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1 - Alek Says at 2005_09_15_11:50:24.947:
The concrete cam blog was a lotta fun during the live webcast of my stamped concrete patio using these deck designs. So I just set this up for my halloween decorations - should be fun to see what people have to say and I appreciate any ideas/suggestions.

2 - ( wrote at 2005_09_15_13:23:59.423:
Alek, I'm looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve this year and I'm curious to see people coming by in person to check out your lights. Thanks for putting on a good show. Jon Steamboat Springs, CO

3 - (cache-dtc-aa09.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_09_15_14:44:49.502:
Your halloween stuff ROCKED last year - will the Hulk have any company this time?

4 - Alek Says at 2005_09_16_23:28:13.233:
I'm putting togather an outdoor webcam enclosure since the webcam is only rated down to 32°F. Total parts cost at Home Depot was $27.34 - lot cheaper than buying a commercial one for $500, eh?!? ;-)
webcam enclosure parts

5 - Alek Says at 2005_09_21_13:11:20.315:
I picked up Lighting FX from Target for $19.99 yesterday - makes your lights flicker to sound/music - not sure how I'm going to use it, but should be fun to play with.

6 - (69-221-189-207.dyn.peakpeak.com) wrote at 2005_09_22_18:18:12.307:
Thanks for the pointer to the FX box. That looks cool and I got one from my Target today.

7 - (webgateway1.nykredit.dk) wrote at 2005_09_22_21:42:01.294:
Is the webcam enclosur done and when will you have it up?

8 - (ool-4573fb2d.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2005_09_23_11:10:06.335:
needs more excitement,but very nice for the kids

9 - Alek Says at 2005_09_25_14:55:25.032:
#8: It's still September - rest assured things will start getting more "interesting" in the next few weeks. #7: The webcam enclosure is up and running - I just haven't made the imagery public yet. #6: Glad I was able to help you out with that FX box.
outdoor webcam enclosure

10 - Alek Says at 2005_09_25_22:15:14.682:
Here's a sample images from the webcam during the daytime so lets hope for some cold windy Colorado weather to knock down those Aspen leaves to improve the view. And here is one at night (a car recently drove by) and you can see there is a bit of noise on the image. Webcam is a Dlink DCS-6620G ... any techies out there have suggestions on how to improve the low-light image quality - yea, I have enabled low-lux mode.

11 - (user-12lc8ag.cable.mindspring.com) wrote at 2005_09_27_20:30:06.669:
Cool stuff, where did you find these decorations, the best I could find was at this site: ftp://www.plumparty.com/ Pretty good stuff also.

12 - Alek Says at 2005_09_28_10:52:24.285:
While I'd like to say this was Roadway dropping off my halloween decorations, I actually store 'em in my basement crawl space.

13 - (kerensky.gotadsl.co.uk) wrote at 2005_09_28_13:39:10.060:
Does the green monster like the snow?
THE HULK replies at 2005_09_28:17:12: Hulk say white snow not too bad - yellow snow not too good

14 - Alek Says at 2005_09_29_10:41:36.761:
Had the first frost this morning - recall that I have wireless temperature monitors on the inside and outside of the outdoor webcam housing and it recorded an overnight low of 44°F and 39°F respectively. I was hoping for a little more that 5°F delta, but the transformer is only pulling 6 watts which isn't a lotta added heat. So I may have to bundle this up a bit more for when it gets really cold.

15 - (cpe-24-29-67-80.nycap.res.rr.com) wrote at 2005_09_30_10:39:58.881:
I just saw a car drive by!

16 - (asy215.as253214.sol.superonline.com) wrote at 2005_09_30_12:37:55.648:
And I just saw some people walking down the street!

17 - (0-1pool159-213.nas74.chicago3.il.us.da.qwest.net) wrote at 2005_09_30_14:04:45.801:
I just saw Alex go get his mail - top that!

18 - Alek Says at 2005_09_30_15:14:06.516:
Allright guys, you caught me getting the mail! In answer to #11's query, the HULK doesn't mind the snow too much, although he loose a bit of muscle mass when it gets cold ... ;-)

19 - (82-34-27-37.cable.ubr04.basi.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2005_09_30_16:27:44.717:
alek whats with the 1rock 2rock 3paper in the x10 zone
Alek replies at 2005_09_30_20:12: The rock/paper/scissors is the game of Roshambo - so which {z}one do you want to "throw" when you turn the lights on and off?

20 - Alek Says at 2005_10_01_13:20:23.365:
Here's a picture of my buddy Frank - should be a nice addition to the HULK - and I plan to put him on a controllable circuit so you can inflate/deflate 'em via the Web!

21 - Alek Says at 2005_10_01_14:26:10.144:
You can't see it on the webcam, but putting the HULK up on the roof attracted some interest from the local wasps - this also happened last year per pictures 1 and 2. So far, no bites ... but I probably won't be putting the roof lights up today.

22 - (ca-redbch-cuda1-c5b-a-159.stmnca.adelphia.net) wrote at 2005_10_01_16:56:55.923:
Did the wasps try to bite the hulk ?
THE HULK replies at 2005_10_01:19:32: Hulk SMASH puny bugs if they bite him - GRRRRRRRR!

23 - (82-34-27-37.cable.ubr04.basi.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2005_10_02_13:48:43.343:
alek whats with the 1rock 2rock 3paper in the x10 zone - sorry Alek what i meant is that you have Rock down twice and no scissors in the x10 control zone?
Alek replies at 2005_10_02_15:38: OOOPS - I was tweeking code and made a minor boo-boo (it's Halloween after all) - this is fixed - thanx blueyonder!

24 - Alek Says at 2005_10_02_16:13:42.359:
I'm going to fire up the Thor-X 10,000,000 candlepower spot light this evening between 8:00-9:00 MDT - be interesting to see how well it lights up the HULK!

25 - (cpe-67-49-179-238.hawaii.res.rr.com) wrote at 2005_10_02_18:42:18.936:
Count me Alek as an ___Internet Neighbor___ who ___like your real neighbors___ thinks your webcam is GREAT - thank you for sharing with the world.

26 - Alek Says at 2005_10_02_19:14:10.990:
Thanx for the compliment from Hawaii - my guess is you don't have too many White Christmas's. I'm playing around a bit with the webcam settings to try to improve the image, so you may see things move around a bit - seems like there is a 1/50 second exposure and about a 1/5 (low-light) settings, but nothing in between which I want - any DLINK DCS-6620G experts out there? Also, I have a strobe light on the Hulk, so you may see him flash a bit - I suspect 10,000,000 candlepower in 45 minutes should light him up a bit more! ;-)

27 - Alek Says at 2005_10_02_19:41:41.237:
I put the Thor-X 10,000,000 candlepower spot light up early and then stood in front of the HULK. As Bruce Springstein would say, I was "blinded by the light" - WOW! But the low-light setting (unknown what the candlepower level is) works well, plus will conserve battery power.
thor light

28 - (c-24-21-27-11.hsd1.or.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_02_22:53:48.953:
Check out our Halloween music on Sub Rosa. I think you will enjoy the mix. ftp://subrosa.arbre.us/SubRosaMusic.html

29 - (12-226-164-129.client.mchsi.com) wrote at 2005_10_03_01:48:42.687:
looking forward to your halloween extravaganza! :D - Andrea

