar Bears in Churchill