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1 - Alek says at 2006_09_30_15:14:42.723:
I'm a bit behind in setting up my Halloween Decorations and updating my Perl code to handle the halloween webcams - expect things to be up & running sometime in the next week. Below is a picture of what it looked like last year. But figured it was time to turn on the Halloween Blog for those that want to toss in their thoughts, suggestions, & attaboys - all of which are appreciated. Below is a picture of Halloween/2005.
Halloween 2006 is gonna be awesome - three webcams instead of one - plus lots more inflatables - D'OH!!!

2005 halloween

2 - (70-39-93-138.clvdoh.adelphia.net) wrote at 2006_09_30_16:17:53.946:
I look forward to checking out your site around Halloween and Christmas. Keep up the good work and make sure those bats stay outside the house.

3 - (84-105-106-151.cable.quicknet.nl) wrote at 2006_09_30_20:04:47.369:
Good luck with setting up the Halloween Decorations. I am having my eyes on this website frequently!

4 - (c-67-190-149-217.hsd1.co.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_09_30_22:14:54.717:
I can't wait to see what you are up to this year. You are always good for a surprise. Stay Spooky!

5 - (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_01_14:41:49.433:
I've been peeking in from time to time hoping for an update. Thank you! I can't wait! My household has been itching to break out some Halloween decorations but we thought we had better wait for Oct. 1st at least. Time to start decorating!

6 - Alek says at 2006_10_01_21:14:27.320:
I have been busy with tons of family stuff such as getting Dirk into Cub Scouts, driving the Hulkmobile in a small-town parade, sealing my concrete patio, mowing the lawn, surprising the boys for lunch at school, hanging out with my wonderful, understanding wife ("you want to put up more lights & inflatables?!?"), etc. She had the boys all day today while I played an ultimate frisbee doubleheader (I'm old-n-slow with a 2" vertical leap, but I have fun) so it was "Boys Night tonight!" We had a lotta fun dragging all the Halloween stuff up from my crawl space with some assistance from my two helpers as seen below.
halloween helpers

7 - Alek says at 2006_10_01_21:48:50.269:
The 8' inflatable Frankenstein was a huge hit last year as Internet surfers used the X10 controls to make 'em go up and down on the halloween webcam ("Kill Frankenstein") and he actually blew a fuse Halloween night! I got some new stuff at the post holiday sales (75% off) last yeari ... and two very recent additions are Homer Simpson (via FrightCatalog) and Elmo (via Bronners) - thanks guys. Homer is a big hit with the boys (and me - DOOPPP!) ... but after intense debate, Dirk-n-Kyle "informed" me there is no way Elmo will be out there for Halloween, so you'll have to wait until christmas to see him in action! ;-)
homer simpson

8 - (c-24-61-36-224.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_01_22:57:10.878:
Homer is HUGE!!!!!

9 - (S0106001195770f53.vf.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_10_02_00:53:16.948:
Your kids are right - no Elmo for Halloween. When does the show start? Hope you got a big web server - everyone knows about your crazy holiday lights and webcam.

10 - (cpe-69-202-143-73.twcny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_02_07:21:55.404:
"D'oh!" Great job on charity efforts too.

11 - (CPE-58-166-147-9.qld.bigpond.net.au) wrote at 2006_10_02_09:18:39.931:
The HULK could SMASH Homer and Elmo!

12 - (168-103-91-176.hlrn.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_10_02_15:00:41.099:
How many lights this year Alex?

13 - Alek says at 2006_10_02_20:59:00.068:
Yea, Homer is pretty big and cool - D'oh! Give me another few days and I should have stuff online - Perl coding is taking longer than expected, plus I'll be load balancing (the real-time application) across several servers. My initial guess is there probably will be about 5,000 lights for Halloween and at least three controllable inflatables. Christmas is a lot bigger - was 26,000 lights in 2005 - more than Clark Griswold! ;-) And thanks for the attaboy on the charity fundraising effort - I certainly appreciate those companies that have chipped in to help fight Celiac Disease with over $13,000 raised since last year - awesome!

14 - Alek says at 2006_10_02_21:19:43.193:
To get people in the mood for Halloween, I've added some halloween music that plays when you load the blog. See the controls at the top right of the page. Be sure to keep playing to the end and then listen what happens. Can you name that tune?!? ;-)

15 - (c-68-82-126-121.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_03_06:38:40.280:
Very nice "family" music - LOL!

16 - Alek says at 2006_10_03_09:16:54.408:
I added the ability to optionally specify your name when you make a blog comments if you want to identify yourself.

17 - "BobM" from (wsip-70-182-189-155.dc.dc.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_03_14:15:17.687:
Cute kids - goofy dad!

18 - "Jon." from (d192-24-37-12.try.wideopenwest.com) wrote at 2006_10_04_13:15:11.960:
any estimation on when they'll be up, Alek?

19 - Alek says at 2006_10_04_14:30:36.501:
About another day or two to polish up the Perl code, and then I'll turn the webcams and power controls on - heck, you'll be able to watch me put the Halloween Decorations - they are all stacked in my living room now.

20 - "Naegelin gang" from (66-90-199-251.dyn.grandenetworks.net) wrote at 2006_10_04_18:02:35.435:
Hey!, Us PUNY humans can't wait to see you Hulk! You guys are awesome! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

21 - "Jack" from (adsl-19-246-110.bna.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_10_04_21:30:35.969:
Yea Alex, where is the green guy - we want to see him SMASH!

22 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-126-67-60.phlapa.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_05_06:59:23.778:
The Halloween Music is quite Lurching!

23 - "jeff" from (24-151-158-115.dhcp.chtn.wv.charter.com) wrote at 2006_10_05_15:22:35.748:
WOW - does that look different from yesterday - nice lawn and I just saw a school bus go by.

24 - "Anonymous" from (wve33064rh.rh.ncsu.edu) wrote at 2006_10_05_16:25:29.988:
I see two live webcams - nice alec!

25 - "Anonymous" from (wve33064rh.rh.ncsu.edu) wrote at 2006_10_05_16:38:21.624:
Make that three webcams - now where is Homer!

26 - Alek says at 2006_10_05_17:00:02.096:
Yea, I've switched over to the new Perl code and have the webcams feedings images. Expect some erratic behavior the next few days as I fiddle with things and (finally!) setup the halloween decorations ... and Homer - D'op! Appreciate feedback on how the whole things looks.

27 - "Russell" from (adsl-144-18-246.mia.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_10_05_18:44:21.081:
Kid is running around the ghost in the front yard.

28 - "Jarv" from (88-104-103-27.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_10_05_20:36:19.915:
Superman was just on the webcam1!
Alek replies at 2006_10_05_20:42: That was Super Kyle!
superman kyle

29 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_05_21:47:23.907:

30 - "Anonymous" from (pool-141-152-243-204.phil.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_06_10:48:24.965:
Power mower dude cutting grass across the street on webcam2

31 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-175-6-190.hsd1.il.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_06_11:11:04.555:
Hulk is down - call 911 - LOL!

32 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-175-6-190.hsd1.il.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_06_13:21:27.116:
HULK is back up - go jolly green giant!
Alek replies at 11:32 - Yea, the Hulk has been moved to the 2nd floor balcony - sorry for the poor image quality below, but it's shooting into the Sun. On the halloween movies page, there's a time-lapse video of me "tossing" the Big Green Guy up there!
hulk up

33 - "Anonymous" from (static-203-87-115-69.sa.chariot.net.au) wrote at 2006_10_06_14:47:55.427:
Saw the Rainier Beer sign - never heard of it - some local brew?

34 - "Anonymous" from (cable-213-132-133-241.upc.chello.be) wrote at 2006_10_06_16:29:41.903:

35 - "AG" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_06_16:39:57.029:
ok, so what kind of good eats y'all giving out this year? gotta catch that on the puter'cam

36 - "Anonymous" from (AMontpellier-152-1-103-49.w86-211.abo.wanadoo.fr) wrote at 2006_10_07_04:36:53.959:
halloween sa fait peur il y a des ar___ni___ des sklette tu tremble! je le sans halloween nuit de t___rreur! f______te d'halloween et ses de retour tu a peur des fantome dessorsi___re ses fait pour sa halloweenje suis sur que tu devrai aller a LINK DELETED et regarde ses image

37 - "Becky" from (omaha22.omaro.hyatt.com) wrote at 2006_10_07_09:21:58.283:
I can't wait til the decorations are up??

38 - "'Line" from (adsl-145-139-146.asm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_10_07_12:04:50.128:
Homer is UP - D'OH!

39 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-69-203-69-122.nyc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_07_12:27:42.059:

40 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_07_12:32:00.197:
12:30 Mountain time- someone's really hamming it up on cam 1!
Alek replies at 13:30 - That's my "halloween helpers" - Dirk in the background and his friend (should we name him "Jack?") in the foreground ;-)
kids ham it up

41 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_07_14:30:21.469:
Hey, i like to decorate my yard for Halloween but my family doesnt like me decorating:-(...what should i do?...and what are some halloween ideas for the yard?

42 - "Anonymous" from (sdsl-9.nickels.de) wrote at 2006_10_07_17:11:15.691:
Kids and Worm Monster!!!

43 - "JohnR" from (ip70-187-221-87.dc.dc.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_07_17:32:12.946:
Homer and Frank are ALIVE!!!!!!!!

44 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-227-84-171.sb.sd.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_07_21:00:54.258:
Homers rocks - long live Simson dude!

45 - "J. Lee Miller" from (adsl-69-226-251-161.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_08_00:58:04.731:
This is awesome. You should enter some costumes in our Costume contest at ___tried to href="LINK DELETED Little Corner___/a___

46 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_08_04:05:47.025:
Is there a firefox plugin i can use to block the terrible MIDI sounds that keep on playing?
Alek replies at 09:03 - There are sound controls at the top of the page if you want to stop listening to the Adam's Family theme song ... but I bet Lurch is disappointed that you called this halloween classic "terrible"

47 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_08_14:44:07.822:
Hi there,Glad to see Halloween decorations.Luke :-)

48 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_08_14:50:58.813:
Go Homa,Go Frankenstein,Go Hulk, Luke :-)

49 - "Chris " from (host-84-9-196-35.bulldogdsl.com) wrote at 2006_10_08_16:13:42.247:
All the best for your halloween from England UK The witches are a watching you!...

50 - "Emma" from (host86-139-202-229.range86-139.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_08_16:24:31.453:
Hiya! Lights looking good so far, when you say there going to be fully up and running by monday night just wondering, do you mean tomorrow night or the monday after that? All the Best for Halloween! x

51 - Alek says at 2006_10_08_18:54:57.920:
I have a fair amount of Halloween decorations & lights still to put up, but have most of it all ready to go. I do plan to turn the X10 webcontrol ON Monday night - i.e. tomorrow as in October 9th - take it easy on Homer, allright - D'OH! ;-)

52 - "Ben" from (c-67-171-113-188.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_00:34:03.888:
Still up at midnight, Alek? :) Goodnight bubs!

53 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-37-175-148.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_08:25:04.562:
Says no rain, but looks pretty wet outside

54 - "Jeff" from (pool-151-203-119-98.bos.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_11:19:27.385:
Webcam2 showed you stringing some lights on the roof (?)
Alek replies at 11:44 - The lights are hung from hooks just below the 2nd story gutter - had these put in when I had the house painted. So I walk across the 1st story roof and hang 'em from there - even so, I still need a big long stick (with two nails in the end) to get 'em up there
hang lights

55 - Alek says at 2006_10_09_11:55:32.182:
As noted on the main webcam page, current temperature is 39°F (about right) and 0.03 inches of rain(that's low - has been a steady drizzle). Predicted low temperature tonight is 30°F with possibly 1-3 inches of snow - would be the first of the season if the weatherman is right - stay tuned for live coverage on the webcams! ;-)
The morning after Halloween/2004
hulk snow

56 - "Anonymous" from (88-104-154-94.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_10_09_12:46:37.234:
Bugs in window on webcam2

57 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_13:27:42.033:
Hi Alek,Its Luke,gives us a wave please!Love the decorations.:-)

58 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_13:34:01.772:
Alek,why isn't cam 1 working? Luke. Hope it snows,we don't get much snow here in the uk.Luke.