30 - (ip70-176-209-47.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2005_10_03_10:06:09.245:
maybe you will get some sexy trick or treaters in ___tried to href=ftp://www.yandy.com___sexy costumes___/a___

31 - (ip70-176-209-47.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2005_10_03_10:06:09.245:
maybe you will get some sexy trick or treaters in ___tried to href=ftp://www.yandy.com___sexy costumes___/a___

32 - (dd213-255-27-228.mo1.albacom.net) wrote at 2005_10_03_13:56:33.368:

33 - Alek Says at 2005_10_03_19:54:40.772:
Per suggestion from Sub Rosa (#30), here is some spooky halloween music. Thanx Andrea (#31) for the comment - I hope you enjoy it. And #32/33, it's a family neighborhood ... and remember, no spam html on the blog. And I tried Google Translate on the commenter from Italy, but was just something about the world - can someone do a better job for me? Finally, here's a picture of me in front of the HULK tonight

34 - (ip68-104-102-160.lv.lv.cox.net) wrote at 2005_10_04_06:52:12.991:
I just found your site, Alek, and I think its GREAT! I go way out every year for Halloween ___and once the rest of the world realizes its the GREATEST holiday of the year, they will too!___, and you've inspired me to do just as you have. I make a coffin out of a single moving box every year ___the bigger the box, the better___ and once its draped in black cloth its pretty damn eerie...throw in some blue christmas lights on the inside a fake hand ___pushing___ the lid open, some netting to keep people from prying it open and some creepy stuff on top and you got yourself one great decoration! That's one of my favorite props as you can guess. But hey, you folks spamming Alek's blog with ads, don't be surprised if he deletes ya'! Great stuff, Alek! I can't wait for the lights to be controlled from the site...SUPER COOL! I gotta learn to do stuff like that. :___ I'll keep dropping in and spread the word of your awesome stuff! Mike
Alek replies at 2005_10_04_07:10: As I wrote to you in Email Mike, thanx for the kind words and glad you (and many others) like it. Stayed tuned for the light controls! ;-)

35 - (adsl-69-227-207-44.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2005_10_04_16:24:20.124:
those decos are pretty impressive.

36 - (82-34-27-37.cable.ubr04.basi.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2005_10_04_17:26:58.856:
lol you never had the thing to check that you wernt a web bot on there before did you?

37 - (82-34-27-37.cable.ubr04.basi.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2005_10_04_17:27:26.734:
a nice adition if it is new
Alek replies at 2005_10_04_20:05: Yea, the "anti-bot" that requires you do one mouse click after 5 minutes of viewing is new. You'd be amazed at what some people do - heck, halloween 2004 when you could "cast a vote" for Bush, Kerry, or the HULK, someone wrote a "bot" that stuffed the ballot for Kerry - darn liberals! ;-)

38 - (c-67-190-167-98.hsd1.co.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_05_09:53:25.712:
Lights look great, but it must cost a lot of money to buy and also run the electricity - are you taking donations or have a PayPal account?
Alek replies at 2005_10_04_13:53: I appreciate the thought, but I've never asked for donations and don't plans to change that. I put up the Halloween stuff anyway for the neighborhood kids and the web site is just my way of saying "Happy Halloween" to anyone who comes by. If you feel compelled to make some sort of donation, my kids have celiac disease so make a donation to that - tell 'em Komar.Org sent 'ya! ;-)

39 - Alek Says at 2005_10_05_17:26:05.273:
I was getting tired of turning the lights I have up so far on and off, so I plugged 'em into the X10 outlets. I should have done this sooner as it took all of 5 minutes ... so now they'll auto-fire on at 6:00 and off at 10:00. Have not enabled the Internet control of the X10 circuits yet - maybe next week.

40 - Alek Says at 2005_10_06_23:20:18:267:
Here's an example of the darn exposure problem I'm trying to resolve on the Dlink DCS-6620G. The first picture is shot with "auto" exposure and is what I have been using. It's a bit too bright and the colors are blown out. I can set the exposure manually, but the the slowest setting is 1/50 second ... which is too dark as can be seen in the second picture. I've sent Dlink an Email asking if there is some way to force an intermediate setting, but have not heard back yet. Ditto on manually forcing the auto-focus to ignore those pesky Aspen leaves in the foreground. If anyone has any ideas (or knows someone at Dlink), pls let me know.
auto exposure
slow exposure

41 - Alek Says at 2005_10_06_23:23:21.224:
I shot some quick hand-held pictures tonight and hope to do some "real" ones next week with better light/exposures and on a tripod - still more halloween lights (and bugs!) to put up this weekend. The Aspen leaves are blocking the webcam - the first picture below shows the view from another angle along with a closeup of Bugville. My wife and kids veto'd my attempt at humour by putting Santa on the chimney but they thought the ON-OFF lights in the front yard were kinda funny for historical reasons.
other angle
santa chimney
on off

42 - Alek says at 2005_10_07_21:20:01.712:
Finished up Bugville tonight and most everything is done except for the upper level icicles and "Frank." Here's the whole-she-bang, a closeup of the ON/OFF (hope to have the light controls working next week), the Hulk with his buddies, and every halloween display should have some pink flamingo's! ;-)
kids hulk

43 - ( wrote at 2005_10_09_20:39:14.848: i cant see the webcam very clearly...
Alek replies at 2005_10_09_22:05: It's raining like a mother here in Colorado (we may have some snow Monday morning) so that probably adds some fuzziness to the webcam picture

44 - (CPE00111a3ed3ed-CM000f9faa8f32.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2005_10_09_21:48:46.621:
lol i love halloween and this site... its wacky origonal lol im excited.. its almost halloween!!!! ___and christmas___ Alex M
Alek replies at 2005_10_09_22_09: Thanx Alex - I'll take that "wacky" comment as a compliment! ;-)

45 - (82-34-27-37.cable.ubr04.basi.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2005_10_10_15:34:02.066:
is the halloween webcam on at normal time on halloween? its just its after midnight over here and it make getting up for college at 6 in the morning a bit of a problem :-___

46 - (82-34-27-37.cable.ubr04.basi.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2005_10_10_15:41:40.062:
oh and you proberly know this but the your hulk is in the top 10 image results for the term ___halloween___ on google

47 - (dynamic-129-120-92-189.dynamic.unt.edu) wrote at 2005_10_10_21:49:08.638:
Great Halloween display - the Hulk is towering!

48 - (cache-los-aa06.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_12_16:41:06.452:
Wow! I was just looking for some halloween inspiration and have found it!! Why flamingos though???
Alek replies at 2005_10_12_17:12: Why not flamingo's ... plus they are a nice compliment to Bugville! ;-)
BTW, apologies to the overseas folks who have have to stay up late/get up early to see the webcam - not much I can do about that though. I actually did not know the Hulk was so popular in google images. And oh yeah, the Hulk is just short of 9 feet tall ... or 3 meters.

49 - (modemcable226.195-200-24.mc.videotron.ca) wrote at 2005_10_13_15:23:17.947:
Hey alek, you turned on the webcam early - I can't wait for tonight - but when are you going to take the trash can back in? I just saw a concrete truck drive by in front of the HULK!
Alek replies at 2005_10_13_17:28: That trash can is actually the neighbors. And for those that missed it, here is that concrete truck on the webcam - good catch! ;-)
concrete truck

50 - (portsmouthoh_bsr_1-eymb01-00-ptmhoh-70-35-65-194.ironoh.adelphia.net) wrote at 2005_10_13_19:31:28.628:
Your house looks very nice , and spoooooky ! Thanx for sharing it with us ! Happy Halloween from Southern Ohio !

