2008 High Peaks Post - 4th Grade Volunteer Advisor Alek Komarnitsky - alek@komar.org

Name Story Title (Ms. Wright's Class - 12)
Heather Betz Krakatau: The Disaster of a Century
Kaixin Cui The 2007 FIRST LEGO League Competition - Picture
Cat Gill Pine Beetles and their effect on Colorado Forests
Dirk Komarnitsky Playing Professional Sports - do you Shake or Quake? - Picture
Yunyu Lin Doomsday: When will it happen and what will cause it to happen?
Nisha Maheshwari w/Bryn     Hot Tips for a Healthy Heart
Bryn Redal w/Nisha Hot Tips for a Healthy Heart
Michael McClurg Boulder Nordic Ski Team
Stefan Suarez How terrible smoking is for your health
Mackenzie Werner Jumping to Success - Picture
Leon Yu "Poke" Comic
Derek Zhang Global Warming

Name Story Title (Mr. Schmidt's Class - 5)
Jackson Chen Colorado Scholastic State Chess Championship Tournament
Tatjana Kunz Places in the world without water
Elle Meyer A Dude on the Dance Floor - picture
Jeremy Smolens The National Jewish Asthma Hospital in Denver - Picture
Eric Sun Languages in the World

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Final Drafts (with pictures) Email'ed to Mr. "K" by Spring Break - Friday, March 21st! ;-)

Serious 4th Grade High Peaks Reporters


BACK: Alek, Jeremy, Leon, Gali, Bryn, Nisha, Albert, Derek, Elle, Yunyu, Heather, Eric

FRONT: Kaixin, Michael, Tatjana, Stefan, Evan, Dirk, Cat, Jackson

Not-so-Serious 4th Grade High Peaks Reporters!


On Thursday, March 6th, 2008, High Peaks Post reporters from all grades went on a tour of the Denver Newspaper Agency Printing Plant in North Denver. This facility not only prints the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Boulder Daily Camera, but a myrid of other misc. publications such as Westword and The Onion - it is HUGE! While Mr. "K" had a role in setting this up, the real hero was Editor-in-Chief Maggie Yost who organized the reporters, their parents, permission slips, carpools, handouts, snacks, and more so we could all attend. A few pictures are below - despite what it may seem, there isn't a lotta light to work with in the facility, so the images are a bit grainy/noisy.

HPP Reporters at the Denver Newspaper Agency Printing Plant

DNA Tour 1

A LOT of paper is required

DNA Tour 2

Automatic robots move the giant paper rolls

DNA Tour 3

Newspapers go whipping around - DNA can print 75,000 an hour!

DNA Tour 4

An early look at Friday's paper ... on Thursday! ;-)

DNA Tour 5