59 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_13:54:35.545:
I have just realised that it will be 1am here in uk when you turn the controls on,I will be in bed. :-( Luke.

60 - "Anonymous" from (c-69-254-156-254.hsd1.nm.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_14:14:25.034:
Been visiting your site for a few years now. Love it so much!!!! Thanks for the fun and beauty!!! Much love from New Mexico!!!

61 - Alek says at 2006_10_09_14:20:07.958:
Yea Luke (and other UK'ers), you'll have to stay up pretty darn late to control the lights - it just doesn't look as good during the day - sorry. Maybe I'll pre-announce a day when I'll have them controllable earlier for people across the pond and other time zones. In the meantime, here's a video of me putting up Alien, Frankenstein, & the giant Spider. ... and damn, those puffy pants make my butt look big! ;-)

62 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_14:51:46.811:
Thank you Alek, that would be great! Luke.

63 - Alek says at 2006_10_09_14:57:01.490:
Here's a few pictures from the sunny 80°F Saturday when I was settings things up.
D-Link DCS6620G Wirless Webcam - garbage can makes a nice camera stand!
Dlink DCS-6620G wireless webcam
Kids enjoy D'OH'ing it up with Frank & Homer
kids with Homer

64 - "Emma" from (host86-139-202-229.range86-139.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_09_14:59:18.723:
Hiya!x how come camera 1 is offline?? also that would be great if you could have a day that you would put the controllable things earlier because i live in the UK and i have school in the morning so i cant stay up late! :(

65 - Alek says at 2006_10_09_15:04:37.409:
Emma: I haven't decided if I'll have webcam1 run 7/24 like the others ones are. Rest assured it will come online at 6:00PM (3 hours from now) when the X10 controls go active. BTW, I just took a picture (note plywood bases to prevent inflatables from tipping over) of Homer in the rain - D'OH! ;-)
homer in rain

66 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_18:14:17.767:
watchout alek!!!

67 - Alek says at 2006_10_09_18:17:54.780:
Homer Simpson kept falling backwards and getting stuck in the garage on inflation - I should have anticipated this earlier - sorry. I put a concrete block under the back of the plywood base and now he can pop right up - DOH!!!! I have to add some lights to the roof - look for me up there shortly ...

68 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_09_18:30:26.360:
Homer is stuck again, it looks like he needs some V8.

69 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_18:31:43.631:
hey your pumpkin cam has gone buggie.

70 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_09_18:34:24.576:
And Homer is back up.

71 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_20:07:10.661:
absolutely awesome Mr. Grass!

72 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_09_21:58:28.724:

73 - "Anonymous" from (c-69-254-156-254.hsd1.nm.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_10_09:07:58.330:
Don't look so stressed! Wow!! :)

74 - "Kynitekia" from (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_10_09:41:01.341:
DO you work at home Mr. Grass?

75 - "Anonymous" from (S01060050da76276a.wp.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_10_10_10:36:18.085:
Is Homer and Frankenstein ready for another fun-time tonight?

76 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-172-148-122.hsd1.co.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_10_10:48:16.104:
Nice work, just sending an update to the webcam 3 for the time and date :)

77 - "Anonymous" from (cache-dtc-af08.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_10_10_13:07:16.604:
wow you must of did alot are house is crazy but not that crazy

78 - "Carol" from (COX-70-184-31-2-static.coxinet.net) wrote at 2006_10_10_13:26:02.192:
Great Idea! I'll be checking back in. The hard work you put into your displays is obvious!

79 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_10_13:44:59.267:
Hi Alek, No snow last night then! Nice to see the picture of the lights and what they look like in the dark. I will stay up late Friday and operate them,no school Saturday,Yipeeeeee! Luke.

80 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_10_15:31:04.174:
Alek,Maybe you could do your Christmas lights to music this year.Or halloween one's. Luke.

81 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_10_16:12:31.376:
Night! Night! Alek,don't let the bed bugs bite.:-)

82 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-024-211-085-217.sc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_10_18:33:33.174:
Hi Alex,Ted here in Myrtle Beach SC.Have been watching for the last few years.Decorate a little more then you ,but not as cool as on the net.I an looking into raising and donating money to your cause.contact me teds49ghost@yahoo.com
Alek replies at 19:12 - I welcome any efforts to raise awareness of Celiac Disease and help find a cure per the details on this page - total as of today is almost $15,000 - thanks in advance Ted for anything you can do.

83 - "Anonymous" from (iq120-35.teletech.com.br) wrote at 2006_10_10_19:49:17.779:
Homer has had too much to drink!

84 - Alek says at 2006_10_10_20:22:43.200:
ChrisS from Leeds England UK sent me some hilarious Halloween icons ... including a Frankenstein that goes up and down ... just like it does at my house. So we'll give the Flying Bat cursor a break for while - thanks Chris!

85 - "Alex" from (lon165.turner.com) wrote at 2006_10_11_12:36:55.046:
Ooh, I must get myself some wireless cams, especially since I was burgled a few months ago! Always concerned about running power outside though.. hmm. External power supplies, anyone? GOod work with the gear, my friend. Will be keeping a close eye on Halloween!

86 - "Anonymous" from (h178.197.140.67.ip.alltel.net) wrote at 2006_10_11_12:40:33.934:
Why is this so addictive?

87 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_11_15:14:12.339:
no one knoes why its so addicting. Philosophors have dropped other key debates and are pondering this at the moment.

88 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_11_15:30:34.275:
hey Alex, Mr grass, whichever. Seems to me like the cams go inactive with the hulk pic a little too soon on this one. not a biggie tho.
Alek replies at 07:55 - I found a bug in the Javascript timer that was triggering this in 5 rather than 15 minutes - fixed!

89 - Alek says at 2006_10_11_17:15:10.810:
I turned the X10 webcontrols on a bit early tonight. So while you can't see the lights too well yet, have fun with Jack, Frank, and Homer. Speaking of that, Chris P sent me a new "Frankenstein and Homer" cursor that I've put on the main webcam page - what 'ya think?

90 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_11_17:41:57.084:
lol. i showed the site to my dad and little sister. now they are both addicted to turning them on and off, especially my sister. According to her, she deflated Homer and it hit you in the head. This brought alot of giggles from her

91 - "damc from the wack" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_11_17:43:57.959:
that is awesome you are the king of halloween so far :D

92 - "h1000" from (ppp-71-136-60-184.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_11_18:09:48.146:
I'm here, Mr KY is here, who the heck is keeping an eye on the grass? The decorations are cool Mr Grassoween!

93 - "Jarvis" from (c-24-62-16-3.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_11_18:13:20.290:
The little kid is trying to keep Frankenstein ALIVE by holding him up - for god's sake people, quit KILLING Frankenstein with the deflate button!!!

94 - Alek says at 2006_10_11_23:15:26.750:
Here are a few pictures from the webcams - see the complete collection at the halloween pictures page plus the halloween movies. And yes, Jarvis, Kyle was trying to keep Frankenstein and Homer from falling over. Thank you h1000, damc, and Kynitekia for the compliments.
Hulk, Frankenstein, Homer, and "stuff" on Webcam1 - Video
Pumpkin, Ghost, Kids, and Minivan on Webcam2 - Video
Hulks, Robosapian, Pirate, and Alek on Webcam3 - Video
Don't fall of the roof Alek! - Video
Kyle commands Frank & Homer to take a bow
And they do - Video

95 - "Gary" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_09:41:29.210:
Hi alek Any chance of switvhing the lights on a little earlier this weekend for all those overseas. We are missing out on all the fun at the moment.

96 - "Kynitekia" from (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_10:10:20.246:
hey no problem Mr G

97 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-75-4-78-168.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_12:00:32.522:
Where is Homer?

98 - "Trojans" from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_10_12_12:04:29.865:
Are there really 133 viewing?
Alek replies at 12:13 - YEP - the Halloween Decorations Webcam tends to be pretty popular this time of year and a number of websites have mentioned/linked to it - a noteable recent addition is Ernie's House of Whoop A** which bumped up the number of visitors a bit ... ;-)

99 - "ILoveErnie" from (adsl-69-107-106-90.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_12:45:04.263:
What were you doing in the grass?

100 - "ErnieFanDownUnder" from (dsl-220-235-84-130.vic.westnet.com.au) wrote at 2006_10_12_13:39:33.735:
Americans are CRAZY!!!

101 - "Lucy" from (host81-132-19-101.range81-132.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_12_13:50:00.952:
please please pleaasseee can you put the controls on earlier tonight!! i live in the UK and i have school tomorrow and i really want to control the lights and inflatables!! PLEASE!!!

102 - "Anonymous" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust585.leic.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_10_12_13:58:39.267:
Yes Alek,Could we PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!have the controls on a bit earlier tonight.Luke.___-)

103 - Alek says at 2006_10_12_14:04:13.248:
ALLRIGHT ... give me a few minutes and I'll turn things on, plus enable webcam1 ...

104 - "ErnieFanDownUnder" from (dsl-220-235-84-130.vic.westnet.com.au) wrote at 2006_10_12_14:08:26.668:
Thanks Mate!!!

105 - "Anonymous" from (cpc1-derb3-0-0-cust585.leic.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_10_12_14:11:15.715:
A Big Thank You Alek! From Luke :-)

106 - "Lucy..&&..Emma" from (host81-132-19-101.range81-132.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_12_14:12:20.849:
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! xxxx

107 - Alek says at 2006_10_12_14:52:39.540:
The sun is just above and to the right of the HULK ... so the sun glare is BAD on webcam1 - I tried setting up some shade, but just isn't going to work. Image quality will improve as the Sun moves away.

108 - "Anonymous" from (S01060080c8b4f16b.cg.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_15:31:02.934:
What-up with the goofy Franken-Homer cursor?

109 - "Anonymous" from (ir-neuroethologie-vb1.rhrz.uni-bonn.de) wrote at 2006_10_12_15:52:53.994:
Webcam1 better now - no sun.

110 - "Melly " from (paehowgateway2.prudential.com) wrote at 2006_10_12_15:57:55.935:
Hi Alek you really have done an amazing job i am so glad that there are other people who can enjoy the holiday as much as me KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK and thank you for sharing with the rest of us

111 - "Anonymous" from (c-71-229-77-80.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_16:08:50.349:
Hey, I really love your idea of this, I think it's great. Just one question, where do you live? It looks like California, but I'm not sure.

112 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-171-113-188.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_17:34:11.375:
Alek lives in Colorado. :)

113 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_17:53:41.181:
woah at first i thought u bought and inflatable beer can

114 - "Ben" from (c-67-171-113-188.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_17:54:32.498:
Wha??? Why, hello can of Alek's Blue Ribbon stuff. :Z (Thank you for giving us a new object to stare at Alek.) :D

115 - "Anonymous" from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_10_12_17:56:27.617:
I hope PBR is sending a couple cases in the mail! Good Beer!

116 - "Ben" from (c-67-171-113-188.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:01:53.632:
"Ouch" said Alek's liver. Alek replied, "be quiet mine internal organ."

117 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:02:09.356:
have you been doing some refereeing alek?

118 - "BudSucks!!!" from (c-24-118-78-111.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:05:20.119:
BUD LIGHT - I want my money back.

119 - "Anonymous" from (pool-151-201-115-117.pitt.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:17:27.603:
Hey is this really live? If so go outside in front of a camera.

120 - "Ben" from (c-67-171-113-188.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:19:03.882:
Lol. Poor Alek. Catering to the websurfer's requests. Thank you for being so accomodating Alek. :)

121 - Alek says at 2006_10_12_18:21:02.823:
DUDE - look in webcam3 - I just put the PBR I finished on top of the laptop.

122 - "Anonymous" from (pool-151-201-115-117.pitt.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:22:56.195:
What kind of Connection do you have to serve all the cams?

123 - Alek says at 2006_10_12_18:25:08.446:
#119: Dirk says "DUDE" to you also Mr. Anonymous Poster.
#122: Read about the whole setup at the Christmas FAQ.

Dirk cool

124 - "Anonymous" from (pool-151-201-115-117.pitt.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:25:25.410:
I live in Pa what time does it get dark in Co

125 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:28:28.481:
is it possible to point cam 2 at cam 1 so i can get a general visual of where it is?