51 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_14_14:16:25.801:
If'n you be wantin' a different kinda' toilet paper, I got BLACK TOILET PAPER. Though it is just in time for Halloween, the stuff is 3-ply and wicked soft! eMail to BlackToiletPaper___yahoo.com if you are interested. - Jim-

52 - Alek says at 2005_10_14_22:45:55.008:
I uploaded some time-lapse video of the webcam in action. Kinda "exciting" since a fuse popped and the webcam reset - life in the real world! ;-)

53 - (portsmouthoh_bsr_1-eymb01-00-ptmhoh-70-35-65-194.ironoh.adelphia.net) wrote at 2005_10_15_08:46:19.928:
Where in the world did you get Hulk from ? I want 1 ! LoL

54 - (portsmouthoh_bsr_1-eymb01-00-ptmhoh-70-35-65-194.ironoh.adelphia.net) wrote at 2005_10_15_19:08:59.959:
Your kids are lucky to have such a ___cool___ dad !

55 - Alek says at 2005_10_15_22:50:37.391:
I did some initial stress testing of X10 light controls and despite a few real-world challenges, I was overall pleased - here's a 18 second time-lapse video of the lights flashing and Frankenstein de/inflating. Note that the upper deck/roof lights don't change - X10 signals sometimes don't get to certain circuits, so I'll have to play around with where I plug in the wireless receiver. The bedroom window lights don't change due to SAF - Spousal Acceptance Factor - would be a bit annoying to my wife. BTW, latency is (as expected) about a second or two. And during the test, some neighbors showed up with their kids to check out HULK's Halloween display, so I gave 'em a custom tour and let their kids manually toggle the lights - ended up having 'em pose by Frankenstein and wave to the webcam. They also enjoyed playing with the 10,000,000 candlepower Thor spotlight and turned it on the webcam - darn bright light that blew out the CCD pretty good.
kids and frank
thor 1
thor 2

56 - Alek says at 2005_10_15_22:56:22.744:
I did some volunteer clean-up at my younger son's pre-school today, so didn't get much coding done. I did built a wood base for the giant inflateable Frankenstein so it doesn't fall over when people deflate it. I hope to enable the webcontrol of the lights (and Frank) in the next day or two.
Portsmouth: I won the Hulk in a contest and thanx for the compliment about being a "cool" dad.

57 - (host-33-162-111-24.midco.net) wrote at 2005_10_16_19:07:28.361:
Your lights are going crazy. I also like watching the Frankenstien fall down and then light up and rise back up. Great show!
Alek replies at 2005_10_16_23:10: Glad the website brought a smile to 'ya. FRANK is pretty funny "falling down" when deflated and then popping back up - I suspect that will be the most popular power control.

58 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_17_17:17:14.259:
Dear Alek, WOW this is so cool thank you so very much, you are one special DAD hey thats right! I have emailed your weblink to all my friends in South Africa, that's were I am originally from and others in the UK - so they too will be able to see it - hopefully with the timezone they will that is. Anyway I grinned like a cheshire cat when I deflated ole frankenstein and then inflated him and saw you standing there with your arms in the air - this is just so bloody amazing - thanks - regards and happy halloween! Ally - cant wait for Christmas now!

59 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_17_17:54:37.511:
Hey its me again - I just read the story of your 2004 Christmas Lights Webcam Hoax and eventually the part about how you did all this, so I guess I didnt actually see you. But anyway, its cool and thanx for the grin and youre still a cool dad - Regards Ally

60 - Alek says at 2005_10_17_18:20:55.586:
Actually, the "hoax" this year is that everybody is going to think it is simulated as I did the last 3 years ... but it's actually real this time since webcam and other technology has gotten better ... although I do wish the image quality was better. BTW, here's the picture of me over Frank. I was fortunate to be able to visit Africa and see the animals - great place - thanx for your comments.
alek frank

61 - Alek says at 2005_10_17_19:46:03.667:
Wellll darn ... the webcam dropped offline at 1852 (and 21 seconds) and is completely unpingable. It normally runs 24 hours/day, but has required a power-reset a few times in the last month. Unfortunately, the neighbors are outa town, so I'm trying to track down someone else who might have a key.

62 - Alek says at 2005_10_17_20:55:49.169:
Neighbors came home and Webcam is back online at 2039 (and 46 seconds) - needed the 'ol power-reset ... actually had to do a couple of times. Assuming the SOF (Spousal Acceptance Factor) doesn't set in, I'll leave it up until midnight to make up for lost time.

63 - (c-24-62-248-216.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_17_21:49:32.805:
nice looking house, halloween decorations aside.

64 - Alek says at 2005_10_17_23:04:18.147:
I started seeing packet losses and final loss of signal at 2146 (and 51 seconds). Sorry for the short show tonight folks - check back tomorrow night.

65 - (88-109-85-143.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2005_10_18_12:35:22.463:

66 - (host137-39.pool8248.interbusiness.it) wrote at 2005_10_18_13:32:56.230:
Halloween 29-30-31 Ottobre a Comacchio. La capitale del Delta si tinge di magia.

67 - (pool-70-16-62-234.syr.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2005_10_18_19:39:24.257:
What happened to RIP under the spider? Who controls it? Nice Site Alek!
Alek replies at 2005_10_18:19:50: Ummmm ... yea, zone 1 blinked off which is the RIP under the spider on the lower level - this is under X10 control, but not by Internet surfers. Must have been some bleed-over leakage or something in the X10 signals as a LOT are coming in - stuff happens in the real world! ;-)

68 - Alek says at 2005_10_19_08:43:38.748:
It's a grey rainy day here in Colorado, and so the lights are fairly visible in the webcam. And since the guys over at MajorGeeks.Com linked here, I thought I'd turn the webcam on for some morning fun. Sorry ... no wipers for the webcam ... but I can use a rag to wipe off the rain and provide a thumbs-up view! ;-)

69 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_19_09:03:49.506:
This is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life. I was just searching through yahoo for ideas on halloween decorations and I came upon this. Your neighbors must really love you, hahaha. Cause I know my neighbors would throw a hissy fit I did something like that. Well keep up the good work.

70 - (adsl-68-94-232-113.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net) wrote at 2005_10_19_19:16:14.764:
How come we can't deflate the HULK?

71 - (c-67-184-163-236.hsd1.il.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_19_20:52:40.855:
you are a god

72 - (pcp08381602pcs.wbrmfd01.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_19_21:17:14.731:
Don't fall for it again. What a crock.

73 - Alek says at 2005_10_19_21:36:32.869:
#69: Glad you enjoy the shows - I'm fortunate to have good/understanding neighbors.
#70: Hulk is not inflateable - sorry.
#71: Thanx for the compliment, but I'm more a geek than a god.
#72: You might enjoy reading the Trick or Treat page! ;-)

74 - Alek says at 2005_10_19_22:14:16.134:
For those interested in stats, there was 11,264 requested X10 events today - 4,690 of those happened between 0800-1300 and the reminder in the evening. Of that total, there were 1,744 requests to zone-2 (1,055 ON, 689 OFF), 934 requests to zone-3 (536 ON, 398 OFF), 905 requests to zone-4 (512 ON, 393 OFF), and 2,629 requests to toggle all the lights (1,402 ON, 1,227 OFF). And to no surprise, Frankenstein is the most popular with 5,052 requests (2,771 INFLATE, 2,281 DEFLATE). No data on the HULK inflate/deflate because that's just a Javascript popup I tossed in for fun. Because my X10 setup is a one-way protocal, the CM17 wireless transmitter just "sends it" ... so while the lights (and Frank) are certainly hopping (a command sent on average every 3 seconds), there is no log data showing how many of those commands actually took. I'll try to come up with some way of showing the requested commands real-time on the web page for 'ya. As a followup to #67, yea, the RIP/Spider lights are definately tripping off every once in a while - strange - hope my house hasn't been hacked! ;-)

75 - (64-144-25-226.client.dsl.net) wrote at 2005_10_19_23:56:02.851:
Too much fun alex - looking forward to when it's back on again.

76 - (80-42-73-56.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2005_10_20_01:03:01.949:
Hi alek great site! amazing and inspiration to me! nice work.

77 - (biblo7.tsua.net) wrote at 2005_10_20_06:42:34.161:
__________________ ______ _____________________....______ _______________ _______________...

78 - (biblo7.tsua.net) wrote at 2005_10_20_06:46:28.052:
no russian? why? :-___

79 - (ip-160-79-187-102.autorev.intellispace.net) wrote at 2005_10_20_07:37:42.301:
Because this is America. Get out!

80 - Alek says at 2005_10_20_09:18:36.573:
Lets try to keep it polite in the blog - I welcome anyone in the world to enjoy the web site and make comments. The Blog does only accept certain characters (to prevent spammers and other nefarious activities) so yea, it's limited to english character set only - sorry. Thanx for the nice comments #75 and #76.

81 - (user-7540.l6.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2005_10_20_12:15:42.063:
it sucks
Alek replies at 2005_10_20:13:02: Komar.Org offers a full money back guarantee if you are not satified with anything on the website. While the halloween decorations (and electric bill!) plus web hosting costs me some bucks, it is all FREE. So please accept this message as your refund.

82 - (h54.226.40.162.ip.alltel.net) wrote at 2005_10_20_13:11:47.884:
What the heck is that bat doing to Franky!!?

83 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_20_15:32:47.270:
Thanks for the add Alek! Love the site. ___I'm Shumpy and I approve this message.___ Come on, You know you want to! ___2005 www.shumpy.com

84 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_20_16:56:46.105:
Halloween Music ftp://subrosa.arbre.us/SubRosaMusic.html Ded Wood - Teen Spirit vs. Monster Mash ___halloween mash up___ Stephen Stills / Al Kooper - Season Of The Witch Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile Frank Zappa - Goblin Girl Satan's Pilgrims - Grave Up ___halloween surf music___ Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein Alice Cooper - Titanic Overture Doors - People Are Strange Bobby 'Boris' Pickett - Monster Mash ___original 1962 release___ Peter Green / Fleetwood Mac Blues Band - Black Magic Woman Massive Attack - Safe From Harm Ghosts - Thrill The Trees ___dub___ Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

85 - Alek says at 2005_10_20_17:49:52.612:
Got some nice clouds out this evening, so I'll be disabling the light controls from around 1830-1900 to get some post-sunset pictures. I'll leave the webcam running during that time though.

86 - (host86-136-53-160.range86-136.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2005_10_20_18:17:09.407:
love the web cam.i'm watching it from scotland.my kids love it as they have never seen anything like it before.can't wait to see your christmas lights

87 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_20_18:30:54.469:
Hey, man! We love your site and your webcam with the Halloween lights and frankenstein! It's really cool! I just wanted to say that me and my roommate here at the University of Toledo in Ohio, sadly, leave your webcam page up on our desktops all the time (even if we dont press any of the buttons). And we've showed it to some of the guys in our dorm and it's becoming somewhat a pretty cool Halloween thing that people around the university, so we just wanna let you know how cool we think that rigging something like that is. Keep up the feed, because there are people out here watchin'! Computer Engineering Student, James Niece

88 - (adsl-68-253-223-215.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net) wrote at 2005_10_20_19:23:42.109:
Hey,man! Your site is as bad is my harry butt.My poo looks better than that hulk! You guys all are stupid

89 - (dsl017-119-204.sfo1.dsl.speakeasy.net) wrote at 2005_10_20_19:39:46.668:
you've been metafiltered. Expect many visitors. I enjoyed deflating the green monster.

90 - Alek says at 2005_10_20_21:19:20.957:
#86, #87, and #89: Glad you enjoyed it - Tony the Tiger also says it is GGRREEAATT!!
#88: I'll send the HULK over to have a talk with you ... ;-)

91 - (c-24-21-188-47.hsd1.or.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_20_22:14:18.031:
cool. you're back thanks for the last few years (okay a couple) that i been checking you out, it's been a blast

92 - Alek says at 2005_10_20_22:32:46.241:
As a followup to post #74, here are some stats from tonight. The webcam/webcontrol was online for about 4 hours and there was 6,054 requests to change the lights and/or mess with Frankenstein. Of those, 2,049 were transmitted to the X10 system (the web server limits X10 requests to one every 5 seconds), so that works out to a request every 7 seconds - not far from theoretical max - and one of my SR227 Super Sockets is allready doing an occasional buzz. Of those requests, zone-2 had 191 ON and 154 OFF, zone-3 had 102 ON and 96 OFF, zone-4 had 110 ON and 82 OFF, and all lights had 285 ON and 257 OFF. Once again, Frankenstein was the most popular with 381 ON and 391 OFF ... but that doesn't include 770 ON and 680 OFF requests that engaged the rate-limiter. That data is from the web server itself - I was pleasently surprised to check the logs of the Linux box in my house that actually gets those commands (and then transmits 'em out the CM17 X10 serial interface) and it matched EXACTLY. It's a pretty low bandwidth control signal, but you never know. Again, I have no idea how many times the lights actually changed, but check out the time-lapse video.

93 - Alek says at 2005_10_20_22:37:57.322:
And for those Perl Wonks out there, mod_perl just continues to ROCK. Code seems to be handling the load just fine on the 3.2 GHz Penium running Linux/Apache2, with an occasional flock "block" (see Perl Cookbook Recipe 7.11), but the code retries up to 5 times before giving up, and hasn't come close to that yet. And for grins, I wandered out just before the webcam shut off at 2200 and was checking my watch.

94 - (mail.aaawa.com) wrote at 2005_10_21_06:18:50.771:
This is a fun toy, but I'm so glad I'm not your next door neighbor. :)
Alek replies at 2005_10_21_06:41: I talked to all of the nearby neighbors a while back and they enthusiastically said "go for it" - it's a HUGE hit with the kids in the neighborhood as they all come by to check out the display.

95 - (httpe1.northgrum.com) wrote at 2005_10_21_07:42:45.528:
Great decorations! Love the site! Keep up the good work! Dave, from NY

96 - ( wrote at 2005_10_21_08:12:12.102:
What fun! I greatly enjoyed messing with the webcam and the lights and such. Wonderful decorations! Keep up the great work!

97 - (D-128-95-43-190.dhcp4.washington.edu) wrote at 2005_10_21_09:04:55.985:
How come your page says ___no rain in the last hour___ but it's obviousely raining?
Alek replies at 2005_10_21_09:13: Yea, while the rest of weather data tends to be fairly accurate, the rain reading can be off at times. Weather here is currently a socked-in drizzle as you can see from the webcam view - sorry 'bout the obscured view. And thanx for the compliments #96 and #95/Dave.