126 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:29:51.083:
love the icons

127 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:31:57.195:
thanx for all the little extras.

128 - "amber" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:32:46.461:
Oh no, the cams have been drinking again! Is the witch in cam 2 a new addition? I don't remember seeing her before.
Alek replies at 19:04 - Nice spot - there are actually two new witches - one on webcam1 on the garage roof ... and an inflatable one above the ghost viewable on webcam2

129 - "Mike of PA" from (pool-151-201-115-117.pitt.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:41:19.213:
Dude I LIKE the glasses, and what were you just doing to Homer?

130 - Alek says at 2006_10_12_18:57:22.820:
I was trying to take some pictures in the fading light (there's about a 10 minute window when it's just right) and you guys kept turning the lights on and off ... so I had to lock you out while I did - returning control back to you now!

131 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_18:59:08.585:
cant see hulk in the dark with cans in the way.

132 - Alek says at 2006_10_12_19:00:16.993:
That's my son Dirk really blocking the view - just sent him out to take the cans away - told him no drinking the beer - he's too young and Celiac folks can't drink (wheat) beer anyway.

133 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_19:01:34.435:
thanks Dirk.:)

134 - Alek says at 2006_10_12_19:03:43.590:
Dirk says "Your welcome and I'm at your service" ... and to Mike from PA, Dirk says "totally dude" - that really what he said!

135 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_19:03:47.419:
who is the other big guy in the cam with you?
Alek replies at 19:44 - That's Kyle, my Big Green Buddy!
kyle hulk

136 - "Hans-n-Frans" from (212-127-184-108.cable.quicknet.nl) wrote at 2006_10_12_20:43:35.253:
You should have a Frankenstein versus Homer smackdown!

137 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_12_21:39:27.550:
hi kyle. WOW!!!

138 - "Anonymous" from (ALagny-153-1-1-116.w83-200.abo.wanadoo.fr) wrote at 2006_10_13_07:25:21.354:
Frosty this AM

139 - "Kynitekia" from (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_09:48:14.528:
Gooood Morning Grass/Halloween Watchers! Today looks like another great day to watch that grass wither! Also the decorations aint bad. So far the weather is a terribly cold 44 degrees with 66 percent humidity. Perhaps it will snow soon! Well go ahead and stick a can of Miracle Grow in the fridge so you can be nice and warm when you watch today!

140 - "Kynitekia" from (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_10:14:29.391:
when will the thing that allows us to write text on the office cam be up, Alek?
Alek replies at 10:44 - Probably early next week - just have to write the code to handle the back-end ...

141 - Alek says at 2006_10_13_11:57:33.173:
Several folks chimed in about the beer cans last night (see comments #113-#118), so I grabbed an image from the archives for those that missed it.

142 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_15:46:17.564:
Hi alek, How can you grab an image from an earlier time when the cam just uploads an image that replaces the oldone of the server, Do you have some sort of script that keeps an archive?
Alek replies at 16:13 - I'm a Perl dude and have hand written my stuff ... and yes, and archive is kept - that way I can do time-lapse videos and my wife can count how many times I pick my nose in an hour! ;-)

143 - "Anonymous" from (196.Red-88-17-134.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_15:54:16.356:
Windows Update eeeeh LOL What specs has that lappy?

144 - Alek says at 2006_10_13_16:09:06.624:
Dang - busted on the Webcam using Windoze - how embarrassing! ;-) That laptop dual boots with RedHat - I just hadn't run Windoze Update in a while, so figured I should do that. BTW, another laptop (4-year old 850 MHz Sony running Redhat) controls stuff. When you hit ON/OFF/whatever on the web interface, the back-end sends a command to that laptop at my house, which then uses an X10 Firecracker interface to send a wireless signal picked up by a couple of X10 receivers (redundancy!) which then transmit the signal through the house wiring to a buncha X10 Super Sockets and Appliance Modules which (finally) flips the power - total time elapsed is a couple of seconds - and most of that is due to X10 latency which I can't anything about. Read more at the FAQ.

145 - Alek says at 2006_10_13_16:24:44.256:
My wife is having a couple of dozen Mom's from the Elementary School come over this evening - expect 'em to around 7:00. Be careful deflating Homer as they walk by - don't want 'em to think they are being groped - D'oh! ;-)

146 - "Anonymous" from (66-214-85-221.dhcp.malb.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_10_13_16:55:19.649:
How HOT are the elementary school Moms?

147 - "Emma" from (host86-139-240-234.range86-139.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_13_17:14:05.420:
The pumpkin isnt inflating! :(

148 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-98-133.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_17:44:48.945:
So whatcha gonna do tonight with a house full of women Mr Grassoween? You jumping out of a cake in your Speedo for them or what?

149 - "Emma" from (host86-139-240-234.range86-139.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_13_17:49:56.970:
why is there a can infront of camera 1??

150 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-98-133.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_17:50:28.896:
Looks like it's Happy Hour again!!

151 - "Emma" from (host86-139-240-234.range86-139.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_13_17:53:17.042:
is there any reason for the bottle being there?? xx

152 - Alek says at 2006_10_13_17:55:16.134:
For Happy Hour yesterday, I put a beer can out there ... and I was going to do that again, but figured the Mom's would prefer wine.
P.S. Emma: Pumpkin is working fine - he just is a little slower at inflating.


153 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-98-133.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_18:00:03.880:
It's called Product Placement. Mr Grassoween is probably getting a fat paycheck from the Bogle Wine Co and Bud Light.
Alek replies at 18:01 - LOL - I wish - just grabbing whatever is in the house! ;-)

154 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_19:05:57.405:
good night alek. most haunted is on. see you guys saturday evening.

155 - "Anonymous" from (90-26.124-70.tampabay.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_13_19:21:46.061:
Just saw one hot Mama go by - she was SMOKING!

156 - "JP" from (24-176-111-223.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com) wrote at 2006_10_13_19:23:45.285:
Whohoo Tennessee!!!!!

157 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_19:46:34.032:
Hey Alek,Luke again! Aloud up late tonight,Friday! Yipee! Thanks for putting lights on early yesterday,will be working your lights all night! From Luke.

158 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_19:58:14.198:
pumpkin is either really slow or busted. but hey its all good

159 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_19:59:01.491:
are you really sitting at your desk right now? thats crazy how this all works___

160 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_20:00:51.694:
Yes whoever said that.Im at my desk,its 3.00am in the morning. Luke.

161 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_20:06:23.589:
no, I meant is that you ALEK sitting at your desk right now.

162 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_20:07:49.266:
if thats you Alek, wave to the camera!

163 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_20:11:55.023:
Im going now alek.Be back tomorrow.I declare i shall be on here 24 hour clock tomorrow. Hahaha! See Ya Alek for now.

164 - Alek says at 2006_10_13_20:18:49.466:
It's actually Homer Simpson sitting at that desk - D'OH!

165 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-70-254-46-208.dsl.lgvwtx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_13_20:35:41.023:
What kind of wine was in the glass on your desk??
Alek replies at 20:57 - The women have gone through about a dozen bottles of wine - my job is to go down there every 10 minutes, open up a new bottle, and take a sample ... so I've lost track of what I've been drinking ... but it's currently red! ;-)
wine toast

166 - "scooter_lover" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_13_20:54:37.926:
I love to ride on bike then read this, and you? :) ___tried to href=LINK DELETED

167 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_13_20:58:32.623:
Alek, Can I use your script for my website? Or could you reccomend anything? ------Ian------

168 - "Chris S" from (host-84-9-214-17.bulldogdsl.com) wrote at 2006_10_14_01:54:52.578:
Glad to see the icons i did on all your pages now Alek! Looks great was well worth the time it took me! and glad to help such a great halloween website as yours! Happy Halloween!
Alek replies at 07:54 - The icons ROCKS Chris - thanks a lot!

169 - "Anonymous" from (70-58-1-159.hlrn.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_10_14_16:51:32.879:
Pretty quiet today on the Halloween Blog ...

170 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_14_18:57:21.989:
why is the "Franken-Homer Cam" offline right now?

171 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_14_19:03:30.413:
Alek appears to be gone at the moment. Chances are he forgot to turn it on. Don't fret, we still have the other cams, plus its only one night without homer and frankie

172 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_14_19:14:07.408:
Sorry, I forgot to put my name in earlier... why is the "Watching Grass Grow in the front yard" is kinda messed up? Anyone know?

173 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_14_19:19:25.259:
well that camera is actually in Alek's bedroom. So the poor quality is probably due to the exterior lighting's reflection in the window. Sorry for a poor night of cam watching gang

174 - Alek says at 2006_10_14_19:41:23.324:
As noted on the front page from this afternoon, Franken-Homer Cam is having some technical difficulties - hope to have this fixed for Sunday night - sorry guys! P.S. I'm trying low-lux mode with webcam2 - does futz up the picture a bit, but otherwise it's totally dark when the lights are out - what do you guys think?

175 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_14_19:43:29.060:
personally im all for cam 1. but i think cam 2 is doin alright with low lux. lets get Luke and H1000's opinion

176 - Alek says at 2006_10_14_19:56:09.933:
Sorry again about Webcam1 - technical issues crop up all the time, but usually you guys don't see 'em. Plus Homer says he'd appreciate some private time with Marge - said something about it being his anniversary! ;-)

177 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_14_20:07:40.331:

178 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_14_20:24:59.404:
Alek I told my friends I'd try to add a webcam to my site, and this has been going on for months. Could I please use your script?
Alek replies at 21:29 - My stuff is all hand-written Perl code customized for my setup ... so no plans to release - sorry. But plenty of other products on the market that do this type of stuff.

179 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_14_20:44:24.681:
after some thought, I think the proper responce should have been "Happy Anniversary!" Have a nice evening Homer.

180 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-37-175-148.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_15_12:25:13.061:
Will Homer-Cam be working tonight?
Alek replies at 12:40 - Technical problem is 90% licked - hope to have it online tonight

181 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_15_13:15:36.938:
what exactly went wrong with the cam, Alek?

182 - Alek says at 2006_10_15:15:34:58.986:
The 802.11 wireless repeater is acting up, so it's not actually the webcam itself. Thought I had it licked, but still mis-behaving ... stay tuned!

183 - "Anonymous" from (203-22-239-3.static.netspeed.com.au) wrote at 2006_10_15_18:32:05.752:
Homer-Cam is back up - Cheers and D'oh!

184 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_15_18:56:57.130:
is it zoomed out?

185 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-168-251-58.hsd1.or.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_09:03:21.425:

186 - "JimO" from (cpe-024-074-052-156.carolina.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_16_10:07:12.455:
As a person who has to deal with Celiac, thank you for all your efforts in this area.

187 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_16_14:02:10.911:
Who is bigger - Hulk, Frankinstein, or Homer?

188 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_14:48:51.327:
Hulk, by a long shot

189 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_16:49:39.427:
do i sense that the text writer will soon be enabled?

190 - Alek says at 2006_10_16_17:02:48.325:
That's not ready, but I found some extra X10 appliance modules, so I added a few things in the Haunted Office Cam that you can turn on and off. And oh yeah, Homer is about the same size as the HULK, but the Green Guy is definately stronger! ;-)

191 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_17:03:18.430:
by closly looking at the office cam, it appears as though Alek uses a dual moniter display, am i correct??

192 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-117-12-144.sttlwa.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_17:14:53.713:
Pabst Blue Ribbon - YUCK!

193 - "SeattleDude" from (D-128-208-58-120.dhcp4.washington.edu) wrote at 2006_10_16_17:19:06.978:
PBR sucks, but check out the Rainier Beer Sign in cam3

194 - "h1000" from (ppp-71-136-65-61.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_17:31:30.382:
Eight people WGG. 53 people here. Guess this is where the action is now. HI KY.

195 - "Anonymous" from (168.seattle-01-03rs.wa.dial-access.att.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_17:31:52.180:
Raindogg'ies RULE!!! I see a wine bottle on the desk.

196 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_17:33:13.389:
yeeaaah! hullo H1000, yes this is where the action is...until halloween is over, then its back to WGG, then christmas rolls around...

197 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_17:40:26.330:
Alek, what zone are the office stuff a part of, or have they been added yet?