98 - (adsl-68-127-228-109.dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2005_10_21_17:14:51.130:
What's the deal with Tony the Tiger?
Alek replies at 2005_10_21:17:26: Yep, that's Tony out there - I figured Frank might want some company. Sorry, no in/deflation controls on him ... but he says the halloween webcam is GGRREEAATT!!!!

99 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_22_00:19:42.982:
I have been missing a delicious tune called ___Gnossiemmes___ (sp?) that used to be on the Halloween Eternal site. It would be a great addition to any Halloween site... ___S___

100 - (pcp0010916302pcs.albqrq01.nm.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_22_06:40:34.915:
Love your site at halloween and christmas!! Your house and neighborhood are very beautiful!!! Chrisite-NM

101 - (pcp08109033pcs.dalect01.va.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_22_17:17:56.872:
___font color=___Purple______Hello, Love Your Site!!! Alex, Northern, VA___/font___

102 - Alek says at 2005_10_22_17:46:09.504:
Wind is gusting a bit this evening (20+ MPH as I write this), so Frankenstein should be kinda interesting tonight - what was that old jingle - "Weebles Wobble, but don't fall down" - and so far, Frank has been able to (eventually) right himself after getting inflated. Thanx for the comments Alex, Chrisite, and #99 - BTW, weren't you in an old TV comedy?

103 - (cpe-24-195-220-248.nycap.res.rr.com) wrote at 2005_10_22_17:51:17.844:
Jake and I are have a great time with your web cam and controls. We are in Ballston Lake NY.

104 - (ip68-3-106-202.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2005_10_22_18:28:30.759:
Very cool - Dave Peoria, Az

105 - (110-025.dsl.nctc.com) wrote at 2005_10_22_19:10:11.839:
Your neighbors must be Saints! Renee, KY

106 - (110-025.dsl.nctc.com) wrote at 2005_10_22_19:30:48.244:
Hmmm.... maybe your neighbors aren't saints. Maybe this is once again a big fraud. Shame on you for doing it, and shame on me for believing it.

107 - (pcp08109033pcs.dalect01.va.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_22_19:36:51.137:
Is it real this year??

108 - (pcp08109033pcs.dalect01.va.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_22_19:37:13.824:
Is it real this year??

109 - (pcp08109033pcs.dalect01.va.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_22_19:37:23.105:
Is it real this year??

110 - (MW-ESR1-72-49-47-129.fuse.net) wrote at 2005_10_22_20:41:45.777:
I'll be using this as a great Consumer Generated Media case study with my clients! Bravo!!

111 - (toronto-HSE-ppp4018759.sympatico.ca) wrote at 2005_10_23_06:56:17.815:
i want to see you **** your wife **** on her face when i use the remote

112 - Alek says at 2005_10_23_09:23:22.149:
For those that missed Frankenstein wobbling in the 20 MPH winds, there's some video footage available. Thanx for the nice words Renee, Dave, Jake, and #110. And glad to see that the profanity filter kicked in for #111. I'd recommend that #106 and #107-109 check out the Trick-or-Treat page - I guess the "hoax" this year is people think it's simulated, but it's actually for real! ;-)
frankenstein wobble

113 - (82-34-27-37.cable.ubr04.basi.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2005_10_23_12:40:02.398:
at the end of the October 13th, 2005 at 1700-2200 time lapse video, is that you standing next to the HULK on our right?
Alek replies at 2005_10_23_14:13: Ummmmm ... I hadn't noticed that, but yea, there is some sort of shadowy looking apparition next to HULK. As much as I would like to say that the Halloween Webcam caught a ghost on film, my guess is that it is some sort of JPEG artifact when the video was generated - GREAT sighting!

114 - (cache-los-aa06.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_23_18:32:08.259:
this is a great site having fun with those lights

115 - (Brag-17-6.rh.ncsu.edu) wrote at 2005_10_23_20:46:05.742:
kick ass webcam dude!

116 - (80-42-67-178.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2005_10_24_17:59:08.096:
Woah where are the icicle lights?

117 - (host86-134-222-14.range86-134.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2005_10_25_05:45:52.908:
looks great,i am in Truro,England and we don't do things as goood as you lot in th US.

118 - Alek says at 2005_10_26_10:28:19.242:
Appreciate the nice words #114-117 and glad you enjoy the site. Yea #116, when the icicle lighs are toggled, it's real noticeable. As an aside, one of the SR227 Super-Sockets has an occasional buzzing sound so it might fail pretty soon ... but the guys at X10.Com - check out their Halloween Store - enjoy the site, and SteveG is sending me a few extra parts - thanx guys!

119 - (kolo.cpsc.ucalgary.ca) wrote at 2005_10_26_14:08:48.878:
Hmmm... another fake like Christmas?
Alek replies at 2005_10_26_14:14: I'd recommend reading the Trick or Treat before jumping to that conclusion ... ;-)

120 - (shf032068.pac.army.mil) wrote at 2005_10_26_15:35:41.843:
I was wondering if the camera you're using can be used as a TWAIN device. If so, you may be able to find a streaming video solution much easier.
Alek replies at 2005_10_26:20:36: It's an IP camera - specifically, the D-Link DCS-6630 - works fairly well, although could be better - see the 2005_10_06 update entry on the main webcam page.

121 - (cpe-67-49-154-140.hawaii.res.rr.com) wrote at 2005_10_26_21:08:33.772:
Yeah, I read up on the camera's specs after that. I guess you'd need a camera that has a receiver to get some TWAIN action. Anyway, nice to see that this thing might actually be real this year.

122 - (z105.61-45-59.ppp.wakwak.ne.jp) wrote at 2005_10_26_21:29:31.494:
Hello and Thanks for the Nice Live View! The Team of AbcWebcam.com ___-) ftp://www.abcwebcam.com/ ___tried to href=___ftp://www.abcwebcam.com/______abcwebcam.com___/a___

123 - (dial81-131-53-37.in-addr.btopenworld.com) wrote at 2005_10_26_21:33:56.785:
This is very trick, however isnt there a risk that someone could start a fire by keeping the frankenstein deflated over the lights?

124 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_27_01:45:17.739:
kmcxjgf jmmmklhg ydsnk fyerkn yg7njkn u8gncjkvufig 9f8ijxvklcj joigxckmvxck gimvlckxmviu gifkjxvyzjkj nvfinvfhcvu___m

125 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_27_11:32:01.855:
Halloween=Corinaldo (Italy)!!!!!!!!!!!!

126 - (80-42-67-178.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2005_10_27_17:45:08.277:
What software do you use to control the lights? Is it via linux or what? is there a way i can find out how to do it? I make home made stuff with relays.

127 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_27_18:52:53.694:
Damn, your neighbors must be so annoyed with you...

128 - Alek says at 2005_10_27_20:07:57.223:
#123: There are no light below/around Frankenstein - just concrete ... so it's pretty safe.
#126: There is extensive information on the website that should hopefully answer your questions - recommend you start with the Trick-or-Treat Page and FAQ's.
#127: Actually, my neighbors think it is hilareous ... and every kids in the neighborhood LOVES it.