198 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_17:50:55.443:
And with that, it appears as though Alek and his two exterior cameras were abducted by the first alien invaders

199 - Alek says at 2006_10_16_18:09:10.079:
801.11 wireless repeater dropped offline - see blog entry #182 - rebooted and we are back up!

200 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-65-61.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_18:09:50.152:
OK, you all need to stop making fun of Mr Grassoween's Pabst Blue Ribbon. He probably spent all his cash on decorations for us and can only afford the cheap stuff now.

201 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_18:12:41.307:
IM Bill Doberman (joke) for the campaign of real Decorators and I approve this message

202 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_18:52:11.997:
looks like someone wants all the stuff off...overload after overload

203 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-65-61.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_16_19:06:42.391:
So Mr Grassoween, you pulling out some home equity to pay your power bill this month? Bet the astronauts can see your house from space!

204 - "The Cunningham Family" from (cache-rtc-ae07.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_10_17_09:40:13.671:
This has become a Halloween tradition for my family. We enjoy it every year!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX The Cunningham Family.

205 - "Anonymous" from (20179222202.user.veloxzone.com.br) wrote at 2006_10_17_11:32:11.387:
Snow on cam2?

206 - "Gary" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_11:49:51.908:
Its snowing Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

207 - Alek says at 2006_10_17_11:51:00.757:
Yea, the predicted snow for tonight is showing up early!

208 - "Gary" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_11:52:34.751:
Cool. Its 7.00pm here in britain and its kinda cold.

209 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_12:20:19.554:
snow for tonight in South Dakota. Seems as though we always get the same weather as you, only a day or so later

210 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_15:30:29.425:
is it snowing yet?

211 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_15:30:57.130:
Hi Alek, Luke here!why is there a beer can in front of cam 1????.Im off school next week so I will beable to stay up late and control your lights.Doing well at school,like the snow.

212 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_15:45:48.306:
I see you Alek,on cam 1.It looked like Frankenstein was falling on you.Luke:-)

213 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-93-206.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_15:49:09.780:
Snow! Must be nice to get some winter weather. It's still the same old boring sunny, blue sky, 78 degrees, girls in shorts here in SoCal.

214 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_15:51:32.605:
lucky man....lucky man...

215 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_16:01:53.626:
Well Alek,When your taking the Halloween decorations down,it will be time to start putting up Christmas decorations.Luke:-)

216 - Alek says at 2006_10_17_16:07:27.386:
Snow is pretty wet, so Frank & Homer are struggling a bit to stay up, plus the webcam1 view is a bit blurry. I turned the X10 power controls on early since the lights are semi-visible in the overcast day.

217 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-93-206.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_16:11:51.741:
Poor Homer, he keeps passing out from the cold out there. Don't you have a spare beanie for him or something?

218 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_16:32:28.341:
uh oh. web cam one fell victim to the wind

219 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_16:57:51.710:
Night!Night! Alek,got to go to bed now.Thanks for turning controls on early again.See you tomorrow,Luke.

220 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2006_10_17_17:00:30.800:
Haven't seen the witch get up in while - is she down for the count in the snow?
Alek replies at 17:35 - Yea, Witch can't get up anymore - too much snow in her "pot" Homer and Frank are struggling too - try to keep them inflated!

221 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_17:56:38.846:
uh oh. looks like frankie is gonna be down for the count soon Keep him inflated guys!

222 - "Anonymous" from (host81-159-130-254.range81-159.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_17_18:12:58.682:
Just got to say that's an awesome setup you've got there! Hope you didn't get too cold clearing snow!

223 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_20:22:43.591:
Man, I hope it snows alot this year, so we will get a day off school

224 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_20:28:17.698:
20:27:41 cam 2. is that an early trick or treater?

225 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_17_20:32:31.481:
LOL looks like its just a light hanging from the roof

226 - "Trojans" from (71-92-215-196.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_10_17_21:12:41.215:
How about a time lapse video of the snow :)?
Alek replies at 23:03 - Yea, I plan to do this tomorrow - should be neat. The webcam images look pretty cool now with the snow "lighting" things up thanks to the low-lux mode.

227 - "Christie- NM" from (c-69-254-156-254.hsd1.nm.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_06:58:54.663:
Wow you guys!!! Snow is beautiful. What a winter wonderland you have there!!! Still too warm 8 hours south of you for snow!! Bummer!!

228 - "Anonymous" from (vsg94-1-89-80-212-1.dsl.club-internet.fr) wrote at 2006_10_18_07:20:00.604:
Nice snowy sunrise.

229 - "Naegelin Gang" from (ppp-70-244-249-124.dsl.snantx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_13:03:26.802:
WE WANT SNOW!!!Can the HULK deliver snow to us here in South Texas, Alek?

230 - "carolyn" from (cpe-024-211-092-243.sc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_18_14:21:33.831:
This is so much fun! Congratulations on such a unique idea for raising money for research. Good luck!

231 - "autolover" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_18_14:52:08.087:
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232 - Alek says at 2006_10_18_15:33:37.861:
I took some pictures and created some time-lapse video of the first Colorado snow - check 'em out!
hulk snow
alligator snow

233 - "Trojans" from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_10_18_15:40:29.935:
That's awesome. Love the videos! And your snowy pictures are awesome. We are very jealous here in so cal! Any chance of a snow-o-lantern?lol

234 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-98-127.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_16:00:20.571:
COOOOOOOOL videos Mr Grassoween! Thanks for always keeping us entertained.

235 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_16:14:25.142:
i noticed that hulk always leans to his left. and again, sweet videos and pics.

236 - "Anonymous" from (pool-151-203-151-84.wma.east.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_16:20:21.441:
Beer for Happy Hour earlier - what up with the Pumpkin Mix today?

237 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-98-127.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_16:36:53.581:
You on the wagon Mr Grassoween?

238 - "JackO" from (cpe-24-24-220-217.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_18_17:40:16.824:
Does JACK approve of the pumpkin can?

239 - "MdnSavior" from (c-67-171-113-188.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_17:55:20.158:
Ah, I see. We were previously shown "water evaporating", but now we are SUPER LUCKY now --- Alek's showing us "melting ball of ICE"!!! WEEEEEEE!!!!

240 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-98-127.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_18:12:08.529:
A new record is about to be set here. Mr KY, you paying attention this time? I don't want to be accused of cheating again.

241 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_18:13:30.095:
oh im payying attetion allright. but what record? oh! 246 from last year. HAH! ITS MINE! MUAHAHAHA

242 - "NaegelinGang" from (ppp-70-244-249-124.dsl.snantx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_18:22:41.316:
Hope the frozen pumpkin pie is good, Alek!

243 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-98-127.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_18:28:52.849:
I donno. I'm kinda wanting to change my name to H247!

244 - "NaegelinGang" from (ppp-70-244-249-124.dsl.snantx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_18:39:03.308:
Hi, we're waving atchya!

245 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_18:40:49.854:
but why would i allow that to happen?

246 - "Robin" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_18:43:41.989:
sweet site!

247 - "Kynitekia247" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_18:44:58.493:

248 - "H248" from (ppp-71-136-98-127.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_18:46:40.063:
You Bum!! I gotta take typing lessions, I'm to darn slow. Congrats my friend.

249 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_18:48:53.902:
haha why thank you my good friend, although I have to admit, this was a minor vicrory compared to the 1000th post of WGG. But Ill take what I can get. So lets open another can of PBR and maybe some Pumpkin Mix and celebrate!

250 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-98-127.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_19:48:12.991:
Well, if I couldn't get it, I'm happy that you did. Cheers! And wow, it's only Oct 18. Still a long way til Halloween. I'm shooting for 500th. Now back to deflating Frank and Homer.

251 - "MEM tm" from (201-255-64-65.mrse.com.ar) wrote at 2006_10_18_20:27:48.443:
Awesome site, congrats!

252 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_21:23:25.533:
Alek, what are you doing?

253 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_21:25:59.856:
do you get heck from you neighbors w/ your musical lights going on and off?

254 - Alek says at 2006_10_18_21:40:42.730:
Glad you guys like the first snow pictures - they were kinda cool. I'll have to make a time-lapse of "snow melting" - LOL! And yea, we already passed the number of comments from all of 2005. My (great) neighbors are OK with the lights going on/off and inflatables going up/down ... and needless to say, the kids just love 'em.

255 - "Anonymous" from (12-218-58-160.client.mchsi.com) wrote at 2006_10_18_21:51:18.839:
Hello, Alex. I was hoping you had your Halloween decorations up. I just thought to check today. Thanks for all the fun. Dawn in Lake City, IA

256 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_18_21:54:25.384:
do you realize that you are mini celebrity on the internet? LOL!

257 - "Steve - London" from (82-34-166-85.cable.ubr02.maid.blueyonder.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_19_07:26:30.611:
Excellent stuff - have to drop back later and see what's what when it's evening time in your locale. It's afternoon here in the UK.

258 - "Andrew" from (adsl-66-140-108-194.dsl.lbcktx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_19_14:00:54.121:
i see your useing a Razr ! what carrier do you have?

259 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-67-87.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_19_16:20:38.536:
Celebrity is right. The sale of Pabst Blue Ribbon and caned pumpkin has skyrocked this week!

260 - Alek says at 2006_10_19_16:51:10.568:
I added a few lines of Javascript that checks the size of your monitor and browser window ... and lets you know that Halloween Webcams look best at 1280x1024 if you aren't running that. This will show up as red text just below the main intro paragraph - let me know what you think.
P.S. That was actually my wife's Rzar cell phone - I don't have one. We have an el' cheapo Verizon plan, but they just upgraded her.
P.P.S. PBR, Bud, and Pumpkin Mix suppliers have not called me for my "celebrity" endorsments ... yet!;-)

261 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-107-124-116.sd.sd.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_19_17:13:38.068:
RAGU on webcam1 - having spaghetti for dinner tonight?

262 - "Andrew" from (adsl-66-140-108-194.dsl.lbcktx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_19_17:15:05.257:
I've been runing mine at 1280-1024 for a while and it looks good to me !

263 - Alek says at 2006_10_19_17:27:30.997:
The Ragu was just something interesting I grabbed in the pantry - I better return it before my wife gets back. Note that we use gluten-free noodles because of my kids' Celiac condition. And ScottG from Ohio suggests I might be a scary looking dude ... so I'm hiding behind the sauce! ;-)
P.S. Glad it's working for you Andrew - you should not see the message.


264 - "Andrew" from (adsl-66-140-108-194.dsl.lbcktx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_19_17:35:18.425:
hope you got my email and was abel to check out the updates

265 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-67-87.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_19_17:38:41.215:
Check it out! The Munstermobile is parked in the street. Are Herman and Lilly going cruzzin'?
Alek replies at 17:43 - Here's a closeup of the MonsterMobile
monster mobile

266 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_19_18:46:00.503:
i've seen the cams just fine despite the note.

267 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_19_18:53:54.114:
good night.

268 - "Anonymous" from (rx0sh-lakehead-school-board.mt.bigpipeinc.com) wrote at 2006_10_20_07:17:07.973:

269 - "Amber" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_20_08:16:29.936:
Alek, you have bed head this morning! haha! you better go and do something about it before you embarass Wendy!

270 - "Anonymous" from (90-205-34.adsl.cust.tie.cl) wrote at 2006_10_20_09:40:05.829:

271 - "Emma" from (host86-133-67-145.range86-133.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_20_10:56:02.662:
Yaay!! broke up 4 half term now so i can finally control the lights!! only 11 days until halloween!! xxxx

272 - "NaegelinGang" from (ppp-70-244-249-124.dsl.snantx.swbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_20_13:11:34.738:
Alek, were you out to lunch? Hope it was good! Does Dirk like Cub Scouts? I've been in Scouts since I was a Tiger Cub, And now I am a Boy Scout. And I REALLY ENJOY IT!!!:D

273 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_20_14:37:59.616:
Pretty cool stuff.. Do you have a technical FAQ.. I would love to read how you pull this off
Alek replies at 15:33 - The webcam page has a link to the Christmas & Halloween FAQ - I just added a header bar to highlight this and some other links - any comments from folks on that new look?

274 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-87-183.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_20_16:45:36.697:
MMMMMMMM. For some strange reason, I'm craving a PB&J sandwich.