129 - (203-173-149-166.bliink.ihug.co.nz) wrote at 2005_10_27_21:04:21.508:
how come the webcam image doesnt show the whole house? all i see is the garage..
Alek replies at 2005_10_27_21:13: I just zoomed the webcam out a bit, but it's not really that interesting from this angle to go full wide-angle, and everything just gets "small" - even Frankenstein! ;-)

130 - (mr-urb-183-117.dmisinetworks.net) wrote at 2005_10_27_21:23:04.949:
I must say, your garage looks extremely organized.
Alek replies at 2005_10_27_21:28: For those that weren't watching, I had to replace the light bulb on the garage door opener ... and the best way to "trigger" it ON is to open the garage. The webcam is forgiving - rest assured it's pretty messy in there. And BTW, there are no plans to allow Internet surfers to make the garage door go up and down ... although that IS an interesting idea ... ;-)

131 - (203-173-149-166.bliink.ihug.co.nz) wrote at 2005_10_27_21:32:51.989:
Wondered what you were doing on the side of the car..:P

132 - (ool-18b94ce2.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2005_10_27_22:52:19.478:
Ok so I need some halloween ideas... I want to be a retarded person. What kind of crap do retarded people carry around in their retard bags? thanks.

133 - (CPE-65-28-19-73.kc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2005_10_28_15:43:56.417:
How fun. Now I don't feel so bad for all the decorations I put up every year. I enjoy the comments form the neighbors expressing their like for my decor. I wonder how your neighbors feel. Do they like it or is it too much attention? For what it's worth, I like it!

134 - (S0106000f3d5b62c9.vc.shawcable.net) wrote at 2005_10_28_17:15:14.651:
we would like to no where to get great ideas from not this crudy place and ps very cheap but still look good

135 - (S0106000f3d5b62c9.vc.shawcable.net) wrote at 2005_10_28_17:15:33.949:
wanna cyber babbe

136 - (82-47-86-71.stb.ubr07.dudl.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2005_10_28_18:41:33.592:
Just want to say thanks, for letting me take control of your lights, Muhahahahhhaha hahahh hah ha...... cough.

137 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_28_19:15:50.555:
I love your decorations. As I am a little kid at heart and always have my husband putting decoratios up for every holiday. Including Halloween. I must admit that ours isn't as big as your display..but we manage to like what we do. I am in a wheelchair, and ventilator...so I never know when holiday is going to be the last, so we do it up big every year...and it seems to go on and on. :) This year we have a blow up frankenstein that people can walk thru his mouth. Lights lights, and more lights I say. Great job...since I found your site I stop by it every couple of days. computerwheelie
Alek replies at 2005_10_28_21:02: I've had a lot of nice messages on the blog and in Email, but this one takes the cake. Thank you for writing ComputerWheelie and you made my day. In addition to responding here, I Emailed the address you left. Rest assured I'll be back next year with my holiday lights and I look forward to seeing you then.

138 - (202-169-215-232.worldnet.co.nz) wrote at 2005_10_28_20:35:49.735:
Very cool Alek, Fun to play with. You should post a video of them being controlled..
Alek replies at 2005_10_28_21:14: I HAVE - check out the halloween movies.

139 - (ool-43525e2d.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2005_10_28_21:12:24.364:
WOW! THAT IS CRAZY! Is you lighting/electrioty bill alot?

140 - (nv-71-2-71-23.dyn.sprint-hsd.net) wrote at 2005_10_28_21:57:47.134:
your neighbors must hate you with all that blinkin going on..i think its great!!

141 - (houwebproxy06.americas.hp.net) wrote at 2005_10_28_22:07:09.044:
from /. Awesome stuff man, sorry for the sudden influx of slashdotters. oopsie on the ___WHO POSTED MY LINK!!! ARGGGG___

142 - Alek says at 2005_10_28_23:00:23.447:
Thanx for all the nice comments. As mentioned earlier, the neighbors are OK with the light show (I checked with 'em beforehand) and needless to say, the neighborhood kids LOVE it.

143 - (pool-162-83-41-209.sal.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2005_10_29_11:49:44.981:
I'm thinking of stealing your idea of lighting up flamingos. I've got two in the backyard that aren't doing a darn thing......lazy birds.

144 - (h157.76.29.71.ip.alltel.net) wrote at 2005_10_29_16:55:15.845:
like the hulk on upper part

145 - (c-67-181-7-182.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_29_17:19:40.219:
Hmm, people driving by must be wondering why Frankenstein keeps bowing to them...

146 - (cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2005_10_29_17:33:53.114:
When do you take down the halloween lights? and when do the Christmas lights go up?

147 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_29_17:38:34.711:
Great fun. I can't tell who's having more fun, me or the kids watching!

148 - (CH-Boston.tch.harvard.edu) wrote at 2005_10_29_17:48:05.059:
hmm, you can't control hulk? also the lights dont see to go on/off? cool though!!!

149 - Alek says at 2005_10_29_18:18:55.961:
#143-148: Glad you enjoy it. Yea, the kids have a blast watching the whole thing go on and off with Frankenstein going up and down. Hulk is NOT controllable, but you can push his buttons - give it a shot. Halloween stuff comes down November 1st - hope to have the Christmas stuff up by December 1st. Yea, it gets a few "looks" from people driving by. Finally, the more ping flamingo's, the better! ;-)

150 - (ip68-1-91-73.pn.at.cox.net) wrote at 2005_10_29_18:27:51.995:
This is sweet dude, good job.

151 - (wsip-70-183-4-180.dc.dc.cox.net) wrote at 2005_10_29_19:14:23.041:
This is even faker than the first one! ... haha jk I don't care if it is or not, this is one hell of an idea the link was posted on www.slashdot.org

152 - Alek says at 2005_10_29_20:05:11.134:
Kids had a fun time hamming (faking?!? ;-) it up for the webcam earlier this evening check - check out the 2005_10_29_1730-1810 video in the halloween movies.

153 - (CPE-147-10-107-115.qld.bigpond.net.au) wrote at 2005_10_29_20:14:23.619:
HULK does real well again. Me think he gets better with age!. Hope to see you around the OEP forum some time. David from Downunder

154 - (pool-141-149-13-139.alb.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2005_10_29_20:34:36.853:
Your site is fun. I really like the satellite pictures and want some of my home! Would you be willing to share where you can obtain a free image (even if it's poor quality)? I'd love to link it from my own site. It's great to see you having so much fun with Halloween. Thanks for the entertainment. Come visit us at www.geocities.com/cuddyfamily --and please share what happens when the trick-or-treaters come!

155 - (host86-128-19-42.range86-128.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2005_10_30_02:33:54.996:
Hiya from the U.K, I___ve only just found your website, but I think its brilliant. My husband thought I___d lost my mind when I sat here laughing to myself. I liked this so much I___ve actually put it into my faves programme

156 - (c-24-31-19-137.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_30_13:25:27.444:
Hey Alek, it's Carl. Love the decorations! Can't wait to see what Christmas looks like. Hope you and your wife and the kids have a great Halloween!

157 - (cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2005_10_30_16:13:57.897:
wow theyre on early today

158 - (ip68-229-165-16.om.om.cox.net) wrote at 2005_10_30_16:17:01.719:
u suck my ****

159 - (pcp09567595pcs.rtchrd01.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_10_30_16:49:43.842:
This is pretty funny Alek - the local TV stations should be covering it - Bob.
Alek replies at 2005_10_30_17:18: I'm sure they have plenty of other important stories to cover, but sure, what the heck ... and I just added a notice on the front page with various points of contact for those who agree with you.

160 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_30_17:25:07.909:
This is so funny! I've never seen anything like it. It must drive your wife and neighbours crazy having the lights flickering all day long. Great job keep up the good work!

161 - (dsl-210-15-207-82.NSW.netspace.net.au) wrote at 2005_10_30_17:30:44.306:
this site is gay

162 - (192c.zirkelwireless.com) wrote at 2005_10_30_17:33:47.047:
Watch out!! It looks like a whole clan of Ghosts is hovering around your house right now. I'm guessing it may be the rain but it is worth watching your back tonight. Great job setting all of this up. The kids love it! I hope they put it on TV so I can see if it is real but it sure looks like it is.

163 - (cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2005_10_30_17:33:51.229:
Hey alek, maybe you should get more people on the project, to moderate the site

164 - (cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2005_10_30_17:37:17.487:
Also. did you rig up the torch to a power supply? to light the hulk or is batterys?

165 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_30_18:25:16.739:
one of your buddies from tsb 406 tried to poof frank from my phone but I can't! wanted to drive up in front and do it. must be fake since I can't make it work. dope

166 - Alek says at 2005_10_30_21:38:11.504:
Thanx for all the nice words. BTW, while I'm a believer in letting people say whatever they want to say, I'm glad to see the profanity filter is still working - sorry we have a few bozo's that toss stupid stuff into the blog.

167 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_31_02:53:17.629:

168 - Alek says at 2005_10_31_08:04:02.762:
Coolest Gadgets (which is what the name suggests) has published an informative and entertaining interview they did of me. And the MajorGeeks.Com have me back on the front page with the "Kill Frankenstein" campaign - good guys with a great sense of humour. And among the number of web sites/forums/blogs that have mentioned/discussed the Halloween Webcam, I especially got a chuckle out of Yahoo UK who called it "American Spooky"

169 - Alek says at 2005_10_31_08:06:23.517:
The predicted overnight dusting of snow didn't happen, and with a warming trend the next few days, the high today should be over 50°F ... so nice weather for the kids. Kyle looks pretty tough as the Hulk ... but he's going tonight as a tiger along with Dirk the fireman. There is a neighborhood chili-fest at 5:00, so my guess is I'll start seeeing trick-or-treaters shortly after that. I'll tell 'em to wave at the webcam for 'ya.
kyle hulk
dirk fireman with Kyle tiger

170 - (cache-los-aa06.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_10:05:05.138:
Hi from the UK, I've been checking out your website for a few months now, very impressed with the halloween decorations, they look excellent, i'll be popping back later (midnight UK time)to check out the webcam. Happy Halloween to you and your family.

171 - (adsl-068-213-089-003.sip.bhm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_13:07:08.945:
This is great! So totally entertaining! I'm counting down the hours until the webcam is on, and I hope to play with the lights some. Do you do anything like this for other holidays?

172 - (pool-71-102-16-249.plspca.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_14:54:54.920:
If you'd like to see some cool Halloween E-Greetings for Peace please check my website, www.peaceweek.net. Thanks! & happy holiday

173 - Alek says at 2005_10_31_16:10:40.013:
The first trick-or-treater came by ... and he didn't "wave" at the webcam - he GROWLED at it!

174 - (24-182-201-155.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_16:51:18.636:
hey man I think you have and awesome setup going on I just wish the cam was live not frame by frame :( ill be watching from Texas ! : ) btw I what state is this coming from? Thanks, Will

175 - (adsl-68-124-206-33.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_16:51:20.316:
Alek, you are the man! You've created a haunted house via the internet. I'm goin' down to Fry's and getting a web cam and some x10 stuff. What a cool geek project. Happy Halloween, Doug Sherman, Vallejo, Ca.

176 - (cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_17:14:59.864:
its comin down tommorow :(

177 - (cache-los-aa06.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_17:35:22.361:
Hiya from the UK, back to check out the webcam, first-rate!

178 - Alek says at 2005_10_31_17:59:33.047:
I brought a big crock-pot of chili to the neighborood shin-dig and came back with a Margarita which I toasted the webcam with.

179 - (24-182-201-155.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:00:26.720:
hey what type of camera are you using alek?

180 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:14:08.537:
hahaha interesting trick or treaters. hahahaha

181 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:14:11.741:
hahaha interesting trick or treaters. hahahaha

182 - (pool-71-240-163-235.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:30:39.179:
What happened to Frank? he looks perma-deflated :-( inflate doesn't seem to be working, hope he's ok!

183 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:33:49.067:
yea what is up with Frank?

184 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:45:55.773:
did the web cam change direction?

185 - (modemcable196.204-203-24.mc.videotron.ca) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:46:33.151:
happy halloween everyone very nice webcam love it markE from montreal :)

186 - (pool-71-240-163-235.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:47:07.542:
uh oh, i saw someone checking on frank and then the webcam started looking at a tree LOL. FOCUS!!!!! ___-) hahaha

187 - (modemcable196.204-203-24.mc.videotron.ca) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:48:32.052:
happy halloween everyone very nice webcam love it markE from montreal :)

188 - (cache-los-aa06.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:49:47.977:
where's frank

189 - (pool-71-240-163-235.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:52:41.226:
oh noes! now frank AND the webcam are dead!

190 - (pool-71-240-163-235.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:52:58.864:
ah well at least the webcam came back LOL

191 - (ip70-187-158-140.oc.oc.cox.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:55:46.216:
Holy popcorn balls Batman! What a cool halloween site!

192 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:57:11.612:
yea that's good

193 - Alek says at 2005_10_31_18:57:59.726:
You guys killed Frankenstein!!!! The fan motor died and he won't come back to life.

194 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:58:11.355:
May Frankenstein RIP. He was cool

195 - (cache-los-aa06.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:58:42.059:
R.I.P frank

196 - (pool-71-240-163-235.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_18:59:17.535:
NOOOOOO!!!!! FRAAANNKKKKK!!!! He can't be dead! Stand back! CLEAR! ___zzap___

197 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_19:02:03.060:
May Frankenstein RIP. He was cool

198 - (pool-71-240-163-235.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_19:09:38.763:
Poor Frank! I'm not surprised though, I doubt the people that made the blower were expecting it to get turned on and off thousands of times a day LOL

199 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_19:21:20.905:
What will I do for a the few minutes that the camera is down? hahaha

200 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_19:28:53.785:
Alright it's back up. woohoo!

201 - Alek says at 2005_10_31_19:31:19.704:
Webcam was working, but the FTP data stream for the images stopped for some reason - I reset it. And for those few minutes the webcam was down, Komar.Org offers a full moneyback guarantee.

202 - (12-214-15-150.client.mchsi.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_19:40:29.983:
nice job.keep up the good work!!!!

203 - (ppp-69-239-204-105.dsl.frs2ca.pacbell.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_19:49:05.091:
Thanks for the fun and joy it is appreciated ....people like you make memories...for others, a great gift!

204 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_19:52:54.645:
Is that a trash can I see taking the place of Frank?

205 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_19:56:19.629:
crazy girls having fun with being on camera huh?

206 - (ool-457395d4.dyn.optonline.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_20:21:02.716:
Boil, boil, toil & trouble, fire burn & cauldron bubble!! ___Smile___

207 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_20:24:56.081:
whoa is frank back or am I delusional?