275 - "Janice" from (c-68-33-154-183.hsd1.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_20_17:53:07.107:
Now this is spooky. . . on 20 Oct 06, your site banner: NOTE: Your monitor appears to be 1024x768 - Webcams looks best on at least 1280x1024 - BUY A NEW ONE Look again Mine is 1280x 1024, hummm you don___t happen to have a 1280x1024 that you are trying to unload?
Alek replies at 18:10 - The Javascript that detect the monitor/browser window size isn't perfect - I'd be curious if it is incorrect for anyone else - also try this page.

276 - "Anonymous" from (cpc2-derb3-0-0-cust564.leic.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_10_20_18:08:05.291:
Hey Alek.Luke here! My first term done. :D Im aloud to stay up late for a week,but wont be on between tomorrow and Monday tea time,going to see my cousins.Luke ___D

277 - "Anonymous" from (cpc2-derb3-0-0-cust564.leic.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_10_20_18:09:45.635:
My mistake,i was meant to put :D There sorry Alek.

278 - "Janice" from (c-68-33-154-183.hsd1.md.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_20_18:31:15.279:
The IP page has the incorrect Screen Size also 1024x768. I do not have Mozilla browser, have IE. I___m not sure if the ___your city___ should be where the computer is located or has something to do with my ISP. The IP page has Parkville___ I___m not there nor is my computer

279 - "Luke" from (cpc2-derb3-0-0-cust564.leic.cable.ntl.com) wrote at 2006_10_20_18:40:41.760:
What are you up to alek? Sorry that im being nosy,Its funny being nosy.I always like to know what people are doing. From Luke. :D

280 - "amber" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_20_21:02:15.180:
The IP detector got my location and monitor size wrong as well. It says I'm from Herndon, VA. I'm in CA. The funny thing is it got the time zone correct. I wonder what is throwing it off, it was always correct when I visited last Halloween and Christmas.

281 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_20_21:09:24.084:
o good, you finally combed your hair! LOL!!!

282 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_20_21:15:38.820:
I can see you Wendy!

283 - "UK PERSON" from (user-544051c4.wfd76b.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_21_05:17:04.697:
Hey Alek,it would be really cool if you could take pictures of the cams and there locations, And is cam 1 located in that webcam enclosure that you made?
Alek replies at 07:19 - OK - here's some pictures of my outdoor webcam enclosure.
P.S. Thanks for the feedback on the size/IP detector - stuff like this isn't perfect.

284 - "Madame X" from (user-514ff060.l4.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_21_10:05:50.940:
Hey Alek, i've been directed here from HIMonline.tv and i just wanna say how amazing your Halloween lights are, i enjoyed them last year also. I hope you manage to raise awareness and funds for celiac disease. you need to dance around the office cam or something.. entertain your viewers :o___

285 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_21_11:31:29.024:
im liking the headers on the top of the page. good navigation help!

286 - "Anonymous" from (CPE-58-168-85-231.nsw.bigpond.net.au) wrote at 2006_10_21_16:01:00.949:
Better not have the Hulk eat that can of Garbonzo Beans below him - big green gas could be deadly.

287 - "Amber" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_21_16:02:17.772:
beans beans the magical fruit...

288 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-211-47-169.asm.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_10_21_16:56:26.985:
dude..you rule!!!!! great site!!! Booo!

289 - Alek says at 2006_10_21_17:10:09.505:
Hulk says he likes beans but they give him SMASHING gas!
kids ham it up

290 - "manda" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_21_17:21:25.788:
Dont know how you do it. Came across your site a couple of months ago and thought it was excellant. Halloween decs are brilliant. Cant wait til xmas. We decorate the outside of our house at xmas too but you are the master.Well done.x Manda in the uk.

291 - "manda" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_21_17:39:41.639:
my god they do work. good fun. excellant work again,manda in the uk.

292 - HULK says at 2006_10_21_17:47:23.620:
Hulk says Beans good.
Hulk like Chili better.
Puny Human Alek get major gas if he eat all that!


293 - "manda" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_21_17:56:59.973:
it is good fun but what about homer? doesnt he get food or beer?D'oh!

294 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_21_21:03:50.798:
heyyy! Ive visited This site 100 times now, and wasnt exactly tryin to get that number. Dont suppose I get an award?

295 - "dan" from (64-252-132-180.adsl.snet.net) wrote at 2006_10_21_21:39:29.716:
excellent and good luck - my daughter and myself are both positive for celiac disease - know where you are comming from.

296 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_21_22:01:11.843:
and thats a wrap! Good night decoration watchers!

297 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_21_22:02:55.687:
the lights may be off, but I still watch the ol' man in his office! nothing else to do since dh is deployed! LOL

298 - "Mickel & Leann" from (84-105-106-151.cable.quicknet.nl) wrote at 2006_10_22_01:56:10.361:
The "Email me directly" appears to be broken. Besides that, you did another wonderful job once again! Regards from The Netherlands :)
Alek replies at 06:42 - Oooops - this is now fixed - thanks ... and thanks also for the attaboy!

299 - "annette" from (adsl-sp9-cdale140.micgi.com) wrote at 2006_10_22_08:42:34.310:
I love your decks. I started thinking in August, what you might be doing this year. When it comes to decks, I never forget. annette computerwheelie

300 - "Gary" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_22_09:43:02.863:
Alek, me again will the lights be on early this Halloween. I live in Ireland and havent got a chance to play with the controls yet lol. By the time u turn them on its 1.00am here.

301 - "Arvit" from ( wrote at 2006_10_22_13:38:58.201:
Same problem as Gary :P

302 - Alek says at 2006_10_22_14:00:59.516:
OK - how 'bout I turn things on early tomorrow night - i.e. about 26 hours from when I'm posting this. Again, the lights don't look so good in the daytime, but the inflatables are pretty hilarious going up and down. And should I put beer, beans, chili, or something else out there?!? ;-)

303 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_22_14:16:45.500:
lets see a pyramid of all three!

304 - "Amber" from (74-33-47-3.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_22_15:59:58.167:
a cup of water so we can see it freeze :)

305 - "emma" from (host86-133-67-145.range86-133.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_22_17:20:19.502:
on halloween night would you be able to put the lights on early as well as 2morro??

306 - "Emma x" from (host86-133-67-145.range86-133.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_22_17:28:34.926:
oooh...pumpkin!! :D

307 - "Emma x" from (host86-133-67-145.range86-133.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_22_17:32:00.411:
Nice smile alek!! :D
Alek replies at 17:34 - Thanks - 5-year old Kyle carved this pumpkin BTW.

308 - "MadX" from (user-514f679d.l4.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_22_17:35:25.473:
Alek, i enjoyed your face-pulling at the cam when you were moving the pumpkin outside, i think you should dance with Homer sometime, infact i demand it right now !! Lol x

309 - "MadX" from (user-514f679d.l4.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_22_17:37:57.417:
Haha, thank you.. FANTASTIC !! Alek, you got moves man!

310 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-72-134-47-103.socal.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_22_17:40:27.721:
Did you just kick Frank?

311 - "Anonymous" from (user-514f679d.l4.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_22_17:44:22.162:
For anyone who missed the dancing going on outside, i didnt have time to cap the face-pulling though. Greetings from Blighty.
alek dancing

312 - "max" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_22_18:43:38.863:
how do u control the office lights?

313 - "trickortreat" from (ppp-69-237-196-115.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_22_19:52:13.641:
b****in lights man kjeep up the good work!

314 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-75-22-95-166.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_10_22_23:15:12.398:

315 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-75-22-95-166.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_10_22_23:16:12.525:

316 - "Anonymous" from (user-544051c4.wfd76b.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_23_08:25:55.272:
Hi Alek, I understnad that 17" TFT monitors are very cheap at this time but the most used resolution is still 1024x768, so maybe you should make your site fit that resolution. Just a quick tip from a web designer for you. Nice coding.
Alek replies at 08:44 - Yea, I hear 'ya on that ... but the "problem" is that the images alone are 704x480 ... and I don't see any way of "scrunching" the control panel so the whole thing fits on 1024x768 ... most of it does already though. And I'm not willing to resize the images because big pictures look kinda cool in my opinion and I want people to be able to see those. Thanks for the feedback and compliment.

317 - Alek says at 2006_10_23_09:56:58.238:
Dr. Alessio Fasano, Medical Director of the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research (beneficiary of the Halloween Decorations fund-raising efforts) is selected as entrepreneur of the year for his work toward treatment of Celiac Disease. Here's a picture of me in May/2005 with Dr. Fasano and Operations Director Pam King from their 10th anniversary event. For Christmas/2005, he was quoted in the Washington Post about my controllable holiday lights saying "I took control of everything from here ... I could turn on and off the lights ... he's proving this can definitely be done ... I have to say, hats off to this fella." So now I guess I have the opportunity to say "Hats off to you Dr. Fasano, Pam King, and the rest of the CFCR Staff" for your efforts to find a cure for Celiac Disease - thanks!

318 - "Anonymous" from (ahn234.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) wrote at 2006_10_23_12:38:07.264:
Thank You greatly for start early tonight.

319 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-71-136-109-16.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_14:57:03.516:
New text entry feature coming soon finally?

320 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_15:17:05.103:
yup. try it out at 4! I call first though!

321 - "Michael" from (81-233-42-233-no18.tbcn.telia.com) wrote at 2006_10_23_15:55:19.530:
Greetings from Sweden. Keep up the good work!

322 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_16:09:18.225:
uh oh, i think i broke it.

323 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_16:36:51.862:
watching - paint - dry dot com.

324 - Alek says at 2006_10_23_16:48:16.107:
The IM-style text entry feature is now up and running and seems to be working well - quite visible in webcam3. And for those that missed 'em, read what was said - the time-lapse videos on this should look pretty funny.

325 - "Anonymous" from (pool-71-114-5-137.washdc.dsl-w.verizon.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_17:06:53.598:
That pumpkin looks thirsty out there in the sun - any PBR's left from last week?

326 - "Anonymous" from (authorized_proxy5.cogeco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_17:08:50.356:
The Hulk Rules!!!!

327 - "Emma" from (host86-133-67-145.range86-133.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_23_18:19:45.301:
wow i finally got 2 control the lights again...i love the new feature where you can type something in and it comes in the haunted office!!--BTW its exactly a week untill halloween! lol seeya xxxx

328 - "Emma" from (host86-133-67-145.range86-133.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_23_18:23:13.869:
oh yeah...and also this has been puzzling me it says after my hits on this site--is your name griswold?..may i ask who IS griswold??

329 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_18:44:31.684:
i always associated "Griswold" with Christmas...

330 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:01:40.328:
Your info. bar that tells you where you live is wrong!!

331 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:03:17.885:
its right for me.

332 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:05:08.520:
Too bad...wonder why. Anyone have an idea?

333 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:05:54.895:
IP scrambler?

334 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:07:55.421:
which means??

335 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:10:35.094:
it could be getting a false IP, which could be located to a different area, hypothosis only though

336 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:13:04.624:
Yeah that could be it. TNKS PS___ are you Ky on the chat thing?

337 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:14:51.097:
of course.

338 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:17:04.522:
sry, only 11 here!!!

339 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:19:19.409:
Not a problem. 16 here

340 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:23:54.485:
Night everyone!!!!!

341 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_19:26:45.864:
night Ian.

342 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_20:09:25.189:
im heading out. later gang!

343 - Alek says at 2006_10_23_20:20:55.793:
This was hilarious - I was chatting with my wife and she happened to look at the screen ... and then waved to you guys - watch the video.
wendy what up

344 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_20:42:19.782:
dang i missed it

345 - "Anonymous" from (h-74-0-125-141.snfccasy.covad.net) wrote at 2006_10_23_22:07:50.873:
Can you make the IM feature available all the time?

346 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-65-29-220-163.cinci.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_24_09:34:31.782:
Are we seeing a ballon on webcam3?
Alek replies at 09:57 - Actually, there was a balloon to the West of me that just landed neaby - watch the video

347 - "Kynitekia" from (host-122-109-220-24.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_09:51:42.606:
nope, a light up bug dangling from the roof

348 - "Luke UK" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_13:04:28.835:
Hi Alek, Is that a Christmas snowflake there?and will you be leaving any of the lights up eady for Christmas?Luke :-)

349 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-181-208-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_14:05:42.817:
I saw you on the news last year at christmas I don't know why I just thought about your decorations but I am glad to see your still at it___laura from tulare

350 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-181-208-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_14:35:27.196:
I can't wait until the kids get home from school they are going to love this site.

351 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-67-81.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_16:36:50.561:
So, Mr KY, how many times have ya visited this site now?

352 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_16:37:17.194:
145 times. You?

353 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-71-136-67-81.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_16:38:25.355:
146 times!!

354 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-67-81.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_16:43:01.342:
Forgot to display my name, now 146 times.

355 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-70-228-89-20.dsl.akrnoh.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_17:12:39.686:
How many times has Homer and Frank gone up and down? For real and that DAMN cursor?

356 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-10.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_18:03:56.290:
Alek, is that on screen messaging you setup using linux?

357 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_20:36:19.040:
looks like the screen messaging is busted

358 - Alek says at 2006_10_24_21:22:04.188:
Laptop must have had a momentary drop of the wireless connection, so the Meta refresh stops. Hit a manual reload and back in business. I'll look into running an Ethernet cable to it. Details on how it all works on the halloween text messages page.

359 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_24_21:50:53.584:
alek, are you happy with all the IMs you get? I'm not. I know freedom of speech but this is not the forum. Goodnight.
Alek replies at 21:56 - I agree some of the language in the IM's were outa hand - unfortunately, a few "bad apples" feel the need to make inappropriate comments on a family web site. I'd suggest ignoring 'em.

360 - "Scott G." from (adsl-68-253-239-120.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_08:00:19.074:
Good morning Alek! I forwarded your page to a couple of the local news media here in Dayton, Ohio. Knowing them, they'd rather run a story on paint drying, but I'm giving them a shot anyway.
Alek replies at 08:09 - Thanks Scott - BTW, here's a great paint drying site - even more exciting is watching grass grow! ;-)

361 - "EmX" from (user-514f9ed9.l1.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_25_08:15:39.335:
Hey Alek, good morning to yooo. I logged off last night when someone felt they had to lower the tone and ruin it for everyone. I've set up a webcam of my own but nothing as snazzy as yours, its pointing at the rain outside at the moment - em75.camarades.com

362 - "emX" from (user-514f9ed9.l1.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_25_08:17:41.595:
Is that a ghostly snowflake in the office ?

363 - "Luke from uk" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_08:32:17.690:
Good Morning Alek!I'm off school this week,so I can stop up and work your lights.Raining really hard here in uk.Luke :-)

364 - "emX" from (user-514f9ed9.l1.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_25_08:33:37.835:
Hey 'halloween webcam dude' ___o) thanks for the comment on my profile lol and i'll try and get some decs out there too, couldn't rival your efforts though!! ___:o___

365 - Alek says at 2006_10_25_10:13:23.554:
Earthcam has a list of cool Halloween webcams - check it out and consider rating/voting for this website and Hulkin' Homer picture! ;-)

366 - "emX" from (user-514f9ed9.l1.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_25_11:32:44.511:
Thanks for the link, i'll go have a look at them now. I'm doing an alek at the moment and have the cam pointed on me at the pc, thats enough to frighten anyone at halloween !!

367 - "Anonymous" from (host86-129-6-201.range86-129.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_25_12:49:49.408:
Halleween pictures

368 - "Anonymous" from (user-544051c4.wfd76b.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_25_13:25:38.479:
Alek, I think i should point out that your IP address shows up in the intstant messages log and i don know that you intended for it to. Anyway, on a side note, You may not remember but we had a chat on e-mail about webcam enclosures, I am running a musically synchronised xmas display this year and i have made a similar enlosure as yours for my webcam. I will e-mail the URL to you. Best Regards.
Alek replies at 14:43 - Nice spot, but that IP address resolves to www.komar.org so people can probably figure that out already! ;-)
emX:Your webcam is almost as scary as the one watching me in the Haunted Office! ;-)

369 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-10.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_15:27:18.841:
BSOD on laptop :(
Alek replies at 15:31 - Thanks - the laptop was meta-refreshing a 10 line HTML file and "Windows had a serious error" - go figure. Fortunately, everything else runs on Linux! BTW, I dragged/stretched a Cat5 cable to it, so we shouldn't have wireless dropouts as occurred last night.

370 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-152-214-167.mco.bellsouth.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_16:03:51.126:
How much Pumpkin Pie can the HULK eat?

371 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-71-136-82-218.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_16:35:32.799:
As much as he wants!

372 - "JD" from (cache-rtc-ae07.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_10_25_17:09:33.323:
what uve done with this site and halloween lights is truely amasing your decorations look great im having fun playing with the lights and other decorations and when i get money i will donate some money 4 u guys well cya later

373 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-82-218.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_17:31:06.932:
"The Hand" almost stole the Pumpkin can!!
Alek replies at 17:36 - That does look pretty fearsome ... ;-)

374 - Alek says at 2006_10_25_17:39:44.647:
I've had several requests on IM to wave to the webcam - here 'ya go! ;-)

375 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-10.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_17:42:03.588:
Alek, the im thing this is just a guess but does the IM system use firefox in fullscreen and you maybe wrote some AJAX that makes it show up ont he screen?
Alek replies at 21:05 - Read more at the halloween text messages - yea, just a full-screen browser but just using a meta refresh of 3 seconds to get the latest text message.

376 - "luke" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_18:57:40.361:
Alek,whats is wrong with cam 2?it is all fuzzy.Luke.uk

377 - "Anonymous" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_18:59:44.304:
Is cam1 not on tonight?I cannot turn lights on/off.Luke.uk.

378 - "emX" from (user-514f9ed9.l1.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_25_19:08:04.177:
___-) Mines way scarier, only because my hair looks like a fright wig tonight !! x

379 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-065-190-217-197.nc.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_25_19:48:12.333:
good website

380 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_25_21:16:13.393:
wow...alek...the connection seems faster tonight. what'd you do different?

381 - Alek says at 2006_10_25_22:14:35.353:
Wind is picking up and temperature is dropping - weather forecast is still 4-6" of snow tomorrow - stay tuned on the webcams!
Luke: Lights were working fine for me - maybe someone was battling you ... plus inflatables can be slow to pop up if all the air is gone.
#380: No changes on webcams/Internet connection - continues to be pretty speedy for me.

382 - "emX" from (user-514ff50b.l4.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_26_03:42:08.504:
I see snow and it looks LOVELY. We have yet more rain to look forward to in the uk (grrr)

383 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_26_08:27:09.654:

384 - "Jeff" from (host143.earthcam.com) wrote at 2006_10_26_08:46:57.900:
Love the webcams :), the interactive stuff is a lot of fun. Keep up the good work. If anyone has any Halloween pictures they'd like to send to our moblog, you can send them to (one at a time) halloween.ecm(at)ecmj.com.
Alek replies at 09:08 - Per Blog Entry #365 below, the Earthcam folks have some nice pictures at the link above - including a Hulk'in Homer one. Also check out their 2006 hallowen webcams and consider voting for this one! ;-)

385 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-181-208-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_10:11:59.071:
Had to come and see how much snow ya got I wish I lived where it snows we don't even wear coats here!

386 - "Anonymous" from (pub-216-205-224-10.foxinc.com) wrote at 2006_10_26_10:48:53.584:
Time to build a snowman!!!

387 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-10.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_12:54:18.109:
Alek, do you have a job? If so what do you do?
Alek replies at 13:32 - I'm a long-time computer jock who does Unix/Network Sysadmin and has worked at Startups & Fortune-50 companies - here is my geek bio.

388 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-10.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_14:34:48.915:
Excellent, I though you would work with computers, seeing as you are so eleet :)

389 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-181-208-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_15:07:02.184:
I still want to know what the boys think of other people watching and controling things around thir home. My boys had a blast on here last night!

390 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-88-218.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_15:31:10.382:
Dang, check out all the snow!! The pumpkin is gonna have a rough time digging himself out of that tonight. Still sunny and 78 degrees here in boring old SoCal. You got a guestroom cuz I wanna come up there and throw some snowballs!!

391 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-181-208-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_16:50:36.791:
blog blog blog

392 - "Anonymous" from (74-33-41-234.dsl1.hvs.az.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_17:05:01.869:
wow...he even walks outside! THis guy must be human!

393 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_26_17:14:31.469:
Ummmmm...Alek could you move that snowman? I can't see Frank or Homer...D'oh!!

394 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_26_17:17:48.755:
Sorry for the double post, but can we control the inflatable witch?

395 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-88-218.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_17:18:22.487:
Whacha got in that pipe Me Grassoween? Is it Happy Hour?

396 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-88-218.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_17:27:34.987:

397 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-88-218.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_17:29:42.147:
Homer collapsed from second hand smoke!

398 - Alek says at 2006_10_26_17:57:40.601:
Here's a picture of that CornCob Pipe plus some time-lapse video - as you can tell, pouring gasoline in it works a bit better! ;-)
I'll try it again at 6:30


399 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_18:02:08.401:
i thought i saw a gascan

400 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-88-218.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_18:06:47.842:
Comment number 400!! We gonna make it to 500 before Halloween?

401 - Alek says at 2006_10_26_18:55:59.617:
More gasoline (and after sunset) provides a MUCH better effect - watch the video!

402 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_19:00:35.557:

403 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-181-208-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_26_21:13:04.970:
very fun! can't wait till christmas!

404 - "Anonymous" from (213-73-204-253.cable.quicknet.nl) wrote at 2006_10_27_09:37:52.688:
what is planned tonight - more fire?

405 - Alek says at 2006_10_27_10:59:38.449:
No fire planned for tonight - the snowman melted. BTW, here's a picture of the Pumpkin finally busting out of the snow - along with time-lapse video.

406 - "Ian" from (cpe-69-205-240-58.stny.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_27_13:47:04.291:
Can we control the inflatable witch?
Alek replies at 14:01 - YES - zone 4 - I've updated the tables to make this more clear ... and here's a closeup from last night for 'ya ... but she might cast a spell on you if you deflate her too often! ;-)

407 - "Anonymous" from (64-60-96-162.static-ip.telepacific.net) wrote at 2006_10_27_15:51:42.712:
Watch Ghost Whisperer tonight on CBS, 10 p.m. 9 central. Learn the name of the 'macabre memento' the 'scary sounvenir' mentioned on the show, post the answer, win round 4 and get one step closer to winning ___1 million in gold. Hurry, you can still win! goldrush.aol.com?ncid=AOLGRH0005000000037

408 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-103-222.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_27_16:24:33.354:
Whasup Mr Grassoween. you getting kickbacks from CBS for running ads now?

409 - Alek says at 2006_10_27_16:34:12.250:
New feature for you guys - Halloween Maps using Google Technology - see where from the world surfers are coming from!
P.S. H1000 - people can (unfortunately sometimes) post all sorts of stuff - I just try to ignore stuff like this.

410 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-103-222.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_27_17:00:52.683:
I'm kinda hurt that San Diego isn't highlighted on the map. It is afterall "America's Finest City" and where one of your biggest groupies lives.
Alek replies at 17:04 - As noted on the page, that is a SAMPLING - I just manually added your IP address location to it though ... ;-)

411 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-10.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_27_17:10:11.250:
Hey Alek, my cams go live tommorow providing the required hardware arrives! I will email the link to you when it is up!

412 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-103-222.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_27_17:27:16.542:
Now I feel special. I sent you a thank you email.

413 - "emX" from (user-514f8767.l1.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_27_17:42:01.572:
Then you need to add Liverpool uk to the Google thingymajig purlease, im on here all the time.

414 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-103-222.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_27_17:55:48.048:
Oh oh, now look what I started.

415 - Alek says at 2006_10_27_17:57:37.806:
Yea ... hold off on these requests guys - as noted on the page, the map will be auto-updated in a few days.

416 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-103-222.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_27_18:13:24.692:
Sorry, I didn't mean to create a MONSTER.

417 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-70-122-117-141.houston.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_27_19:48:30.314:
Homer is my buddy - yeah!