208 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_31_20:26:58.988:
FRANK!!! HES ALIVE!!!! [Alek says] WOW - you guys noticed that quick - here's a picture of that
frank alive

209 - (unresolvable) wrote at 2005_10_31_20:30:04.003:
Cam Froze again I think

210 - (d198-53-238-134.abhsia.telus.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_20:35:23.552:
Go Hulk Go

211 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_20:36:14.745:
Wish we could hear hulk on here. Now that'd be awesome.

212 - Alek says at 2005_10_31_20:45:43.281:
Yes, Frank is alive ... turns out the fuse popped. I didn't have a spare one around, but tin foils does the job ... at least temporarily! And for those interested, click here to hear HULK SMASH!

213 - (67-41-86-83.eugn.qwest.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_20:52:19.560:
u sure this iz real??!!! grrrrrrr!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

214 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_21:08:11.628:
How many trick or treaters did you have?

215 - (modemcable196.204-203-24.mc.videotron.ca) wrote at 2005_10_31_21:19:12.385:
yay frankie's back

216 - (cpe-72-129-116-65.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_21:43:32.170:
IT'S ALIVE!!! I couldn't resist. I'm glad to see Frank back! Alek, you're like the REAL Dr. Frankenstein!

217 - (66-90-201-142.dyn.grandenetworks.net) wrote at 2005_10_31_21:48:59.146:
My kids and I think your site is AWESOME! Thanks for being such a great ___puny human___. Hope your kids' trick or treat adventures were great! We had a cold front blow through and it was BRRR! Can't wait to see your Christmas lights! Thanks again!

218 - Alek says at 2005_10_31_21:55:56.492:
WOW - what a night! Easily over 100 trick-or-treaters ... so the doorbell was ringing just about non-stop for a while there... and then Frankie died (BTW, I didn't even know he had "died" until I saw all the comments in the blog) ... fortunately I was able to bring him back to life with some tin foil as a temporary fuse replacement. My kids had a great time trick-or-treating ... my wife did most of it with them, but I took 'em out at the end - they agreed to wait while I fixed Frankie. It sounds like web surfers enjoyed the show - I really do appreciate all the nice comments ... and yea, this is just a warmup for Christmas!

219 - (cache-dtc-ab01.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_10_31_22:02:27.181:
This was awesome to watch all night. We didn't really have that many trick or treaters at my house I was a bit dissapointed. Sounds like you had fun and that's cool. Can't wait for Christmas.

220 - (comp14.queens.ox.ac.uk) wrote at 2005_10_31_22:27:07.865:
Hey alex, any chance you can leave your webcam up through November 5th? That is Guy Fawkes Day over here in Jolly old England and it is the 400th anniversary. Would be real sporting of you to do so.

221 - Alek says at 2005_10_31_23:07:00.512:
I've uploaded some time-lapse video from Halloween night and there was a great picture of Frankenstein coming back to life (thanx to a temporary tin-foil fuse) at 2024 - "IT'S ALIVE!" And yea, I think I can leave the webcam online for the UK folks through November 5th for Guy Fawkes day.

222 - (cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2005_11_01_09:35:13.905:
Interesting, ive e-mailed you.. if the cam FTP's the image.. itm ust replace the old image on the server in order for the image to refresh on the site.. so how do you manage to capture your self on the cam that time when your not at the computer to grab that picture, explain that to me.. im very confused.

223 - Alek says at 2005_11_01_18:46:06.150:
And as you can see on the webcam, I just picked up some buddies for "Frank" - meet "Frosty" and "Jack" ... should I make them X10 controllable for Internet surfers also?

224 - (pcp01413649pcs.phnixv01.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2005_11_01_18:53:29.399:
YES - we promise not to "kill" Frosty and Jack like we did Frankenstein - nice work aleck bringing him back to life.

225 - (cache-rtc-aa10.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_11_01_19:53:38.168:
awesome new additions did you get jack on sale today?

226 - (cache-rtc-aa10.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_11_01_20:15:19.102:
have you ever thought of having thanksgiving decorations? cause now they have these inflatable turkeys.

227 - Alek says at 2005_11_01_21:19:32.225:
Yea, I picked up JACK on the way home from work today - 50% off. Frosty was not on sale (I usually buy stuff post-holiday), but I figured he'd be a nice addition for christmas. I've added X10 controls for both inflateables - take it easy it 'em! And BTW, no plans for Thanksgiving decorations ... but expect the christmas webcam to be up shortly after that.

228 - (cache-mtc-aa10.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2005_11_02_16:07:31.411:
what store did you get tha jack at? yesterday I bought a snoopy with a woodstock in costumes and a pumpkin connecting the two of them together for half off.

229 - (adsl-68-90-129-9.dsl.lgvwtx.swbell.net) wrote at 2005_11_02_16:35:19.395:
My family has had a great time with your webcam! Thanks!

230 - (12-208-13-163.client.insightBB.com) wrote at 2005_11_02_18:31:41.389:
Hello, from Sidney, Illinois! GREAT FUN on this website. Thanks.!!!!!

231 - (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2005_11_03_10:53:12.330:
hello im from ireland and i have to say i am so impressed whoooooooooooo

232 - (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2005_11_03_17:35:33.859:

233 - (user-5906.l1.c1.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2005_11_04_09:56:32.369:
its quiter here now

234 - (user-5906.l1.c1.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2005_11_04_09:58:04.358:

235 - (user-5906.l1.c1.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2005_11_04_10:15:28.154:
hi my name is Paki from UK, thanks for the site and U ROCK!

236 - Alek says at 2005_11_04_14:40:12.159:
Thank you for all the nice notes and glad you guys think it ROCKS! Yea, traffic goes way down after Halloween (no surprise), but then you don't have to compete with others for control. I got "JACK" at Target - expect to see him next year! ;-)

237 - (cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2005_11_04_17:37:46.752:
Hmm still seems busy though!

238 - (c-e89b71d5.05-16-73746f46.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) wrote at 2005_11_04_17:59:50.524:
Hello from Sweden :)

239 - (S010600c049d9e76d.ed.shawcable.net) wrote at 2005_11_04_20:21:53.529:
sweet, nice job!

240 - (Tripoli.ITS.Carleton.edu) wrote at 2005_11_04_20:38:10.530:
Very impressive.

241 - (host86-128-19-42.range86-128.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2005_11_05_11:36:01.517:
Hey Alek, I know the time difference is confusing, but it___s 6.35 pm on the 5th of November in the UK and the webcam___s still offline, why ??

242 - Alek says at 2005_11_05_16:02:14.316:
It's a 7 hour time difference. I turned it on a bit early for 'ya. Have fun on the last day for the Halloween/2005 webcam! ;-)

243 - (cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2005_11_05_16:12:18.969:
Look forward to Christmas now :)

244 - (82-34-27-37.cable.ubr04.basi.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2005_11_06_17:21:09.173:
have you updated the ip address lookup script? normaly it thinks my ip address is from the US but it knows its is the UK now.

245 - (82-34-27-37.cable.ubr04.basi.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2005_11_06_17:26:16.510:
oh yeah and on the christmas webcam page it still shows as Hello from United States (US)

246 - Alek says at 2005_11_07_12:41:01.993:
I switched over to using the Perl module Geo::IP which has a better geo-location database, so the results should be better. Halloween 2005 is OVER, so this will be the last comment until next year. BTW, the christmas blog is up and running as I warm up for christmas and the christmas decorations webcam is gonna be a lotta fun!