418 - "Anonymous" from (dsl081-226-155.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net) wrote at 2006_10_27_22:41:07.247:
I stumbled upon your site - it is awesome. You've managed to do the Halloween and Xmas thing that I've only dreamt about doing. I had no idea how to achieve the light control stuff, but now you've peaked my curiousity to check out this X10 stuff. Excellent work!!!

419 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-10.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_28_03:01:45.046:
yyeeehhhh yeeeeaahhhh how do you like that billy boy yehhhhhhh yyehhhhhhh!!

420 - "Anonymous" from (user-544051c4.wfd76b.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_28_05:38:31.275:
Are you working fromhome?youseemtobeupveryearlytodayAlek,haveaniceday

421 - "Anonymous" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_28_05:39:30.136:
WOW someone is up early !!!

422 - "Anonymous" from (user-544051c4.wfd76b.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_28_05:42:18.798:
Hello there NTL user from Belfast! Have you had any problems with NTL lately? I have.

423 - "Anonymous" from (user-544051c4.wfd76b.dsl.pol.co.uk) wrote at 2006_10_28_05:55:25.454:
What are you doing on that PC Alek? Are you just contstantly managing/maintaining this site?

424 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_28_10:13:31.613:
Thats a pretty cool map thingy. Only problem is that It says im on the north side of Sioux Falls whereas Im on the South

425 - "Emma x" from (host86-141-72-146.range86-141.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_28_10:58:52.578:
wooo!! only 3 days untill halloween!when do you take the lights down alek? x

426 - "USC Trojans" from (71-92-215-196.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_10_28_12:05:12.850:
It goes from 20 degrees to 70 degrees in the span of a few days there?? How do you do it?

427 - Alek says at 2006_10_28_16:46:19.940:
Actually USC Trojans, snow one day and sunny the next are common in Colorado, so 50F° swing isn't surprising. Yea, I happen to get up early and caught up on some misc. computer stuff - mostly non-Halloween related. Glad you guys like the halloween map thing - as noted, geolocation isn't always rights.

428 - "Anonymous" from (ANice-207-1-2-171.w80-11.abo.wanadoo.fr) wrote at 2006_10_28_16:55:04.752:
What you doing with Green Monster?
Alek replies at 17:17 - The MONSTER had some burned out lights inside of him, so Dr. Frankenstein (me!) fixed him up - "IT'S ALIVE" ... and should look better tonight.

429 - "Anonymous" from (88-138-39-122.adslgp.cegetel.net) wrote at 2006_10_28_17:47:21.561:
Who/What big hairy monster in webcam1?

430 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-181-208-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_28_18:10:16.101:
I love the map showing where people are from!

431 - Alek says at 2006_10_28_18:59:21.638:
Check out the hottie who just popped into webcam3 - Homer says "Oh Yeah baby!"

432 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_28_19:25:26.100:

433 - "Luke from uk" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_28_20:28:07.462:
Night Alek,Hope fundraising is going well. My last day off school,back Monday. If I don't get to stay up late Tusday Happy halloween to you and your family. My house will be decorated too for Trick N Treats. Luke:-)

434 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_28_20:58:36.895:
good man luke. I remember you from last year. take care and sleep tight:)

435 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_28_23:40:04.451:
goodnight Alek. Thanks.

436 - Alek says at 2006_10_29_06:41:33.498:
The webcams don't have an auto-switchover for Daylight savings to Standard time, so I just "nudged" 'em. The lights will be visible an hour earlier, so I'll be turning the X10 controls on early too - D'OH!

437 - "Anonymous" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_29_07:06:45.066:
How many hours from now Alek for the overseas people.

438 - "Arvit" from ( wrote at 2006_10_29_07:51:51.272:
Hey Aleck can u add thephoto in cam 3 on 7:30 ( u and sons in pc):P

439 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-38-245.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_29_10:38:21.698:
Wow. Mr Grassoween was hanging out with Pink last night!!

440 - "Sven Dietz" from (i577A383E.versanet.de) wrote at 2006_10_29_10:45:51.238:
Greetings from germany...here halloween sadly isn___t that popular like in the states....but it gets bigger every year... Awesome how you decorated your home. On my homepage I made some halloween chemistry experiments. Take a look on it if you like to: LINK DELETED Happy Halloween!

441 - "Becky" from (71-215-49-246.omah.qwest.net) wrote at 2006_10_29_16:53:53.802:
I can't believe its almost Halloween. Can't wait til the Christmas stuff.

442 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-071-075-008-064.carolina.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_29_17:28:01.607:
Nice job! :D

443 - "Anonymous" from (74-37-255-202.dsl2.nor.ny.frontiernet.net) wrote at 2006_10_29_17:46:25.869:
get rid of th thing that is hooked to the mouse get it off now

444 - "Anonymous" from (cp365096-b.dbsch1.nb.home.nl) wrote at 2006_10_29_18:47:47.054:
Franken-Homer cursor rocks - LEAVE IT IN!

445 - "Travis Longley" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_29_18:54:28.730:
This is the first year i have seen this website but it is awesome. HI from Tacoma, Washington!

446 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_29_19:46:31.133:
watchya up too? Is that Dirk?

447 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_29_20:03:00.906:
seems a bit long to have the cams on tonight. It's dark and 8:01 here in the desert. We don't time change either.

448 - "Anonymous" from (S0106006067228b3e.cg.shawcable.net) wrote at 2006_10_29_20:58:59.117:

449 - "Anonymous" from (82-203-164-143.dsl.gohome.fi) wrote at 2006_10_29_21:04:04.669:
that's pretty neat!

450 - "NIKO" from (host20-245-static.188-82-b.business.telecomitalia.it) wrote at 2006_10_30_06:26:33.071:

451 - "JOAN L. IN FL" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_30_08:35:37.002:

452 - "Jeff" from (host143.earthcam.com) wrote at 2006_10_30_12:23:50.299:
Love the gorilla head. :)

453 - "Anonymous" from (ar6-m57.net.t-com.hr) wrote at 2006_10_30_12:44:24.669:

454 - "Luke.UK." from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_30_13:12:26.315:
Hi Alek,Not long now!Halloween tomorrow.Is that snow on your grass?

455 - "Emma x" from (host86-140-155-225.range86-140.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_30_13:45:35.108:
Please can you turn the controls on early tomorrow for halloween?? xxxx

456 - "Valloween" from (c-68-83-38-58.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_30_13:50:34.743:
Pretty cool! Have a Happy Halloween!

457 - "Anonymous" from (user-10bj01s.cable.mindspring.com) wrote at 2006_10_30_14:12:04.834:

458 - "Anonymous" from (t216194144254.co.alachua.fl.us) wrote at 2006_10_30_14:14:08.454:
Was that Howard Dean doing "the scream" on the Halloween Blog - AAAAAAAA!

459 - "tdygjgj" from (modemcable061.102-81-70.mc.videotron.ca) wrote at 2006_10_30_15:05:44.748:

460 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_30_15:19:55.205:
Looks like test and turn-up time for tonight run.

461 - Alek says at 2006_10_30_15:42:57.908:
Yep - getting ready for the big night tomorrow! BTW, I made some minor Javascript changes, so if you get errors, try restarting your browser and/or clearing your file cache.

462 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-45-71.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_30_16:57:33.599:
I'm so excited!! Gonna be tossing and turning all night! Can't wait for Halloween at Mr Grassoween's!! MMMOOOYAHAHAHA!!

463 - "Gina" from (unknown.sagonet.net) wrote at 2006_10_30_20:00:09.862:
Well done! ___url=LINK DELETED homepage___/url___ ___ ___url=LINK DELETED site___/url___

464 - "Lee" from (unknown.sagonet.net) wrote at 2006_10_30_20:01:58.801:

465 - "Khrystah - Toronto" from (CPE00112f3058ff-CM00111a5cf626.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2006_10_30_20:56:01.448:
Hi Alex! I found your site last year just before Christmas. I made a point of bookmarking it so I could visit again this year and see all of your cool Halloween decorations and your new Christmas display. Thanks for all the smiles and happiness. I'll be returning every year as long as you keep doing it. :) P.S. The new map thingy is awesome EH! ___)

466 - "Khrystah - Toronto" from (CPE00112f3058ff-CM00111a5cf626.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2006_10_30_21:06:33.501:
OOPS! Sorry, half asleep here! Of course I meant AleK...sigh. :)

467 - "Anonymous" from (host-64-234-10-54.nctv.com) wrote at 2006_10_30_21:44:41.306:
This is awesome! Kristy Lella

468 - "Anonymous" from (client- wrote at 2006_10_30_21:45:48.041:
que fella es halloweenww.que fella es halloween

469 - Alek says at 2006_10_30_22:16:56.069:
Thanks for all the compliments on the blog and on "IM on webcam." BTW, a neighbor just told me about his Uncle who has an awesome halloween display and is also broadcasting (streaming) webcam footage tomorrow night - check it out!

470 - "Anonymous" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_07:37:50.850:
R U switching the webcams on early
Alek replies at 08:24 - OK - webcam1 is turned on early ... and I'll enable the X10 power controls at 4:00 tonight - remember that the lights don't really "show" until it gets dark after 5:00.

471 - "Ralph" from (gw.gr.ch) wrote at 2006_10_31_08:24:26.488:
Really cool page!! Lots of compliments!! I___m looking forward to watch the "trick or treat" tonight ___)) Greetz from Switzerland

472 - "Claudio Kohls" from (p549FD99F.dip.t-dialin.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_09:33:31.535:
Happy greetings from Germany! I am mailing from the southwest Black Forest nearby France and Switzerland. Time 5:33 PM

473 - "Anonymous" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_09:43:48.175:
Will the lights be on all night

474 - "Don" from (c-24-62-119-78.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_09:55:45.118:
The can of PBR is back - also like the American Flags to go with it Alec.
Alek replies at 10:01 - Here's a PBR picture for 'ya

475 - "Martina and Stefan" from (i577A9319.versanet.de) wrote at 2006_10_31_09:55:54.397:
your page is cool! Congratulations! We will stand up in the night to see your Halloween-lights! Happy Halloween! Martina and Stefan (North-Germany, nearby Denmark)

476 - "Anonymous" from (auctor.carrefour.com) wrote at 2006_10_31_10:10:05.972:
Hello, my name is alexis, I'm a french man it's 6:06 PM in france I'am in my office i can see your house.. it's very fun congratulation

477 - "Anonymous" from (66-220-150-121.sfldmo.dyn.rnetinc.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_10:40:53.821:

478 - "Timppa" from (a88-114-67-219.elisa-laajakaista.fi) wrote at 2006_10_31_11:36:47.432:
Greetings from horrible snowstormy Finland!

479 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_31_11:42:13.275:
Alek, Is it still fun?
Alek replies at 11:45 - YEP - I'm still a big kid at heart with a smile on my face! ;-)

480 - "James from England" from (host81-159-64-179.range81-159.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_10_31_11:48:19.303:
Hi Alek, Great site- loved the Christmas lights you did last year also. Looking forward to Xmas 2006 lights! All the best James

481 - "Adcuz" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_12:28:27.103:
Hey alek, Nice camera, is it an SLR? If so what make. From what i have seen so far your photography has been pretty good. check out my pics flickr.com/photos/adcuz/ I am using an SLR style camera.

482 - "Jareth" from (d58-104-106-56.dsl.vic.optusnet.com.au) wrote at 2006_10_31_12:48:17.606:
Hey, Your website is really cool! Im jealous because we dont do halloween here and i wish that i was there it would be so cool!! Could you please make a video of the tricker or treaters going to your house please cause i wont be around do see the cam! If you good i would be very thankfull Happy Halloween!

483 - Alek says at 2006_10_31_12:57:35.699:
Jareth: Check out the halloween movies which has footage from last year and (in a few days) will have footage from this year.
Adcuz: That is a Sony F828 digicam I'm holding - Webcams are D-Link DCS-6620G's.

484 - "Khrystah - Toronto" from (CPE00112f3058ff-CM00111a5cf626.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2006_10_31_15:07:00.347:
Hi Alek! Will you be putting up video of the little Trick or Treaters later tonight or tomorrow (or whenever you get the chance)? Would love to see it as I have to leave soon so I won't be here to experience all the fun tonight. :) I hope you and the boys and your lovely wife have a really wonderful time tonight. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

485 - "Khrystah - Toronto" from (CPE00112f3058ff-CM00111a5cf626.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2006_10_31_15:08:37.769:
Mehhh..perhaps I should maybe READ down the blog a tiny bit BEFORE posting stupid questions. DOH! LOL!

486 - Alek says at 2006_10_31_15:24:45.460:
36 minutes to go before X10 controls are enabled - currently 297 people viewing - I'm not sure if Frankenstein and/or Homer Simpson are ready for this! ;-)
alek what up

487 - "Anonymous" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_15:42:41.128:
Almost 300 people are awating for the lights to be swithced on. Ohhhh dear I think the inflatebales might just glow up

488 - Alek says at 2006_10_31_15:56:41.668:
T-4 minutes ... now I hope everyone doesn't "Kill" Frankenstein, "Smash" the Pumpkin, or "D'OH" Homer at the same time - yea right! BTW, 426 people currently viewing - "SERVER MELTDOWN" starts at 500 - lets see how four dedicatated 100 Mbps servers handle the load! ;-)
Alek update at 16:01"Kill Frankenstein" is the first X10 command sent ... but shortly thereafter, someone hits the other button ... and "IT'S ALIVE" BTW, the lights will start to look better as the sun goes down.

489 - "DHERCAS" from (235.Red-81-38-231.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_16:03:11.319:
HI!!! From SPAIN, from CEUTA!!!! Greetings, Happy Halloween!!!!

490 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_31_16:30:04.519:
Hi Kyle and Dirk...see you at the clubhouse for trick or treat. Drew and Jeffrey

491 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-70-37.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_16:35:05.726:
Holy Moley!! 497 people watching!! Is that a record?

492 - "Luke from uk" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_16:38:03.400:
Hi Alek and Family,Happy Halloween. Off to bed now,got school in the morning.Hope the trick and treats go well,we had lots of great costumes here tonight.Have fun!Luke,uk :-)

493 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-70-37.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_16:40:42.875:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Grassoween for all his efforts and hard work this Halloween. You did a great job this year and it has been a lot of fun. Props to ya!! All you guys meet us over at Watching Grass Grow until the Christmas lights go up. Happy Halloween!!

494 - "Claire St Andrews" from (88-107-234-203.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) wrote at 2006_10_31_16:43:42.295:
Hello from St Andrews Scotland, Happy Halloween

495 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-70-37.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_16:44:02.232:
And Happy Halloween to you Mr KY. You gonna dress up as Strawberry Shortcake again this year?

496 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_17:27:49.694:
this is where alek makes another post with him posing to the cam

497 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_17:28:06.620:
hardy har... no way dude, its Barney for me!

498 - "Anonymous" from (129-46-91-194.qualcomm.com) wrote at 2006_10_31_17:37:14.932:
Hi Meghi.. Happy Halloween

499 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-70-37.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_17:38:30.502:
Awww. But you looked so cute last year. Just wanted to pinch your cheeks!

500 - "H500" from (ppp-71-136-70-37.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_17:40:03.590:
Got It!!!! 500 comments!!!

501 - "Kynitekia" from (host-143-62-107-208.midco.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_17:45:49.726:
psssh u cheated again!

502 - "Anonymous" from (cache-rtc-ae07.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_10_31_18:20:02.170:
Happy Halloween, Hope you aren't about to run out of candy like I am.

503 - "Greg." from (CPE0013103d7bde-CM014480115690.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) wrote at 2006_10_31_18:25:33.813:
Holy Green Donut! What a great display and use of technology. All teh best in your efforts and to your family!

504 - Alek says at 2006_10_31_18:27:41.509:
Lots of trick-or-treaters showing up, so not much time to pull some good images - here's one of me and Darth Vader.
darth vader

505 - Alek says at 2006_10_31_18:53:36.417:
Over a 100 trick-or-treaters so far, so have barely had a chance to look at the halloween pictures. Also, I've been giving shots of Port to the big kids - am just about out! ;-)
spookyy face
fuzzy girls

506 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-110-109-225.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_19:22:55.342:
thanks alek. looking forward to CHRISTMAS. take care.

507 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-40-65-221.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_19:23:07.597:
What is the scariest halloween outfit you have seen?

508 - Alek says at 2006_10_31_19:28:08.645:
This one is for cpe-76-190-16-176.woh.res.rr.com ... ;-)
kids ham it up

509 - "Anonymous" from (ppp-48-126.grapevine.net.au) wrote at 2006_10_31_19:53:31.970:
happy halloween from canberra australia! great work mate :)

510 - "Anonymous" from (bas7-london14-1177945458.dsl.bell.ca) wrote at 2006_10_31_19:55:45.755:
So will you be putting up the christmas lights tomorrow ___-)

511 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_10_31_19:58:08.871:
how many trick or treaters did you get and are you drunk on port? Dave

512 - "Anonymous" from (203-206-57-198.dyn.iinet.net.au) wrote at 2006_10_31_20:00:17.991:
Awesome! We had Halloween last night! Great to see you guys celebrating! - Brisbane Australia

513 - "Anonymous" from (cpe-72-230-29-31.nycap.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_10_31_20:57:51.916:
You need to get a Myspace page. That would help you raise a lot of mone for this wonderful cause!

514 - Alek says at 2006_10_31_20:58:46.251:
First preliminary time-lapse footage - see the Halloween Movies page - better stuff later tonight/tomorrow.
Since there are a lot of people online tonight (and it is Halloween), I'll leave things running until Midnight!

515 - Alek says at 2006_10_31_22:16:44.214:
My kids had a GREAT time tonight - got a nice candy haul. But everyone is asleep now, so I have a chance to look at the footage - which monster picture is scarier?!? ;-)
head monster 1
head monster 2

516 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-40-65-221.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_10_31_23:11:12.265:
Both are scary. Appreciate the midnight extension and would like to do it again tomorrow please.

517 - Alek says at 2006_10_31_23:25:44.265:
I went through almost two bottles of Port led by "John the Pirate" - video.
pouring port

518 - "Fredrick" from (cpe-70-113-112-174.austin.res.rr.com) wrote at 2006_11_01_00:19:16.736:
Thank you for leaving it up late - can't wait until Christmas!

519 - Alek says at 2006_11_01_00:31:58.593:
Two more pictures before I hit the sack. Someone "bloody" hanging out with Frank and Homer, and someone even older than me ... ;-)
frank homer blood
old man

520 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-75-18-50-212.dsl.scrm01.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_11_01_07:57:14.921:
Great job!!!

521 - "Christian From Atlanta,Ga" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_01_10:09:34.593:
Good Year!! Cant Wait for The Christmas Display!

522 - "Anonymous" from (cosh-cache-1.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_01_13:10:21.252:
Alek, i am captureing jpegs and storing them every ten secs with my cam. I have a directory now with thousands of jpgs and i am trying to find some software to make them into a time lapse vid, how do you do yours? what programme?

523 - "Luke.UK." from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_01_13:21:14.514:
Now for Christmas lights :p. How long are you leaving Halloween lights up for?

524 - "Luke.UK." from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_01_13:23:39.675:
Sorry!just read top of this page,leaving them on one more night.Yipeeeeeeeeee!Then Christmas lights,yipeee!yipeee!

525 - "Anonymous" from (cache-los-ae07.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_01_15:11:23.729:
Can u not switch tme on now have been checking everynight. I live in ireland by the time u swtich them on i'm always in bed boo hoo haven't got to see them

526 - "Emma " from (host86-140-17-56.range86-140.btcentralplus.com) wrote at 2006_11_01_15:24:35.963:
Hiya!! Cant wait for christmas lights!! Great lights this year for halloween! well done!! :D Keep it up! xxxx

527 - Alek says at 2006_11_01_15:56:31.204:
Complete time-lapse footage from Halloween night is now up on the Halloween Movies page. In addition to over 200 folks coming by to trick or treat, the messages surfers typed in for the "IM on webcam3" are pretty funny. #522 - see that page for info on the Linux command line JPEG-MPEG convertor used.
Update: Also have pictures of John the Pirate, Slasher Dude, and time-lapse video of all of the Port wine I poured to the "big kids" - went through two bottles! ;-)

528 - "Anonymous" from (cache-dtc-af08.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_01_16:52:13.512:
hello do u put it on all year

529 - "Anonymous" from (c-68-57-189-212.hsd1.va.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_01_16:59:47.186:
Big green Franken-Hulk in office and orange witch on webcam1 - new props Alec?

530 - "Anonymous" from (adsl-75-19-35-230.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) wrote at 2006_11_01_18:49:56.121:
New addition on webcam2 - GIANT SKULL!!!

531 - Alek says at 2006_11_01_20:01:35.436:
Yea, I picked up a few things at the 50% OFF post-Halloween sales. Say "Hello" to Mr. Inflatable Skull in the front yard, and Franken-Hulk (nice name) lamp in the Haunted office ... plus the be-headed monster and his girlfriend Mummy! ;-)
head monster

532 - Alek says at 2006_11_01_20:10:20.976:
Ooops - the "Lava-Lamp Witch" in webcam1 is also new.

533 - "Trojans" from (71-92-215-196.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) wrote at 2006_11_01_20:41:41.568:
Thanks for all your hardwork! The new decorations will be awesome next year!! :) Happy Holidays!

534 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_01_21:30:06.321:

535 - "Christie- NM" from (c-69-254-156-254.hsd1.nm.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_02_06:58:46.606:
Whats that stuff in the driveway did someone break some decorations??? Also whats on the grass leaves or snow??

536 - "Anonymous" from (belf-cache-4.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_02_08:38:19.206:
Is that the Halloween decorations finished now then !!!

537 - Alek says at 2006_11_02_11:05:15.979:
Yep ... I've turned off the webcams (although you can still watch the grass grow) and am taking all the Halloween stuff down - have to start putting out my Christmas Decorations! I appreciate all the kind words and those are leaves in the yard/driveway Christie - only vandalism this year was some vermin chewed through a couple of cables. I'll turn off blog commenting in a few days.

538 - "Luke.UK." from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_02_13:07:11.669:
Hi There!will a webcam be working so that we can see you putting your Christmas decorations up????.Luke :-)

539 - "Irish chick" from (cache-los-ae07.proxy.aol.com) wrote at 2006_11_02_13:07:26.744:
I still never got to see the halloween lights swtiched on ah well theres always christmas mayb u might switch them on early for us irish ones!!!???????

540 - "Anonymous" from (c-67-181-208-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) wrote at 2006_11_02_15:52:17.866:
good job this made halloween a little more fun! you had my whole family watching will check on you at christmas. have a great thanksgiving with your family

541 - "H1000" from (ppp-71-136-90-234.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) wrote at 2006_11_02_17:39:37.798:
Christmas decorations next? What, does that mean you're not putting up Veterans Day lights? Or what about Thanksgiving decorations. C'mon, we're depending on you to keep us entertained! Remember, I cancelled my Netflix and HBO because of you.

542 - "Anonymous" from (ip68-104-158-107.ph.ph.cox.net) wrote at 2006_11_02_20:08:37.609:

543 - "Luke from uk" from (leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) wrote at 2006_11_03_08:16:52.466:
All gone.:-)

544 - "Matt" from (m815f36d0.tmodns.net) wrote at 2006_11_03_11:56:10.551:
Here's a cool video of NYC Halloween 2006

545 - Alek says at 2006_11_03_15:10:50.300:
Allright, now that I have taken down my halloween decorations, it's time to start putting out the christmas lights ... so commenting is now enabled on the Christmas Blog.

546 - "JACK RYAN" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2006_11_04_22:00:50.364:

547 - "Wuncapona" from (dialup- wrote at 2006_11_05_12:07:49.434:
Hi Alek. Thanks for another excellent Halloween display. I'm sure next yaer's will be even better. Much love and hugs to you and your's from FL. Have a happy Thanksgiving. See ya at Christmas.

548 - Alek says at 2006_11_06_12:17:03.267:
Halloween/2006 was a ton of fun, but all good things come to an end, so I'm turning off blog comments until next September ... come back for halloween 2007. In the meantime, I'll be putting up my christmas decorations in a few weeks and the christmas blog is open for comments.
halloween 2006

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